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H Library 

UJrenihom Public L*\ 













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V«W(*e 4S 

King Philip Regional School District 
Mission Statement 

We hold our responsibilities to be the development 
of the intellectual, physical, and social responsibili- 
ties of the students as a base upon which they can 
continue to grow as mature, contributing members 
of a free and democratic society and to instill in them 
a sense of integrity, direction, and purpose. 

P.O. BOX 3 

Regional High School 
201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 
Phone: 508»384»1000 



■W. &l£ A+J. l&vn am. -H>. *y*+*y f^tefjU 

^XUUtU. \Nlv.J1iUo.kamJLu 

\X <Lo/sl+.'t ltt*y. tMt W /.'U tMl\ dAfcrf 

tc- U^t ic&col, ti4, mil t^fl^.l&t 

tfX wvlvej. A* -»«-e^ A4 j^/l^Jiic, *o. 
(MtAAfem'i. Itt^ yeX^X^c a Let cl 

<m4^1, if4>4%4, A+J. clfct*. Act^vWU*. 
('♦*. M^U. UaX c^A. ti*M At KP i^U U 

CUn 42002 
pu-*&***. Sim. 
\C^PUXj r 

7*" * W <v* «w. 76, M r, i 7rr 

ttfeibtf^t* <<efc* " 






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«»2S I »» 

ridS*****- ytto, if fall «| *6td «*(«*^. /w 
«^ 2&4£ £v»/* *ofc £*#&*»' itAtty to te< to. 
t&ti*. fautt cl^pt <m|4%>^ £v^** 

t&04+£&. V/i Lo4t t&L CCytt^tefcXle**, xt MU^t. 

ifcll te4~t «| fa*J. 

» V » • 


■ -.«! 


Pr »«»nting 

» Sit 





Wc it t^oX tit yc4*+tyit e+44, <i*v«*Kr i£- 
\t\ ptrt U {ui CO^CAttUL <M& tit 

*d*<cl mJ. U Ulf. <*4 tit l\i$fcU*U 
l*U4&**e^. Wt'u. tt^cA*. idUxtJL tli* yu*,. 
IMac'i tit u>flc*y*>At u*ui, c-wi. fait 
lc*n**l evuJ *t Ufa Punl. WivtUJ-U 

«Jfa tl^^l tit HCAS, U tit? JLo+Jt 

CC4~h% tcMl^uU fiwUttic-K fa t~t, U>- Wt 

&**t +*>■ twnW*. I* fax, Wt JLc<* 't Uvt 

tc. WOIA? aLcaJ, Ayytll^ uc%- 
%*M**&*+. U- iXUl itM? fa AW*y\ 




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%*Ll U**M{U <Cu+U4. 1U Uyt' U*<£ to*t4 

took CvM *t*XUtU U^tllf ooLc«U ^#m! 


















143178 2 
. _ 88/11/81 

ywtex *ie*t 

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AidtA, <^w Hi. iCiAt^vi'* cIm*. Svti* Hi. 
\(aa**ia. UA to. <M*J& tUt tU U<y* W* * 

1U V6CA Uw tuf to- Utj- A? Mibk uL*U- 

'*+$ tU U^A^Ji siXtm. 1U? itilt tf>X <x>AU, 

y JA ? * 


Kttlt mJ. n*t>y ~UMt i^ a tUtf. hctti c\j \ficd- avv ca.-X '++. tit 

4l4*~o/\. oo<wrfM*M: rWy boti yut, tiiit *t+**y etitx iit+io/w, 



" ♦ J I 

-^ *\X 




<1 ■ , ■ S\ 

, Senior Glas^KQffiQ^ ang Advisers, 
Kristib McCann (Vice ^sk^nty'Datfe* DeBlasio (qresi^ent), 
Heidi Krtorphy (Tr^ur^), 6reg*^cMorrcKA/ (S^j^tary) 
f Wiit ictt^ Ac^isors.Mrs. 0^6ty£o«fcl ^St^nf^n Cress 

VivU** W* tbe t*©tf*e*Mt 

Sen i >o r S 

Seniors..... 12 

Big Brother/Big Sister. 42 

Senior $uperlatiyes, 44 

Remember Whea , , . .4§' 



Christine Albert 


LIKES: My friends, Applebees, flowers, nick- 
names, pink, summer, pictures, sleeping, music, 
the beach, blue, hot tubs, snow, candles, sprays, 
happiness. DISLIKES: Liars, bugs, feet, waking 
up early, mean people, seafood, being cold. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Driving with JN and LD in F, 
Friday nights at Applebees, Prom 2001, India- 
napolis 2000, Daytona 1998. ACTIVITIES: Color 
guard. FOUND: At practice, at Applebees, with 
my friends. AMBITION: To have a happy and 
healthy family and a job that I like. OTHER: Mom 
and Dad, thank you for all your support. I love 
you guys. Dan, Mike, and Erica- Good luck with 
the rest of school. I love you guys. Laura and Jenn- 
Thanks for always being there for me. You guys 
are the best. 

Matthew Andrews 


LIKES: Money, sports, work, food, cars, friends, 
church, funny people, Fridays, weekends, good 
music, family, clean girls. DISLIKES: Cops, taxes, 
North, seafood. FAVORITE MEMORIES: RP 
walks down the hall in a red shirt and I yelled 
Kool Aid. ACTIVITIES: Freshman football, work. 
AMBITION: Automotive design/ Architecture 
design. FAVORITE SAYING: What's up tough 
nuts? bv Chris Kade. 

Emily Angeloni 


Nicole Marie Armitage 

Cole, Gumby, Nikki, Nicmole 

LIKES: Grapefruit, Mr.Kramer's class, pink, wi 
ning, grn & gld, Angel, cranberry juice, orga 
tion. DISLIKES: math, dress rehearsals, 9/11/(1 
stress, mornings, white lycra, fake eyelashe 
needles, fish, gdbyes. FAVMEM: FL '97, NY '9 " " 
muda '99 & '01, Disney '00, 5/24/91, 5/9/93, 
3/96, notes w/MC & AA, Pudding Fights w/1 
Recitals, Fri. nights, Semi '99 & '00, Prom '01 & 'OB 
summer '00. ACTTV.: Dance co. (Capt.), peer 
1-4, FNHS 2-4, drama 3, asst coach cheer 4, yrbk. I 
4; editor 4. FOUND: @ studio, on the phone. 
Journalism. FAV SAY: We are like crayons. Some of us 
Imve funny names, some of us are weird colors, some at 
sharp, some are dull but we all have to learn to live m the 
same box. OTHER: Thanks Mom for taking me in 
and changing mv life the way you have. Thanks 
Dad for all the joking and support. Good luck 1 
JA, SA. Good Luck, Class of 2002. I'll never forge 


Dave Arvidson 


LIKES: Kickers, snowboarding, ladies, soccer, 
ONAC, sports, Mom and Dad not on case, 
cruises, music, Dutchies, senior year, chillin, LAX, 
parties, glass, fat, CNN, inside out, bluffs, 
headies. DISLIKES: Sweet frosh, Mom and Dad 
on case, too tight, Gippas, speed limits, tickets, 
skimp, Franklin, North. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ski 
trip sophomore year. ACTIVITIES: Sports and 
chillin. FOUND: Not at my house. AMBITION: 
Zoologist, out to have fun. FAVORITE SAYING: 
It's milky. 


tbe ttoss et WW 

Kathryn Astley 

Reeba, Kat, Kit-Kat 

LIKES: Soccer, music, friends, smiles, laughing, 
food, SPT, having fun, shopping, playing in the rain, 
gum, summer, the beach, late night walks, sunsets, 
hugs, Brad Pitt. DISLIKES: Feet, dishonesty-, cloudy 
days, monsters, 9/11/01, failing. FAV MEM.: Provi- 
dence- sketch, toe pick, Latin midget farm, Not w/tliose 
hips honey, jouer au ping pong, Hemingway, 
Hemingway..., girl nights, stealing pink golf balls, 
flour fights, soap fights. King under the clouds, late 
night mailbox runs, Brouhaha, Superman: ride of 
wood, RI '00, history w/Meg, sleeping bags & 
swings. ACT: Soccer 1-4, bball 1-4, track 1-4, pr lead- 
ership 3-4, NHS 3-4, FNHS 2-4, Key Club 2-4. 
FOUND: W/ friends, not at home. AMB.: To suc- 
ceed, be happy in whatever I do, and touch the lives 
of others. QUOTE: Never put a heart around the name 
of whom you love. Put a circle because hearts get broken 
but circles never end. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Heather and Kristin for always being there and sup- 
porting me. I love you more than you'll ever know. 
Thanks to my friends... What would I do without you? 

Susanne Aulisio Amy Michelle Avitabile 

Zann, Suie, Hippie 

LIKES: IS, friends, riding, singing, drama, Phish, 
Strangefolk, smiles, laughing, shows, outdoors, 
blue, love, fire, stars, sunsets, art, hiking, being 
alone, grilled cheese, animals, sewing, burnt 
matches. DISLIKES: Death, hw, authority, wet 
clothes, claustrophobia, heights, Eng, spelling, fake 
people. FAV MEM.: Phish & Strangefolk shows, p- 
ing on the highway in Hartford, sitting on top of 
the cage w/Tim, crying to Julie & Julie's mom, gym 
fr. yr, running in Bird Park, River Rave '00, dispos- 
able camera, lighting the couch on fire, How do guys 
get their voices so high Dom?, me and Jules' curiosity. 
ACTIVrnES: Track 1-2, drama 2-4, riding, work. 
FOUND: IS's, my horse, not at home. AMBITION: 
To go to UVM or UNH & become a vet. QUOTE: 
Wlien you fall in love too fast, you are falling in love 
with the image that you have conceived. As you get to 
know them you are normally disappointed, when you are 
not you Imve found your true love, Smile. OTHER: IS- 
I'm never disappointed. Mom & Dad- I'm sorry for 
giving you such a hard time. Thanks. 


LIKES: Friends, horses, art, summer, jellybe 
stars, penguins, ponies, thunderstorms, gig) 
gummi bears, nihil euro. DISLIKES: Math, ww | 
ter, profanity. FAVORITE MEMORY: APbiopi 
my 16th, JD's 17th, Alg. 2, history field trip fre* 
man year. FOUND: At Bittersweet Farm. FAVOI- 
ITE SAYING: The three hardest tasks in the xM 
are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievem^^ 
but moral acts: to return love for hate, to incluJeB 
excluded, and to say, I was wrong - Sydney J- W 
ris. OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for S 
porting my riding for so long. Good luck to 
mv friends in the future. I love you all and 
you the best! 

Katherine Baker 

Katie, KB 

LIKES: Music, the clarinet, the bass clarinet, and 
my friends. FAVORITE MEMORY: Meeting my 
boyfriend, Erik. ACTIVITIES: Marching band, 
MYWE, dance, church, and music. AMBITION: 
To become a kindergarten teacher and to stay with 

Christina Bellmore 

Chrissy, Gata 

LIKES: My boy friend David, art class- yeah 
Emma and Meg, being a senior, good friends, 
yearbook. DISLIKES: Missing stortugal, RBB, 
people who lie haha Meg and Emma. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Florida 2000, mi gato right Dave, Six 
Flags. FOUND: Mostly in Stoughton, mall, driv- 
ing around ooh fun, huh Dave? AMBITION: To 
become a well known movie producer and have 
a huge family. FAVORITE SAYING: Duh, Nope! 
Ok Nunu. Eww! OTHER: Mom and Dad, thank 
you for believing in me. I couldn't have made it 
this far without you. Courtney, you're a good kid 
and I hope you know I'm here for you. Thanks 
for everything. Emma, thank you for everything. 
You've been a good friend. Good luck in college. 

Morgan Bent 


LIKES: Classical music, rally racing, mountain 
biking, hiking, the White Mountains, rock climb- 
ing, playing trombone, chocolate chip cookies. 
DISLIKES: Homework, being busy, work. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Canoeing down the Charles 
River rapids with Geller, sledding on the power 
lines, getting the overhang at the rock gym. AC- 
TIVITIES: Lots of music groups, Daley Action 
Squad member, retired. FOUND: Playing with 
orchestras in Boston, offroading in the Olds, fly- 
ing Cessnas with my brother, midnight raids 
against crazy Steve and others, out in the great 
outdoors. AMBITION: To ice climb Mt. Washing- 
ton in 150 mph winds. 

Harleigh Billian 

Harl, Harls 

LIKES: Pink, blue, #45, Red Sox, sweaters, spring, 
clothes, shopping, talking, laughing, being loud, 
gum, pretzels, eating, being sarcastic, smiling, 
friends. DISLIKES: Stress, mean people, igno- 
rance, pb, fights, being tired, Richard Simmons, 
dishonesty, dentists. FAV MEM: Girls' State 6/01; 
Girls' Nation 7/01; N*sync w/MS & CS 6/8/01; 
3/2/01 w/ JS, AS, BM; All Red Sox games; Revol. 
game 8/5/01. ACT: FH 1-3; Bball 1-2; P. leader- 
ship Council 2-4; NHS 3-4.FOUND: GAP, w/ BM, 
AS, MS, CS, JS, shopping. AMB: To be happy. FAV 
SAY: / decided long ago never to walk in anyone's 
shadow. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I've lived as I 
believe. -Whitney Houston. OTHER: Thanks to all 
my friends & family- without your love and sup- 
port I wouldn't be who I am today. Good luck 
Jenna, Shayla & Reilly. Mom, thanks for always 
being Peg; Dad, thanks for being there for me. 


Kate Elizabeth Blair 

Lil' B 

j LIKES: Sunshine, soccer, friends, laughing, hugs, 
comfy pants, smiles, perfect days, music, quotes, 
I sleeping, winning, angels, cream soda, stars, food, 
, #4, DMB, Tae-Bo, mittens, sailing, skiing, being a 
kid, randomness. DISLIKES: Ignorance, goodbyes, 
9-11-01. FAV MEM: DMB '00, cruisin' w/MM, cake 
" fights w/ JC, KL, talks w/ RS, soccer '98-'01, sketchi- 
_ est night ever, 5-6-01, rips @ JN's, rollarblading w/ 
" LG, all the times w/HM. ACT: Soccer 1-4, track 1-4, 
^ p. leadership 2-4, NHS 3,4. FOUND: Hangin from 
" the back of the eclipse w / HM, w /JC, KL, RS, MM, 
\M, swivelin, laughing. AMB: To fly in my dreams. 
FAV SAY: Promise, you won 't forget about me, ever, not 
men when I'm a hundred; if I thought you would, I 
wouldn't ever leave. MORAL SUPPORT! OTHER: 
Mom and Dad, thanks for everything- the love, sup- 
port, and all your paticence. Heather, vou've taught 
me so much. Murphys- you're my 2nd family. Heidi- 
you'U always hold a special place in my heart. All 
my friends- I'm so lucky to have vou in my life! 

Brock Bousquet 


LIKES: Reggae, Marley, parties, good times, artis- 
tic glass, The Ghetto, senior year, ladies, The Bluffs, 
The Brook, fishin, LAX, The 60's. DISLIKES: Joe's 
Bar and Grille, Franklin, pot holes, school, VT Po 
Po's, Freshman Punks, metal pieces, sticks and 
stones, auto repair, insurance payments. FAV. 
MEMORIES: Kingsbury Pond, fire parties, football 
games, Summer 2001, KM, DL, HM, The Run Way, 
VT w/ RM, BG, St. Patricks w/ the Cap. 01, Is 
Kristen home? Ohhh, ya she is. ACTIVITIES: LAX, 
volleyball, The Diskis, pullin tubes, bored in the 
hood, kickin the hack. FOUND: The Ghetto, The 
Norfolk Airport, skippin town, parties, cruisin, 
driving aimlessly, Joe's Bar and Grille, Dazed and 
Confused. AMBITION: Having fun, 2002- it's al- 
most over, Rockin in the Freeworld. FAV SAYING: 
Look out Rock & Rollers, You won't do it, Shotgun. No 
blitz, Dude. 

Rebecca Ann Brennan 

Becca, Bees, Monkey-Girl 

LIKES: The pink lemonade, Disaster of the Day, 
chewey granola bars, SFD, my SAR, monkey pants, 
JSA's lemonade, movies & music, Bloomin' Onions, 
the bum, Latin class. DISLIKES: The leech, the 
Mexican Place in Milwaukee, the courtyard, Span- 
ish, children's sneakers, stupid people. FAV 
MEMORIES: The bird suit, that 1st, the little man & 
purple monkey, the illegitimate child, trying to go 
to Stonehill, Halloween parties, beating MWJ @ 
bowling, the YES, NO!, the hair, the mud & the 
fudgcicle, scrub days, my shoe, Mr. Puttz, all my 
MB & WP memories, Shaggy. ACTIVITIES: March- 
ing band 1-4, winter percussion 3-4, National Honor 
Society 3-4. FOUND: The bandroom, carpentry- 
shop, w/ SIH, or sleeping. AMBITION: Be rich and 
drive a Jaguar. FAV SAYING: El mono del vuelo esta 
despues de. OTHER: Where's my lemonade Cathy? 
Don't dig yourself the Grand Canyon. 

Evan Brock 

Ev Dawgy Dazvg 

LIKES: Music, the Lyndsay Diaries, planes mistaken 
for stars, cross my heart, orchid, penfold, saetia, the 
tie that binds & more, shows, playing guitar in the 
bed, jumper theory, 80's movies, American Beauty', 
argyle socks, art, black/white photos, cheesy p.u. 
lines, long drives home, love, mix tapes, magnolia, 
NH, plaving shows, making friends, rains' days, 
Raymond Carver, records, screamo, snowboarding, 
writing, friends, being a geek. DISLIKES: Mustard, 
prejudiced people, work. FAV MEM: Lancaster, NH 
shows, April shows, barn party, jumping off big 
rocks, get up kids at the palladium, a.s.t.d. & mo- 
ment shows, root beer parties, watching Shrek, time 
spent w/ friends ACT: Playing, indie shows, work, 
com. service at YMCA, writing songs. FOUND: @ 
show, w/ friends. AMB: To be a rock star, go to a 
good college. QUOTE: Sometimes I catch myself read- 
ing your sign in the horoscope, lialf pretending we 're Lay- 
ing in touch. We accept the love we think we deserv 


•n 1 ^^^ 


Lee Brown 

Lit Lu, Lalnpalecla 

George Bryant 


Stephanie Burgess 



Jacob Cacciapaglia 



LIKES: Family/Tommy, AK, CT, LT, JM, JN, the 
lake, coffee, snow days, ski trips, cruisin'w/TH, 
dreams, love, Sally, parties, God, working, x & 
o's, roadtrips, pics, babies,wkds, stars, confidence, 
b-days, beaches, campfires, phone convos. DIS- 
LIKES: Lies, rain, snobs, gdbyes, 9/11/01, bro- 
ken promises, tears, stress, fake people, terrorists, 
being sick, dishonesty. FAV MEM.: 2/23-3 /01,wel. 
to MA, frosh yr, fb games, the ski trip, semis/ 
proms, 6 Flags-AK,AL,CT,Creed,DMB,Blink con- 
certs, Bost. trips. FOUND: At the lake. FAV SAY- 
ING: We all used to try so hard to fit in. ..we wanted 
to look exactly alike.. .do all the same things. ..practically 
be the same people... and when we weren't looking that 
changed. OTHER: Family & friends: Thanks for 
making these years the best of my life (so far!). I 
love you more than you'll ever know. TH, Love 

LIKES: Gym class with Boucher & Carneiro, pine- 
apple pizza, long romantic walks on the beach, 
snow days, water skiing, snowboarding, Lipton 
Iced Tea. DISLIKES: Freshman and Sophomore 
English, terrorism, homework, rude people, ar- 
guments, accounting long period, SCHOOL, 
breaking up on Valentine's Day. FAV. MEMORIES: 
The Boot, Hey Emma, the Battle Wagon, setting off 
the fire alarm in gym class. ACTIVITIES: Foot- 
ball 1-3, winter track 2+4, spring track 2+4. 
FOUND: At work, in my car. FAV. SAYING: Life 
is like a game of cards, you have to play what you gel 
dealt, and do your best with it. OTHER: Thank you 
Dad, Mom (Lynne), Stevie, and everybody else 
who helped me make it through the tough times. 
It is greatly appreciated and will always be re- 

LIKES: David B, hangin with my friends, LH, KF, 
JS, SC, LT, MF, shopping at the mall, going to the 
movies, being w / David, friendly people, pay day. 
DISLIKES: Snobs, backs tabbers, liars, troublemak- 
ers, school, working, spiders, snakes, crying, be- 
ing stressed out. FAV MEM.: Going to 5 NYSNC 
concerts w/Lorna in freshman and sophomore 
year, going to the TRL tour concert w/David, 
summer of 2001 was the best summer. AMB.: 
Going to college and hopefully getting married to 
Dave and having kids and be happy. FAV SAY- 
ING: Whatever. OTHER:Thanks to my Mom who 
pushed me junior and senior year to do well. 
Mom if it weren't for you, I don't know what I 
would do! I love you. John, you still have two 
more years. It's ok; it will go fast. Thanks to all mv 
friends for being there for me all these years. 
David, thanks for believing in me I love you! 

LIKES: LNK, Fast &Furious, The Dugdales, MILF'S, 
fball games, skiing, Benz, Heavy Weights, BOSOX, 
picnics, beach, Ms. Harrington, 24, 26th minute, 
suits, blue eyes.chocolate lasagna. DISLIKES: Frosh 
fball, hippies j/k Tuveson, terrorists, FAV MEM: 
ME-DD, BD, AK, J-ROD, Lynn, Hist Day, hiking w/ 
Stanislav, Cape w/ Dougnuts, DECA in Cali, ALE 
morns w/O'Conner&Ted, Streaking, Peter's pond 
w/Ted, Monkey Paws, sunrises, wait like 54 minutes. 
ACT: Golf, mediation, leadership, DECA. FOUND: 
Westside Plainville, KHOURI, Home, T's Crib, 
White Elephant, Samrout's. AMB. To live and revo- 
lutionize. FAV SAY: Co playing around those ledges 
and that's when you'll really get hurt. I'm the man: you'lt 
the boss. OTHER: HS has been the time of my life. 
Yesterday was fresh yr, now we're the big shots. 
We've all grown, well, most of us; I just want to wish 
the best to everybody in life. Bye KP. 

Brian Cameron 

Snuggy, Coon 

LIKES: Coach Finase, rips, $, the monster, foot- 
ball, winning, girlies, Da Shane, OCB, weekends. 
The BoSox, The Rock, B-MOC, wiffle ball, video 
games, J-DUDE, Golden Showers, Donkey 
Punches. DISLIKES: Franklin, losing, knees, lack 
of parties, school, soccer, Foxboro, liars, obnox- 
ious peope, bad drivers, JM, mayo, teases, 
weirdos, Dutch Oven, Brian Johnson. FAV MEM.: 
Hawaiian night at EC's, Leary's rips, Finase im- 
pression at camp, Turkey Day '00, All OCB Nights, 
JP's 18th b-day. ACTIV: Football 1-4, baseball 1- 
4, partying 1-4. FOUND: w/ JP, EC, MS, MM, SJ, 
TD, BG, BL, CM, JG, SW, CD, KF, at the Deli, at a 
rip, sleeping, lookin for my sandals. AMB.: To be 
successful and happy in whatever I do, and to 
master the John Finase impression. FAV SAYING: 
There comes a point in every man's life when the don- 
key has to be fed. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Jer- 
emVpMike for always being there for me. I love 
you. Good luck to all of my friends. 

the ttou ©* 2002 

Jessica Meagan Capone 

Meg, Meggie, mAgan, JessiMay 

LIKES: Junior and Bunny, Hank, VA, fingerless frogs, 
key game, white socks, Pete the 1 legged duck, DQ 
trips,makeovers,overalls, peas and carrots, choc. cov. 
bananas, moose and puppy, southern gents, my neck- 
lace, Feb 37th, superbowl parties, duets, daisies, paper 
airplanes, beach trips, #s37 &84, TMJ. FAV. MEM: 9- 
21-01, 6 Hags '00, spking Dutch, 7-3-00, Svilie fblgame 
'99, yrbk slpover '01, Halloween '99, New Year's 01, 
10-27-01 w/ BR, MF, & SMV-Day '00, Spooky World 
w/BR& AD, little lighter than Iceland, basement 
sleepovers, 7-1-99, movies + munchies, Prov. w/ KC + 
AS, 4-18-00, 1-18-01 (pididdle), sweet 16, wooden horse 
w/CC, MMF, Riverside '99, Mimi's w/KM, cookies 
w/MC, NY '98. FAV SAY: Sometimes on the way to your 
dreams you get lost and find better ones. AMB: To make a 
difference in someone's life, to become more like my 
Mom. OTHER: /( might liave appeared to go unnoticed, 
but I've got it all here in my heart. Thanks Mummy for 
giving me the world. Mum, Dad, Matt, Ang,+ Dan: I 
love you with all my heart and miss you already. Thank 
you for everything. Class of 2002- follow your dreams! 

Kerri B. Carlson 


LIKES: Soccer, gum, summer, late-night phone 
convos, plane rides, chicken, road trips, shopping, 
girls' nights, DC, daisies, beach, mini-golf, hugs, 
friends, ice cream. DISLIKES: Feet, fights, scary 
movies, losing, injuries, goodbyes, dishonesty. FAV 
MEM: Providence w/MC & KA, Sketch!, DC '01, 
summer camp '00-'01, 8-25-00, Sweet 16 party, girls' 
nights, lying under the clouds w/KA, late night 
mailbox runs, mtg Rupert w/KA, stealing pink golf 
balls, blind dates, mini-golfing, Water fire 8-5-01, 
NH w/KA, 17th B-day w/MC and TG, being tail- 
gated w/MC, Bio vid w/MC + SH. ACT: Soccer 1- 
4, Peer Leadership 2-4, Leo Club 2-3. FOUND: W/ 
KA, my car. AMBITION: Live life to the fullest & be 
happy wherever life takes me. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Some people come into our lives & quickly go. Some stay 
for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we 
are never, ever the same. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
& Kris. I love you! I don't know where I would be 
without you. To all my friends- 1 love you! Thanks 
for making life more enjoyable! Good luck, Class of 

Shannon Carney 

Smc, Carney, Carndog 

LIKES: Justin, friends, beach, mall, work. DB- 
LIKES: Rude people, 50, snobs, rainy days,B 
accidents, goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORY: o* 
this summer at the Cape with JS, SL, meetingJS 
spooky world with LT and AF. FOUND: Onlij 
cell phone or in my car, or with Justin. AMBI- 
TION: To become the best I can be, get marriec 
someday, and go to college. OTHER: Thanks* 
much Mom and Dad for everything, Chris aft' 
Karen for always being there, Justin- 1 love yo» 

Amy Carr 

Ames, Amy fane 

Christopher D. Cerrato Eleni-Nicole Ceven Danielle Charbonneau 

KES: Trust, kittens, dreams, skiing, fh, sleepovers, 
mnastics, flowers, surprises, success, fire-parties, 
ipard, thunderstorms, sleeping, cuddling w/TO. 
SLIKES: RATS, liars, backstabbers, working, losing, 
ifairness, cheaters, bad moods, fighting, failure, 
obby people, being cold. FAV. MEM: VT 01, KRs 
sement, NM's house, MS's, BC's 17th B-Day party, 
w Yrs 00 w/BC, 7-4-00, canoe rides w/BC, semi 00, 
D B-day w/KR, DMB 99, 01, Todd's house w/KR, 
K, prom 01, J. Buffet w/KR & CM, NH trips, 17th b- 
v, ribbons. Providence, skiing w/TO, ski trips. ACT: 
1-1, gym. 1-1, sftball 1-2, SC 3-4, NHS 3-1, DECA 3- 
=OUND: w /TO, KR, JP, EC, TD, MS, SJ, BC, MK, JR, 
A, Twins, Todd's house, KR's house. OTHER: Joe- 
inks for always being there; Katy BB forever thanks 
everything; Caroline + Kelly thanks for all the good 
les, I love u both. Mom, Dad- thanks 4 always be- 
iing in me, supporting me, & for your love. I love u. 

Chris, Cerrato 

LIKES: Piano, music, art, my room, humor, 
friends, philosophy, Rachmaninoff. DISLIKES: 
Change, insecurity, restrictions, politics, lack of 
humor. FAVORITE MEMORY: end-of-the-year, 
parties, the trampoline, WGI, movie nights, the 
beach. ACTIVITIES: Piano, art club, winter per- 
cussion, Sachem, drama & G.A.P.S., NHS, teach- 
ing CCD, working. FOUND: At the piano, being 
creative, in my room, with friends. AMBITION: 
contentment; to never let myself get too lost 
through the course of life. FAV. SAYING: Sketchy. 
I'm not crazy-I'm just misunderstood. OTHER: To 
my family, and my friends - Thank you for ev- 
erything and all the support. I love you guys very 
much. Good luck, Class of 2002! 

Eleni, Eleni-dog, Betsy Frenchfry 

LIKES: Justin, pigs, Food City, music, stuffed shells, 
steamers, seafood, Kate, church, Chester, Sifl & Oily. 
DISLIKES: Sharks, AE throwing keychains, Saks, 
Covent Garden, coach buses, rudeness, pink demons, 
Roslindale. FAV MEM.: Hartford '98, band '99, picnic 
'99 w/EA, MK, KF, Tramp w/EA, CD, SC, shopping 
'99 w/SC, CD, New Yr's '99 w/RC, JC, SC, NARCON 
'00 w/JS, EA, CD, Bost w/KF, MFA 01 w/JS, 4-20-01 
w/JS, Lax '01 w/MC, SH, KC, Cape '01 w/JS, Eng.'Ol 
w/TS, AE, end of yr parties. ACT: CG 2, Lax 34, NHS 
34, FNHS 2-4, GAPS 1, DECA 3-4, SA 4. FND: W/Jus- 
tin, @ work, reading, talking, playing lax, @ AE's. AMB: 
Learning many langs., never forgetting, & always liv- 
ing. FAV SAY: It's ok Petrie, mom/ things do not fly. Rocks, 
sticks, trees...Spike. I can feel something I cannot touch & 
touch something I cannot feel. Vie first is sadness & sorrmv.Tlie 
second is your heart. OTHER: Mum, Dad, Yiayia, 
Papou.Kris, Alex, everyone else-aotTOUio TtoXi rcoXi. 

Raymond Chaves 

Sugar Ray 

<ES: Paintball, archery, having fun, going to the 
J ill or movies, sports. DISLIKES: People that are 

an to other people because they're different. 

VORITE MEMORY: Hanging out with friends. 
t l 4BITION: To be a successful businessman. 

Margaret Church 


LIKES: People who can dance, Ben Folds Five, the 
way it smells before it rains, cantaloupe, good 
friends, bubbles, history day group, transmission 
oil, strolling bowling, small classes, fall, chalk art, 
people you'll never forget. DISLIKES: hypocrites, 
pressure, history day, pop quizzes, humidity, 
whiffing, plaid, food that looks back at you, dis- 
honesty. FAVMEM: Jouer au ping pong, flour 
fights, honey's hotel stay, Tom meets parents, 
Chris in tree, cabbage painting, not w/ those hips 
honey!, Ben Folds, DMB, NSYNC, sculpture down 
AAS, UNITY, Prom & Semis, Providence park, 
mini golf, beach trips, the owls, frog w/no toes, 
Blue Man Group, sweet 16, movies & munchies, 
X-Mass party, Brad Pitt night, FH camp, cat w/ 
no tail. ACT: FH 1-4, track 1-2, Lax 3-4, piano 1-4, 
Leo Club 2-4, P Leadership 2-4, P Mediation 2-4, 
NHS 3-4 FOUND: With family, with friends, FH 
& lax fields, movies, on the slopes, at the beach 
AMB: To help others OTHER: Mom, Dad, & Jess, 
thanks so much for all that you've done! I love 

Richard Adam Chute 

Ricky, Richie, Uni, Chooch, Chutey, Candy Kid 

LIKES: My bro, Mom and Dad, purple trucks, 
George Carlin, Simpsons, GMC, Fraggle Rock, 
road trips, winning, chickens, sneakers, building 
bears, AG, MC, MF, KM, SS, #10, Jeff Foxworthy, 
Wrestling, Melissa and Mike. DISLIKES: Injuries, 
terrorists, big changes, death, losing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Eagle Brook, GMC 98-02, Ozzfest, 
Steve's party, trip to Derry States 99, Wrestling 
seasons, ACDC concert, Poison, MI apartment, 
hanging with mv bro. Prom, soap fights, Vermont 
trips, SM truck for SL b-day ACTIVITIES: Soc- 
cer, wrestling, track, CCD teacher, EM, Eaglescout 
FOUND: In the strangest places, in the wrestling 
room, driving around, with the boys, with Adam, 
MC, MF, KM, SS. AMBITION: To live with no 
regrets FAVORITE SAYING: Don't do anything I 
wouldn't do. Get up and train while your opponent i- 
still sleeping. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad and 
Mike. I couldn't have done it without you. Love 


LIKES: Friends, sumr, laughin, sweatshrts, Aruba, $, 
skin, melonballs, Eclipses, snowball fights, snow days, 
wkends, beach, parties, Now & Latrs, PJ's, Navigators, 
Escalades, comforters. DISLIKES: Rude & fake ppl, feet, 
crushes, meat, ppl. who chew w/their mouths open, 
losing Beaver game 2 JR, not havin my car, fights, 
narrowminded ppl. FAV. MEM: Santana '00, Limp 
Bizkit/Eminem '00, Creed '01, Steve Miller '00, Aruba 
'99 & '00, Atlantis '02, Buffett '01, CE's 16th B-Day, LG's 
basement, JR's rippas, Semi '99 w/ Rob, college days. 
ACTTV: SADD 2-4, Peer Med. 1-4, yearbk 3,4, partyn 
1-4 FOUND: W/ND, JR, JM, NY, BC, CK, parties, Prov. 
and Boston, Pawtucket, clubs.on vaca. AMB: To live 
life to its fullest. FAV. SAY: If someone hurts you, betrays 
you, or breaks your heart, forgive them for they've helped u 
learn about trust & the importance of being cautious to 
whom u open yrlieart. OTHER: Thanks to my family for 
everything you have done for me. I love you guvs lots! 

Rebeccah Colcord 



LIKES: Summer, parties, canoe rides w/ AC, MJ,DMB, 
laughing, concerts, smell of cologne, Apr. vaca w / NM 
+ JR, freckles, dancing in DECA, TC's w/ LC, being 
w /CD. DISLIKES: Feet, spiders, rain, liars, rumors, ac- 
cidents, fights, jeeps, ketchup, bad hair cuts, fake 
people, falling off bikes, heights, broken down doors, 
Hi hurmy, fast food, broken sandals, FHS. FAV MEM: 
7/4/99,DMB '00-'01, semi'99, prom'01, CT vv/NM, 
rndm nights w/JR ,KM, KR rips, JR parties, Cali '01, 
495 w/JR, beach w/KM, chilis w/JR paintingw/ LC, 
pwderpuff, 9-15-00, 5-29-99, Mill hill, Movie night '01, 
hist, class '99 w/DD + JR, Beach road trip '00, Feb 01 
w/CD, JR, UMASS w/ KM + JR, chasing people w/ 
KR, 17th B-day ACT: W track 1-2, s track 1, soccer 1-2, 
x country 3-4,'DECA 34. FND: W/my friends AMB: 
To make the most out of life and enjov everv moment. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for always support- 
ing & believing in me. Love vou. Jessica & Melissa, 
you're the best sisters! Never change and always re. 
for the stars! Jess & Kate bff, you guys are like sistei 
me. I love ya! SC^»©<S 


Nathan S. Cole 

Nasty Nate 

LIKES: BasebalLwinning, hangin' with the boys, 
the Civic, weekends, gild, K's, B.L.'s rippas, bomb 
tracks, late night BK runs, $, whiffle ball, under- 
dogs, lemon. DISLIKES: losing, Franklin, 
Stoughton, liars, school, stuck up's, slow drivers, 
nothing to do, the bonny, crazy limo drivers, JN's 
Talon, overrated. FAVORITE MEMORY: prelimi- 
nary game vs. Duxbury, Prom Night '01, JN's New 
Year's '01, all cruises, DA's basement, BL's base- 
ment, Craterescape. ACTIVITIES: Baseball l-4,golf 
1-4, basketball 1-2, partyin 1-4. FOUND: on the 
mound, in the Civic, in the parking lot. AMBI- 
TION: Have success in playing ball and prove 
people wrong. FAVORITE SAYING: / play to win. 
Period. Hard work never hurt anyone. Easy buddy. 
OTHER: Mom, thanks for all the help. Dad, 
thanks for your support. Kelsey- good luck. 

Katelyn Coleman 


LIKES: #5, guys, parties, friends, sports, music, beach, 
summer, movies, flowers, ME, shopping, laughing, jet 
skiing, wknds. DISLIKES: Rude people, snobs, spiders, 
drunk drivers, cheaters, waking up early, rain, liars, 
fake people. FAV MEM: BK trips, beach' w/ CS, KP, 
JM, AW, MD '01, 1st concert w/ CS, hrm w/DC, Cape 
w/CS, llamas w/ CM, dances w/ CS, Prom + New 
Yrs '01, Papa G's, J. Chicken MD, AW, Baseball game 
w/ CS, summer '01 w/CS. ACT: SftbU 1-4, b-ball 1-2. 
FOUND: Driving w /CS, online, sleeping, BK, running 
w/CS, w/friends, work. AMB: To get married, have a 
family and live a happy life. FAV SAY: If you love some- 
thing let it go. if it comes back to you it's yours to keep, if not 
it never was. Should I smile b/c we're friends, or cry b/c tliat's 
all we'll ever be. OTHER Thanks Mom & Dad for ev- 
erything. I couldn't have done it without you. Mel- 
issa- good luck & have fun! Amanda-I'm always here 
for you. Sean- Good luck Court- thanks for everything. 

Jeremy Coombs 

Ted Copparini 

"T" Money 

LIKES: Being a money maker, hooked up cars, 
skipping with the SO, keepin it playa, partying, 
jetskiing, sittin on chrome 18's. DISLIKES: Red 
lights, Plainvillites, Birkenstocks, Dave's yellow 
Jeep, those damn hippies, the last sip. FOUND: 
At the gym. FAVORITE MEMORY: The Pike, down 
the Cape at PPP with the crew, backstage at Hot 
Night, The Hawk Keepers crib with Jake, Teen 
Talk USA, morning show with Sean and Jake, the 
ride home in the town car, The Speedster. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: / went from dreams, right up to bigger 
things. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, winter track 2-3. 
OTHER: To Mom and Dad, my friends and my 
family, I love vou all and I will not let you down. 


Megan Elyse Conley 

Meg Con, Munchkin #2 

LIKES: purple, rain, sleeping, F.H., being happy, 
smiles, little deg, chocolate, friends, memories, any- 
one reading this, shopping trips @ PP, the beach, 
VT, the terry, rd rrips.DMB, vending mach., roller 
coasters, fireworks, short hair, winning, dancing, Mr. 
Rogers, being alone. DISLIKES: Feet, dogs, fights, 
ignorance, getting blamed for things, no time, out- 
let mall, losing, ties, Fraggle Rock, working. FAV 
MEM.: DMB '01, summer '01, becoming a 
videogame, hangin' w/B, movies & munchies. 
ACT: Fh 1-4, track 1-4, Softball 1-2, p leadership 2- 
4, dance. FOUND: W/MF, KM, RC, AG, SS, SM, 
playing fh, at work, in the Terry, twirling my hair, 
in the big rig. AMB: To live happily ever after. FAV 
SAY: In three words I can sum up everything I've learned 
about life: IT GOES ON. OTHER: Mom & Dad- 
Thanks. I love you. Sarah, thanks for everything! 
You're the best! I love vou! 

Kristin Cook 


LIKES: Providence, summer, Nantasket, hem: 
and beads, creativity, The Living Room, unatr 
letic pieces of trash, Reb, The, Rac, Lola, NM,MF 
CF, EB, BO. DISLIKES: Rude people, 80 lbs. bad 
packs, mini skirts, war, narrow minds. FAVOR 
ITE MEMORY: Vision or Disorder & Bane. AC 
TIVITIES: Tetris. FOUND: The cleaners. FAVOR 
ITE SAYING: It is better to stumble with the mtml 
than with the foot. Moderation. ..what notion.-VOl 
OTHER: Thank you to all the people who car 
about me. 

Lindsay C. Corrigan 


LIKES: KB, summer, ice cream, the beach, Skittles, 
laughing, P.J.'s Cape Cod, being with KB. DIS- 
LIKES: Spiders, being cold, fake people, math, 
obnoxious people, waking up early. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '99, Semi '99, T.C.'s with B.C., 
DECA '00, Cali '01, 12-24-00, being wild with JR, 
Class Comp.'99, Bad Moods with M.K.,6-28-01, 
KR basement parties, Billy Jean with BC. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Peer leadership 1-4, track 1,2, DECA 3,4. 
AMBITION: To live life to the fullest, not taking 
anything for granted; to have a sucessful job, and 
healthy, happy family. OTHER: Thank you for all 
your encouragement Mom, Dad, Jason, and Keith. 
I Love You All! 

Kalena J. Coulsey 

K-dogg, KC, Lena, Rocky, Kalena monster ; 

LIKES: My '66 Mustang, Gwen, Ryan, Metalt 
Sunday 90.3, Bliss, blue, cars, driving fast, #■■ 
crosse, mozzarella sticks, sleep, animals, Stouft 
pepperoni pizza, Saturday nights w / RT, GD,r 
nieces+nephew, Led Zeppelin, France, Applebe 
stars, peach chapstick. DISLIKES: Deosio' 
hypocrites, cheaters, ugly cars, children, mi 
ZLS 9/18/83-7/20/01 RIP, Monday mon 
dentures. FAVORITE MEMORY: Six Flags f 
GD,SH,ZS,AB,TC,CL, July 24th '01 with RT, 
ries with GD,ZS,SH,TC,JS, swings witl 
Florida with GD. ACTIVITIES: Field hock* 
lacrosse 3,4. FOUND: With GD, with RT, at 
apartment, Funcoland. AMBITION: To be h 
and loved. FAVORITE SAYING: Dude. Scon 
apples? Bigga, bigga, bigga fries. OTHER: J 
Dad, Heather, Cory, Shawn- thank you so 
for everything- 1 love ya lots! Good luck Sh 
enjoy! Gwen- We did it! 

the ClMt ot ^Wl 

Judith Cronin 



LIKES: #16, soccer, friends, fam, vacation, chocolate, 
winning, 9/20, hooded swtshirts, dreaming, snow, 
blue, fall. DISLIKES: Rude people, losing, drunk 
drivers, communities, monsters, fights, humidity, 
finals. FAV. MEM.: DMB 12/ 16/00, 6/ 16/01, Soc '98, 
Prom '00, '01, Semi '00, cake fights w/KB+KL, 
NSYNC '01, UMass '00 w/NL, shooting stars w/ 
KH, class comp. '99, camping w/Healev fam. sum- 
mer '01, sftball '99, Span I w /SH, Tae Bo w/soc team 
'99, 11/4/00, skipping w/LG, KB. ACT: Soccer 1-4, 
b-ball 1-4, sftball 1-4, stud council 1-4 (corr. seer. 4), 
NHS 3,4. FOUND: u KH, w/friends, playing 
sports, online. AMB: To be happv and successful in 
whatever I do. FAV. SAY: You go girl! -CM, YES 
WHAT NO. -SH. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Kate, and Patty- you're the best family! I love you 
Tishv, Uncle Bob, and Berne! Good luck, Class of 

Sarah Cronin 

Sarah Liz, Scathy, Product of the Milkman 

LIKES: Music, Softball, hanging out w/CD,EC,BB,LM, 
pink lemonade, ultimate frisbee, scrub day. DISLIKES: 
people that are too cool, leeches, being poked in the dark. 
FAV. MEM.: Hofstra & Indy 'OO-'Ol w/ MB, Giants Sta- 
dium '97- '99, band camp, MYWE, summer '00, PMS 
show, taco empire w/CD, EC's trampoline, Orion's 
Nebula, the Purple/Flying Monkey, I care!, Fri. & Sat 
nights @ the Brook, triangles and the x-axis, Wat up yo! 
Ah, you beat me!, AP Hist. ACT: MB 0-4 (drum maj 4), 
band 1 -4, sftball 1,2, co-mang. b-ball 3-4, drama 3, quin- 
tet 2-1, MYWE 4, chorus 4. FOUND: In band rm, re- 
hearsal, hanging out w/CD,EC,LM, BB, working. 
AMB: To be happy, healthy and successful in what- 
ever I do. OTHER: Mom & Dad- words can't express 
what you have done for me. Jon & Pat- work hard, 
follow your dreams, & you're not getting the Durango! 
KD, EP, AT, CN, & EL- good luck. CD & EC- thanx for 
being there. You guys are the greatest! 

Belzail Cruz 


LIKES: Rainbows, Mercedes, pep rallies, food 
fights, Billy, good friends, cartoons, cable t.v., 
autumn, smile. DISLIKES: Rainy days, dirty snow, 
changing diapers, labor pains, crying babies, 
stretch marks, braces, fake people, Osama bin 
Laden. FAVORITE MEMORY: Seeing Sadie for the 
1st time, parties. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading. 
FOUND: Raising Sadie, going back and forth to 
PR. doing hair & nails- no toes! AMBITION: To 
be the best mother I can be. To prove everyone 
that put me down, wrong. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Lemon, lime, rip you a new one. OTHER: Thanks 
everyone for all your support in my struggles, and 
for helping me with Sadie. 

Eric Cunnane 


LIKES: Winning, #21, hangin w/theboys, rippas, 
football, hay for the donkey, Coach Finase, sum- 
mer time, dippy woo, scraps, haymakers, party- 
ing, pretty girls, the Rock, OCB, T-Day, Spinners, 
clean breaks, sluggin skis. DISLIKES: Losing, 
FHS, tree on Bennett St, yatches, hardcore hip- 
pies, heat rods, the bonny, 5/0, stuck up people, 
$ bags, pieces of trash, wrappin it up. FAV. MEM: 
HI trip w/MS & JP '01, VT trip, DMB '99-'01, my 
house '01, 3-25-01 w/NM, beating North '00. 
ACT: Ftbll 1-4, baseball 1-4, bball 1, NHS, P Med 
& Boys' State. FOUND: w/the boys, @ MS's NHD. 
AMB: To live life to the fullest. FAV SAY: If there's 
grass on the field, play ball!, Whatcha gonna do? Fight 
or Run? OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad & Jay for all 
of the support and encouragement these past 
years. Jav's Honda Mobile 3-17-01 RIP, DWM 7- 
11-00 RIP. 

Laura Daley 


LIKES: Tiger lilies, autumn, warm weather, shop- 
ping, going out to dinner, being w/ JG, CA, MP, 
vacations, Christmas, sea shells, the Olive Gar- 
den, French silk brownies, relaxing, sleeping late, 
spending time w/ June. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Cape with MP, New York with CH, shopping 
spree with JG, beach with MM, 10/31/99. AC- 
TIVITIES: Colorguard. OTHER: Thanks for \ our 
support, Mom and Dad. I love you! Thanks Chris- 
tine, Jenn, and Mike P. for always being there for 
me. I love you guvs! 

Thomas C. Daniel 

Tom, Tommy B, Bull Dog 

LIKES: Summer, gym, lunch. Pizza Hut, football 
games, Red Sox, S.U., SK, GM, LA, RK, MP, KM, 
Brittnev, MB, BN, BR, Franklin hockey games, 
DW, SS, TC, Smokey, Canada, Mr. Poles. DIS- 
LIKES: Franklin, speeding tickets, Red Sox, Yan- 
kees, KM, The 99 Club, Beav, Berman, Norton 
girls, Stevo, Big Cat, Berman, EASTON PD, DMB. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Franklin vs. KP basketball 
2000-2001, all hockey games, scary road, my spot- 
light, Berman, SGP, having mv license, the Cavy. 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1+3, peer mediation, foot- 
ball manager. FOUND: At Cumby's, with Steve, 
the 99, Applebees, Michael's Deli.' OTHER: Good 
luck Amy, Good luck Steph. Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Bub. Pupa. 

Timothy Davis 


LIKES: #22, mullets, rallying skis, shows, sleep- 
ing, snowboarding, mountain biking, winter, VT, 
thinking, mushrooms, being late, laughing, flip 
cups, quarters, cruises, quality glass, lawyers, 
magic hats, blue moons. DISLIKES: Fake people, 
arrogant people, hypocrites, getting caught, liars, 
stress, miscommunication, suspensions. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Ski trip '01 w/ EC, JP, MS, MK, 
AC, HM, winning the Hock '99, PHISH 99-00, 
DMB 99-01 . FOUND: at SJ's, on a cruise, at a party, 
chillin at the Bluffs, Stoneybrook. ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer 1-4, peer leadership 3-4, mountain biking 
1-4, Ultimate Frisbee 1-4. AMBITION: To succeed 
and be happy in whatever path life takes me. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Zak, Ben, and Greg 
for always sticking by me through all the rough 

David DeBlasio 

Dave, Prez 

LIKES: Class elections, Wranglers, DECA, beach. 
Cape, ME, heavy wgts, DJing, radio.Finase, $, fame, 
Seinfeld, Westside Plainville, Terry. DISLIKES: 
North, Feehan, Carson Daly, frosh ftbl. FAV MEM: 
campaign speeches, Finase's class, Normandv w/ 
BD, PG, & JC, Span w/AB, Hist Day w/BD, JC & 
AK, elections, Clay, Ms America, Nelly, DJing KP 
dances w/SO, B&N w/3KM's, Atlantic City. ACT: 
Teen Talk, DECA, PL, S&D, TV Prod. FOUND: @ 
Mobhome, WALE, the WE, Andrea & Steve's, AE, 
Normandy. AMB: To live on Hollywood Hill, or to 
be happv, healthy, and live a long, prosperous life. 
FAV. SAY: Work smarter; not harder-CS. Do it to it Lars. 
Stop Trick? Get on the horse. -Latiff. OTHER: My time 
@ KP has been the best years of my life to date and 
now it's time for even better times to come. Thank 
you Mrs. Carneiro and Mrs. Cress for your guid- 
ance. Thank you Mom, Dad, Diandre, and Marc tor 
always being there. Good luck Class of 2002. 1 have 
been honored to lead our class through the past 
years. Goodbye KP. ^ 


I ha\ e 

James Decelle 

Guinevere A. Deevy 

BP#2, Deviator, Gwermie 

LIKES: Gymnastics, KC, AB, ZS, Structure, my 
Toyota Supra, pear jelly beans, massages, 
Metallica, Led Zeppelin, yellow, hugs, 90.3 on 
Sundays, Chapstick, hot tubs, quarries, memories, 
Creed, concerts, Bliss. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, 
missing ZLS, cheaters, liars, S, curfews, ZLS 9/ 
18/83-7/20/01 RIP, vacations, goodbyes, 
Attleboro. FAVORITE MEMORY: Six Flags '01 w/ 
ZS,SH,TC,AB,KC,CL, Quarries w/ZS,SH,KC,TC, 
the KP lunch monster, Joe's Rock w/AB, Florida 
w/KC, God speech, Bliss 24/7, yellow ribbons. 
ACTIVITIES: Gvmnastics 2-4. FOUND: The gym, 
Funcoland, RT's apartment, w/AB. AMBITION: 
Live life like everyday could be the last. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: /us/ kidding. Bigga bigga bigga fries. 
Der apples. OTHER: Mom & Dad, thanks for your 
continuous support. Mae-good luck in HS. 
Kalena- We did it! Love vou all! 

Bob Delano 


LIKES: Mountain biking. ACTIVITIES: Mountain 
biking. FOUND: At work. AMBITION: Become 
an engineer. FAVORITE SAYING: I've got my saw. 
It's a night ime project. 

Andrea Demone Ashleigh Hope DeSimone Maryanne Devine 




LIKES: Shopping, fall, friends, planning, snow 
days, the beach, kitties, Jr. Mints, rain, hd meet- 
ings, coral, SNL, spirit week, Survivor, reminisc- 
ing, honey mustard, strollin' bowlin'. DISLIKES: 
Cheese, bicyclers, ballzy drivers, spiders, pet 
stores, essays, wet socks, handy houses. FAV 
MEM: Semi '99, Prom '01, DMB 6/17/01 in rain, 
Hampton w/JT, Cape w/JO, banana boat, semi 
quests, vintage Blair, JT's b-day parties, good 
times w/JT,KR & ot hers. ACTIVITIES: Field 
hockey 1, SADD 2-4, Leo Club 2-4, NHS 3-4, Key 
Club 2-4, French NHS 2-4, tennis, teaching CCD. 
FOUND: Shopping, WVPO. AMBITION: To be 
happy, successful and lead a fulfilling life. FAV. 
SAYING: There are always two choices, two paths to 
take. One easy. And its only reward is that it's easy. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad and Jim for all your 
support. JT & JO, you're the best friends ever. I 
love you all! 

the Class ot IWl 

LilSash, Flood Pants, Cub, Project Nazi 

LIKES: Bunny, ice cream, mullets, light reflecting 
friends, the beach, title, novels, Kimmy's stories, 
Bugle Boy, my special Girl, Pepsi Qanda, peanuts, 
amosis, King Tut, sabanas azules, WPPB, PS Mu- 
sic. DISLIKES: Tender loins, laundry boy, 
minature Snickers, I Want It That Way, lies, dis- 
loyalty, being jealous. FAV. MEM: Dave '01, Sym- 
phony Hall with Bunny-the straw incident, 
Bridgie's 18th, reasons for being grounded, Italy 
'00, Summer of Passions. FOUND: At Bridgie's or 
Bunny's, aimlessly driving in the Neon with 
Bunny, math homework with Trevanna, house 
hunting with Bridgie. AMB: To make a difference 
in at least one person's life and to see the world 
with someone I love. FAV. SAY: Be kind, for every- 
one you meet is fighting a harder (xift/e.-Plato, We 
made it ourselves; we've got the pictures to prove it. 
OTHER: Thank you to my family and my friends 
for their love and support. My parents for their 
persistence, friends for their insight and patience, 
and mv sisters for their wisdom. 

MD Devine 

LIKES: Summer, beach days, friends, Chris, 
Wendy's, blue, Nautica parties, road trips, vaca, ice 
cream, shopping, the escort, fball games, the Rock, 
ME, flowers, 11:11, hugs, Cheesecake Factory. DIS- 
LIKES: Pickles, rude people, rainy days, hw, fights, 
goodbyes, back roads of Plainville, lies, lightning, 
slow drivers. FAV MEM: Chicken on a stick with AW, 
the dancing big dig workers with AW, MS, CS, KP, 
whale watch with CR, 1st night 2001, prom, semi, 
trips to CC with MS, late night Wendy's runs with 
AW, 16th B-day party, Microsoft Word '99, 
sleepovers, hrm with KD, pong with CS, J-Chicken! 
Shamoo & Keiko with MS, ride to Woonsocket with 
KD,LG. ACT: Fh 1, sftball 1-2. FOUND: with AW, 
MS, KP, LG, CS, KD, EM, the outlets, work, @ AW's 
house, the mall, the beach. AMB: To live life to its 
fullest and have no regrets. FAV SAY: Riiight!, Dream 
as if you will live forever; live as if you will die today. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for everything 
that you have ever done for me. I Love you guys. 
Alison BFF forever! Good luck, Class of 2002! 

John George DeLorie III 


LIKES: Technology, friends. DISLIKES: Rudeness 
with Vito and Elin. ACTIVITIES: Symphonyban: 
jazz band, marching band. AMBITION: Unknow: 
FAVORITE SAYING: Great minds thmk elilc 
OTHER: The bass (pronounced base) is the be 
instrument I ever played. 

Kelly Dinand 

Kell-dog, Kelt 

LIKES: Jeeps, Mustangs-yeah Emma, 
parties, Wendy's, road trips everywhere a 
where, UMASS Lowell boys, my other ha 
ity time with Karyn, MC's. DISLIKES: Liar. 
Natick bovs, broken promises, goodbyes, 
drivers, snobs, players. FAVORITE ME1 
Florida '01, DMB '99, the trooper, road trip 
'01, UMASS Lowell Hawaiian party- 1 wil 
forget, sleepovers w/our boys, homeroom- 
MD, ride to Woonsocket. ACTIVITIES^ 
hockey, SADD, Leo Club. FOUND: W/ Ea 
Natick, D & D, Wendy's- in the Eclipse and 
LG, MD, AW, KD, mall. AMBITION To t 
to not look back and sav I could have do 
ter. Have a happy life. FAVORITE SAYINC 
(yeah OK) Josit. OTHER: Thank you Mom a 
for everything you have done for me. Joh 
luck with the next three years. Karyn-vo 
always been there for me. Thank you for 
thing. Emma-thank you for everything, 
know what I would have done without i 

Cathleen Doane 

Catli, Smiles, Angelica 

KES: PJ, friends, chupa-chups, yellow roses, shop- 
ig, smiling, VW Bugs, Chili's, my car, sleepovers, 
lialia, candles, my wrists, pj's, pillows, sleeping, Bun, 
jobie, tacos, Ansel Adams, gas. DISLIKES: Cubical 
eese, snakes. FAV MEM: Narcon, MB, brkfast at FCC 
th KR, employee parties with KR, CM, AC, Prom 
with PJ, PMS show with SC & MG, golfing w / KR 
CM, tramp, w/ EC, SC & EA, Got Milk LG?, Taco 
ipire w/ SC, Stonehill w/ BB & EC, Span, vid w/ 
~ & TF, hoUow trees w/ BB, SC. ACT: DECA 3-1, 
31-2, sym band 1-2.SADD4, g.bballmgr2-4,DECA 
as. 4. FOUND: with PJ, SC, EC or MG, sleeping at 
j's, sleeping in movies. AMB: To live a long, happy 
, have no regrets. FAV SAY: Dream as if you will live 
forever, live as if you will die today. T and S. OTHER: 
anks Mom, Dad, & the GANG for all your support. 
>ve you. Thanks Meg for always being there, you're 
best friend. Paul, thanks for putting up with me. 

Jenna Renee Dubose 

Loki, Angle, Hero, Xena, The Jester, Angel #3 

LIKES: Drama, green Jello, Joey's Angels, my book se- 
ries, dragons, Xena, Renee O'Connor, Spree Candy, 
seltzer water, cast parries, disturbingly graphic yet cu- 
riously satisfying violent movies, choc. DISLIKES: 
MacDonald's, English els JR year, bigotry & hate, au- 
ditions, spiders, needles, heights. FAV MEM: Joey's 
Angels photo shoot, making a movie w/the Angels, 
New England Theatre Conference, Prom Night, biol- 
ogy party. AMB: To work in law enforcememnt, to star 
in a Xena movie w / Lucy La wless and Renee O'Conner, 
to be called miss without it being followed by we must 
ask you to leave nou>, to publish a book. OTHER: I love 
you Mom! Mr. Ferreira you rule! Ms.Slagle thanks for 
an awesome English class, Mrs.V I love you so much!! 
Brittany and Deirdre don't do anvthing that I wouldn't 
do, and to anyone else I missed I love you all! I will 
miss everyone and I promise to make you proud to 
have known me! 

Brian W. Dugdale 

Dougnuts, Doug fill in the blank 

LIKES: Competing, history, imaginary sand- 
wiches, Allie. DISLIKES: #9. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 1-19 JV, Funday Out in the Park with 
the GLAB, playing Sharon in the tournament, 
Wonderland, Newport, Cape, Maine, Hike, His- 
tory Days, dance parties in the store with Jecky 
and Bess, 8/5 99-01, 12 Grove, rides with Allies 
and Mate. ACTIVITIES: Basketball, DECA, NHS. 
FOUND: Dropping the diamond, respecting 
DBSD, watching DC and HC, playing ball. AM- 
BITION: To take success from the four corners of 
217 to the four corners of the world. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Veni, vidi, vici. OTHER: Rllrr, RLrr yrr 
grr mrr irr hrr mrr hrr. Thanks Allie. 

Justin Dunn 


LIKES: Dirt biking, snowboarding, hockey, watch- 
ing TV and sleeping. DISLIKES: Waking up early 
and homework. FAVORITE MEMORY: When Mr. 
Guernon spiked his hair for school. ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer. FOUND: In N.H., police station, and prac- 
ticing at my track. FAVORITE SAYING: You're 
going down suckal 

Christina Lee El-Far Adam Christopher Ewer 

Stina, Kri 

ES: Sum. partying, shopping, Applebee's, pay- 
ikks, cuddling, angels, butterflies, glitter, Sunny £>, 
I i, sunsets, candles, yellow jeeps, smiles. DISLIKES: 
1 naturity, cheap people, liars, people who don't be- 
,t e in themselves, boredom, coffee, bad smells, spi- 
\[ s, alarm clocks, stress, curfews, heartbreakers, rainy 

■s, g-byes. FAV MEM: Sum '01, nights b4 Thanks- 

ing @KM's, Sf-friends are like flowers, AI-Never be- 
i ! sunrise! Zoe- morning rides to school, parties @ 
Hi ia's, Prom '00-'01, Nantasket 4/24 w/AI, DC, NY, 
i IB '98 & MC '00 w/CR, 2/2/01 w/angel, being trick 
! TG! weeks @ Deanna's, last day of school jr yr. ACT: 
I idng 1-3, pr ldrshp 2-3, SADD 2-3, DECA. FOUND: 
i NY, AL, LO, partyin, dubbin, cracking mvself up. 
j IB: To live life to its fullest. FAV. SAY: It's 'not wlmt 

body else thinks of you; it's wlmt you think of yourself. 
ii HER: Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your love. 

leer, thanks for all your advice. Love you. Marcelle, 
, ve you so much. My friends and family- always 

eve in yourself because I believe in you. I thank 

i for you everyday. Good luck to the Class of 2002! 

The King, Caesar 

LIKES: Movies, philosophy, politics, history, mu- 
sic, drama and foozball. DISLIKES: Hypocrisy, in- 
justice, ignorance and asparagus. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Mischief in Mrs. Gallagher's health 
class, my Latin class, the perennial disputes with 
Mass. History Day judges. ACTIVITIES: March- 
ing band, winter percussion ensemble, Drama 
Club, symphony band. National Honor Society. 
FOUND: One step ahead. AMBITION: To be re- 
membered and admired by people who never met 
me. FAVORITE SAYING: To be great is to be misun- 
derstood. -Emerson 

Kara Fienberg 


LIKES: To dream, friends, happiness, sunflowers, 
yellow, food, summer, the beach, sunsets, shop- 
ping, concerts, leopard prints, pictures and hugs. 
DISLIKES: Spiders, mean people, snobby people, 
final, winter, rainy day, lies, goodbyes, S.A.T's, 
stress, getting lost, fights, headaches, worrying, 
being sick, and bad hair days. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Winter varsity cheerleading. FOUND: 
With Will, shopping, with friends, and on my cell 
AMBITION: To be happy and successful when I 
grow up, live life as an exclamation. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Oh that's so nasty! Whatever. OTHER: 
Thank you for all the support Mom and Dad, even 
though I don't always show it. I do appreciate 
you both. Thanks to my friends who have always 
been there to make me laugh or just talk. You've 
helped me so much through the years, and Will 
you're the best babe, love ya! 

Keith Fienberg 




Sarah Fisher 


Christopher Fitzgerald 


Kevin Flaherty 


Thomas J. Flanagan, Jr. 

The Bomb, Amalia, Flanders, AP 
Plain ville 

LIKES: Long talks w/ES, group work, zebra print 
pillows, brouhaha, Madonna, grilled cheese, hot 
pieces, telling stories about camp, staff shirts, 
power-walking, socks & sandals, eating outside, 
the Zeotrope. DISLIKES: Latin grammar, grilled 
cheese and jelly doughnuts, feeling at the start of 
a race, things that aren't perfect, losing. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Latin 3, DMB, the playground, X- 
Country Camp '01, AP History study party, cab- 
bage painting, campfires, Friday morning prac- 
tices, Friends are like flowers, math party, picnic in 
cafeteria. New Year's '01. ACTIVITIES: X-C 3-4, 
tennis 2-4, Leo Club 2-4, peer leadership 2-4, NHS 
3-4. FOUND: w/ES, at camp, at the prom. FA- 
VORJTE SAYING: That reminds me of something 
that happened at camp... 

LIKES: Metallica, The Matrix, hanging with any 
of my friends, my Volvo, Monty Pvthon, movies 
by Mel Brooks, woodward, junior math class with 
DeLuca, and rap music with Geoff and Jim. DIS- 
LIKES: Unreasonably large shoes, kids with back- 
packs that crowd the hallways, fruitbooters, get- 
ting up way too early for work, and the realiza- 
tion that you have no money when you need to. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: KP ski trips, all nighters 
all the time. ACTIVITIES: Mountain biking, run- 
ning, the occasional wakeboarding session, work, 
BMX, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. 
FOUND: Pete's house, the malls, Meredith, NH, 
any good trails, Foxboro, my own home sweet 
home, also I occasionally chill with Mike and a 
kid named Jurgens. AMBITION: To be the best at 
everything that I do. 

LIKES: Fiona, quality glass, red hairs, partvin. 
OCB, lax, big hits, funnels, fast cars, rippin down 
the mtn, powder, cones, chillin, wakeboarding, 
mullets, 2Pac, afros, Reggae, rallying, fires. DIS- 
LIKES: Franklin, losing, seeds, gettin busted, 
snitches, detentions, waking up early, parties with 
rats, doing nothin. FAVORITE MEMORY: St. Pat's 
Day 01, camp sessions, beatin Franklin Turkey 
Day, Whalers concert with GG & DM, Aerosmith 
with FC, chillin at GG's Cape house, The Barn, 
summer 01. ACT: Streetball, lax, ftball, foosball- 
player, throwing the disk, doin the seawalk. 
FOUND: In the ghetto, Fiona's, cruisin down 
backroads, Norfolk airport, thuggin, the bluffs. 
AMBITION: Go to college, graduate & make S. 
FAV SAY: Keep it gangsta. OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Kristy, Mark, and Fiona for helping me 
through the year. DM- Never forgotten. 

LIKES: GAP, ice coffee, purple, DMB, Boston, si- 
casm, email, talking w/SC and CD, wtr clothe> 
post-its, deja vu, darkness, cats, candles, spar 
books, accents. DISLIKES: Running late, PapaGS 
conformity, pleather, liars, no sleep, org., secli 
sion, the news. FAV MEM: Brown sumnwr 
Amalia video- AP hist, Lambert's class, AP Enf 
X-C, Prom '01, boilermaker. ACT: X-C 1-4. w trat. 
1-4, p. leadership 2-4, Sachem 2-4, NHS 3-4, sc 
fair. FOUND: Waiting, running, library, at schoc 
before anyone wakes up. X-C. behind AMB:T 
speak fluent Spanish and French, to move to 
foreign country, to never say I could have dor 
better. FAV SAY: It's who I am. Good tor you. Shot. 
I race?. I'm late, Email me! OTHER: Mom- Thanl 
for everything. It must have been tough. I !w 
you. K & K good luck! Grandma- Hola A^m I 
To all my teachers- 1 love vou all and thank yo 

Michelle Leigh Fontan 

Shelly, Ducky, Rainbow, Miss Ruby, Bella 

LIKES: Chris, Rainy Tuesdays, #13, Tranquility, my 
birki's, 67 Camaros, wrap skirts, elephants, hitch 
hikers, purple skies, starry nights, opals, hemp neck- 
laces, art, free lovin' hippies, nature, classic rock, 
folk music, Cat Stevens, road trips, my cords, po- 
etry, snow days, old pics, Phil's La Mans, smiles, 
tattoos. DISLIKES: Ignorance, miscommunication, 
accidents, pot holes, addictions, speed limits. FAV. 
MEM: 2-18-01/2-24-01 w/Chris, Lynyrd Skynyrd 
99', Allman Bros 00' w/Kate and Erin, Aerosmith 
01' w/Meg, spring meet w/Chris, Park Terris w/ 
Ashleigh, Halloween nights @ Patty's w/Kristen 
and Heidie, snowball fight 00' w/Kate and Erin, 
Kashmire w /goatnuts. FOUND: W/Chris, in the art 
room, sleeping, working at Birkenstock. OTHER: 
Thanks to Bob Doherty for all the help. Mummy 
and Daddy, I love you. Thanks for everything! My 
friends: Thanks for the support and guidance 
through the years. I wish vou the best of luck. 

the Ctess et IW% 

Keith Foster 

Fosta, K 

LIKES: Bukowski, running, disfigured elephant 
dancing, wild grain rice, matzo, cooling, marim- 
bas, cherry Koolaid, Boston, photography, guitar, 
writing, my wives, Tori, Ani, Angelina, DMB, im- 
maculate hand writing, dryer sheets, stigmata 
blisters, best friends. DISLIKES: Being cold, 
change, cliches, sleeplessness, mushrooms, Latin 
grammar. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cranberries '99 
with MM & MM. A walk in the rain with M.K., a 
random winter night in '00, Ani D, '01, Tori '01, 
my childhood with MM. winter perc 98,99,00, 
spring break '01, Latin III, another random win- 
ter night in '00. FOUND: With my best buds. 
Providence, Amherst, Boston, sleeping. AMBI- 
TION: To be as successful, in my own way, as 
those whom I admire. 

James Michael Foulis Megan Joy Fredricksor 

Jim, Hank, Big Jim 

LIKES: Friends, chilling, sleeping, long bus rides, 
music, drums, large animals, Volkswagens, 
conejitos malvados, good times, CA. DISLIKES: 
The usual (homework, school, etc.), ignorance, 
pants, sketchy situations, Ash's tenderloins, 
Amalia, stress, Shane, MTR. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: WGI Finals 98-02 (especially 4/15/00), 
band trips , North Attleboro with LB, late nights 
on Tower Hill with DG, Ruby's, late nights at the 
Brook, proms. ACTIVITIES:' Marching band 97- 
01, percussion ensemble 98-02, jazz/combo 01-02, 
NHS 01-02. FOUND: The walk-in at the Brook or 
drumming in the shop. If you can't find me there, 
you won't ever find me. I will find vou. AMBI- 
TION: To be good at something, Do CBC/BD. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Donkey. OTHER: Thank you 
everyone. If I didn't mention you, I'm sorry, but I 
will never forget any of you. Good Luck 2002. 

Megs, Munchkin #1 

LIKES: Laughing, purple, choc, my SAAB, sleep 
shopping trips at PR mv friends in NH, 
MN, WI, the beach, singing, dusty things, 
vending mach., food, roller coasters, fire 
Mardi Gras, dancing, rk, concerts, CCIC. Dl 
Being alone, moving, hw, fights, mean peo] 
ting blamed for something I didn't do, no 
ing g-bve, gym, when I don't get mv way, N 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Ozzfest, all sum: 
NSYNC concert, being with friends, han 
Jenna, KB, ML, offroading with SS, BU's hoi 
gatherings, MARDI GRAS!, 4-18-01, NH w/ 
6 Flags, drives to the beach with KM, Devil 
ing, talking with AG. ACTIVITIES: MB 1,2, 
clarinet. FOUND: with KM, MC, AG, RC, 
derstatements, staring off into space, at C 
.AMBITION: To be successful, to see the w 
be happy, to be famous, to go to college 
Thanks, Mom and Dad. Good Luck, Katie 

Max Furst 

Sunset Stallion 

LIKES: Ashley, music, playing bass, drinking cof- 
fee. Star Wars, Back to the Future, crust, anarchy 
and peace punk, making short films with Chris, 
reminism, being w/people who care about me, 
Propagandhi, Crass, The Dead Kennedys, Class Ac- 
non, rocking out with Jamie and Tyler, vegan food, 
Dokken. DISLIKES: Money, racists, homophobes, 
sexists, animal cruelty, chauvinistic fart-knockers, 
nost emo music, most emo kids, airports, apathy. 
r AV. MEM: Jan. 30, 2000, all my times with Ashley, 
\pril 16th 1999, River Rave '98+ '99, Aug. 26th 2000, 
End of School Show '99, skipping school to wait in 
ine to get Star Wars tickets. Class Action July '01, 
ill my times w/Infernal Combustion. FND: 
Sickford's, my room, in the crowd at local shows, 
Mewbury Comics, Boston, CVS. AMB: To live a 
lappv, vegan, rock'n roll life w/Ash. OTHER: 
[hanks to all my friends and fam-especially Ashley. 

Lisa Galano 

Us'. Kiddo, Midget 

LIKES: Pictures, trash bags, little kids, shoes, Giislie's, 
Disnev mo\ies, laughing so hard vour stomach hurts, 
Boston & NYC. DISLIKES: Rude people, liars, fight- 
ing, hw, off ramps, home run derby, the tree in KB's 
driveway, walking barefoot on the grass. FAV. MEM.: 
BMG w /GS, AV, & PG, DMB concerts. River Rave '00, 
rollerbladin w/KB, shopping w/ JS, Aztec Two Step, 
Prom night '01 w / GS, AV, & PG, Anything Goes, Class 
Comp '99, XMas night '00, piggin out w / JS before CCD, 
skipping w / JC & KB, DT w / AK & the boys, sneaking 
into the Marriott to go swimming at night, WWF nights, 
walking around the outlets in prom dresses. ACT: W 
track 1-4, s track 1-2, fh 1, p. leadership 2-4, SADD 2-4, 
drama 14. FOUND: Hangin out w /buddies, online, 
work. AMB: To have fun and be the best person I can 
be. FAV.SAY: Tlie most wasted day of all is one on which we 
liaiv not lauglied. OTHER: Thanks everyone! Good luck 
Class of 200Z May all vour dreams /desires come true! 

Adam Gawthrope 


LIKES: Emerson, Nietzsche, coffee, trees, learn- 
ing, thinking, hugs. DISLIKES: The Outlet Mall, 
and pretty much everything else. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: N.I.O., The Shady Crew, Bugle Boy, 
NIN & APC Concert, times spent with RC, MF, 
KM, MC, and SS. ACTIVITIES: G.A.P.S., band, 
teaching CCD. FOUND: Underground, awake at 
night. AMBITION: Undisclosed. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: When you look into the abyss, the abyss also 
looks into you. 

Joshua Geller 

josh, Cat 

LIKES: Red Sox, square burgers, DMB, half days, 
MB, concerts, Delaware City, sleeping, camp 
Maine, Conan, sailing, BOA. DISLIKES: Yankees, 
heat, stuff that hurts, ignorance, change, basic 
block. FAVORITE MEMORY: 2001 Hofstra BOA 
Regional. ACTTVlllES: Marching band, jazz band, 
symphony band, night reconnaisance, apologiz- 
ing for night reconnaisance. FOUND: High 
school, Bellingham Hoyt's, the Brook, Norfolk, 
home, Camp Maine. AMBITION: Produce records 
& be successful. FAVORITE SAYING: Z^ss talking... 
More physical contact... -MS '01 OTHER: Where's 
my side of fun!!? -UCB 

Thomas John Gemelli 


IKES: Work, sweat, thought, rationality, reality, 
hilosophy, ethics, history, Stalin, Russia, blades, 
ees, sheep, chicken, computers, hugs, books, 
ragons, war, good movies, animation, Trans- 
armers, good music, Dune, videogames, tea, 
uty, truth. DISLIKES: Yearbook, high school, 
eople, kids, you, emotions, nice people, 
linivans, SUV excess, youth, pleasure, what you 
re thinking right now, fun, stupidity, the sun, rap, 
our cat, coffee. FAVORITE MEMORY: Trip to 
ape, Russell's house, my party, 2000 semi for- 
lal, L.M.F., soph yr, N.I.O. ACTIVITIES: Tech/ 
I rama, reading, speculating, theorizing, explain- 
** lg, studying humans. FOUND: Alone, in forest, 
i auditorium, Rm. 162, at home, in book store. 
MBITION: To rule the world and set humanity 
n the correct path and/or have a sock puppet 
low. FAVORITE SAYING: The very fabric of the 
niverse is like beer foam. OTHER: I'm not dead yet. 

: . 

Daniel Gero 

Geno, Dkkfer 

LIKES: Hockey, parties, aggressive women, qual- 
ity blondes, Fiona, loudpipes, Mucciarone, 99 cents 
nuggets, Winning, America. DISLIKES: Snobby 
people, authority, locked doors, snitches, Osama 
bin Laden, feet, liars. FAVORITE MEMORY: Bru- 
ins games, Quarries, hockey games, BC, meeting 
my brothers. ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1-4. FOUND: 
The rink, my house, other people's houses, 
Wendy's, bombin' around in the Excel, skippin'. 
AWARDS: #1 D. in the nation. AMBITION: To play 
hockey for as long as I can no matter where I am, to 
mud-wrestle Britney Spears. OTHER: Thanks for 
everything you have done for me, Mom, Earl, 
Duane, and all my other family and friends. 

Peter Getty 


LIKES: Amanda Vogan, Woppers, Brittney Spears, 
Pizza Hut, Vietnam, summer, Sox games, friends, 
fastcars, concerts, driving to N.H. w/ Robby T., 
beaches. DISLIKES: Fake people, waking up. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Camp ground, Sox games, day 
trips to Boston, getting prom tux Jr. year, random 
N.H. - trips in July, AV. sunburn. ACTIVITIES: X-c, 
track, Stu-Co, snowboarding. FOUND: With 
Mander, at the camp ground. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Good thing we're 21. 

Vito Giacalone 



LIKES: Music (all kinds) mostly jazz, movies, 
wrestling, biking, motorcycles, sports cars (i.e. 
Ferraris, Lambourghinis, Mclarens, and Porsches), 
nice people, thunderstorms, and stuff that looks 
cool. DISLIKES: People that lack understanding 
and come to quick conclusions or prejudices. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: First time on a motorcycle, 
hanging out with friends, pass arounds m Mrs, 
Villiard's class, getting 1st place in BOA 
Regionals, and the semi finals performance of 
2000-nice job everyone! ACTIVITIES: Jazz band, 
concert band, marching band, ]a/z combo, cho- 
rus wrestling. FOL \D: At home, on my bike, at 
the high school, Sunoco in Norfolk, motorcycle 
dealers, Boston Sports Club. AMBITION: To, in 
some way, make people happy through playing 
my instrument. FAVORITE SAYING: Giving up is 
like saying goodbye to something you know you can 
have. If you love something, let it go. ..if it comes l< 
it's yonrs-kind of ironic, isn't it' 



Christopher Gibson 

The Gibber 

LIKES: Amanda Darling, friends, football games, 
Taco Bell, my cd collection, sweet movies, The 
Mountaineer and Acura, FCC, Summer Hoops, 
LGB, fast food, Cumby's, sweatshirts, night 
games, Curve, energy drinks, 1/14, parking lots, 
Andeeee's Leo. DISLIKES: English class, liars, 
mean people, being sick. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Every summer, Davis getting sick at Canton, 1/ 
14/01, New Year's 2000 and 2001, tearing apart 
toilet paper rolls in Lown's basement, corrupting 
Andee in Ms. Erickson's class, pistachio nuts with 
Ben Andee. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, basketball, ten- 
nis, sleeping, eating, skiing, cruising, golfing 
@FCC. FOUND: 24 Fredrickson, in bed, FCC, 
Lown's basement, Taco Bell. OTHER: Thanks to 
everyone who has helped me along the way. I 
couldn't have done it without you. 

Angela Giguere 


Darcy Gilmore 

Dare. Pooja, Bunny 

LIKES: Music, Elin, Ash, Mullets, Sting, sandals, long 
sleeve shirts, drummers, Raffis, The Little Prince, flow- 
ers, my puppy, coming in late, DMB, PS Music, U2. 
DISLIKES: Dino-Deer, Mullets, socks, embarassing 
moments, tumors, hospitals, tenderloins. FAV MEM.: 
DMB '98-'01, Dino-Deer, Jazz Nights, Raffis, summer 
of the drummer, Tower Hill Road, ghost hunting, 
N*SYNC Concert w/CS, Symphony Hall, the Straw 
Incident. ACTTV.: FH, band, drama, track. FOUND: 
W ishing on the stars and twirling. AMB. : To be the best 
friend, sister, daughter, mother, wife, employees, stu- 
dent, and person I can be. Oh, and to be On the Price k 
Right. I need to go down in history. FAV. SAYING: Even 
a fool biotvs you can 't reach the stars, but the wise never stop 
trying. OTHER: Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. 
I love you. Katie and Mark, bestof luck w/Megan. Ash, 
you are amazing. So full of love, and truly my soulmate. 
Elin, I truly love you. You deserve the world. 

Michael Gleason 

Old Man Gleason 

LIKES: Games, movies, TV, friends, music. DIS- 
LIKES: Mean people. ACTIVITIES: Wake up War- 
riors show. 


Lauren Goodman 


LIKES: Winter, iced coffee, Yankees, Scoobv Doo, 
sweatshirts, cute guys, caring people, pink, 7, air 
conditioning, Party of Five, Cheesecake Factory. 
DISLIKES: Homework, studying, rude people, 
being late, tomatoes, heat. FAV. MEMORY: The 
basement-8th grade, Creed '00, Mansfield apart- 
ment, BL, "King of Kings," "54U," trip to 
Woonsocket w/KD and MD. She doesn't like va- 
nilla! (Right AW and BR), Anger Management, 
Tour '00' w/ DC, BN, and MK, Monster Jam w/ 
AW. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1-2, register girl. 
FOUND: w/ friends, BL, KC, AW, MD, KD, EM, 
at work or just chillin'. AMB.: To be rich and fa- 
mous, to be married, have a few kids and a puppy. 
Just kidding. I am going to live life day by day 
and hope that I am happy. OTHER: Good luck to 
all of my graduating class. Hopefully you won't 
need it cause you guys are great already! Thanks 
to everyone who has been there for me. 

tbe tt»u ©t 1WI 

Scott Goodman 


LIKES: Women, music, my pets, family, my NGY, 
my computer, and a lot of other stuff. DISLIKES: 
People who are mean, people who can't respect 
someone for what thev hold inside, people who act 
superior to everyone. ACTIVITIES: I write poetry/ 
songs, I work for a living, activity wise that's about 
it. FOUND: Most of the time I'm not at school, I'm 
either at work or just chillin' somewhere. AMBI- 
TION: I just wanna be successful with someone, 
make people happy, and never change. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Some people are caring, some people are care- 
less, that makes me love the world and at the same time 
hate the world. OTHER: People throughout elemen- 
tary school have walked on me, emotionally tore 
me apart, spit down my throat, I just want to say, 
THING, you INSPIRED me and made my soul 
grow more. Thanx. 

Trevanna Frost Grenfell 


LIKES: Cardancing, stars, group work, brouhaha, Brit- 
ish things, Jeeps, mullets, Applebee's, Shirley Temples, 
huge hugs, mod podge, chairlifts, old/great movies, 
guitar players, tinsel, mangoes, Newsies, foreign choc., 
singing. DISLIKES: Chlorine, greasy hair, feet, 
clinginess, too much blue eyeshadow, lint, fake smiles, 
unibrows, bad dates, patronization, bowling balls. FAV 
MEM: Drama 98, Ani 99, France 00, DMB 01, Latin 
midget farms, toepick!, not it'/those hips Itoney! the play- 
ground, Zeotrope, Honey's Hotel stay, ben folds '01, 
AP Hist study parr)', math HW nights, ski trips, zoo 
days to see wolves, Hemingway! Hemingway!, girl's 
nights w/Ben & Jerry's, learning Dirty Dancing, lying 
on the dock, storms from the lodge porch. QUOTE: 
Tliose who complain tliat true sun lias gone out of 'tlwir world 
liave obviously never danced in tlie rain. OTHER: Mom 
and Dad, thanks for all of your support and care. I love 
you always! Tamarleigh, Tallessvn, Trela wney, forever 
my best friends and to Trey, you'll rock this school! 
My friends everywhere: life would be hard w/o you, 

Nicole Hall 


LIKES: Sunshine, candles, stars, sleeping late, gWE 
hrm, being w / friends, snowstorms, the beach, Frid» 
nxnies, Roswell, sunsets, clouds, trampolines, puf^ie 
laughs, good-dm/s. DISLIKES: Bad-days, ignoranaB 
honest)', bars, hw, math, Sundays, rainv days, sunbUT 
AC, fights, stress, g-byes, 9/11/01. FAV MEM: V# 
Ania, Latin w/MT, plaster w/GD, summer 00,be* 
days w/LH + JW, everything w/AB, BK and A 
shrirs for 3, movies and hangouts w/AH, EH, W 
French w/GD & KC, Ton. & BR, being shunned &or 
mission, expanding my horizons-Fridays, The D.Q.fc I 
summer 01, the ice cream man, the walks arounB 
horseshoe, paint & egg wars w/ AH, movie rw 
everything w/ AH. FND: W/AH, w/Amy, ou» 
friends, @ work. AMB: To be happy and successBi 
whatever I do- to have no regrets. OTHER: MoB 1 
Dad-thanks for everything, I love you. Em-good b 
w/ the rest of your HS yrs. Missv-thanks for all J» 
"help," I'll always be there for you. Ania we'll alw 
be best friends, I love you. 

Shayna Elizabeth Harper 

Speedy, Waffles, Sunshine, Woody 

IKES: God, CP, KC, GD, RW, HH, CK, 6, prizes, LH, 
ix, snowboarding, stars, snow, kisses, AF, 90.3 Sun- 
lav b4 8, Bliss, movies, fountain, Mustangs, rasp.s, PF, 
ttoo, q. jumping, hikes w / RW, Anat. w /CK, prayers, 
-terns. DISLIKES: drugs, liars, hypocrites, cats, trips 
.' / NC, cp bills, Mom's comments, choices, crying, tick- 
■rs, chipped teeth, creepy old guys, FHS wrestling 
iats, Rumble Pack, girls who stare, car ride w/ 
)M,CLJC, missing Zach RIP, g-byes. FAV. MEM: Frosh 
r w/ KH, smelling milk, losing spoons, JG, cheese 
ideo w/ MX sinking the boat, 6 Flags endless drives 
7KC & GD, my jump w/GD, 3 hrs w/ CP, Wliat 
raw? ME visits, CP home w/ roses, quotes w/CK, 10/ 
1 /98, Taggle DB 12-25-00, Toostie KB, 2-6-01, 2-14-01 . 
CT: FH 1-2, wrestling 1-3, ski club 2-4, LAX 3A, wip- 
ig out. AMB: To do everything like it's the last time. 
ND: Hanging w/HH, in Bost. w/CP, the Fork. 
>THER: God, what can I say? Christian, prize for you! 

Lorna Hatch 


LIKES: Jacob, family, friends, monkeys, summer, 
clouds, beach, sunset, music, milky way mid- 
nights, Puerto Rico, dolphins. DISLIKES: School, 
snobs, backstabbers, Britney Spears, 9/ 1 1/01, rac- 
ism, anything negative. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
•NSYNC w/ SB (5 times), going to Puerto Rico, 
meeting SB, *BFF*. FOUND: Driving, chillin with 
the crew- SB, KF, LT, SC, LB, JS, with Jacob. 
AMBITION: To live a long, happy, and healthy 
life :) OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad. I love 

David Higgins 


LIKES: KB, chillin, WOT, Tribe, living, thinking. 
DISLIKES: Arrogant girls, Mansfield Police De- 
partment, ignorance. FAVORITE MEMORY: All 
the good times I can't remember. ACTIVITIES: 
Hockey 2-4, lacrosse 3-4, and, of course, cross 
country. FOUND: Cruisin, chillin w/ Tese, TD, 
KM, anction, RT, RM, MS and all you other 
chumps. OTHER: Thanks, Dad, for sticking with 
me through all the good and bad times. 

Emily Jane Holt 

Em, Emits 

KES: Horses, friends, Brad Pitt, Dodge Rams, hunter 
burgundy, cowboys, PYF, Xmas, Red Sox, my cat, 

t heat thins, singing in the car, General Hospital, Town 

I a, country music, my homeroom family, Applebee's, 
ullets, my special girl. DISLIKES: Ft, hmwrk, being 
d, spiders, mud, Essex county, Mide, Worcester, 
itney Spears FAV. MEM: TM concert '01, *NSYNC 
ncert '00 w/BR, '01 w/ MF, Kentucky '98, NYC + 
\illy '99, Maine '01, Atlanta '00, LBF, Red Sox games, 
cks w/ LM. ACTTV: Horseback riding 4H, PYF, peer 
ediahon, NHS. FOUND: In the bam, Applebee's 
MB: To be happy and successful FAV. SAY: Some people 

I umble because roses luwe tliorns, I am tliankfid thorns 
ve roses. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for every- 
ing you've done for me. Knowing that you believe 
me means so much. I hope I will always make you 
oud. Pigger- 1 couldn't have asked for a better big 
i. I have always and will continue to look up to you. 

" ( ove you guys. AH, NH, and TG- thanks for 4 great 
ars of gossip at the lockers. Best of luck Class of 2002! 

Jennifer Horan 


LIKES: 80's movies, primarily horror, writing, 
Suncoast, video rental places, Twin Peaks, Due 
South, Tour of Duty, Three's Company, Deep 
Thoughts by Jack Handey, art class, The Doors, 
soundtracks, Mr. Coffee (the fish), Kelly's extra spe- 
cial Halloween, gummi cherries, Scooby Doo, The 
Daily Show. DISLIKES: Puppets, small children & 
circus folk (j/k), picking up other people's messes, 
measuring feet, customers w/ chemical imbalances, 
math, research papers on boring subjects. FAV 
MEM.: JT's birthday parties, watching B-movies w/ 
SM, hanging @ Applebee's. FND: Taping rv shows 
that no one besides me has heard of, horror section 
of video rental places, measuring feet at work,movie 
then at Applebee's. AMB: To be a successful writer 
so that I don't end up being a railroad hobo. FAV 
SAY: BAMMl Don't ever do that again SM. The mind 
is its own place; and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a 
hell of heaven. OTHER: Thanks to my Mom, John, 
Travis, Kelly, Gram, Grampa, Nana, Pa, and the rest. 
Good luck Class of 2002! 

Lauren Hovey 


LIKES: Friends, sleeping, winter, memories, road 
trips, coffee, competition, snow days, thrills and 
spills, parties. DISLIKES: Ignorance, failures, 
stress, clingy people, illness, big egos, guilt, back 
stabbers, cowards, arguments. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Morning walks w/ AK, looking for 
shortie, walking to Dunks, goodtimes w/ LT, JS, 
VT 2001 w/ BA, DP, MW, KN, VW and Holly- 
wood quarry jumping, history class w/ AK, BD, 
hanging w/ KW, RJ, JC, MR, road rage '01 to NY, 
falling off the 4-wheeler w/ DP, RS, paintballing 
w/ JF, DP, MW, 6 Flags '01, Spooky World '99, 
ski trip '00, chillin w/ JM and JN. FOUND: Driv- 
ing, chillin w/ friends, vacationing away from 
home, skiing, riding w/ the girls, working, out 
having fun. AMBITION: To make the most out of 
life and to be successful. OTHER: Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Mike and Chris for everything you 
have done for me. I could never have made it 
without you. Thanks to all my friends for always 
being there for me. 

Anna T. Hoagland 

Ania, Ans, Onion, FH 

LIKES: Yellow, ocean, lilacs, stars, traveling, mtg 
new people, theatre, happiness, eyes, Xmas, snow, 
laughter, angels, unicorns, rainbows, sunsets, rasps, 
rainstorms, Australia. DISLIKES: Fighting, snobs, 
math, hw, losing. FAV. MEM: Lond., Ireland, Scot- 
land & Wales summer of '99, puddles w/RM & HR, 
MW & BP nite w/MC, EH, NH, Puerto Rico Feb 
'01, VA w/NH, MC's Xmas party, MK party w/ 
BR.MC, VT, Applebees, Sat. morn. w/ AB & JR.ACT: 
Drama 1-2 & 4, p.ldrshp 2, 4. FND: Traveling, @ 
Nicky's, getting lost. AMB: To live life to the fullest 
& touch people's hearts. FAV. SAY: Dream what you 
want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you 
want to be, because, you only have one life and one chance 
to do all the things you want to do. OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, thanks for being my best friends. I love you. 
Dziedek-You'll always be my lucky star. Bele-thanks 
for being a great sister! Aga-I'm always here for u! I 
love you both. Nic, Em, Mags, Amanda-I love you! 

Annamaria Iannetti 

Anna Banana, Anna B, Carmella 

LIKES: BL, stayin @ beach till 7, God, A 2 P, C 2 J, VW 
Cabrios, Miami, CE, NY, LO, LL Cool J's after party, 
Ryan Toby, beadies, Quarries, dark men, 7 licks, 
dreams, skipping, Mom. DISLIKES: Spiders @ 2am, 
Quebec, flights, school, VC-July 19am + pm, getting 
up early, back brace, 9-11-01, sausage toes, Sonia went 
to Germy, 4-1-98. FAV MEM: Miami 01 S awards w/ 
LO, Scarboro Beach, Prom 01, childhood, Vinny's w/ 
LO + NY- Jason 33!, parties @ NY, cheering camp'99, 
LO + Al Kripple buddies, Expd runs w/NY', Mobile 
w/LO hiding from BL, rides to school w/NY', Blink 
182 concert, $1 tips, saucy LO. AMB: To be successful 
in life, To be with BL forever, move to Miami, open 
Lala's, keep our friendship (NY', CE, + LO), turn 21, get 
my license FAV. SAY: What would you do... beadies 
w/ LE, urn kay?, SEVEN, Biggie small, Lata!, Oh 
sorrrrv Nada!, Go go Tito, vea!. Holla! (2black), u re- 
mind me of a guy that 1 once knew peeena!, pm real. 
OTHER: RIP DM 7-11-00, Proud to be an Americj 
BL + AI- best buddies. 



Shane Jackson 

The Shane 

LIKES: #10, winning, football camp, camhog 
cruises, bumpin systems, chillin with the boys, 
lacrosse, DPW, intense scraps, ladies, OCB, the 
rock, handles, school vacations, summer. DIS- 
LIKES: Lack of parties, Wrentham 500, losing, C- 
Blocks, failing, Po-Pos, jelloboys, stuck-ups, 
wounded soldiers, injuries. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DMB '99-01, burman nights '01, 
Couzo's barn '01, Buffet '01, marks NHD '98-01, 
camp sessions '99-01. ACTIVITIES: Football 2-4, 
basketball 1-4, baseball 1-2, lacrosse 3-4. FOUND: 
Hangin with TD, MS, PK, EC, BC, MM, KF, SR, 
KM, DH, DA, AC, on the football/lax field, on 
the court, at Marks NHD. AMBITION: Graduate 
college and live a happy life. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Nadia, Kyle and friends who all 
helped get me this far. 

Matthew Jillson 


LIKES: Music, mints, swimming, marching band, 
football, being with friends, sleeping, ice cubes, 
drawing. DISLIKES: Mistakes, tomatoes, work, 
paying bills, phony people, redundance. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: All the competitions and bus rides 
for all band events, Prom night '01. ACTIVITIES: 
Marching band 1-4, jazz band 1-4, concert band 
1-4. FOUND: In bed sleeping, in the bandroom. 
AMBITION: To be successful in life. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Doubt thou tlw stars are far, Doubt the sun 
doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt 
thy love. OTHER: Konichiwah, baby blue, 35% 
Post Consumer Product, flashlight, coffee, go 
trumpets, Lucy or Lauren, Samantha, Happy 
Juice, Caecilius, postquam Clementi anulum 
suum tradidit, statim exspiravit, Dulce et deco- 
rum est pro patria mori. Thank you to Mr. 
Tileston, my parents, and my family. 

Bradley Goodwin Jurgens 


LIKES: Concerts, rock music- especially metal and 
classic, money, cars, driving around, playing gui- 
tar, climbing, playing video games like Bond and 
Perfect Dark, hanging with Mike, Pete, Keith, and 
others. DISLIKES: People who leave their turn sig- 
nals on, people who tailgate, pop music. FAVOR- 
KS, TOOL 9/01with PK, MS, KS, and SS, Eric 
Clapton 6/01 with MS and PK, MM run with MS. 
ACTIVITIES: Jazz band (guitar). FOUND: Guitar 
Center, PK's house, MS's house. AMBITION: Ei- 
ther to be a rock star, or not to be flipping burgers 
BEST BANDS: Metallica, Tool, Children of 
Bodom, Megadeth, Pantera, Ozzv, Rollins Band, 
Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Santana, Eagles, Led 

Chris Kade 


ivies, mu- ' 

LIKES: Parries, my friends, golfing, movies, i 
sic, concerts, the beach, the color blue, anatomy, 
Good Charolet. DISLIKES: Drugs, alcohol, people 
with attitudes, homework, work. FAVORITE 
MEMORIES: Mr. Schmidt's anatomy class with 
SH, RC, EH! The stupid things I did with Ross, 
and Mat! FOUND: Parties, golf course, movies, 
driving, school, American Outpost, Fast Break, 
pool hall, and at the beach. AMBITION: To go on 
and further my education at a nice college in Bos- 
ton! FAVORITE SAYING: Whats up tough Nut: 

Peter Katapodis 

Popacapindis, Pete 

LIKES: Jeni, the guys, Dirt, Guitars, campfires, 
money, food, cannons, Mike, Brad, Keith, Fuzz, 
Jim. DISLIKES: Sickness, loose wrists, burns, 
breaking strings, homework. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Six Flags last day, Reservoir, Rope 
swing. ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 1-4. FOUND: Jeni 's 
house, in the woods, anywhere really... AMBI- 
TION: Retire early, live life to the fullest. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: There's no point in living if you can't 
feel alive, TWINE. 


the ttoss et 2002 

Sean M. Kelley 


LIKES: Buffalo wings at the 99, BK, Pile Drivers, 
#7, Midgets, Snowboarding, The Wrap Center, 
GM, the lake, Daves Fave, D-Lo. DISLIKES: The 
pink cancer chunks in the chicken patties, 
chinstraps, loud breathing on the school intercom. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: When Poles jumped the 
curb in the school parking lot with the Green Ma- 
chine. FOUND: With Steve, Tom, Dominique, 
Greg, Landon, Tim and Mike. 

Amy Kenney 

Aim, Aimes 

LIKES: Mike, family, friends, punk, emo, ska, skt-brdrs, 
rain, roses, crushes, Julia Stiles, Blink 182, Saltines, 
hoodies, rd trips, the box, lip gloss, sleeping. DISLIKES: 
G-byes, death, tears, change, stress, math, 6 Hags, when 
he doesnt call, brkn hearts, wrestling. FAV MEM: Frosh 
year, 10-29-01, Creed '00, Warped Tour '00, '01, MXPX 
; 00, NFG '00, River Rave '01, Sum '01 w/ MP, Six Hags 
w/ CT, LB, LT.never again! Blink Concerts-6-9-01 w/ 
JM and JN. ACT: Bball 1, Soc 1-2, Deca. FND: W /Mike, 
workin w/Lee, Tylers, Wampum Comer, Polo driving 
w/ CT, LB, LT, JM, JN, concerts, DECA room. AMB: To 
travel and see the world before I die. To be happy and 
successful in everything I do and to marry the man of 
my dreams. FAV SAY: Looking back on all tliese i/ears. all 
tlte smiles all the tears, never leant those memories to fade. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Mark, Cait, Bri, Gram. 
Nana you'll always be my sunshine. Grandpa and Papa 
I love you more than anyone will ever know. Mike 
thanks for the best year of my life. I love you. Good 
luck Class of 2002! ' 

Marguerite E. Keyes 


LIKES: Green, interesting people, being wit! 
friends, being alone, my cardboard box (mv room 
old houses/old everything, art, mv camera, Bud 
(my fish), Max (a cat who is cooler than a chia pe 
full bloom), water, canoeing, DCT, music, pet 
with cars, my beach, taco day, parmesan cheese,| 
the wonderful smell of mod podge. DISLIKES:! 
tel art, wool, ignorance, annoving music from 
neighboring rooms, war, my dermatographBP 
ACT: Winter percussion, marching band, ph 
club, art club, Sachem, peeling ugly wallpaper, fi 
asleep in my cardboard box, creating paint 
Making stuff I saw and wish I had dish washin 
Daja Vu. AMB: To one day fill in all the holes 
gaps. the walls of my room, to grow up to li> 
something other than a box-well mavbe a refrigW 
tor box with a trash bag roof. OTHER: Thank* 
Lily and Tma for teaching me tolerance, Christ* 
for paving the way and making me laugh, » 
thanks Mom and Dad for being grrreat people. 

Andrea King 

Andy, A 

Megan Kirby 


Matthew Knell 

Matt, Knelly, Murchie 

Andrew Koziol 

Andy, Top Gun 

LIKES: CYC, YLC, red heads, the word poop, French 
:lass, PYF, mix CD's, dorks, open minds, driving, left- 
es, Bermuda, Trident, dancing, chocolate. DISLIKES: 
udgment. Fit night practices, getting up b4 11am, fake 
yelashes, dress rehearsals, dancing on pavement, 
imvvrk, regret. FAV MEM: Summer & CYC '00, sum- 
Tier '01, following Shorty, morning hall walks, Blinkl82 
v,/ Andy, falling up stairs, Milky Way Pie w/ JN, Prom 
01 w/ CL, KB, BD, BL, & CCGuemon history w/ LH 
t BD, French 3-4, walking to Dunks, turtle sign w/ 
N. ACTrV: CYC, Dance Co., YLC 1-3, PYF, NHS, mak- 
ng NO sense, being Tlie Master of Die Obvious, mum- 
iling. FND: w/ Bomba, dancing, in my car, driving 
X home, in the tree house. FAV SAY: Red in the head... 
au'n SUA a dork! DUDE! MINIMUM 6 abs! OTHER: 
"hanks Mom, Dad, Justine and Katie for being there 
nd loving me. I love vou! To everyone else- PARTY 

LIKES: Summer, friends, yellow, parties, laughing, 
cheerleading, vacas, beach, b-days, candy, roses, my 
kitty & CF's, sleeping, concerts, pretty eyes, shop- 
ping. DISLIKES: Rude people, being cold, rain, driv- 
ing, rumors, liars, working, feet, annoying people, 
being sick, red cars, boring nights, getting caught, 
crying, fights. FAV MEM: Summer '01, 7/4 w/KM, 
NM, KM, 2/24/00, DMB '99, '00/01, beach days, 
Prov. nights, Summer '99, Beach & Newport w/ JP, 
MS, NM, SS, DH, 80 pt. turns w/KR, talks w/Amy 
Jane, Jeep waves, Nant. w/CF, Superb. w/AC, EC, 
JP, MS, TD, Buffet '01, 12amProv trip w/ NM, JP, 
MS, JR's parties, powder puff, bad moods w/LC, 
club wrangler, good times w /CP. ACT: cheerleading 
1-4. FND: w/CF or NM, KM, JP, KM, MS, EC, KR, 
AC. AMB: To have fun and no regrets. To be suc- 
cessful. OTHER: Good luck Class of 2002. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Ed & Jim. Good luck Briana & Lexie. 

LIKES: Pay day, music, sessions, Fridays, sleep- 
ing in, tossin, ice coffee, weekends. DISLIKES: 
Waiting, oversleeping, getting lost, bad drivers, 
slow people, being late, 1st period, school food, 
4th, being on Mrs. Hanson's list, being broke, 
being late, people that lie, people that don't shut 
up, overcrowded hallwavs, Monday. 

LIKES: Pong, stickball at Sweat with JN and RS, 
Polish fireworks, Hooters (easy guys, I'm talking 
about the restaurant), Subarus, late night Wendy's 
with the Red Head, Pun Fun with Dugnuts, 
cruisin with JN, DA, MK, DL, and AM, among 
others, trips to 'cuse to see my girl Carol and when 
she comes to the cave. DISLIKES: Untouchable 
flags and guard dogs, perimeters, lipstick kisses, 
speeding tickets, cats. FAVORITE MEMORIES: 
Maine and the Cape with BD, JC, and DD, also 
History Day with those boys, FL with JN, Boys' 
State, Medford pong and the tournies. Premier 
Four: GS, SR, MK, the beach, the crater, Castle 
Island with my girl, DT with MP and LG. AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, tennis 1-4, NHS, golfin with 
a good stoge. 


[eidi-Marie Krajewski Corienne Lafond 

Heidi, heidiboo 

_., IKES: Presents, shoes, Thai food, Rex, Hong 
ong cinema, KS fadeout performances, raging 
uri, poetic gems from KF, hypochondria. DIS- 
IKES: Manual labor, droves of small children, 
atin grammar. FAVORITE MEMORY: AP hist, 
udy party, Hard Rock Cafe with LH, MT, NL, 

j ex's explanation of gender, ptown roadies T's 
ith Tiff, all those moments with KS, Latin 3. AC- 
IVITIES: Basketball 1-4 (capt), Sachem 1-4, NHS 
>res) 3,4. FOUND: with KS, being a misunder- 
ood artist with BR, getting theatrically slapped 
OOOOooooo, / Have a vision'. OTHER: Thanks 
i KF for taking care of me even when I was stub- 

J -irn and everyone who gave me genuine sup- 

1 3rt. To my #1 fan: iiiiii-eeee-iiiiiii will always 

-. ve uuuuuu! 

Corie. Corkskrezv, Cordog 

LIKES: BB, my ferret, stalking JP, hanging w/ SM, 
KW, JP, KM, KR, JJ, spending money, loud car ste- 
reos, road trips, Mr. Kramer's class, cell phones, 
DVD's, AOL, piercings, tattoos. DISLIKES: Fresh- 
men, fender benders, English class, work, rules, 
hypocrites, annoying people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: fighting with sprinklers, Ozzfest 99- 
00, Cumby's at 2 in the morning, walking through 
windows at Friendlv's with JJ, secret tunnels, tree 
forts. ACTIVITIES: Track. FOUND: with BB, JJ's 
house, KM's house, driving the T-Bird, playing 
with my ferret, NIKE, NH, going out to eat, ® 
Rutger's. AMBITION: Have fun with the rest of 
my life, get married to the love of my life and have 
a great job. FAVORITE SAYING: Ok, sure, what- 
ever. OTHER: Good luck to the upcoming stu- 
dents- Don't give up. Good luck on vour last year, 
Jill. Thank you to everyone that has helped me so 
far. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Kristy Lamothe 



LIKES: My family and friends, soccer, #15, pink, 
Mt. Dew, spring, laughs, weekends, the Taurus, 
honesty, swivelin'. DISLIKES: Spitting, burping, 
monsters, communities, hypocrites, fake people, 
and quitters. FAV. MEMORY: Moral support, BLT, 
cake fight '01, Jake's house, ski trip '99, TP ad- 
ventures, Spanish video. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1- 
4, basketball 1-4, Softball 1-4, National Honor So- 
ciety 3-4. FOUND: With RS, JC, and KB, hanging 
out at NM's house. AMBITION: To be happy and 
successful in whatever road of life I pursue. FAV. 
SAYING: Be who you are and say what you feel be- 
cause those who mind don't matter and those who 
matter mind! OTHER: Mom, Dad, Carolyn, 
Rebecca, and Kaitlin, I love you all so much and 
just know that everything I've done in my life has 
been because of you and your support. Thank 

Rebecca M. Larson 

Becky, Bekz 

LIKES: BANE, Diecast, Sick of it All, VOD, 
hardcore shows, Kri, The Rac, Neilio, Lola, par- 
ties, summer, vacations, Freddies, Mustangs, open 
minds and open hearts! DISLIKES: School, 
people, change and goodbyes. FAVORITE 
MEMORIES: Lebons Parties, 11-4-99, VOD and 
Hatebreed at Framingham, The Festival 2001, NH 
with Neil, Rachel, and Justin, everv moment spent 
with mv family and friends. ACTIVITIES: Being 
an unathletic piece of trash, playing TETRIS in 
Brockton, professional rummv plaver. FOUND: 
shows, cleaners, hangin with the whole family! 
AMBITION: To be happv in whatever I do in life, 
mavbe not successful, but happv. FAV SAYING: 5 
4 YA!, KING of KINGS, white collared people always 
seem to decide! OTHER: Thank vou Mom and Dad 
for everything you've done and for being so pa- 
tient with me. Thanx Neil for sticking by me. I'll 

always love you for it. GOODBYE KING PH 



Derek Leavitt 

Salamander, Powder, DMoney, Dtrain 

LIKES: Soccer, basketball, parties, food, animals, 
friends. Rooster, Kelsey, chillin with the boys, 
lunch, gvm, mv friend KB, good times, winning, 
music, stickbail, glass. DISLIKES: School, mean 
people, potholes, Nate's Civic, losing two hub- 
caps at once, losing, Franklin, nothing to do, slow 
drivers, tests, metal. FAVORITE MEMORY: run- 
way with KM, HM, BB; Davis puking, prom night, 
summer 2001, little parties at Lown's, all night 
party with BL, AL, NC, MB, KT, LR, EH. ACTIVI- 
TIES: 1-4 soccer, 1-4 basketball, 1-2,4 track, moun- 
tain biking, rafting. FOUND: River with AL, BL; 
Lown's house, Lovely's house, Kingsbury party, 
packin buddies, Norfolk Airport, chillin with the 
boys in the hill. AMBITION: To have fun. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: It is -what it is. Nice. Age doesn't 

Jeffery Adam Litvin 


LIKES: Tennis, snowboard ing, music, cars, com- 
puters, movies, sports. DISLIKES: Homework, 
English classes, wasting time. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summer '01 at PSU. ACTIVITIES: Peer 
leadership, Leo Club, tennis, snowboarding. 
FOUND: Loon Mtn, NH, tennis courts, online. 
AMBITION: Get a well paying job and start a fam- 
ily. FAVORITE SAYING: You think you know, but 
you have no idea. 

Jonathan Lodge 

Pee Wee, J-dogg, j-Lo 

LIKES: MUSIC!, classic rock, Tom Petty & the 
Heartbreakers, VH1, donuts, riding my bike, po- 
etrv, staying up into the wee hours of the night, 
driving, loud music, ceramics. DISLIKES: Mean 
people, Massachusetts, homework, mornings, 
people telling me I can't do something, the name 
Jon. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer concerts @ 
Tweeter Center aka Greatwoods, Tom Petty, Jack- 
son Browne, Santana, John Melloncamp, etc., 
Freshman semi-formal with AMP ACTIVITIES: 
Listening to music!, writing poems, being online, 
talking on the phone. FOUND: In my room, with 
mv music on, watching Behind the Music on VH1. 
AMBITION: Rock star, DJ, to enjoy every minute 
of my job and mv journev through this thing 
called life. FAVORITE SAYING: What can ya do?! 
To each his own! 

Mary Lodge 


LIKES: Music, reading, art, shoe shopping, rainy 
days, movies. DISLIKES: Rude people, country 
music, golf, mayo. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Mackinac. ACTIVITIES: Sailing, skiing, swim- 
ming. FOUND: Sailing in the bay, at the movies. 
AMBITION: Marine engineer. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: In the wild blue we go; into the wild blue ux 

Andrew Lovley 

Andy, Andeee, Torgan 

LIKES: Sweat pants, techno, sports, mad chillin, 
Duncan, Kelsev, mariokart, females, freestyling, 
long walks on the beach, #24, scooby snacks, the 
Cape, mullets, bebidas, the wrap station, The 
Shane calls. DISLIKES: Bugle Boy, white Civics, 
vomiting, school system, mata su mismo, canoes, 
the BMW, hippies in the trees. Tammy, Franklin. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Falling out of a canoe and 
swimming upstream, prom night '01, semi night 
'00, visiting Jacques and Mitchell. ACTIVITIES: 
Basketball, golf, baseball, wiffleball, eating, cruis- 
ing the scene, Leo Club, peer leadership, gold 
bandit captain. FOUND: Lown's basement, Cole's 
Yard, Wrentham Village, the hut at the outlets, 
making pizza at The Brook, McDonald's, my 
house. AMBITION: To have a happv family and 
live a successful life. FAVORITE SAYING: I'll 
drink to that. 

tbe c\m* et :w: 

Benjamin A. Lown 

Ben. Benny, Allstar 

LIKES: #13, football, Coach Finase, OCB, chillin 
at my house with AL, DL, KT, RS, LR, NC, Florida, 
tournaments, falling into rivers, KT, backroads, 
Friday night games. DISLIKES: The whole school 
system, Franklin, North, sophomore year, after 
school football practices, growing up, work, 
freakshows, Feehan. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
small parties at my house with friends, falling into 
the river and swimming against the current to an 
island, Prom night in mv basement, Semi night 
at Arvidson's. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4, football 
1-4. FOUND: At my house with friends, around 
Franklin with DL, AH, NC, on the fields, in fields, 
in the river. AMBITION: Just to do something 
positive with my life. FAVORITE SAYING: Don't 
knock it, til you try it. I'll drink to that! OTHER: To 
the Class of 2002: Do something positive with 
your lives too. 

Julie Lyon 

BBl, Jubee, Jules, Psycho-crab 

LIKES: Chocolate, ice cream, grilled cheese, danc- 
ing, singing, running, rollerblading, snow days, 
football games, Oki's Steakhouse, Chinese rap, 
Bennie and Sueeee! DISLIKES: Olives, eggs, traf- 
fic, long lines, hate, saying goodbye. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: B-day 2000 with Dom, Semi '99, Oct. 
31, '98, New Year's 2000 with cooking utensils, 
Softball '99, Dom's B-day at Ben's 2000, All Fri- 
day the 13th's, Billy's July 4, Minnesota '99, Prom 
'01, July 26 '01. ACTIVITIES: Dance, Voice, Soft- 
ball, track, German choir, Arthritis Foundation, 
Make a Wish. FOUND: Singing a song, not really 
listening, eating, at the mall, laughing, at 
Dominique's. AMBITION: To love what I do, al- 
ways sing and dance, to always have faith in 
myself as well as others, in some small way make 
a difference. FAVORITE SAYING: No man is an is- 
land, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the conti- 
nent, a part of the main.- Hemmingway. OTHER: 
Thank you, Dominique, for being the best friend 
I ever had. I love you always. 

Katelyn Perry Mackenzi 

Kate, Mack 

LIKES: Running, roses, best friends, football games, 
ice cream, cuddling, memories, sun, vacations, gold 
dancing, movies, talking, helping, winning, dettf- 
mination. DISLIKES: Stress, humidity, death, drug* 
alcohol, stupid mistakes, losing, sickness. FAV. 
MEM: Movie night '01, MASC, NYC with JM, res- 
ervoir with BC + JR, bootlegger '99, beach day 2000 
UMASS trip with BC & JR, 5/11/00, semi 1ft 
ACTFV: Indoor/outdoor track 1-4, soccer l-« 
country 4, student council 1-4. FOUND: Runninj 
at Nicky's with BC & JR, school mtgs. AMB: Toli" 
life to the fullest, and to touch the hearts of evaj- 
one I meet! FAV. SAY: Live each day like it's yourM 
Tliat's a sign! Everything liappensfor a reason. CITHER 
Thank you Mom and Dad. Mom, you've taught* 
so much about life. Dad, you are the wind benm 
my wings. Thanks for always being there uhotl 
need you. Rache and Mandy, keep making «■ 
proud! Becky and Jess...bff ! Thanks for all the memo- 
ries. Good Luck Class of 02. I'll miss you ! 

Jennifer Lee Mackun 

Jen, MacAttack 

Nicole Magnuson 


Adam Mahoney 

Big Pappa 

Daniel Martin 


LIKES: Ben, gymns, cheering, hanging w / friends, sun- 
sets, beaches, surprises, movies, shopping, being w/ 
Sam. DISLIKES: Work, lies, phony people, bees, drunk 
drivers, curfews, brkn hearts. FAV. MEM: Jet skiing w / 
Krishna, trips to Dean vv / Krishna, Old Orchard Beach 
w/KP,Horseneck Beach w/AW,MD,CS,SM,JN,KC, 
KP, Hampton Beach w/TN, AM, PC, LC, BD, AG, LH, 
parties at PC's house, CC's house '01, prom '00-'01, 
semi '99-'00-'01, Scarboro '99 w/BD, SF, SD, PC's pool. 
New Yr 's '01 a t TN /JN house, gymnst. sleepovers, yel- 
low ribbons. ACT: Gymnastics 1-4, cheerleading 1-4. 
FNDW/Ben, work, mall, movies, beach, hangin w / 
KH, KS, NP, PC, KP, KM, SM, JN. AMB: Graduate from 
hs, go to college, live happil v ever after. OTHER: 1 want 
to thank my Mom and Dad for everything they have 
done for me. Steph and Dave, thanks for putting up 
with me. You two are the greatest. To my family, friends 
and to Ben...I love you guys!!! 

UKES: Bright colors, hangin' w/ friends, shopping, 
#11, clothes, cars, movies, FH, beaches, summers, talk- 
ing, sports, trust, having fun. DISLIKES: Mean people, 
school work, rumors, disagreements, slow drivers, 
rudeness, and fighting. FAV MEM: Summer 99-01; 
Cabana boys w/ BM, N'SYNC '01, winter track '01 
w/ MC, MS & BR, summer 2001 , Lake George, cruisin' 
vi / CM, Sp. video, rd trips w/ CM, rndm nights w/ 
KB, RS & MM, FH camp, chillin' at the Rieger's, 
Scarboro w/ CM & CL, parties, drivin' the Mustang. 
ACllV: F hockey 1-4, wint track 1-4, spring track 1-4, 
and NHS 3-4. FOUND: School, playing fh, track prac- 
tice, chillin' w/ friends, driving fast, having long talks 
with JN & CM. FAV SAY: Diesel- CM, Sorry and That's 
tasty- PM. OTHER Mom and Dad, thanks for all of 
your encouragement and support. Pete and Beth, thank 
you for always watching out for me. I don't know what 
I would do without vou. 1 love vou all!!! 

LIKES: Old cars, bumpin systems, money, girls, 
stuff for mv truck, diversity, nice clothes, Fruit20, 
Mountain Dew, hacky sak. DISLIKES: People who 
think they're all super great and are really not, 
people who don't like change, change in mv pock- 
ets, snobs, math. FAVORITE MEMORY:' Prom. 
ACTIVITIES: Playing neighborhood basketball, 
chillin', hacky sack. FOUND: At the spot, my 
house, sleeping, outside, by Mrs. Southworth's 
room. AMBITION: To get out of school. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: PuHa-Carpe Diam-You can do it 
OTHER: S.T.P. shave the possum. 

LIKES: Big burgers, computers, cars, SHO, A/C, 
winter, bass, AOK, AOE, Sc3K, big malls, flving 
kites, Directv, movies, family, friends, tropical fish, 
smart dogs, solving problems, fixing stuff, build- 
ing stuff, the future, caring people, infomercials. 
DISLIKES: Speed limits, hot weather, muggy 
weather, Hornets, BK, blown speakers, having no 
control, spiders, pens, jerks, the power of money, 
commercials, dead batteries. FAV. MEM: Waking up 
for school, turning on the tv and seeing it's a snow 
day. Then driving in the snow and getting stuck over 
and over again. ACTIVITIES: Fishing, working, 
hanging out with friends, eating out, going to 
school, shopping, playing comp games, hiking, 
swimming, thinking, driving. FND: Providence 
Place Mall, Gold Fork, Szechuan Garden, Emerald 
Sq Mall, Ruby Tuesday, Cheese Cake Factory, Olive 
Garden, KP, Norfolk, Wrentham, Medfield. 

Shaunelle Janine Matte Jenna Lynn Mattson 


LIKES: Puppies, Boston trips, my Honda, 
snowdays, playing in the rain, listening to mu- 
sic, warm weather. DISLIKES: Spiders, the dark, 
waking up early, not getting what I want, getting 
stuck in a graveyard with Muse, car crashes, cold 
weather. FAVORITE MEMORY: The night in the 
woods behind toilet street. ..I see headlights, it's 
raining, movie nights at my house, Arbor Inn, 
fighting sprinklers. ACTIVITIES: I'm slackin in 
this category. FOUND: Down at the lake, Dunkies. 
the beach, Chad's, Sunoco, Boyce's house and 
Andy's and Sean's. AMBITION: To succeed in life, 
make my dreams come true, get lots of S and to 
be little forever. FAVORITE SAYING: That's cuz 1 
always get what I want, just say you promise, why? 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, just because I'm big 
doesn't mean I can't still be your little girl. Chris, 
you owe me for breaking them in for you! And 
Class of 2002, 1 will always remember vou! 

I 'eeae 

LIKES: Partying, friends, silver, having fun, holi- 
days, the beach, the sky, rollerblading, stars, 
snowflakes, Molly, cockatoo, hanging w/ the 
girls, cruises w/Jacki, cruises w/BT, chillin w/ 
CB, DM, times w/ MB, the guys, times w/BT, the 
beast. DISLIKES: Bad people, problems, saying 
goodbve, never knowing what is gonna happen, 
getting caught, snobs, working, getting lost, driv- 
ing, nightmares, the phone. FAV MEM: Chad's w/ 
JR, DB, AL, beach w/LR, CB, Mardi Gras w/JR, 
Boston w/ Pat, summer days '01w/LM, RM,CB, 
KM party w/BT, Halloween '00, Maine w/ LO, 
DM, SO.Cape w/ CB, JA, KB, fireworks w/ LR, 
skiing w/ JR, ER, chillin w/ BT. ACTIVITIES: 
Rollerblading w/ CB, Leo Club. FND: W/ friends, 
partying, w/ Jacki. AMB: To succeed in life and 
live life to the fullest. FAV SAY: Reach for the stars! 
OTHER: To: Mom, Dad, Pat & Rich I love you all! 
Thanks for always being there. Patrick and Rich- 
ard, good luck in life. I know you'll both succeed! 
Good Luck Class of 2002! 

Michelle Lee Matz 


LIKES: Flowers, sunsets, the beach, shopping, 
Christmas, friends, ice cream, kittens, movies, 
snowdavs. DISLIKES: Mean people, rude people, 
thunderstorms, spiders, bugs, snakes. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Student council elections, prom 2001, 
N'SYNC concert 2000 and 2001, summer 2001. 
ACTIVITIES: Metacomet '99-'00, Metacomet 01-02, 
Student Council. FOUND: Home, shopping, the 
movies, Applebee's, Christine's house, with my 
family. AMBITION: To become a news anchor, or 
start my own business, be successful! OTHER: 
Thank you to my whole family- 1 love you! Good 
luck at KP to PJ and Kevin. 

Kristin Michele McCann 

Kris, Knsti 

UKES: KPHS, Gm & Gld. #52, #13, circuit wkouts, X- 
C, Accords, ftb games, w rrk , skiing open mindedness, 
sunsets, DMB, winning, hoodies. DISLIKES: Hills, 
Foxboro, Span 3, gdbyes, cold, stress, brkn promises, 
early mom, losing. FAV MEM: Fiesta '00 w/ SS, KB, 
KL, Dean w/JM, 6 Flags/SpfldCol w/EW, Rd trips 
w/DM, KMJCM, NM, CM, CC, scary places M IP 
SU, DM, & CC, 4 yr. Bet w / BB, Walpole kids w/CH, 
SA, Bio, Anat.DMB '00-'01, iormak "99-TO, smmr schl 
w/JD. ACT: Vp 1-4, cheer 1, X-C 2-4 , p mod. 2-! cap) 
XC + indr. track 4. AMB: To live a long, happy, life. 
\ larrv. have kids, become a profiler for FBI. Live in tri- 
town area. OTHER Mom, thanks for everything, 1 love 
you and would never have made it this far without 
vou. Dad, 1 love you. DM, SM, MM- good luck « ith 
hs Sta) out of trouble. I'm ahvaj S here lor you ID 
thanks for being then? for me through the hard times. 
EW, I love vou. Special thank- to SI . I T Thanks to mv 
X-C M-ters I love vou. Ci.i" ot 02- 1 love vou. Go 
luck in the v ears ahead. St.n in touch See \ ou in 



Andrew McCoy 


Katherine McDonald Kristopher L. McDonald Nichole McElroy 



UKES: woods, tires, B&C, Cape, my car, running, guys, 
movies, cold days, parties, beach, late 60's, early 70's, 
the 80"s, Bret Michales, OAR, hot sand. DISLIKES: 
mean & grumpy people, time, being bored. FAV MEM: 
KR house- frosh yr, times spent w / KF, ftbl games, sleep- 
ing in car w/HM, runway w/HM, BB, DL, T-P style 
w/KS, PQ, 6 flags w/HM, PQ, & KS, all the times at 
my house, '99, '00, '01, John Mell. w/KS, Steve Miller 
'00/01. ACT: FH 2-3, Class Secretary 1-3. FNL> at B&C, 
at home, driving around w / hair band groups w / HM, 
running. AMB: own lot's of dogs, follow Poison, date 
a motercyclist. FAV SAY: Look out Rockm Rollers. 
OTHER: Mom, Dad, I wouldn't have made it through 
w/o you. Mrs. Heagney, you are an inspiration and a 
good friend, thank you. Alex, good luck, Shane, your 
always the # one guy in my life. Kristen thanks for all 
the good times, I love you. Heidi, you're my best friend, 
love you! BB & DL, love you guys, too! 

Phlint, little Crack 

LIKES: MOE, snowboarding, fresh tubes, nice glass, 
Phish, cruises, good grades, Patty, Animal House, 
seeing Rob sleep on toilets. DISLIKES: obnoxious 
people, bad teachers, brown frown, bad attitudes, 
failing, fighting, crashing, geting crashed, Police fir- 
ing the clamp down. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ani- 
mal House, Stodard's ripas, Ber K Fest, Moe Down, 
wowowo, falling over, Saint Party's Day '99, Hart- 
ford 6/29/99, 17/01/99. FOUND: On the cruise, at 
the party. AMBITION: to travel, have fun, and make 
the most of life. FAVORITE SAYING: What hap- 
pened?, Nah Dude.Sweet Mom, Milk It . OTHER: 
Thanks to all the people who have helped me along 
the way. 

not got 


Evan A. McGill 

McCill, McGillacutty, McGillagorilla, Woody 

LIKES: Ftball, #57, OCB, Nordberg's screaming, 
laughing, $, Plymouth Prowlers, The Simpsons, 
Fruit20. DISLIKES: practice, NA, FHS, hw, mid- 
night running, sprinting, 9/11/01, the sled. FAV 
MEM: Prom Night '01, Ftball Camp '01, beating NA 
20-18, DEC A Nationals Cali, Cameron's Finase imi- 
tation, Moses's Nordberg imitation, Span. Ill w/ 
MM, NM, PG, BL, JC, RT, JR, & CM. ACT: Ftball 2- 
4, Wlftng 1-4, DECA 3-4. FND: on the field, OCB, 
WALE, Tweeter Center, the gym, Dream Machine. 
AMB: To go to a good college and have a successful 
life in whatever I do. FAV SAY: Come on you guys, 
these are the greatest years of your life. This is the only 
time in your life when you can kill someone and not get 
the cops at your door. -Coach Nordberg '01. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom & Dad for all your support in the last 
four years. Trevor, good luck. It flies by real fast. It's 
not going to be easy, but you can do it. Good luck 
w / fthall. Good luck Class of 2002. These have been 
four great yrs in high school. 

the Ctess •* 200? 

Colleen McGuire 

Co//s, Maqweek 
UKES: true friends, laughing, fall, beach, wkds, ski- 
ing, sunshine, competition, snow, fresh air, caramel 
apples, pics, fireworks, parties, hangin w/ friends, rd 
trips. DISLIKES: liars, cheaters, drunk driving, pinnies, 
losing, crying, fighting, headaches, rain, mean people, 
g- byes, sneezing, FAV MEM: ski trips, 99 - 01, New- 
port w / KR, AC, JC & the boyz 00, KR's basement, the 
Rock, fire parties w/KR, MK, CP, FCC parties w/KR, 
CD, AC, Rieg's 01, Brown visits w/KM, KM, KM, 
NSYNC 00,01, TRL 01,TO's house w/KR, AC, New 
Years 00,01, NM boat w/the boyz, golfing w/KR, CD, 
Lake George, cruisin w/NM, Buffet night, FD Dances, 
Prom 01, long talks w/NM, JN, Kenney's NM & the 
boyz, Scarboro w/ NM, CL, Rdtrips NM, girls nights 
w/BM, NM, JS, AS, art w/DM. ACT: FH 1-4, bball 1, 
sftball 1-4, P. ldshp 2^4, Leo Club 3A. AMB: To live life 
to if s fullest having no regrets. OTHER: Thanks Mom 
and Dad for making me believe in who I am. Mom 
thanks for always being there & always listening. Dad, 
thanks for always being so positive with me and giv- 
ing strength. Dave, good luck & have fun. To all my 
friends and Class of 02. good luck and have fun! 

Matt McHugh 

LIKES: Mountains, MTB rides, US, roadtrips, ski- 
ing, shows, lacrosse, exploring, cars, food, fires, 
snow, relaxin', music, intenseness, hens, 
kayaking, terrain, laughin, THC, friend and the 
fam. DISLIKES: People who think they have au- 
thority. FAVORITE MEMORY: Good Times. AM- 
BITION: Keep smiling. OTHER: Thanks for the 
memories DM. 


UKES: smiles, blue, fresh yr., the rock, brown swtsuits, 
friends, beach, provid. ngts, love, dance, Skenyon's 
class, summer, thunder & lightning, laughing parties, 
concerts, sunflowers.techno, club wrangler. DISLIKES: 
ignorance, liars, crying, breakups, work, getting lost 
winter, alarm clocks, bees, g-byes. FAV MEM.: DMB 
'99/'01, FL w/ KM's, CA w/DECA '01, parasailing, 
3/19/99, Sum '01, July 4th w/MK KM's, KR's par- 
ties, beach days, J. Buffet w/MK AC, KR, KM's, TR 
TO, DP, New Year's '99 & '01, rd trips w/KM, Bryant 
trips w/AI, stretches w/AI, Cape "Mill Hill" vs/BC, 
CT w / BC, 5 /29 /99, powderpuff, fresh semi, stand w/ 
TH, TO, DP, RC, KM, Newport'01 w/JP, MK, MS, SS, 
DH, 3/25/01 w/EC, night before Thanksgiving. ACT: 
Cheering 1-4, P leadership 2 & 4, DECA 3-4. FNL> w/ 
MK, KM, JP, MS, EC, KM, AC, KR, sleeping pract, 
laughing, happy. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad & SI 
for everything. I love you! Good luck Class of 2001 

Kerry McKinney 

McKinney Twin 

LIKES: summer, beach, blue eyes, DMB, week- 
ends, shopping, rollerblading, Providence, blue, 
movies, roses, my friends, sleep. DISLIKES: streR 
all-nighters, mean people, homework, losing, 
goodbyes, unhappiness. FAV MEM: DMB '98-111 
Providence nights, summer '01, Brown U nighR 
hanging w/ MK, NM, KM, Smokin Grooves '99, 
ski trip '00, Deca trips. ACTIVITIES: cheerleading 
1-4 Ftbl, Cheerleading 1-3 bball; Jr. Capt- Gr. 11, 
Softball 1-2, spring track 3-4, Stud. Coun. t 
FNHS 3-4, Deca 3-4, Deca State President 34 
FOUND: Everywhere but home! w/ KM MM 
AC, KR, and the gang. AMBITION: To live life* 
the fullest, be happy in what I do, and have* 
regrets. FAV SAYING: Live life to the fullest caus 
you only have one life to live. OTHER: Thanks Mon 
+ Dad for always being there, you're the be* 
Kristy, my sis, best friend 4-eva, thanks tor )u<: 
being you. Steve and Dan, thanks for keeping 
things interesting. I love you all. 

Kristy L. McKinney 

Twin, McKinney 

LIKES: beach, summer, fall, clubs, partying, $, clothes, 
shopping, ftbl & baseball games, techno, #3, sleeping, 
wkds, lilacs, mashed potatoes, to talk. DISLIKES: mean 
people, the cold, mosquitoes, waking up for school, 
stress. FAV MEM.: Summer '98/'99, the Strand w/NM, 
DP, KM, MK, TO, & the gang, Sat.'s and Sun.'s @ 
Narraganset, Club Wrangler w/NM, DP, TH, RC, & 
TO, nights in Prov., summer '00/ '01 , DECA trip to Cali 
& DC, DMB '98-'01, J. Buffet '01, Smokin Grooves '98. 
ACT: F. cheerleading 1-4, w. cheerleading 1-3, Jr. Capt. 
2, Sftball 1-2, s. track 3-4, FNHS, NHS, DECA 34, DECA 
State Officer 3-4, Treasurer 1-2. FND: Everywhere and 
anywhere but never at home. AMB: To live a long, 
healthy life filled w/love, family, fun, and success. 
OTHER: To my family & friends, thanks for everything. 
I couldn't have done it w/o you. To my best friend & 
sister, Kerry: thanks for just being you and may we 
never part! 

Emma Marie Moloney 

M, Emmy, Mo 

r, JKES: Mustangs, yeah Kelly you know why!, 
, emon poppyseed muffins, UMASS Lowell boys, 
glVendy's, endless trips just about everywhere 
I vith Kelly, MC. DISLIKES: goodbyes, the boot, 
(f 'xcuses, liars, some natick boys, mornings, rain. 
] AVORITE MEMORY: Florida, 2001, Prom 2001, 
„ oadtrips, fish shopping thats where it's at, 
€ JMASS Lowell, Ha waiin party, Sleepovers w / the 
>oys, Cape 01. FOUND: w /Kelly at the mall, in 
-j <Jatick, at Dunkin Donuts, and just about every- 

5 vhere else. AMBITION: to graduate from college, 
U lecome a nurse, get married and have kids. To 

. ust be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Squid, yeah 
j| '"iybe, Jsit, right Kelly, It is better to have loved and 
^ ost than to never have loved at all. OTHER: Thank 

„ ou so much Mom, John, Dad, and Sandy for al- 

, vays being there. To Rachel, Ashley, and Maddie 

u jood Luck in the Future. I love you guys. Kelly, 

hank you so much for always being there, you 

eally are my other half! Good Luck Class of 2002! 

Gregory McMorrow 

The Hooded Warrior 


LIKES: Dashboard, ANB, Fake ID, skippin, KC, 
BDLT, Beav, Saves the Day. DISLIKES: long walks 
on the beach w/Beav, talking to Beav, being 
around Beav, looking at Beav. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: NH Trip w/CC, JR, TR, BD, 345, EB, 
LH, Summer '01, Eve 6, Saves the Day, Tweet, PZ 
Party, rock star, ANB/Fake ID shows, Beav. AC- 
TIVITIES: Indoor Track (3,4) Driving w/Beav. 
FOUND: w/CC, JR, TR, ANB, John, Brent(Fake 
ID), Tweet, KC, SU, SS, JT, TD, BN, MB, MP, TC, 
SAYING: "And you make me feel so tall- 1 always 
want to be this tall cause maybe I will be original 
and sometimes things you say just make me think 
in different ways"-Saves the Day. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Dad, family and friends also Beav. 

Chris McNamara 


LIKES: Monty Python, tipping rubes, friends, The 
outdoors, partying, Mrs. Sullivan's office, 2:25. 
DISLIKES: Racism, winter, rainy days, 
intolerence, homework, ignorance. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: partying at Brian's house with PS, PS, 
KS. ACTIVITIES: Mountain Bike Riding, Party- 
ing with friends, working. AMBITION: To go to 
college and to get a good job. 

Christopher Minks 



LIKES: friends, music, DK runs, cruisin with 
friends, beach, ski trip, concerts, summer, vaca- 
tions. DISLIKES: school, homework, work, morn- 
ings. FAVORITE MEMORY: Going to BF during 
MCAS week. 

Eric Monty 

Michael Patrick Moore, Jr. Shannon M. Moore 


LIKES: winning, running, hanging out with 
friends, cruising, my Sunfire, pool, WWII 
reinactments, Spaceballs, Boucher speeches. DIS- 
LIKES: Acedog, North Attleboro, Foxboro, table 
tennis, mean people, losing, people who think 
running isn't a sport, terrorists. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: XC. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, In- 
door Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer, National 
Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Leo Club. 
FOUND: Running through Wrentham and Nor- 
folk, school, the track, out with friends, or doing 
something with the XC team. AMBITION: To 
have a commercial during the Superbowl, and 
having my kids grow up wearing green and gold. 
FAVORITE SAYING: To give anything less than your 
best is to sacrifice the gift. -Steve Prefontaine 


LIKES: music, SNL, Mr. Lazzara's Llama Magazine, 
nature, Funk, The Police, drumming, hurters, sick, 
warm ups, full moons, her, good times, clouds, life, 
times with JK and KF, my family and friends, laughter. 
DISLIKES: War, ignorance, useless authority, violence, 
lack of sleep, theory, lost opportunity, politics, that one 
time when that dude did that thing. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: memories with KF, Dayton 2000, Mil wakee 
2001, The big hill outside WW in Vermont, Steely Dan 
00, Doobie Bros 01, 3-11-00, paul Simon 01, massive 
crowds drooling at the cleanliness in Milwakee 2001, 
weekends. ACTrVTiTES: Drumline, MB 1-4, Perc. En- 
semble 1-4, Jazz 1-4, Basketweaving 1 and 3, Midgit 
Wrestling 1-4. FOUND: around, volunteering at a 
nearby clinic for underproviledged donkeys and lla- 
mas, laughing, cruising you know. AMBITION: to live 
life to its fullest, try shrimp, never lose my childhood 
heart, Cadets quadline. FAVORITE SAYTNG: "Don- 
key" OTHER: Thanks to everyone who has helped me 
along the way. I love you mom, Keith, Davey, and Kim, 
have some new adventures coming. 


LIKES: gymnastics, snow, winter, snowboarding, 
cold weather, skaters, applesauce, jawbreakers, 
Brian Deegan, watching baseball. DISLIKES: chil- 
dren, animals, the beach, the Woodward golf cart 
Plauge Day, Hand Sanitizer Day, K.M. 
snowboarding at KP (not that one), leaving mv 
shorts on the Foxboro meet. ACTIVITIES: gym- 
nastics. FOUND: at the Y, In the dungeon, eating, 
getting lost, on the corner at the shack. AMBI- 
TION: sportscasting, be on ESPN. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Yes'm. Mch. Way to be. Narly. Let's run it. 
OTHER: J. H. I'm getting my groove on... 1 see you 
baby! MB. you know who I'm gonna marry. K.M. 
GO APL!! 1..2..3..ahahah. Mad props for getting 
the biggest air off the phattest run on the hill. KM 
& JK - I am blown away by your ability to show 



Michael Moses 


LIKES: Football, #77, Amanda, hanging with SK, 
OA, LL, driving, the Pumpkins, Tribe, Mosi T, the 
O.C. Bee, music, the eclipse, Webbdog, eating. 
Beating North '00, Franklin hockey games, run- 
ning from Berman w/SJ, MS, MM, EC. NC '01 
w/Amanda, New Year's '00 KM's, 3-gallon 
bottles of apple juice w/ SJ, MS, TD, in Shane's 
minivan, Dojo parties '99. ACTIVITIES: Golf 1, 
football 2-4, Peer Leadership 1-4, SADD 2-3. 
FOUND: In the eclipse, in the weight room, 147 
Williams Street. AMBITION: Make enormous 
amounts of money. FAVORITE SAYING: If at first 
you don't succeed, you are running about average. 
OTHER: R.I.P. DWM 7-11-00 

Lauren Mulcahy 

Lucy, Lome, Lucilia, BLecca, Preak of Nature 

LIKES: Movies, music, Mr. Pultz, Latin class, lax, 
soccer, scrub day, disaster of the day, IHS, HK 
Theorems. DISLIKES: Pink lemonade, JO's M., 
essays, being yelled at, the Leech, J Wo. Betty. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Beware of the great white 
monster EC, Oh it burns EC, JO, Toy Story 2 Ngt, 
I love Roslind-ale EC, JO, Lax w/ EC, SH, MC, 
KC. No GP! Drum Major Sarah, the Tobin Bridge, 
JN, HBE/ A Plague Day, Hand Sanitizer DAY SM, 
Chem Lab Group, KF, JO, MS. Latin, JB, JO, MJ, 
x-axis and bear, SC, AP Hist Motto and parties, 
RR w/ MH, my signature, Jason's Matrix moves, 
Prom 01, Brouhaha, Jen's paper doll, I don't do 
triangles, SC, Senior Night '01, Batterie skit '01. 
ACTIVITIES: MB '97-'01, WG '97-'02, FNHS 2-4, 
Lax 3-4. FOUND: At rehearsal, listening to mu- 
sic, with friends, on the computer. OTHER: Keep 
in touch, evervone. 

Jacqueline N. Murawski 

Jackie, Jacks, Crackers 

LIKES: Roses, guys, watching movies on rainy 
days, teddy bears, purple, summer, spending time 
w/friends: JN, LK, AK, LB, KF, LH, laughing, 
smiling, having a good time, the beach, hugs, 
sunsets, coffee. DISLIKES: Rude people, driving 
in the snow, getting stressed out, broken hearts, 
crying. FAVORITE MEMORY: The beach w/JN 
& LK, trips to Newport. FOUND: W /Jamie, hang- 
ing w/ friends, working. AMBITION: To be suc- 
cessful, happy, and healthy. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Whoa Whoa Whoa! OTHER:Thanks Mom, Dad and 
Rob for always being there for me. I love you 
guys. Jamie- 1 couldn't have asked for a better best 
friend. You've been there for me no matter what. 
Thanks for everything. Amy-Thanks for all that 
you have done for me. You've been a great best 
friend. Thanks to all my friends. You guys are the 
greatest. Good Luck, Class of 2002! 

Robert Murawski 

Black Rob 

LIKES: Cars, stereo systems, sleeping, chillin wit) 
my friends, 2:25, weekends, vacation. DISLIKES: 
People that think thev know what thev are talk- 
ing about, but really don't. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Hanging with Kevbo doing stupid stuff, or just 
chillin. ACTIVITIES: Biking, water skiing. 
FOUND: Working on a car, and chillin with the 
boys. AMBITION: To make a lot of monev and 
have a lot of cars. FAVORITE SAYING: Whereto 
fried chicken at? 


Kim Murdock 

Kimmy, Kimma 

LIKES: Friends, purple, dusty things, lip gloss, degs, glow 
sticks, storms, pay day, shopping, MF's mom's cook- 
ies, juice boxes, stars. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, cold 
weather, jealousy, WVPO, evil seagulls, 4/19 beach trip, 
tension,work,goodbyes,Norton. FAV MEM: Sum- 
mer'01, drives w/MF, 6Hags '00/'01, Prom '01, BR's 
hortub, NH w/MF, camping w /SS MC RC MF BR AG, 
l&L2w/EH,FL'00,clockfrisbeew/AG, grocery shop- 
ping w/MC, mullet video, Xmas shopping w/JMC 
'00, BU's nights,4/18/00/01, Devil Training, Froot 
Loop box, New Year's 01, kings, snowball fights per. 6, 
SE's 3 ft. butterfly. FND: My othr 2 homes w/MF MC 
RC AG & SS, WVPO, having fun, making wishes. AMB: 
To live a happy & successful life, always have fun, and 
to someday fly in my dreams. FAV SAY: Riiiick'.-I got 
ice!-..or this way..-You gttys want some cookies? OTHR: 
Thanks Mom & Dad so much for all your loving sup- 
port and always being there! I love you! Brandon, good 
>n't forget to have fun! Love ya! Thanks to my 
friends for always making me laugh! RIP Zach. 

Rebecca Lynn Mure 


LIKES: Family, friends, laughing, field hockey, S. 
Homer, eyes, #33, snow, good conversations. DIS- 
LIKES: Stress, procrastination, sickness, 
goodbyes, narrow mindedness, feet. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Afternoons watching Wedding Story 
w/HM, French video w/AS, HM, and ST, 3-2-01, 
Guster '00, Prom '01, Cape w/NM, all the great 
times w/ KC, hitting the curb w/JS and HM. AC- 
TIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Peer Leadership 2-4, 
French Honor Society 3,4. FOUND: Out with 
friends, laughing, having a good time. AMBI- 
TION: To be successful in whatever I choose to 
do and to always be surrounded by people who 
make me happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Everything 
happens for a reason. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 
Thank you for everything you've done for me and 
for always believing in me. Julie and Laurie-I 
couldn't have asked for better role models and 
friends. To all my friends, good luck with what- 
ever you mav pursue. Thanks for the memories. 

Denis Murphy 

Murph, Nelson, Harvey 

LIKES: Chintzy Rangers, Big Red, friends, 
Starship Troopers with pals, my family, unethi- 
cal games, motorcycles, Buicks and Oldsmobiles, 
stealing anything that's not bolted down. DIS- 
LIKES: Your mamma, poopy, racists, having the 
police come to my house at 12:30 am, face plants 
on concrete, drilling through brake boosters, bad 
people, zombies. FAVORITE MEMORY: Work, 
school, midnight raids, playing CS until 4 am, 
times w/ friends. ACTIVITIES: National Honor 
Society, Daley's Action Squad, spreading the 
teachings of Jesus Christ to younger generations, 
night riders of Norfolk (since disbanded), pump- 
ing the iron. FOUND: Around, Daley's gas sta- 
tion (on the ground roof)- AMBITION: To be my 

Heidi Murphy 


LIKES: Family, friends, MYC, the beach, sleeping (* 
the beach, sailing, skiing, the Muppets, laughing, pic- 
tures, Brett Michaels, pickup trucks, motorcycles, Ik 
80's, Mom's muffins. DISLIKES: Rushing, being lak 
FAV MEM: 6 Hags w/ KM, PQ KS,B-days w/PQ,K 
(cake fight), runway w/ KM, DL, BB, sleeping in KM> 
car, psychic w/ KM, Superbowl weekend '01, Gu* 
concert w/ BM, Wedding Story w/BM, dinners » 
AS, BM, Walk for Hunger, ski weekends w / AC, tine 
w/ KB. ACT: Tennis 1-1, field hockey 1-3, class* 
surer 3-4. FND: Dragging from the eclipse w / KB,W 
scars, Bread and Circus w/ KM, driving w/ KM,fr 
tening to hair bands, laughing w/ BM. AMBITIW 
To follow Poison on tour, to date a guy w/ a moto 
cycle, marry a rock star. FAV SAY: Look out Rock* 
Rollers!, Is Knsten Iwme? ...Yea, slie is! OTHER: Mce 
Dad, and Courtney" Thank you! You have no idea whe 
you've done for me. I love you. Kate: Thank youfc 
always being just a walk or phone call awav and a 
the laughs since preschool. 1 don't know what I'd cl 
without you. 

Christine Muse 


LIKES: My car, greens, Dunkies, guys, techno, 
cruises, Bone Thugs, driving around w/ Jenn, my 
dog, friends, $, Dazed & Confused, DJ Venom, capt., 
Vicky's car. DISLIKES: Being left at the graveyard 
w / SM, annoying people, Vicky's singing- just kid- 
ding, ToPasq.FAV MEM: S-fes't w/JS,MH, The Big 
Party w/Vicki, Jenn, Shaunelle, P.W., getting lost at 
hempfest w / Sarah, Derrik, Missy, Jess, and Toyna. 
Cape Cod trips w/VW, JC, AS, driving around 
Providence w/ Vicky, Jenn and Justin, complex w/ 
JS and MH, energy w/NA, VW, JS, MH, MH, cup- 

akes w/ Courtney FOUND: Cruisin' the lake, 
Dunkies, driving through Franklin w/ Vicky and 

enn, getting kicked out of Dunkies, working. FAV 
SAYING: Rocky's dead. 1 just don't know. OTHER: 
Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. Brian, 
Good Luck and thanks for everything you have 
done for me and helped me with. 

Andrew Neviackas 

Nev, Stealth 

LIKES: Soccer, winning, sleeping, summer, 
money, wrap days, Class Competition, girls, 
weekends, half-days, vacations, Red-Sox. DIS- 
LIKES: Stoughton, Franklin, stress, losing, cheap 
people, annoying people, taco day, tests, English. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Soccer camp, after Sopho- 
more Semi, winning the Hock 2000. ACTIVITIES: 
Varsity soccer, track, National Honor Society. 
FOUND: At practice, work, home. AMBITION: 
To be successful! OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Kris, Kara and Dan for everything! 

Brandon Noble 


LIKES: Burger King trips, Quarries, friends, 
Meghan M., chicken fingers. DISLIKES: Mean 
people, being sick, homework, studying, Yankees. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Racing the 5.0 Mustang, 
Poles' birthday party, Rtl streaking, sable. AC- 
TIVITIES: Fixing up my car, random drives, BK 
runs, meeting random girls. FOUND: Poles' lake, 
BK. AMBITION: To want to have an exciting life, 
marry and have kids, have a great job and suc- 
ceed. FAVORITE SAYING: Sucka! OTHER: I want 
to thank everyone for these past years. They were 
great and I wish the best of luck to everyone! I 
would like to thank my parents and MB, SU, SK, 
JT, AW, MD, LA, SS, JD, MM, DG, and everyone 

Jamie Lynn Noiles 

James, Bubbles 

LIKES: Summer, blue, ice cream, stars, beach, guys, #2, 
M&M's, w/ friends, shopping, roses. Polo, movies on 
rainy days, boating, fishing, swimming, hugs, smiles, 
cookies, candles, sunsets, $, watching sports. DISLIKES: 
Mean people, winter, shoveling, bad drivers, snakes, 
work, people who keep their blinkers on, snobs, atti- 
tudes, crying, brkn hearts. FAV. MEM: The BEACH w/ 
Jackie & Lynne, 4-19-00, my turtle w/Andrea, eating 
Milky Way Pie w/Andrea, 6-9-01, the club w/ Lynne & 
Courtney, and every time with friends. AMB: To make 
it through life, happy, healthy; and to have all my dreams 
come true. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Brad, Enn,Dina, Dad, 
Mike & Nicole. Mom, thanks fot always being there 
when 1 needed a shoulder to cry on- you've taught me 
to always go for what I want I LOVE U. Jackie, thanks 
for being there when I needed a friend you're the bf 
anyone could ask for. And for everyone who helped 
me achieve my dreams, I love you. 

Mark Nolan 


JKES: Mopar muscle, hardcore music, V8's, my 

ruck, 4x4 and offroading, speeding, unethical 

omputer games, ice cream. DISLIKES: Chintzy 

(angers, Japanese internet photography, foreign 

:ars, health food. FAVORITE MEMORY: Receiv- 

ng a chocolate lollipop, playing CS till 4 am, 

edneck experience in Vermont, midnight raids. 

" ACTIVITIES: Daley's action squad, night riders 

l ' >f Norfolk (since retired). FOUND: On the roof 

', it Daley's, underneath my truck. AMBITION: To 

I nake a positive impact on this world. FAVOR- 

TE SAYING: If I don't see it, it's not illegal. 

John Nyborn 


LIKES: Hockey, golf, girls, Talons, hanging with 
my boys AK, RS, DA, money, working, snipe 
nights, rockspects, Sweatt Beach, stick ball, rec. 
work, Florida, Hooters the restaurant, being 
mean, fights with Sulli, late night Wendy's runs, 
Lake Pearl, Star Market with Amidon. DISLIKES: 
Nasty Nate's Civic, Lake Pearl Park, doing main- 
tenance, scam artisits at Sweatt Beach, 6 a.m. 
hockey practices. FAVORITE MEMORY: New 
Year's '01 with KP buying my car, Florida trip, 
destroying Nasty Nate's Civic, winning snipe 
night against JW, JD, SE, driving to 6 a.m.'s in the 
Mustang, Moon Crater '01 . ACTIVITIES: Hockey, 
golf, working on my Talon, life guarding, work- 
ing at Wentworth golf course. FOUND: With AK, 
RS, DA, SH, and friends, at Sweatt Beach, in my 
car, at Wendy's. AMBTITION: To become rich, 
own a golf course and have 5 cars. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Triple classic, biggie size with DP. 

Sean O'Connor 


LIKES: Skipping, jk wait, take that back, USA ra- 
dio, Skenyon's English class, MAXIM magazine, 
Anna Kornokouvia, friends, Eminem, Ion line, the 
spa, the gratification of living. DISLIKES: English 
9, Hit 'em up sry/t'-Blu Canfrell, taking notes, Span- 
ish, Dave's yellow jeep, Ted's ridiculous wing, 
Osama Bin Laden. FAV MEM: A Teen Talk USA: 
Miss America, the female, the boardwalk, and casi- 
nos, the source music awards, Miami, South Beach, 
the show, and L.L. Cool J's after party, the morning 
show, featuring t-$, Jake, and me, the current show, 
featuring the Dave, Sara Hugh, and Mcaquain, spe- 
cial thanks to Evan McGill and S. Samrout. ACT: 
DECA, States in Marlboro Ma, National in Anaheim, 
Ca top 16 nation, morning announcements. AMB: 
To suffer w /dignify in an inevitable life of good- 
ness until I expire. OTHER: I would like to thank 
my familv and mv mom for all your ongoing, lov- 
ing support throughout these 17 superior years of 
existence. Peace and God bless all! 

Sean O'Neil 


LIKES: Lots of things. DISLIKES: People who look 
down on everyone. FAVORITE MEMORY: Seeing 
George come in with a cup of coffee everyday. 
ACTIVITIES: Wake up Warriors. FOUND: In front 
of a computer, in the tree in the courtyard, with 
tarot cards. AMBITION: Unknown. FAVORITE 
SAYING: You call me a freak like it's a bad tiling. The 
truth is out there. 



Lauren Ober 

Lau, Lata 

LIKES: Tim V, true friends, hugs, laughing, flowers, 
beaches, smiles, weekends, jeeps, art, holidays, family, 
Biggie Smalls, ME, sleeping, blue, shopping, candles, 
money, animals, Nada's fam, angels, memories. DIS- 
LIKES: Car accidents, snobs, meat, skiing, sickness, 
goodbyes, fights, headaches, rainy days, being late. FAV 
MEM: ME w/JM, SO, DM, FL '01 w/AI, 18 yrs of 
memories w/JM, "T" Nicknames w/JM, 7/4 w/LR 
& JM, last day of school '01 w /CE, TC, NY, LL Cool J's 
party, one dollar tips, NY running from BP, JR's par- 
ties, skipping, summer '01 w/AI. ACnV: f.h. SADD, 
peer med. FOUND: W/TV, AI, NY, CE, LR, DC, JR, 
JM, Nada's/ Anna's house, BSC AMB: open LaLa's w/ 
AI, succeed in everything I do in life. FAV SAY: Home- 
less, oh really. 7 licks. Lata. Enjoy and take in life as much as 
you can each day. OTHER: Mom, thanks for everything, 
I love you! NY, AI, CE, LR, you're the best friends ever! 
Thanks for all our memories and times spent together! 

John Olivieri 


Jennifer Erin Osborn 


LIKES: Shopping, friends, Cliff, love, laughing, 
beaches, hvdrangeas, BLUE, grenadine, cherry 
Coke, DMB, fall, SNL, HD meetings, paper dolls, 
manicures, honey mustard, Surcivor, Eternity, goats. 
DISLIKES: Butter, B-Chien, white chocolate, milk, 
stress. FAV MEM: Prom '01, ME summer '01, CC 
w/AD 7/00, 7/01, France '00, Blue Man '01, 1 love 
Roslindale w/LM & EC, HD w/AD, BR, & MC, 
Careless C's, Pat's game, DMB 12/00 & 6/6/01 w/ 
CB & 6/17/01 w/CB & AD raining, Phantom '01, 
Fiddler '01, B-day cruises, b.b. w/AD, vintage Blair, 
9/30/00. ACTTV: SADD 2-4, Leo Club 2-4, French 
NHS 2-4, NHS 3-4. AMB: To know that even one 
life has breathed easier because I lived. FAV SAY: 
Do notfollou' where the path leads, rather go where there 
is no path, and leave a trail. -David Perkins, Criky! 
OTHER: Thanks to all my friends, family, & Cliff 
for making high school great! I love you! 

Daylene Padua 

Day, Day Day, Dee. Diva, DayLa 

LIKES: Analyzing dreams, being my own personal: 
not caring for those who think less of me, rainy mommj 
I can sleep in, the sound of my fan as 1 fall asleep, seer. 
my family every morning /night. DISLIKES: \ APOK 
those who see me as nothing rather than spendingUe 
time on getting to know the real me cuz I'm mi/- Anna! 
waiting for people. FAV MEM: Being late even momir 
jr. yr, Wliat's tltat smell? ACT: Evchrleader hut sttUtai 
love for it. FND: I've found myself, who I am, what I w» 
and how 1 want it. The love for my baby Phil, whtf 
never knew was there. AMB: To be a success in ew 
thing. No kids, nomarriage, just independence. OTHE 
I want to thank my mother and father- Iraida and Ale: 
for pushing me through when I didn't want them! 
Much thanks to my sister Lisa for being a good rolemoc- 
in my life. Thanks to my friends the ones who were Ike 
throughout the school yr. My girl . Kristen B. I loveyoua 
Thanks to all the teachers who have taught me. I 


Joseph W. Pender 


LIKES: Girls, rock parties, skies, gym, donkey 
punches, Jay Duse, scraps, football camp, skiing, 
Red Sox, Pats, DPW, mullets, skipping, DM, OCB, 
spinners, Waikiki. DISLIKES: Math, Panthers, 
Jello Bovs, Yankees, Bennett St., sprints, butts, rats, 
tardies,' Mondays, losing. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Hawaii '01 w/ Eric C. & Mark S., Vermont '00 w/ 
EC, TD, MS, AC, MK, HM, DMB '99/ '01, KR's 
basement, NM's house, Johnny Applesmith. AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1-4, baseball 1-4, partying 1-4. 
FOUND: AT MS's NHD, in KR's basement, w/ 
BC, EC, MS, TD, BG, KF, MM, LT, CD, AC, MK, 
NM, KM, KM2, BC, AT the Deli, AT BG's w/J- 
dude. AMBITION: To be successful at whatever I 
do. FAVORITE SAYING: If there is grass on the field, 
play ball. Up with hope, down with dope. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, Kelly- Thanks for all the support. I 
love you. AC: thanks for being there all the time, 
Love-va. Gulinos- you're the best. 

tbe Osm et 1W% 

Joseph Perella 

foe, Perella, Joey P. 

LIKES: Nature, art, literature, poetry, Blue 
Boomers, music, questioning authority, phat ses- 
sions, peace, love, truth, cruisin backroad style, 
chill peeps, searching, writing, inside and out 
glass, why?, diversity, individuality, the power of 
the mind. DISLIKES: Fake people, pointless au- 
thority, lies, hate, fear, metal, conformity, angst. 
FAV. MEM: Every single before, during, and af- 
ter school session w/ the chillest peeps in the 
world. ACT: Pullin tubes, bouncin', chillin', read- 
ing, feeling, loving, questioning, Ultimate Discus, 
kicking the sac. FND: somebody's crib, the few 
real spots of the Earth, buried deep in my mind, 
livin' life to the fullest everyday. AMB: To find 
true love, peace of mind, and to live up to my 
expectations no matter how unorthodox. OTHER: 
Props to my fam to putting up w/me, my friends 
for helping me find myself. Sr Class: My only re- 
gret is that I did not make the attempt to know 
more of you better. I love all of you beautiful 
people and wish you all the best. 

Ross Piette 


LIKES: Skateboarding, drumming, camping, 
hanging out with friends, movies, sports. DIS- 
Guernon and his torture chamber. ACTIVITIES: 
Marching band, Boy Scouts, concert band. 
FOUND: In class or at work, otherwise I'm hang- 
ing out with friends. AMBITION: Business man- 
ager and Jeweler, Accountant. 

Jenilee Pike 

jem, Pike, Midge 

LIKES: Pete, friends, family, shopping, Do* 
coffee, movies (Empire Records, AP2!), clB 
fav. tunes, ftbl games, hot chocolate, cam™ 
DISLIKES: Sticky things, spiders, violence! 
ing up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cape wfl 
in the sum. driving around with MLE gettinB 
in unknown towns with no gas. 6 Flags: sA 
man. PROM 2001! Scott's party, summer ■ 
campfire at Pete's! Hot bricks and flaming m» 
mallows!! GR, AW, BJ, MD, KS, MSJCM 
FOUND: At Pete's or with Pete, the mal 
Dunkies drive through. FAV SAY: / do not piM 
happiness, 1 create it. AMBITION: I plan to aft 
college in Mass to study forensic psychology 
criminal justice. OTHER: Thank you to aft 
teachers. Thank you to my friends who havM 
eled with me to graduation. Thank you toB J 
and thank vou to my mom, sister, and grafl ]1 
ther for always being there for me w hen I neec 
them. I LOVE YOU! 

Michael J. Poles 

Polecat, Rocky 

IKES: #42, 4X4, football, camp, Finase, OCB, the 
iptain, adrenaline, vvhiffleball. DISLIKES: Mean 
eople, Yankees, disrespect. FAVORITE 
IEMORY: Fires by the lake, in the lake breaking 
;rn's tree, running down Rt 1, Sox games, curb 
mping, BK contests, Sweat Hill overnight '99. 
CTIVITIES: Football 1-4. FOUND: In the lake, 
i my truck, in the weight room, AMBITION: To 
?come successful in all my goals. FAVORITE 
AYING: Live life on the edge and don't look back; it 
ight be gaining on you. OTHER: Thanks to: SU, 
M, MB, JT, SK, SS, LA, SB, DB, BN, TD, DG, TC, 
§., and my family 

Patti-Grace Quick 

Peeps, Patty-cakes, Indie, cha-chi 

CES: Phlint, spider-man, thunder & lightning, 
kles, QT films, pink, Kris's eyes, DN, good runes, 
iw globes, Monty Python, head butts, tee-pee 
le, fairies and elves, drawing, Tinker-belle. DIS- 
'.ES: My knees, my car taken away, snakes, the 
k, getting caught, losing my wallet. FAV. MEM: 
1-00, times with KM, Phish 9-11-00, ski trips to 
with my dad, birthdays with KS & HM, HI, con- 
:s with Kate, 6 Flags, Rockport with the family, 
'. ACT: Tennis 1-4, kickin the hack, 
wboarding. FOUND: chillin w/Kris, cruzen, on 
roof, Westwood, the bluffs, Stoney Brook, toils 
ny jeep, picking my nose, strangers w/ candy 
the jay-man. OTHER: To my weirdo family, I 
? you. Kristen and Heidi, we've had some crazy 
es, thanks. Kate, you made growing up a blast; 
ies, you're the coolest 12 year old I know; Mom 
i-' Dad, you guys are nuts but I love you. Kris, 
ik you for being that shoulder I can always lean 
I love you, kid. 

Kyle Pouliot 


LIKES: My cats, my guitar, the Taurus, The La- 
dies Man, music, the moon. DISLIKES: The slow 
Yamaha golfcarts, LDO, Boston subway system 
creepy, Brooks Crooks Pharmacy in Plainville, get- 
ting cut off. FAV MEM: Yelling out the window 
and almost nailing an ice cream truck, River Rave 
'01, DMB '01, golf carts at the stadium. ACTIV: 
Baseball 9-10. FOUND: W/QC, poolside with 
Falcone, always over BF's. Actually, I'm going 
there now. Who's coming w/me? AMB: To con- 
quer all my goals by the age of 35 so I can have a 
happy retirement without any problems. Keep a 
straight face. FAV. SAYING: Hands down, this is 
the best date I can ever remember. I'll always remem- 
ber the sound of the stereo, the dim of the soft light, 
the smell of your hair that you twirled in your fin- 
gers. Hands Down Dashboard Confessionals. 
OTHER: Love to my family & friends. BF- Woot G 

Kristina Powers 


LIKES: Matt, friends, summertime, the beach, the 
cape, weekends, shopping, eclipses, laughing, flow- 
ers, dancing, applebees, money, clothes. DISLIKES: 
rainy days, lies, fake people, homework, tests, sun- 
bums, waking up early. FAV MEM: Old Orchard 
Beach w/JM '99, New Years 00' w/CS & MD, Club- 
bing, Prom 00' & 01', Semi 00' & AW's house after 
w/CS, MD, MS, jetsking w/JM, riding to fleet cen- 
ter - workers & shamoo w/MS, CS, AW, MD 99', 
Pultz class w/CS '00-'01, beach w/CS, MD, AW, JM 
& KM. FOUND: w/MM or w/friends, WVPO, in 
my car. AMB: to graduate college, get a good job 
get married, have kids & live in a big house. FAV 
SAY: never frown-you never know who could be falling 
in love with your smile! OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
Dad for everything. I never would have got through 
h.s. without you. I love you guys! Robbie-Good luck 
in the rest of school. Good luck Class of 2002! 

Michael J. Prentice 


LIKES: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, tubing, 
Porsche, girls, hanging out on the lake, quads, snow- 
mobiles racing, ski trips, fishing, sleeping, LTJ, CB. 
DISLIKES: Peaches & Cream, doing nothing, air 
horns, losing, having no money, getting lost in the 
wrentham state forest, crashing a snowmobile into 
a house, waking up, effort. FAV MEM: Full hack in 
Ahern's class, ski trips, quadin w/ KM, Boys' State, 
LTJ concert w/ MS, tubing w/ MS, SR, JW, SE, VT 
w/KM. ACTIV: snowboarding, wakeboarding, 
ftball, NHS, Boy's State, driving. FOUND: on the 
lake, in my car, at TNF, hanging out in my crib or 
on the slopes. AMB: To be rich, happily married, 
race NASCAR and own a Porsche. FAV.SAY: Kid. 
Yup. Wicked szveet. OTHER: Thanks to my family, 
Mom, Dad, Jim, Mark. You all are great. Love you 
all. Thanks to my friends for your support. Be smart 
and good luck, Mark. 

Nafeesa Rahman 

Nafsa, Naf 

LIKES: Smiles, laughing, peace, creativity, flow- 
ers, shipping, sandals, coffee coolatas, good 
friends, vacations, traveling, truth, snowball 
fights, long talks, presents, walks at beaches, stars, 
Indian food, water globes. DISLIKES: cold, stress, 
going to the doctor, getting shots, lies, fights, ig- 
norance, prejudice, annoying people. FAV. MEM.: 
physics ice cream party, History Day '99-'01, sum- 
mer '01, brouhaha, AP US History at Applebee's. 
ACTIVITIES: SADD 2-3, Leo Club 2-4, Peer Lead- 
ership 3-4, NHS 3-4. AMBITION: To be success- 
ful in whatever I do. To live a meaningful and 
happy life. To make any contribution I can to 
make the world a better place to live in. FAV. SAY- 
ING: What you do in life echoes in eternity. The chal- 
lenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make 
you like everyone else. OTHER: Thank you Ammi 
and Abba for your love and support. Good luck 
Minhaj, Mohseen, Aziz and Sabiha. 

Blair Kathleen Rainsford Bridget Eileen Rasicot 

Blairby, Blaia, Rainy 

LIKES: Nomie, Moe (the forgotten Newsie), the white 
socks, silver Birks, MartyCherry Coke, strollin bowlin, 
"charades," "pushups," "hackeysack," ribbed shirt 
rule, earflap hats, UCS, Iron Chef, SNL, pointy noses, 
grilled cheese, the prom, Cageball, Ben Folds, Dave, 
being young, gangle, bioluminescence, Lance, the Sox, 
acoustic, combined 96's, Beelzebear, circuits, despera- 
does, puppies, small builds, Turbo Turtles, the genera- 
tion, musicals. DISLIKES: The Man, frozen pudding, 
snakes, tight shorts, weekend workouts, pants, feeling 
stupid, unfunny people, bad poetry, Foxboro, rap, 
SBH's, the comer. FAV. MEM: XCCamp '00/'01,6 Hags 
'99/'00, Ben '01, Dave & 'NSYNC '00/'01, Ocean City 
'98 w/ ES, Hist. Day '98/'00, bday '00, RENT '01, Sox 
'99/'01, AP Hist.Party '01, NERC '01, chalk outlines 
w/ CS & RB, the pie run, The Skulls w/ EH, 9/15/01 
w/ MC, TG, KyS. ACT.: FH 1, XC 24, wntr trk 1-4 (cpt. 
4), out trk 2-4, Leos34, Yrbk 34, IHS Cofounder 3-4, 
Turbo Turtles Coach 34. OTHER: Thanks Mom and 
Dad for guiding me these past 17 years and for mak- 
ing me your favorite daughter! I love you both! 

Biddy, Princess. Bridgie, Boo, B, Bri 

LIKES: Being a Rasisuchy, dating rules, Pepsi 
Qanda, TGLR, beach, azules sabana, ShaNaNas, 
WPPB, gutter talks w/AD, gray sweaters, nation- 
als in Cali., SM, DQ trips, palm trees, random pics, 
I'm sorr\i, ice cream, cheesy bread, s. track, 
FPSOBSECW, Pete the one legged duck, thinking 
hats, football mom. DISLIKES: Disloyalty, betraj al, 
blatant lies, jr hs, critta, clown cars, dodonics, real 
insecurities, mide, mini Snickers. FAV. MEM: 8/ 16/ 
01 ( AR, AD, MS for making it fab), summer of pas- 
sions, sciences vv/ EH, jr prom, fresh semi (low \ou 
all esp JMC for planning), DMB w/ MEC, freedom 
wk, Montreal, Brooks w MS, camping, 10/12/98, 
scream, tire to ips table, projects w/ EH. FND: At- 
tached at MS's hip, house hunting w/ AD, w/ev- 
eryone else I love. AMB: Be successful, happv, & 
discover a sense of confidence in myself. OTHER: 
Thanks my fam& friends for all their love and sup 
port. I couldn't have made it without you. No 
ter where I go, \ mill he a part of mo 



James Michael Ravinski Andrew Redf earn 


LIKES: Guitar, writing, b&w pics, sleeping, Green Day, 
The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, The Ataris, MXPX, 
Dashboard Confessional, expensive equipment, 
Bickford's, getting lost, mix CD's, stickers. DISLIKES: 
Bad breath, trends, heavy equipment, going deaf, 
money. FAV MEM: Infernal Combustion, 4/16/99, 8/ 
26/00, River Rave '98, '99, Lancaster 1-2, end of school 
show '99, end of school '01 (mag. cit. party), KP Battle 
of the Bands '99, summer of '98. ACT: A New Begin- 
ning, web site, road trips. FND: Tyler's, Guitar Center, 
local shows, w / friends, parking lot, online, CVS. AMB: 
Rock Star. FAV. SAY: Laughing at the bands ive liate, tlie 
spots we used to skate, they're still tliere, but we've gone our 
own ways. I know it's for the best, but sometimes I wonder 
will I ever have friends like you flg<mi?-Blinkl82 
(Lemmings),T/M( s ivlmt slie said... Hold on, 1 didn't order 
the McMilk... OTHER: Thank you: Mom & Dad, 
Grammy, MF, TR, CC, BD, EB, GM, I love you! 

Redman, Rugburn, Red, Reddog 

LIKES: Street hockey, golf, soccer, baseball, bas- 
ketball, jumping off the bridge in NH, football, 
New Hampshire, Ireland, music, friends, 
Simpsons, Red Sox, Bruins, summer, fall. DIS- 
LIKES: Homework, essay, winter, being sick. AC- 
TIVITIES: Golf, soccer, track, raced down 495 w/ 
posse, jumping off the big boats at the Harbor, 
working at Boston Harbor Cruises, indoor soc- 
cer. AMBITION: To live long and to be wealthy 
so that I could share my money with the people 
who lost a loved one during Sep. 11, 2001. FAV. 
SAYING: By Mr. Boucher saying whats up son, and 
bring it on son. OTHER: Thanks to my parents, 
teachers, brothers (Phil and Mike), my sister, Kris, 
and mv friends. I couldn't do it without your help. 
You gave me the support I needed to achieve my 

Katharine E. Reidel 

Kate, Kate-Shmeelin 

LIKES: Warm weather, mountains, standards, 
nova #3, cats, sunflowers, shimming, sunlight, 
sleeping, when the leaves come out, first snow of 
the year, the ocean, walks in the woods, the smell 
of spring, singing. DISLIKES: Hypocrisy, nova #1, 
80's bangs, Junior High, being led on. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Mt. Washington, Mt. Monadnock, con- 
certs, TRIPS, Amherst, Muse music, Gloucester, 
Big Apple, P-ville Conservation Area w/ EW, SW, 
BG. AMBITION: To be an entrepreneur, to have 
horses and lots of cats, to travel and see the world, 
to find and spread love everywhere I go. FAV 
SAYING: ...and if you ever think of me, kneel down 
and kiss the earth.- Phish. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 
love you. See everyone else down the road some- 
time. Love you, too. 

Kandice M. Rench 


LIKES: Friends, family, trust, sleeping, mow 
shopping, the ocean, the sky, cars, eves, smile- 
memories, laughing, parties, having fun. Dt 
LIKES: ignorance, selfishness, prejudiced peopl 
stress, curfews, homework, goodbyes. FAVORTT 
MEMORY: College days w / JT, JO,and AD, cam; 
ing w/JT 01' Six Flags! good times w /JT, AD,<i 
SM, BS, CI, and other random people. Hamph 
Beach 01' w/ AD and JT, birthdav parties. ACTH 
TIES: Wrestling manager 1-4. FOUND: At them. 
w/AD & JT or KW & CT, at work, with frienc 
at home. AMBITION: To be happv and succe 
ful. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Kris, and Katrina, thar 
you for all your help and support through tr 
year. Thanks for making me who I am. I loveh 
To the Class of 2002, good luck in all that youd 

Geoffrey Rice 

Geoff Rice 

LIKES: Girls, the Blue Bomber, The Simpsons, 
systems, chillin w/friends, Auto Zone, The Rock, 
soccer, radar detectors, slabs, warm weather, Bone 
Thugs-n-Harmony, taco day, money, Platinum, 
dubs, dirt jumping, the CV, and JO Civic. DIS- 
LIKES: The six month rule, slow drivers, people 
that run the portable CD player to the tape player, 
potholes, winter, wannabe goalies, lines, the Reg- 
istry, tickets, RI water patrol at the RI Reservoir. 
FAV. MEM: Bio class with KMM, RC, JO, racing 
the S.O. w/BN on Reservoir Rd., national comp 
w/DECA in California w/BR, JS, slipping past 
the RI water patrol at the RI Reservoir w/ PK, 
MS, JC, JG, AK, Goldies w/ JC, PK, MS. ACT: 
Varsity soccer 1-4, DECA 3-4, working at the deli. 
FOUND: Chillin in the Cutlass blue, at the deli, 
At Jay's, Mike's or Setter's. AMB: To attend Bryant 
College and to own my own hotel. FAV. SAY: 
Whq£ up. West Side. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and 
Dad for all your support. 

tbe Class ©t ^Wl 

Sean Richner 


LIKES: Skateboarding, snowboarding, drive up 
to Maine, Cape Cod 1 a.m., late night skating, MB 
impression of SA, Providence, hanging out, ses- 
sions, tippin rubes, indoors, green. DISLIKES: 
Boredom, chocolate ice cream, sticks, cased, lost 
in Amherst, things that look the same, ML, burns, 
metal. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cruising, skating, 
riding FOUND: Hyde Park skatepark, Shawnee 
Peak, having fun. AMBITION: To be successful 
and live life to its fullest. 

Steven Rieger 


LIKES: Basketball, dunking, the beast, guitar, rap, 
Mexican Taco, North End Deli, family, funny 
people, sarcasm, vacations, tennis, the system. 
DISLIKES: Homework, reading, annoying people, 
my cat, earlv mornings, Spanish, running. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Brown trip w/Mr BR, JG, 
Mexicano Taco w /JG, Blink 182 '01, Up In Smoke 
'00, chillin with the Ditt, Kennel parties, working 
at the stadium, trips to Texas w/family, hangin 
w/friends. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-4,' tennis 1- 
4, golf 1-3, ping pong, foosball. FOUND: Any- 
where. AWARDS: School ping pong champ in '99, 
tennis tri-captain. AMBITION: To be happy and 
enjoy life. FAVORITE SAYING: No way, you seri- 
ous, nice. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Mike. 
Have fun in high school, Jeff. 

Tyler John Ring 


LIKES: Drums, mega phones, MC's, local sho* 
M'n 0, 80's hair bands, STD, TGUK, Queen, AT 
GD, sleep, DC. DISLIKES: Driving * 
Beanhead, math, MW's, heavv equipment, g(K 
deaf, English. FAVORITE MEMORY: Lano 
& 2, Aug. 26 '99, IC, hooded warrior, JR, 
beer parties, GM, BD, CC, EB, SG, skippi 
Battle of the Bands, skippin w/ JR. ACTP 
ANB, IC, roadtrips. FOUND: Local shows, 
folk Center, online, CVS, GC. AMBITION:" 
come a full time rockin roller. FAVORITE S. 
ING: Wait, that would have to be your bull.- (M 
tually- BD, That's what she said, You're driviQ 
the wrong side of the road. OTHER: Hold on! I 
order the McMilk. OTHER: Love you Mom, * 
Karen, Justine, and Gram! 

Katy Robbins 

Kate, Robbins 


[ ES: True friends, sleeping, dreams, thunderstorms, 
^ te tigers, trust, summer, partying, fire parties, fh, 
b sleepovers, sneaking out, late nights, lucky charms, 
e mastics. DISLIKES: Rats, feet, cocky people, snobs, 
r ; underclassmen, seafood, hw, backstabbers, fail- 
l getting caught, early moms. FAV. MEM: My base- 
r it, KM's , NM's w/wax, Provy w/ AC, CH, JB, CR, 
r .L, Todd's house, DMB '01, J. Buffet w/ AC, trouble 
v 4K,JP,&MM,golfingw/CM&CD, work parties 
v IM, CD, & AC, EC's, cape w/JR & TC, New Yr's 
( 80 pt. rum w/MK, yellow ribbons, MS's, chasing 
p :>le w/BC , breakfast w/Cath, all times spent w/ 
[ .ACT:FH14,gymn. 1-4, sftballl. FOUND: Hang- 
ii out w/AC, MK, JP, EC, TD, BC, MS, NM, twins, 
n casement, @ AC's house, the club. OTHER: Mom, 
L , thank you. I love you! Krissy- thanks for always 
t> g there when I needed you. John, Good Luck in 
F Amy, BBF. Thanks! Good Luck '02! 

Jessica Rodio 


LIKES: Summer on the Cape, sunflowers, 
waterskiing, laughing, dancing, parties, DMB, fall 
leaves, Mopsey DISLIKES: Rumors, party faults, 
fights, rainy days, crying. FAV MEM: Sum 99', 
movie mara, the Cape w/KR & TC; clubbin' w/ 
NM,KM; being wild w/LC; drinking blue Koolaid 
w/TC, biking w/RT,Lil' white lies w/KMac; DMB, 
Brian Leary's, New Year's, taking out SO, 
Powderpuff, Deca w/the group, college trips, frosh 
year, huge mansion parties w/TC, high school w/ 
my friends. ACT: XC, track, Skating Club, aux brd, 
hockey, DECA. FND: w/ KM, BC, online, and at 
PPP on the Cape. AMB: To be happy, healthy, and 
to be able to enjoy all the things I love in life. OTHER: 
Thanks to my two best friends & the others for all 
the gTeat mems.The Colcords, thanks for everything. 
Mom, Dad, & James, thanks for everything you've 
given up for me, the support, & love. I love you all! 

Vincent Rosata 


LIKES: Cars, stereos, dirt bikin, weekends, hangin 
out with friends. DISLIKES: School, work, re- 
sponsibility. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer time. 
AMBITION: To go to college. 

Jacqueline Rose 


LIKES: Friends, concerts, grilled cheese, ice coffee, 
clubbin', wkds, summer, DQ, scaring peds., BK 
latenight, jello, ski trips, beach, eating, BICO voices, lip 
glosses, parties, snow, clothes, tan, vaca. homes. DIS- 
LIKES: getting kicked out of tweeter, phone, snobs, 
frizzy hair, school, responsibilities, work, hairy men, 
feet, fighting. FAVORITE MEMORY: ME '01, the strand, 
sleepover '98, on the porch w/DB, summer concerts, 
PC, college days w/the girls, Cali '01, water tower, the 
leg, coffee runs, sumner w/Jill, reports w/ LO! ACT: 
LEO Club, P Med, SADD. FOUND: w/ Erin + Traci, at 
DQ or DD, driving w/ DC, any party, my house w/ 
everyone, FHS, Provid, @ Jay's house, cruises w/ veeve, 
in Ms. Sullivan's office w/MK AMBITION: go to col- 
lege, travel the world, have an awesome job, make $! 
Be a P-star. OTHER: Erin + Traci- we'll be friends for- 
ever. Mom, Dad, Alex + Hillary I love you all and thank 
you for all your support and love. 

Keith Rose 


Lael Roye 

Lay, The Lael, L-Dogg, L-Roye 

LIKES: Ryan, gymnastics, purple, icecream, mov- 
ies, friends, laughing, Dairy Queen, vacations, 
snow days, Cuba Gooding Jr., Shirley Temples, 
fall, the beach, stars, chicken nuggets, hugs, SNL, 
memories. DISLIKES: Feet, 9/11/01, cold, stress, 
early mornings, goodbyes. FAV. MEMORY: 12/ 
7/00, States '01, Glen Ellen w/DW, glowers w/ 
LO, movie nights w/RS, 6/19/01, yellow ribbons, 
fireworks w/JM, songs w/JS, HB, AS, BM, TRL 
days w/DW, the "T" w/LO & AI, History Day 
'99 w/AC, Cali '01, Dave Matthews '00, '01, ad- 
ventures w/RW, 4th of July's w/LO, Maui '01. 
ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1-4, NHS 3,4, Peer 
Leadership 2-4, DECA 3, SADD 3,4. FOUND: W/ 
RS, at the gym. AMBITION: To be happy and suc- 
cessful. FAV. SAYING: Tough times never last, tough 
people do. OTHER: Thank you to my family for all 
of the support you have given me. I love you guys. 
Thanks Class of 2002 for a great four years. Good 

Houssam Samrout 


Gregory Santabarbara 

Gregg, Bussy, Cougar 

LIKES: Dugdales, Premiere 4, sports, Skens 
(sometimes), G-LAB, Jacques, Andeee, Bonzi's 
jokes, music, tsunami sam, goofy faces, Kelsey, 
good times. DISLIKES: Oogie, allergies, trouble, 
Disney World, finding Scarborough Beach. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: fun days, basketball prac- 
tices, DMB Concerts, Jacques' house, Aztec 2 Step. 
ACTIVITIES: Student council 1-4, tennis 1-4, bas- 
ketball 1&2, manager 3 &4. FOUND: Playing 
pong, the lake house, Brendon's, doing something 
fun. AMBITION: Work hard to have as much fun 
as possible. FAVORITE SAYING: What are you 
thinking?. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Julie. I love 
you. Class of 2002, good luck. It's been a blast. 



Steven Scott 


LIKES: Boston, Celtics, Impalas, The 99, Cumby's, 
Mr. Oles, LA, Hogan, orange, Mr. Fayle, Mr. 
Swanson, #4, USA, The Escort, Wendy's, Fenway, 
Beau, snowboarding, J-Lo, CBR, Izzy, DKM, 
white, kickball, 6th grade, Fat John. DISLIKES: 
LA, Berman, Easton PD, money, DMB, TH, Stop 
and Shop, Yankees, Canada, RI, outlets, Beav, TX, 
Ichiro, Black, trampoline, Fat Paramedic, Tommy 
tough guy. FAVORITE MEMORY: Berman, SGP 
River Rave, The Escort, The 99, Summer, 4th July, 
OCB, Super Bowl, Poles setting lake on fire. AC- 
RK, TTG, work, at JT's house, at 99 w/ JT, SK, 
RK, LA, SO, TD, TC, MD, DW, DM, KM, MP, BN, 
BN, EW, KT, TC. AMBITION: Become a cop, to 
own a monkey. FAVORITE SAYING: Ignorance is 
bliss. OTHER: Thank vou Mom, Dad, Chuck, Bert. 

Kyle Sebring 


LIKES: Movies, riding, patch, late night Prov, the 
mountains, Dave pure and good, cookouts, pre- 
tending to ride urban, craze, special puppies, 
beelzebear, hoytsing, personals, creperie, the 
shop, black cow, the propeller, orange shoes, 
camcorders, puck, bank, raining, cold stares, the 
tour, L.A., shame-ing, technology, laughing. DIS- 
LIKES: Agenda, NHD, a hours of techno, plats, 
sharp chainring teeth, broken chains, bad lines, 
frustration. FAVORITE MEMORY: Camp 98-00, 
WGI world finals 00, BOA regionals 99-00, BOA 
Nat's 00, USSBA finals 98-99, Dav 5-29-99/7-8-00/ 
7-9-00/12-16-00/6-16-01/6-17-01/ Buffet, 2-14-99, 
history parties, math parties, ben folds 9-15-01, 
riding w/ everyone, Killington, crepe nights. His- 
tory Day 99-01. ACTIVITIES: Symphonic band 1- 
4, marching band 1-3, percussion ensembles 2. 
FOUND: Some day. 

Keith Sharron 


LIKES: Cars, movies, people, vacations, jetskiing, 
midgets, snowboarding, music, concerts, parties, 
money. DISLIKES: Nautica, schoolwork, bad 
movies, foreign objects in caf. food. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Party at P.K & A.W house, trips to N.H, 
TOOL concert, end of summer beach trip 01', 
Normandy LPP, warehouse, S.M's trunk for S.S b- 
day in Providence, DJM & MM run, rope swing. 
ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, working. FOUND: With 
PK, MS, DM, SM, SS, CR, GR, JN, ES, 
AW... every one else, I didn't forget you, cruisin' 
in my P.O.S, @ P.K or M.S house, Nautica, any- 
where & everywhere. AMBITION: To get into a 
good college and get a good paying job. OTHER: 
Thanks to my Mom and Dad, sisters, and friends 
who were there for me. 

Ryan M. Shaughnessy 


LIKES: Lael, soccer, hockey games, the talon, foot- 
ball games, #14, snipe nights, paychecks, cds, 
being loud, rookspects, blue, stickball at Sweat 
DISLIKES: Untouchable flags, Nauset, Franklin 
guard dogs, deliwork, suspensions w/ TD, the 
seagull. FAVORITE MEMORY: 12-7-00, 6-lM 
JN'S, DMB 6-01, Tampa '00, Griff's 8-01, TDjK 
ing, talks w/ KB, KL, movies nights w/B, 
HOCK CHAMPS '99, Franklin fights. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Vars. soccer 2-4, Vars. basketball 2, VJB 
baseball 3, #1 hockey fan. FOUND: w/ LaelA 
the field, at hockey games, w/ JN or Kl 

Michael Shruhan 


LIKES: The C.V., Money, The Brook, heists, 
Simpsons, Al Bundy, Fox, PK, KS, BJ, JC, GR, 
Angry Fuzz, broken windows. DISLIKES: Not 
having money, Fro, 6:25 a.m., winter. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Lpp, DJm run, NH, warehouse, rope 
swing. ACTIVITIES: Working at the Brook, Rock- 
ing the lot w/GR, JL. FOUND: Cooking at 
Eaglebrook, Goldies A.D., reservoir, in the C.V, 
up a tree. AMBITION: To have enough money to 
swim in. 

Jenna Shulsk 


LIKES: Cute guys, pink, my car, Cape Cod, par- 
ties, sunny days, cell phone, money, food, shop- 
ping, friends, concerts, and hugs. DISLIKES: 
snotty people, getting up early, fender benders, 
spiders, rainy days, and getting lost. FOUND: In 
my car, driving around, on my cell phone, work- 
ing, or babysitting. FAVORITE MEMORY: Semi 
2000 with J. P., Prom 2001 with J.B. and ski trip to 
Jay Peak with L.G., E.G., L.D., S.C., and B.C. 
AMBITION: To go to college, be successful, make 
lots of money, and become a paramedic or police 
officer. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for always 
being there and supporting me. 1 love you both. 
Also best of luck class of 2002. 

Matthew S. Sieloff 


LIKES: Lauren, music, marching band, The Geo, 
SE Shires, and Edwards Trombones, Coke, Brass 
Ensembles, loud brass passages, bus rides, dill 
pickles. FAVORITE MEMORY: BOA GN - 00-'01, 
DCI Championships '00 & '01, BOA Regionals '99- 
'01, 10-14-98, 3 years with LW, France trip '00, 
NYLC, solving the problems of the world through 
instant messenger. ACTIVITIES: Marching band 
1-4, jazz band 1-4, symphony band 1-4, tennis 1- 
2, French NHS 2-4. FOUND: At rehearsal, online, 
out doing "stuff," w/LW. AMBITION: To be 
happy and make a difference in the lives of oth- 
ers. FAVORITE SAYING: Less talking... contact... 
more physical. 

Joanna Silvi 


tbe Ctess •* 2002 



LIKES: Flip flops, slping, choc., VW BEETLES, EB 
teeth, sweaters, paisley, beach, Chinese fd, danoit 
laughing, music, mems, p.m. swimming, yellow, ■ 
Milky Ways, long talks, It. food, pictures, food. DISUB 
Spiders, crows, getting up early, stress, cold, beingH 
hist., liars, working, rudeness, curfew, drunk drn 
cheaters, fakes, ignorance, smoke, humidity, whenpeB 
step on the back of my shoes. FAV MEM: Semi 3X 1 
Prom 2001; the Cape w'/KM; Boston w/ AS & BMjB 
did if ?-BM & AS; laughing at Charo; hitting the curM 
BM & HM, 3-2-01 w/AS, BM, HB, LR; 6-20-01 wii* 
& BM, making Sp. vid. w/LR, AV, NM, & KL; pig* 
out w / LG before C.C.D. ACT: P. leadership, SADD.B 
At Applebees w/AS, BM, & HB; shopping w/LGB 
family /friends; sleeping. AMB: To be happy, succeM 
and healthy. FAV SAY: Wliat would you do it I ' tit 
Becky?) OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Elizabeth 
all of your love and support ; and thanks to my ftiB 
for being the best that anyone could ask for. -■ 
thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathies are widB 
victims of this nation's most horrific tragedy. God W 
everyone who has been touched by these senseles>» 
devastating acts. 

aitlyn Alexis Slovacek Shawn Patrick Sluss 


KES: Having fun, parties, x-mas, KC, friends, 
rl talks, sleepovers, driving by DD's house w/ 
-i, summertime, camp, dance. DISLIKES: Igno- 
nt people, elderlv drivers, homework, steak, 
et. FAVORITE MEMORY: Projects w/EH, Semi 
NSYNC w/ HB + MS, Math party at HB's 
>use, English w/ EH, camp vv/ NR, driving w/ 
:, NH w/ KC, DMB w/ KC, chilling w/ NR, 
aking music video vv/ NR. FOUND: In KC's car, 
jmino's, eating, at NR's house. AMBITION: To 

famous and to help the world in some way. 
iVORITE SAYING: Today is the first day of the rest 
uour life. OTHER: Mom & Dad thanks for al- 
ly's being there. Kris, good luck to you in the 
ture. Nicole, keep smiling & you will find what 
u truly want to do in life. Greg & Joel, best of 
ck to you in life. Noelle, thanks for just being 

best friend you could be. 

Slush, Flush, Sluss 

LIKES: Friends, Ozzfest, summers, off reading, camp- 
ing, RC, AG, KM, BR, Meg C, Mike, fiestas, wrestling, 
X-C, chicas bonitas, Europe '99', chick wraps, Vinny 
Testa's P.TPcrew, Boston, Red Sox, Canada, Montreal, 
Cheesecake F. DISLIKES: Getting left behind @ 
Wendy's, ignorance, Bin Laden, hwk, all nighters, NY 
Yanks, cutting weight, surgery, rice rockets, getting 
jumped in the hall for no reason, Mon am, Outlets, re- 
tail, Bay State 2001. FAV MEM: Europe 99'. ACTIV: 
Wrestling, X-C, chillin with all my people, gvm. 
FOUND: Brooks B's, the gym, F-150 (both), wrestling 
room, Vinny T's. AMB: To become successful, get 
double teamed. FAV SAYING: Only those tlmt risk go- 
ing too far can find out liowfar tliey can go. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Dad, & Greg for your love & support over 
this long journey, I love you so much and I will make 
you proud. To my wrestling team, W.L., J. R., friends, 
all my teachers who have helped me get through. 

Katelyn Small 

Kate, Smalls, Biggy Stnalls 
Norfolk " 

LIKES: Sports, art, friends, family, hugs, smell of coffee, 
music, beach, parties, chocolate, nice teeth, pet fish, red, 
the Germ, remake of the Gummy Bears theme. DISLIKES: 
Stupid people, awkward pauses, bad teeth, pain, incon- 
siderate people, ignorance, wet socks. FAV. MEM.: Run- 
ning into L. Archer vv/ Blair, drawing/painting class, 
shopping w/ Heidi, Nantucket, C. Cod w/ Heidi /Brian, 
Boston trips w/ Heidi, Blair's Prow themed bday that 
Heidi & I gave her, track prac. / meets, soccer under lights, 
spaghetti parties w/soccer team, Fr. class w/Blair, falling 
into Fr. class bec/Blair, class comps, pep rallies, frosh year 
when Brian was in school with me. ACT.: Soccer,winter 
track, spring track, Sachem, drama . FND: W / HK ( my #1 
fan!), making stupid comments, hurting myself, playing 
fashion police w/ Blair /Heidi. AMB.: to succeed and 
gain more common sense. FAV.SAY: Wliere my hose at? 
Hey cub! I'm a magical little forest creature. Hello fun boys! 
What is truly gem' on? Come to me myfubu friends! Gill mv 
cell guys! We're at tlie prom! " 

Danielle Souza 

Rayna, Bin, Binny 

KES: Joel, METAL (Zao, Living Sacrifice, 

1 ntera, In Flames, COB, Soilwork, Chimaira), 
chno, concerts/local shows, shopping, 

i ?rcings, tats, FOREVER 21, Puma, Candies, 

2 irking out, glitter, gold, pink, candles, dried 
» ;es, strawberries, KH, DA, beach, cuddling, 

itumn, Tyra Banks. DISLIKES: waking up, rap, 

* ks, rudeness, trends, not knowing what to 

* ar, ignorance, being broke, cigs, fighting, MTV, 
it Topic, winter, punks, hippies, mainstream 

k & boy bands, guys who screw you over. FAV 
:M: Times spent w/Joel, The 9x's meeting 
Itic-X, Metalfest '01, meeting Pantera, Ozzfest 
>* I, crowdsurfing w/Kim, NH trips, Hudson 
dws w/D & Waltham crew, Drain STH 9/19/ 
FOUND: Mall, F21, cruisin w/Dee, Palladium, 
JPOV, Boston. AMB: Working at Coyote Ugly 
■I NY, while attending a college in the area, ma- 
king in Fashion Designing, own a clothing busi- 
es, spend the rest of my life w/Joel. FAV SAY- 

* G: Stay Metal. 

Amie Elizabeth Speroni 


LIKES: Steve, poetry, celestial bodies, art (in all 
forms), vegan punks (SF, AA), my family, lucky 
charms, good karma, creative energy. DISLIKES: 
Dogma, ignorance, racism, homophobia, anti 
semitism, all prejudice, gossip, bad karma, bad 
hs love poetry. FAVORITE MEMORY: Feb. vaca- 
tion '99, 1122 WCm HF '98m NANew Year's doc- 
tor with SG, LT, AS, etc., P-town, chillin @ 
Wendy's, Mulligans, grand theft auto, night on 
B.C. B-day 99. ACTIVITIES: Diversity Club, SA- 
CHEM, Metacomet, kenpo karate, Milford Pride 
Network, Bagly. FOUND: Club hell, Hopedale 
(where?), writing, working for human rights. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Dream as if you'll live forever, 
live as if you'll die today- James Dean. OTHER: 
Thanks to Mum, Dackloo, Gma, Gpa, and Marc. 
Thank you, Cheryl, for always being there, and 
all my friends. I love all of you dearly. 

Michael Sprout 


Daniel P. Smiley 

Smiley, Smiz, Chizzle Chest 

LIKES: Allie, driving my car, parties, working, 
money, friends, football, baseball, wiffle ball, mu- 
sic, concerts, movies, meeting new people, going to 
Boston on the train, Jr/Sr gym class. DISLIKES: The 
slow freshmen in the hallways, rude people, road 
rage, bad drivers, accidents, cops, speeding tickets, 
all academic classes, terrorist attacks. FAV MEM: 
Throwing a 2 liter bottle of soda out of the bus win- 
dow & watching it shoot across the road like a 
rocket, Mr. Guernon laughing at Ray during lunch, 
diving into a pile of cardboard boxes in Roche Bros, 
back room. ACTTV: Playing football or wiffle ball 
with friends. FOUND: At work, driving, with 
friends, or in Newbury comics. AMB: To graduate 
from K.P., to graduate from college, get a good job 
that I like, and get my Jeep. FAV SAYING: Whatever 
tomorrow brings I'll be there with open arms and open 
eyes. -Incubus 

Courtney Stasis 


LIKES: #7, concerts, guys, angels, pink, dubbin, sun, 
xdances, friends, family, shoppin, camping, wkends, 
vacs, spring, drivin, music, $, beach. DISLIKES: 
Rain, liars, fights, fakes, working, winter, rules, slow- 
drivers, English, HW, snobs. FAV. MEM.: Beach vv/ 
KP, KC, MD, AW, JM, Ping-Pong w/MD, Semi '99, 
'00, Prom '01, BK w/KC, Pawsox w/KC, BSB con- 
cert, w/KP, MD, MS. Pult's class w/KP & JN, par- 
tying w/JN, KC,TR,NT,MD, 'N»SYNC w/DG, 18th 
bday, cupcakes in KP's gym locker w/CM, sum- 
mer 01' w? KM & KC. FND: Reebok, driving w 
KC, mall, club, BK, online. ACT: V w. cheerleading 
(1-2) p. leadership (2). AMB.: Go to college and be 
the best that I can be. FAV. SAY: Wliaaat!?! Don't cry 
b/c it's over; smile cause it's happened. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom & Dad for the love and support through 
the yrs. and everything you have done for me. Mark, 
thank for being the big brother that vou are. Corey, 
good luck, kid. I love you guvs, xoxo! Good 1 
Class of 2002! 


Kristen Stewart 

Kristie Don Dee 

LIKES: Rajah, Leah, Heather, Lofa, fh, art, the hood, 
my pond, rat, cat, hat, bat, tee pee style. DISLIKES: fight- 
ing, gettin kicked out, ME, spit, school, lies, car rides, 
planes, 9-11-01 . FAV. MEM: CA '01, chilling on the roof- 
top, hang w/the boys, Sept. 12, 6 flags vv/KM, HM, 
PQ, Lhing w/PQ, The Frozen buritto, making video, 
John Mellencamp who? KM, Oregon w/LS, Hallow- 
een '00 w/LT. ACT: FH 1-4, knitting, race car driving, 
water ballet, basket weaving, weeding and hoeing, eat- 
ing. FND: on the roof w/ PQ,inME w/LT, in the hood 
with KF, BB, GG, DL, DM, SS, w/my babysister Boo, 
working at the coffee shop, in a tee pee AMB: To be- 
come a, I don't know yet... As long as I am alive and 
kicking I'm set. OTHER: Leah, Heather, I love you both 
very much. Mom, Dad, thank you for what you've 
done for me. You're in mv heart. Patty, Heidi and Katie, 
thanks for always being friends. I love you all. Lofa, 
the sunshine of mv life. I love vou babe. 

Mark Stoddard 


LIKES: Team Honda, football, track, sleep, brown 
sweatsuits, the dank, Mosi, getting away, sticky tires, #34, 
waikiki, skiing, finase, boulders, random nites, alpine, 
occasional lip. DISLIKES: back-seat drivers, chases, ML, 
random nites, unnecessarv rules, haters, Sp. vids. FAV. 
MEM.: Hawaii 01' w/JP & EC, VT 01' w/ EC, TD, JP, 
MK, HM, AC, Stoney Brook Rendevouz, Natls, OCB 
races, DMB 98, 99, 00', Frageau's Rips, friendless sum- 
mer w/JP, NM.MK, ski trips, the Bluffs, Vt. runs, Ani- 
mal Houses, the Rock, NHD nites, Joey P's basement. 
Vail 98', Westwood, anytime w/DM, Last Days of School 
in Newport, w/ Eric & Sabina, KR's basement, July 4, 01, 
Dojo Parties ACT: Ftball 1-4, w/s track 1-4, workin it 
FND in the civ, w/friends, MIA, cruising. AMB.: An 
M5, travel, be happy, reach my goals FAV. SAY: Terrible 
business. Vole Quimby, Tlmt's about as cool as a brown 
sweatsuit OTHER: Time flies. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 

Elaina Straw 

EIHe, EUiebean 

LIKES: Stars, gymnastics, f. hockey, snow hugs, pota- 
toes, DMB, campfires, zebra print, cold nights w / warm 
blankets, rainy days, smiling, hoodies, white fluffs' 
clouds, beach. DISLIKES: gdbyes, WVPO, mean 
people, slow drivers, losing, hot humidity, crueltv-9 
11 /01. FAV. MEM.: gymnastics, field hockey, summer 
2001, movie nights w/SP & BR, DMB 00' 01', NST w/ 
BC, riverside '99, 6 Flags '00, fh camp '99-'01, Hallow- 
een '99, 4-18-01, ski trips, beach trips w/BR, MC, MC, 
semi '99, '00, f.-daughter dance '00, '01 , yellow ribbons, 
campfires, playground, math party, hist, day '00. AC- 
TIVITIES: F. hockey 1-4, gymnastics 1-4, tech2-4. FND: 
w/ SF, at DB, hanging out. AMB.: To be happy and 
successful in life. FAV. SAY: It tastes Itkeburning. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, and Ryan, thanks for always being there 
for me, it means the world to me. SF, you're the best. I 
don't know what I'd do without you! Good luck '02! 

Amanda Kate Strojny 


LIKES: Happiness, Mike, friends, Maine, snov 
popsicles, swimming, bubble baths, 90210. DC- 
LIKES: Violence, ignorance, fakes, distance, fight 
ing. FAV. MEM.: Prom '01, Boston w/J.S. &B.M 
North Carolina w/ MM 3/2-w/ J.S., H.B..U 
B.M., b-ball practices w/S.H., hmrm talksw 
M.S., Fr. vid w/ H.M. & B.M.. semi 00', beach* 
B.M. who did it?- J.S., B.M., cruise 00' & (ft 
hockey camp 01', New Yr's 01' w J.S. B.M. ACT 
b-ball 1-4, f. hockey 1-4, Softball 1-2. FH 
Mike, w/friends, sleeping. AMB.: toliveahapp 
and successful life. FAV. SAY: Time waits for nA 
so treasure every moment you have. OTHER: Mor 
& Dad, thank you for supporting me and alwai 
being there w hen I need vou! Drew, I will alwav 
admire you and never be able to thank w. 
enough for everything you have taught me Thai 
for being the best brother ever! I love you guM 

Marissa Julia Suchy Melissa Raye Taddeo 


Suchy, Bubbles 

LIKES: Real friends, beach, shopping, wkends, slping, 
trips w/BR, MD, KP, smiles, JC, money, hugs, laugh- 
ing, shamoo right MD. DISLIKES: Rainy days, snobs, 
lies, smelly feet, spiders, mayo, mean people, ignorance, 
boredom, road kill, history, stupid mistakes. FAV. MEM: 
Spky Wrld w/JC, New Year's '01, FH camp, Prom '01, 
Nsync '00 w/ CS & HB, w. track w/BR, MN & MC, 
hmrm talks w/AS, 10/28/01, family trips w/BR, BK 
road tnps w/MD, CC w/ MD. ACnV: Hd hockey 1- 
4, w. track 2-4, sffball 1-2, s. track 34. FAV. SAYING: 
Well, if lie lost 20 lbs., I'd go out w/him. -BM, No boy is 
worth your tears, and when you find one who is, lie won't 
make you cry. OTHER: Mom and Dad- Thanks for al- 
ways being there for me! I love you two very much! I'll 
always be your little girl ! James & Christopher-Thanks 
for always having my back! Love ya! Mommy & 
Daddy Rasicot-you're the best 2nd family ever! Sista 
Andrea- your Yarissa is showing! JK. Biddy-BFF! 
for everything. Good luck to all my friends! 

tbe Ctess ©* 20Q2 

Missy, Missa Raye, Miss 

LIKES: Flowers, theater, ocean, art, love, mellows, 
mermaids, monkeys, best buds, lil kids, camp fires, 
stars, cooking, english, BHH, pineapple Life Savers, 
Pineapple coconut ice cream. DISLIKES: Deadlines, 
papers, being sick, stress, driving instructors, hospi- 
tals, 9-11-01, earthy crunchy, blond moments, chores. 
FAV. MEM: Set con, Feb '99 w/JM, AC, ND, Joey's 
Angels photo shoot, Halloween '98, Nov. camp outs@ 
NA's, cheese movies w/SH, 10-13-00, making tutus, 
MoleDayw/NH, Latinw/NH,campfire9-15-00,soap 
balls, Betty Sue! ACTIV: Hd hockey 1-4, mgr 2 & 4, 
drama 1-4, GAPS 2-4. FOUND: Backstage, boating, 
w/ friends, @ school, Canada, room 162. AMB: To live 
life to its fullest, & to add 6 hrs to each day FAV. SAY: 
You see things; & say ' Wlty? 'but I dream things & say ' Why 
Not? ' OTHER: Thanks JM, ND & JF for all that you've 
taught me. Best Buds 4 life NA, NH, HH, JM, ND, SH, 
DW. Joey's Angels rock! Ben, good luck! Mom, thanks 
for dealing with '99's events. Dad you still owe me a 
shark. 2 my friends-always look to the stars! 

Lauren Tangstrom 

Giggles, Lau, Tangy, Tankage 

LIKES: Ryan, happy people, God, love, friends, work- 
ing @ CPn, payday, S.I., iced coffees, V-Day, 1/28/00, 
shoes, hugs, 90210, dreams. DISLIKES: Spiders, cry- 
ing, stress, goodbyes, fighting with Ryan, liars, bad hair 
davs, 9/11, curfew, broken promises, worrying. FAV. 
MEM: January 28, 2000, Spooky World and Six Hags 
with S.C, Stop and Shop with C.T., harassing MC. with 
C.T., The Boy is Mine (S.C), North Bowl, history class 
99',00', 01', w/ "the girls". FOUND: In Attleboro w/ 
R.D., driving around with C.T. AMB: To get married , 
have kids and be happy. FAV. SAY: Ota, ya blow tvliat?! 
U7i uli! Good Times!! Corey, get out of my liead! Tlmt's bioik, 
i/o.' Don't settle for tlie one you can tine with. ..'wait for tiie 
one tliat you can't liiv 'without. You can close you eyes to 
things you don't want to see, but you can 't close your Iteart 
to things you don't want to feel. OTHER: Thanks Mom 
and Dad for everything, I luv you! Good Luck Blob-1 
more year! Erica, you're my best friend ever! I love you! 
Ry, vou mean the world to me. Every lil' thing you do 
baby I'm amazed by U! Bryant-Thanks for every thing! 
You're the best big brother ever! 

John Teiner 

]-To, ]onny T 

LIKES: Red Sox, soccer, #13, Boston, wif fleball, I 
summer, weekends, The "99", my car, Fenway I 
redskin, Wendy's, BK, Mr. Faille, indoor soccer. I 
D-Lo, sports, sleeping, driving Timmy an 
Simpsons, LF. DISLIKES: The Yankees, school, I 
homework, doubles, stop and shop, redskin, sic 
ers, getting up early, being hurt. FAV. MEM: 5 
time, road trips to Fenway w/ SU, and others, 1 
July, SGP, "The 99" outings, 49 cent cheesebu 
tests, Prom '01, soccer camp, D-Lo's classes, i 
Yankees Sept 2, 2001 . ACT: Soccer 1-4, NHS 34, 1 
indoor soccer, stop and shop, foxboro stad 
FOUND: driving my car, playing soccer, wo 
sleeping, hanging out with friends. AMB: 
wealthy /successful, and to watch the Red Sox^ 
world series.OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad f 
en-thing I could not have done it without vou. S 
SU, TD, TC, RK. KM, DW, EW, LF, SS, MP, < 
DM, thanks for all being great friends and all ya 
throughout the years. Good luck Ke\in and I 
will never forget you Class of 2002. Good Luck! 

J Jessica Leigh Terrio 

jess, Mallets, Tess 

c KES: Horses, sunny days, music, winning 1st 
' ace, riding, skiing, ice skating, vacas, snow days, 
r ying clothes, dressing up. DISLIKES: Mornings, 
: ie people, snobby people, dry socks, cold days, 
: irtg stressed, tests, ear infections, being sick. FAV. 
: EM: WP 2000 WGI World Champs, MB 2000 Boa 
gional Champs and going out to Grand Nation- 
i , WP 2001 WGI 2nd place in concert and march- 
I ;, MB 2001 Boa Regional Champs, playing w/ 
. I <, KF, ID, and MM, taking lessons w/ Norm. ACT: 
1 3, Winter Percussion, Jazz Combo, horseback 
I ing. FND: w/ friends, @ the movies, skiing w/ 
I ' dad, practicing in band room, or horseback 
a ing. AMB: To go to college, get married, have 
n Is, and be a psychologist and work w/ horses. 
I HER: I want to say thanks to everyone who has 
I ped me. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Becca for 
1 .'ays being there when I needed you- 1 love you. 

Jennifer Thomas 


LIKES: Being with friends, tennis, going to the 
Casino (C and H), Hampton Beach, family, pay- 
day, vacation, driving. DISLIKES: seagulls, stu- 
pid writing assignments, the dungeon, home- 
work, lying, stress, disrespect, studying, snobby 
people, customers. FAVORITE MEMORIES: sum- 
mers in Hampton with A.D., parties with A.D., 
K.R. and L.H., Hampton '01 with A.D. and K.R./ 
fun in advertising with A.D. and JO., "Tigger" 
B-day parties, semi's, going to the beach w/ JH, 
work, at the mall, hanging out with friends, at 
the beach. AMBITION: Have a big family, be 
happy and successful in my life. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Bamm! OTHER: Mom, Dad and Kayla. 
Thanks for everything. I'm who I am today be- 
cause of vou. I love vou. Good Luck Class of 2002!! 

Corey Lee True 

Core, Coors 

LIKES: Friends, laughing, summer, wkds, music, 
fridays, family, angels, road trips, shopping, dreams, 
red Skittles, iced coffee, trust, DMB, gum, pictures, 
daydreaming. DISLIKES: Spiders, Mondays, stress, ig- 
norance, slow drivers, curfews, hypocrites, hmwrk, 
worrying, snobs, drunk drivers, working, fighting, be- 
ing lied to. FAV MEM: Sept. 00', welcome to Mass!. 
Friendly's, harassing MCw/ LT, getting in trouble w/ 
LT, LB, AK, 2-23-01, 3-27-01, 9-7-01. FNDTyler's, 
Lauren's, Tom's basement, Wampum Corner, Easy 
Spirit, Banana Republic, Stop & Shop, Honey Dew, 
RD's, DECA room. AMB: To be successful happy and 
live life to it's fullest. OTHER: Thank you Mom & Dad. 
I don't know what I'd do with out you guys. Darrell, 
thanks for always looking out for your little sister! To 
all my friends-I love you guys! Never underestimate 
yourselves & reach for the stars! Congrats & good luck 
to the class of 2002.. .Live it up! 

Arthur Turner 

A], Ardimos, Artie the one man party 

LIKES: Baseball, PS1, sleeping, Math, Chillin with 
friends, and most of all- the Lord, Pizza, 
"Chalupas," "Whoppers," and chicken. DIS- 
LIKES: Sin, mushrooms, brocolli, homework. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: When I accepted the Lord 
as savior of my life at the age of five years old. 
ACTIVITIES: Baseball, National Honor Society, 
track, having fun. AMBITION: To one day become 
a major league baseball player and maybe play 
for the Atlanta Braves or Cincinnati Reds. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: If you always do what you've always 
done, you'll always get what you've always got. 
OTHER: I love you family for all your love and 
support through the years. Also I love you church 
family for many blessings. Finally Thank You to 
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for you're more 
than I could ever express! 

Robert Tuveson 

Robby T. 

IS: Phish, biking, moe., VT, NH, MV, the Folk, ses- 
is, the Bluff, High Rock, skiing, weekend getaways, 
Cape, Friday's, Drew, mullets, chillin, calling shot- 
i, driving, ski trips. DISLIKES: hmwrk, WPD, ig- 
ant people, getting pulled over @ 2am, Sundays, 
orism, getting chased, skunk. FAV. MEM: Animal 
use, ski trip '01, Stoddard's, GHOSH, summer '01, 
on Crator '00, Phish '98-'00, moe. '00-'01, chillin w/ 
. DS, JC, DH, MM, MS, KM, BG, & all the other 
s from the folk, NYE's, prom night '01, NH trip '01, 

oween bash '00. ACTTV: Student Council, Indr 
ck, LAX, Hackey Sack, Frisbee Team, Champ of 
;h Rock. FOUND: in my car, @ home, w/ friends, 
'* stwood, Medfield, chillin, having a good time, 
untains. AMB: To be happy, support my self and 
ig out the Funk. FAV. SAYING: This is sketchy, 
ise me have no regrets. OTHER Thanks to all who 
1 ?ed me along the way and to all those who put up 

my shanagans. Love you all, Mom, Dad, Laura 
ah, my dog, my cat & my 4 fish. Peace. 



Steve Urquhart 


LIKES: BK, Hershey Pie, Maximas, "The '99", 
Trips to Seekonk with TD, DG, and SK, The Lake. 
DISLIKES: Osama Bin Laden, Norton girls, Yan- 
kees. FAVORITE MEMORIES: Overnighter at 
Sweat Hill "99", 4th of July at the Cape '99, Wit- 
nessing the Green Machine jump the curb, Trips 
to Fenway with J-to and everyone else, 2001 Sum- 
mer, Lakeside fires. FOUND: In my car, at Gumps, 
Buying Hershey Pies. AMBITION: Make it 
through college alive, Get a good job, Get rich but 
never become a yuppie. FAVORITE SAYING: /( 
happens. OTHER: Thanks Mom! Beav, J-to, Stevo, 
Dana, TD, BN, GM, LA, RK, KT, KM, MB, DW, 
CW, DG, MP, DM, and anyone else who was there 
for the good times on the 2001 summer and se- 
nior weekends. 

Amanda Vogan 

Vogan, Mander 

LIKES: Money, sleep, laughing, clothes, friends, 
vacations, animals, family, compliments, DD iced 
coffee, whoppers, tacos, ice cream, hugs. DIS- 
LIKES: Fights, stress, cooked vegatables, bugs, 
being sick, homework, liars, bills, waking up, bro- 
ken promises. FAVORITE MEMORY: Making 
Spanish video, hanging with DW in the ghetto, 
DMB and BNL concerts, walking around the out- 
lets before prom '01 with LG, GS, PG, Blue Man 
Group, trying to skip with BM and JS. FOUND: 
at work, out with PG. AMBITION: To live a happy 
and successful life, have a family and to always 
think positively. FAVORITE SAYING: Enjoy who 
you are, don 't hate yourself for what you aren 't. There 
is no way to know before experiencing. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Jess, and Hannah for all of 
your love and support. I appreciate all that you 
have done for me. I love you so much! Thanks to 
my friends who have always been there for me to 
make me laugh and give encouragement. I will 
miss you all! Good luck Class 2002! 

James Wald 

The Wald 

LIKES: Computers, bowling, watching sports, ski- 
ing and snowboarding, guitar play ing. DISLIKES: 
bad weather, taking notes, being bored. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Senior year of high school. AC- 
TIVITIES: Competitive bowling, writing music, 
running my computer business. FOUND: At 
school or at home, sometimes at Ficco's 
Bowladrome, or on instant messanger as "Jamez 
Wald." AMBITION: To get a masters degree in 
Computer Engineering. FAVORITE SAYING: It's 
easy to give up, but it's even easier to enjoy success. 
OTHER: visit to 
see my computer business. 



Nicole Jean Webber 

Webber, Webba 

LIKES: Being with friends, talking on the phone, 
listening to my Blink-1 82 CD's, being in New Hamp- 
shire, making people laugh, E.R., Blue Man Group, 
VW's. DISLIKES: Terrorism, Yankees, red meat, an- 
noying/rude people, hot days, racism, colds, say- 
ing the wrong thing at the wrong time, being sleep- 
less. FAV MEM: Watching Cruel Intentions w/JD 
(seltzer water), Sum. w/AA, KB @ Funway, Jr/Sr 
math w/DeLuca. ACT: Skiing, talking on the the 
phone, bike riding FND: W/ friends, at Ty Ty's, at 
school, NH. AMB: To get a degree in psychology, 
get my life together, get married and have a happy 
life. FAV SAY: That's illegal. Do what you want as long 
as you're happy. Ode to the mullet. TM./.-J.D. OTHER: 
Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there 
for me. Also to Sarah for being there too. I love you 
all. Good luck to my friends and the Class of 2002. 
Thank you for looking down on me Til Bobby. 

Russell Curtis Wells Dominique Werboff 


LIKES: Hiking, NIN, taking deep breaths to re- 
lax, nice people, camping, canoeing. DISLIKES: 
Fast food, cities, overpopulation, false reasoning. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Sitting by my fire pit chillin 
with Adam & others, Adam's outburst of BER- 
SERKER, NIN concert. Berk Fest, magical mo- 
ments, feeling good. ACTIVITIES: Hiking, mold 
clay/super sculpy, computer art, abstract draw- 
ing, snowboarding, chillin, trail blazing. FOUND: 
Hiking among the wilderness trying to find some 
serenity or beside the fire chillin. AMBITION: 
Harnessing the energies from beyond to bring 
myself to a higher spirituality. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: It's not the words of our enemies that we re- 
member, but the silence of our friends. 

Dom, Munchkin 

LIKES: Friends, guys, football games, icecream, danc'n, 
gymnastics, inspiring quotes, music, good movies, sun- 
sets, Niagra Falls, France, the beach, sun, summer, snow 
before it gets dirty and slushy, snow days, vacations, 
laughing, a good sense of humor. FAV. MEM: Fr. with 
Leah-my bff, getting stalked at the pool w / Lael, sum- 
mer w/Lael & Amanda everyday, talking, laughing, 
crying & eating ice cream w /Julie-Jules you're the best, 
Minnesota and balloon pants. Gibber, the King, get- 
ting beat up by Tom, Steve & Beav-yeah pile driver, 
Schmidt's bio & anat classes, chillin' the neighborhood 
JD's, breakfast w /Susanne & Julie- Sue, you're always 
good for a laugh, hangin' out w/Leah and Kristen. 
OTHER: Mom, Dad, and Ariane, thanks for always 
being there for me. I couldn't ask for a better family. I 
love you guys so much. Leah, vou always have been 
and always will be my best friend. Je t'aime, et je 
faimerai toujours. 

Elin Marie Wilcox 

Elin-shmeelin, Icebox 

LIKES: Outside, sandals, lunch w/ Dare, family 
my car, water, makin stuff, Cosbv Show, you 
mom, candles, havin fun, jazz, Ella, Dvlan, Loui 
music, percussion, my guitar, people, ope: 
mindedness, Alex, singing, driving w/Dana 
peach roses, Simpsons, band, mambas, shaggi 
drummer, SNL. DISLIKES: 80s bangs. FAVOR 
ITE MEMORY: All the good times, PC, band n 
Pooj, prom shopping w/ KM, 9/1/01, bus w 
MO. ACTIVITIES: Field hockey, marching band i 
winter percussion. FOUND: Everywhere imagir 
able, most likely practice or Dana's. FAVORITE 
SAYING: You pay extra for that 1 , her NAME 'A 
Alexander!. Fongoola! OTHER: Thanks Mom an. 
Dad for puttin up with me. I love you. Thank- 
Mr. T and Shaggy for the music; to the class, yoi; 
guvs rock. Thanks so much for the fun- 1 loveyoi 

Victoria Wilfert 


the ttou et 2002 

Kelly Williams 

Kelldog, Kel Kel, Peaches 

LIKES: Nice people, yellow, the beach, sunshine, 
love, making everyone happy, sunsets, hugs and 
kisses, Keith's Mom, NSYNC, Jeeps, peach rings, 
Bon Jovi, memories, concerts, living life for the 
moment. DISLIKES: Mean people, immaturity, 
rainy days, heartbreak, discrimination, dishon- 
esty, bugs, users, crying, broken promises, stress, 
curfews. FAVORITE MEMORY: Fisherman's '00, 
'01, driving Betsy, Semi '00, 1-ways in Pawtucket, 
Big E '00, day before my 17th birthday, rides 
home with KR, JP, JD, JA, math class jr. year, 
Boston with MB, MH, Mike's plays, Mark's house 
4/13/01, Star Club. FOUND: Melissa's house, out 
and about. FAVORITE SAYING: Life is all about 
risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person 
who has to look back and wonder what they would have 
done, or could have. No one waits forever. OTHER: 
Love you, Dad, Mom, Kathleen, and Sara. Told 
you I would graduate. Thank you, Melissa, for 
being the best friend 1 ever had. Good luck, Class 
of 2002. 

Alison Winget 


LIKES: Friends, #7, DW, roses, beaches, Wendy's, 
football games, concerts, memories, Cheesecake 
Factory. DISLIKES: Rude people, terrorism, toma- 
toes, vanilla (right BR & LG), goodbyes, tears. 
FAV. MEMORY: Chicken on a stick, J-chicken w/ 
MD & KC, beach trips w/ MD, LG, ES, KC, etc., 
locker crew, Prom '01, register girls w/ LG & BR, 
7/7/01, late night Wendy's runs w/ MD, the big 
dig workers. FOUND: Nautica, spending time w/ 
DW, cruisin' in the sexy escort, chillin' w/ MD, 
LG, EM, KD, CS, KP, and others. AMBITION: To 
go to a good college and get a good job, eventu- 
ally get married, have kids, and have a happy life. 
FAV. SAYING: To the world you are only one person, 
but to one person you might mean the -world. Good 
friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impos- 
sible to forget. OTHER: Mom and Dad- Thank you 
so much for everything. I love you guys. Jen and 
Gordon- Good luck in everything you do! xoxo 
Maryanne-BFF! Class of 2002- Good luck! 

Nada Yousif 


LIKES: Lebanon, true friends, fam, hugs, 
vacas, being happy, beaches, sunny place 
sic, holidays, roses, art, smiles, stars, gum, I 
long walks, blue, Cape, surprises, snow, ca 
poems, skittles, dreams, ice cream, mems,;j 
Xmas, shopping, eating w/ the girls, parties,) 
ning, sleeping, snow days, TV, my car, cute| 
apples, movies, late night walks on the f 
chocolate, coffee. DISLIKES: Rain, thunderse 
morns, spiders, ignorance, snobs, feet, 
math, liars, work, tests, rules, attitudes, g- 
fake people, being bored, stress, stupid aig 
ments. FAV. MEM: Summers in Lebanon, Ja 
parties, last day of school '01 w/LO, CA, 
ties in the basement. Expedition trips, Sll 
trips w/JR, college day w/ JR, JM, CB, MC 
'01, Prom '01, morning trips to McDsw/ GY,B' 
DC, JR, Mall, Mobil, on the phone, Vinnie Tiafc 
AMB: To succeed in life, and be happy. OTHI 
Thanks to my family and friends. I love you gUV' 

n the beac: 
tbeinjft I 

des, g- 

Otbet Herbert 

Qk the 
Ctoss et 1001 

Steven Anthony 

Carolyn Dillon 

Jennifer Gaudioso 

Kristin Hogarth 

Scott Hooban 

Aart Knyf f 

Leanne McNamara 

And even if we are 
occupied with most 
important things; 
if we attain honor or fall 
into great misfortune- 
still let us remember how 

good it was once, here, 

where we were all together, 

united by a good 

and kind feeling 

which made us... better, 

perhaps, than we are. " 


BIG SIS (right) 

Sisters, Kelly Dinand, Nafeesa Rahman, Colleen McGuire, and 

Shanya Harper (back row) help to guide their little brothers, 

John Dinand, Habib Rahman, Dave McGuire, and Matthew Harper 

(front row) through their first year of high school at KP. 

GO LONG! (below) 

The freshmen, Mark Prentice and Sean McGill, take tips from their 
older brothers, Mike Prentice and Evan McGill, on passing, tackling, 
and all other aspects of the sport. Through the years, they have grown 
up to share a mutual love for the game. 

Twin brothers, Jon and Pat, always 
know how to get into their older 
sister, Sarah Cronin's hair by 
wreaking havoc together at home. 
Even if they have different interests, 
they always know how to have a 
good laugh from time to time. 


Freshmen brothers and sisters have decided to follow in their older 
siblings' footsteps by carrying on the family tradition of soccer. From left 
to right: Daniel and Andrew Neviackas, Kristy and Kaitlin Lamothe, 
Kathryn and Kristin Astley, Tim and Greg Davis. 


feiq Sfetbet , S*»«j Sister 

Sisters, regardless of how different 
sisters, Bettina and Marguerite 
Mae and Gwen Deevy, pose for the 

1 . 

Bty $tettetf» 
Big Sister 

Freshmen and their senior siblings have a unique relationship. 

Seniors guide their younger brothers or sisters academically and 

athletically, while watching their younger siblings strive to succeed. 


Kelley and Becca Brennan, and Matthew and Stacey Jillson all 

have found a mutual love for music over the years. Whether a part 
of the band or colorguard, they all know how much hard work it 
takes to be number one. 


These three letter-men, 
Andy Lovely, 
AJ Turner, and 
Steve Rieger, show their 
brothers, Daniel Lovely, 
Craig Turner, and 
Jeff Rieger, a thing or 
two about playing ball. 
In their free time they 
enjoy practicing against 
each other in an attempt 
to improve their skills. 



* • « * 


1 -4 * 1 
m I 


1 i 



. . . 

"- c 


Brian and Pamela Dugdale, Scott and Lael Roye, and Dave and Diandra 
DeBlasio flash the DECA diamond sign. The seniors can appreciate all this 
symbol stands for and maybe one day, their siblings can understand the 
dedication this course takes as well. 

?y are, always seem to have an unbreakable bond between them. These 
yes, Heather and Jennifer Gaudioso, Amy and Caitlin Kenney, and 

nera as they capture yet another memorable moment. 







, / 


\ A 



r >lyi>kA :/ VJw 

; I XTYJP * '^ / 




S/lr. Brown's 



*e«*ecnl»ef Wbe*? ** 



Jackie Rose and Katie Baker were 
too involved in devouring their 
candy to prepare for this picture. 
Both girls greatly enjoyed 
themselves at this New Kids On 
the Block theme party. 

SUPER STARS (right) 

Amy Carr and Lindsay Corrigan 

strike a pose on their couch/ 
stage. These two often spent 
their sleepovers goofing around 
putting on performances for 

After getting a quick shower on 
the log flume, Marissa Suchy, 
Andrea King, and 
Maryanne Devine aren't sure 
how to react. It looks like 
Andrea is ready to do it again! 

Ellie Straw and Sarah Fisher 

make the best of the winter 
months by having tons of fun in 
the snow. These two girls have 
lots of exciting winter memories to 




MOVING ON UP (above) 
Glowing with pride, Elin Wilcox, 
Dominque Werboff, and 
Lisa McPherson are all dressed up 
for their sixth grade graduation. 
They will always remember their 
time at Norfolk Elementary. 

BRING IT ON (right) 

Corey True and Christine Muse 

are ready to take on anyone! The 
skills they learned in this class will 
come in handy in the future. 


e tf» t> c t 


*e«*e«*toetf itfbet*? 

GOOD TIMES! (far left) 
Mr. Pickering's 4th grade class brings 
back fond memories of elementary 
school. Those nostalgic years saw the 
beginnings of the close friendships 
we have at King Philip today. 

Looking absolutely delightful, 
Kalena Coulsey, Emily Holt, and 
Ellie Straw pose for their first picture 
as high schoolers! Many exciting 
experiences await them in the years to 

STYLIN' (far left) 
Kristy Lamothe 

shows off her chic 
purple ensemble. 



Kristin McCann and 

Andy Koziol take a 

quick break from 

their summer fun. 

Russell Wells, Lael Roye, 
Chris Cerrato, Harleigh Billian and 
Chris Kade all plead innocent! 

Nicole Armitage, Meg Conley, and 
Maggie Church can't wait to get 
into their classrooms. 

#1 FAN (above) 

Andrea King certainly believed she was The New 
Kid's number one fan. She proudly sits by just one 
of the many posters she collected. 

Here are a just a few 
xamples of friendships at 
King Philip that started Julie Lyon 

way back when and Kristin McCann 

are still alive today! 

— i 


Jake Nyborn 

Joanna Silvi 

Patti Quick 




icole Magnuson 

Amy Carr 

Peter Getty 



Tim Davis 


Kristen Hogarth Mark Stoddard 

Marissa Suchy 




■ 3 J 

^^K ^ 

Loofc Hon; 



WE MADE IT! (right) 

Kathryn Astley and Kate Small are very 

happy; they're on their way to pro soccer. 

YOU'VE GOT MAIL (below) 
Dave Arvidson, Andrea Demone and 
Mike Shruhan loved to play make believe. 
This was one way they could show it in school 
without getting in trouble. 


BEST BUDS (right) 
Colleen McGuire will 
never be able to get rid 
of Steve Rieger. They 
have been friends for so 
long, you could consider 
them brother and sister. 

OVER HERE! (far right) 
Maggie Church stands 
there and laughs as 
Jay Olivieri tries 
walking with his eyes 

They all look sweet and innocent. What 
could Andy Koziol, Andy Neviackas and 
Jeff Litvin possibly have in that dirt hole? 

CHERUBS (far right) 
Patti Quick and Kristen Stewart have 
been friends ever since kindergarten, to 
be exact. They've never stopped being 
silly together. 

fl-e«*e<*frec V*betf? 


te&e&XtQt Wbctv? 

Dressed in her snazzy Halloween 
outfit, Kate Small maps out the best 
route to get the most candy. This is 
her all time favorite holiday! 

READY, SET, GO! (below) 

Rob Tuveson and Mark Stoddard 

couldn't wait to get their licenses. 
Being at the race track was a good 
starting point for the boys! 

IN CONTROL (below) 
Things just never seem to 
change. Dave DeBlasio looks 
very prepared. He was born a 
natural leader and ready to take 
on the world! 

Way back in elementary school, 
these girls loved to play dress 
up. The urge to show off their 
inner selves never seemed to 
fade away. 

Sleepovers are the best; even if it 
is with your older sister. 
Lauren Tangstrom and her sister 
loved to watch movies together on 
school nights. This was one 
person mom couldn't say no to. 

Katie Baker, Amy Avitabile, and 
Christine Albert are ready to satisfy 
their candy cravings while trick or 
treating. The trio found that they 
could make a great candy-gathering 
team when they went out together. 

Seoiotf Section 


*etf*etf*t»etf Vbe*? 

Long time friends, Kate Blair and 
Heidi Murphy, passed the time 
giggling and playing. Even today 
a good time for them consists of 
hours and hours of laughing on 


Colleen McGuire, 

Dave DeBlasio, and Jim Renner 

look as if they aren't too sure if 
they liked their first day at 
school. Today, they often wish 
they could go back to those days 
of coloring, snacks, and naptime. 

In third grade, Ellie Straw and 
Heidi Krajewski's class studied 
Indians and their societies. After 
a long year of hard work, they 
were all treated to a pow wow 
where they were able to 
experience the Indian culture for 

*ef*e<vttoef Wbet*? 

Keith Foster, Eric Schmall, 
Christina El-Far, Kate Reidel, 
Jess Rodio, Missy Taddeo, and 
Courtney Abbot all seem to be having a 
great time at their class trip to the Roger 
Williams Zoo. 

NEED A HAND? (right) 
In the midst of Andy Koziol's 
trying to wake up and get ready 
for school, it seems he has lost 
his arms! What is he to do?! 

Throughout the years, we have all 
grown up together. The friend- 
ships we formed in pre-school are 
still alive today as we graduate 
from high school and move into 
the next chapter of our lives. 




Back when licenses were only for 

adults, we all used to play games 

and wait impactiently for the big 

yellow bus to turn tlie corner. 

Tim Mahla, 
Nate Cole, 

Andy Lovley, 
Courtney Long & 
Harleigh Billian 

Amy Avitabile 

Maggie Church 


Meg Conley 

Sarah, Patty, 

Judy Cronin 

Amanda Vogan and Anna Iannetti 

wait to perform. To relieve anxiety, they 
practice their moves for the camera. 

Joe Pender and Eric Cunnane entertain them- 
selves during the long bus ride to New York on 
their eighth grade field trip. Throughout the years 
these boys have gone on many trips together and 
each trip seems to be better than the one before. 

BEACH BUDS (left) 
In the middle of a 
hot and humid 

Kristy McKinney 
and Kristin McCann 
cool off with a trip to 
the beach. They got 
there early so they 
could soak up lots of 

WELL, HELLO THERE! (far left) 
Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, 
Katelyn Small shows her excite- 
ment. She can't wait to find out 
what's in store next at Sarah 
Cronin's 4th birthday party! 

S.S. MINNOW (left) 
These girls are taking a quick break 
from a day of swimming. It's quite 
convenient having not only one, but 
two, lakes in Wrentham. 

Se*tef Section 


(clockwise from bottom) 
Corey True, Lee Brown, 
Jackie Murawski, Amy Kenney 
and Lauren Tangstrom make their 
friendship circle. These girls have 
gone through thick and thin 

GREEN THUMB (right) 
The lawn is in good hands. 
Cathy Doane always liked to 
feel helpful around the house by 
cutting the lawn with her kiddie 
lawnmower. If only all 
lawnmowers were as cost- 

WIDE AWAKE (right) 

Despite the late hour, 

Heidi Murphy shows no signs 

of tiring. She was known to all of 

her friends as the one who 

would never fall asleep first at 


Every child has a favorite pillow. 
Lisa Galano and Becky Colcord 
just happen to share the same 
fondness towards this pillow 
with a face. 

Chris Cerrato, Gregg Santabarbara 
and Jim Foulis compete to be the 
first noticed. Riding the bus is a big 
part of every kid's memories of 
elementary school. 

Glowing with pride from her 
flawless performance, 
Amy Avitabile savors this 
moment. Her dreams to be a 
dancer changed as she grew up, 
but her talent never faded. 

fcetoetfMoer V*betv? 

Settle* Sectte* 

CAUSING A SCENE (far left) 
Brian Cameron, Nate Cole, Pete Getty, 
Tom Daniel, Mark Stoddard and 
Derek Leavitt make a rowdy crowd. 
These boys never made a substitute's 
job any easier! 

BON VOYAGE (left) 
Kris McDonald, Ryan Shaughnessy, 
and Susanne Aulisio express their 
approval of school field trips. 
Students always enjoyed getting a 
break from the normal schedule 
inside school walls. 

In the days when the 
homework load was 
a bit lighter, Lael Roye, 
Tracy Stella, 
Jake Cacciapaglia, 
Shane Jackson, and 
Dave Arvidson 
found the time to 
hang out after 

Funny Faces 

TJuoughout our four years at 
CP, we have made some crazy 
aces. These highlights are just 
vl few of the zany contortions. 

Without a care in the world, 
Nicole Armitage and Marissa Suchy 
lose themselves in the ball pit. 

GERONIMO! (left) 
These 7th grade graduates celebrate 
their accomplishment by taking a 
leap of faith into the years to come. 

Ta-dah! Urrtrrgh! 

Maggie Church Gregg Santabarbara 

Softball is an activity that many girls take 
up for the first time in elementary school. 
This Norfolk softball team was full of girls 
who would bring superb talents to King 
Philip sports in the future. 

Megan Kirby 

Katy Robbins 

*e«*e«*be* V»be<*? 


to** to k\#& 9 VMfry to have* ~ ihUHHH 







Janine Molino, Pete Morriss; Kelly Morrison 




Vivto Va VWte l«i» 


Juniors 60 

Sophomores 72 

Freshmen 86 

Ashley Prescott, Caroline Cotter, 
Kayla McCaffrey, Ayla Greenland 


juniors on the Yearbook Staff 

Sophomore Spirit 



Sitting Around 

Christina Powers, 

Lindsay Khouri, Zoe Lodola, 

and Laura Dugdale are 

sitting around trying to find 

something to do 

on a Friday night. 

Lindsay Wyman and 

Mikaela Noble have been 

good friends since junior 

high. Now juniors, their 

friendship is stronger than 

ever before. 

Class Officers 

Guiding the Class of 2003 are 
Christina Duczakowski, 

president, (in front), 

Katie Johnson, secretary, 

Steph Knowles, treasurer, and 

Minhaj Rahman, vice president. 

Their fun-loving attitudes and 

great leadership qualities are the 

reasons they are the class officers. 

Party Animal' 

These girls sure do knov 

how to have fun. 

Before touring Boston, 

they stop to take a pict 

with a seal. These party 

animals know how to have; 

good time. 

Hard Work 

Lauren Briere works 
diligently on her art project. 
Art isn't as easy as it seems. 

Looks good, Lauren! 



Jessica Allen 

Amanda Barrett 

Julie Belek 

> * <v » o * s 

Landon Amaral 

Brett Amidon Marybeth Anderson Elizabeth Andreozzi Adrian Ashman 

Dan Barrett 

Megan Barry 

Siobhan Barton 

Ryan Beans 

Melanie Bernier 

Timothy Blinten Molly Bloomer 

Alyssa Bona 

Richard Bremilst Lauren Briere Christopher Bright Timothy Burt 

Allison Byrne 

Da\id Bea\er 

Justin Bourke 

Joanne Caffrey 

Rachel Cardillo 

Leanne Carey 

Chris Carloni Heather Cassidy Christopher Catani Matthew Chin 

Juniors are filled 

Emily Jaronski and Emily Greaves 

with the kind of 

-proudly display their class color, 

school spirit that 

while Katie Sevy and Erica Shapiro 

makes other 

know the true meaning 

classes jealous. 

of green and gold. 


Benjamin Chruney Michael Ciaccio Kathleen Clancy Matthew Clark Kristina Cochrane Timothy Concannon 

Elizabeth Cove 

> a # \ o t s 

Kristin Crisafi 

Christina Cummings Laura Czyzevvski 

Stephen Dacko Abigail Dalton Sean DeForest 

Megan Demers Joshua Denton Harold Dinkins Jeffrey Dolan Bryan Donahue Lisa Donovan 

Kevin Downing Jill Dubendris Christina Duczakowski Laura Dugdale Stephen Ericson Matthew Ferencik 

Kristin Fiori 

Nicole Fleck 

Lauren Flocco 

Jason Fobert 

Megan Fogg 

Michael Foley 

Adam Forbes 

Brendan Ford 

Matthew Fox 

Colleen Foley 

Esther Friedman Brian Furbush 


Benjamin Gaetani Timothy Gaffney Scott Gagne Deirdre Galluzo Dennis Garofalo Laura Gaudioso 

Alyson Gavrilles Christina Gilbert Elizabeth Giordano Alicia Giovannelli Christopher Graves Amanda Gray 

Alicia Greaves Emily Greaves Jeffrey Gustafson Kevin Hall 

Sondria Hall Brandi Hamlin 

Adam Harcovitz Michael Hassell Caitlyn Hawkins Thomas Hayes, Jr. Brian Hill Agnieszka Hoagland 

Harley Holmes Jonathan Holt Scott Hooban Melissa Hootstein Siobhan Howard Stephanie Howard 

Nicole Hoyceanyls Edward Huber Jillian Jackson Jeffrey Jacobson Emily Jaronski Cheyne Johnson 

Kathryn Johnson Ryan Johnson Lauren Keeler Ryan Kelley 

Sean Kern Lindsay Khouri 

He may look like Indiana Jones 

Is Indiana Jones 

but, actually, he is Ben Purkis, 

really a part of the 

supporting his class by dressing 

Junior Class 

up in a cowboy hat for school 

at King Philip 

spirit week. 

High School? 

Lindsay King Stephanie Knowles Filiz Korkmaz 

Jenna Kraby 

Bryan LaBlue 

Ross LaBrie 

Andrea Lecke Lauren Leclerc 

David Leon Joshua Leventhal Kristin Lewis 

Zoe Lodola 

Alisha Lomasney Sean Maguire 

Jill Malcolm 

Robert Maloof Lindsay Marshak Michele Martel 


it * * iBflBBHBi 
Christopher Matte 

• k, rvime- 

A good 

Ben Gaetani is a student in 


Ms. Harringtons U.S. History class. 

relationship is an 

Kate Sullivan, Molly Bloomer, and 

essential part of 

Sean Kern role play with their 

high school. 

Spanish teacher, Ms. McCourt. 

Melissa McDonough Shana McElroy 

Jason McGrath Kim McNamara Dustin Mead 

Gregory Mirliss 

Janine Molino 

Kathleen Moore Timothy Morris 

Jessica Murphy Matthew Murphy Michael Murphy Catherine Murray Mikaela Noble Michael O'Connell 

Brian Oles 

Jaclyn Olson Meaghan O'Malley Nathan Partridge Matthew Pasionek 

Vivek Patel 

Ryan Johnson demonstrates 

King Philip 

that unique type of spirit. 

students possess 

During the pep rally 

spirit that 

Ryan proudly displays a green K.P. 

cannot be found 

painted across his body. 

anywhere else. 

Andrea Patton Kerri Pedro Jill Petruchik Lisa Pittsley Justin Poirier Chad Pouliot 

Christina Powers Brett Prevost Robert Proctor Nicole Puddester Benjamin Purkis Minhaj Rahman 

Geoffrey Rankin Samuel Raymond Renee Robinson Tina Rogers Nathan Schneider Katherine Sevy 

Erica Shapiro Dana Shaw Jennifer Siakotos Shalyn Simmer Vincent Sitkauskas Caitlin Smith 

Kelli Smith Vanessa Sotir Amanda Spinney Matthew Squire Jennifer St. Amand 

a * \ O X s 


Shannon Steele Leah Stewart Shawn Stewart 

Ian Stone Elizabeth Streeter 


Michael Stuart 

Christopher Suchy Kathryn Sullivan Paul Sullivan Ryan Sullivan Carolyn Sweeney Robert Tangstrom 

Kristen Taylor Kevin Teiner Kenneth Tellum Gregory Tetreault Kayla Thomas Kimberly Thomas 

Nicole Thomas Bret Tolivaisa 

Adin Tosches 

Jill Treen 

Brian Tufts 

James Walsh 

Christopher Watkins Susan Watson 

} tutors 

Seth Weaver 

Jason Webber Gregory Whitehouse Marcella Wieners 

Kendra Willette Daniel Williams Keith Williams 

Jenna Wirtes 

itwteft Hot fUtttf e£ 

Jeffrey Wood Courtney Woods 


Lindsay Wyman Sebastian Zervos 

Matthew Bethoney 
Miranda Converse 
Jonathan Langille 

Sean MacNeil 

Charles McCluer 

John McMahon 

Dustin Mead 
Kathleen O'Neil 

rfl IHh 

High school 

Amanda Spinney and ]enna Kraby 

memories of 

share good times, 

friends last a 

while Tim Blinten and Pete Morriss 


share a friendship that will last forever. 


Ladies' Night Out 

On a ladies' night out Jess Colcord, 
Karaline Zeigler, and Rachel White 

go cruising in a limo around Boston. 
There, these girls shopped, grabbed 
dinner, chatted about old times and 

updated each other on the latest 

gossip. It's hard to believe that these 

girls will be driving themselves soon 

enough. Just imagine more confusion 

in the high school parking lot and 

many fewer open parking spaces. 

Evan Harwood has reason to 

smile. The new school year is 

beginning and that means fun 

clubs, exciting activities, and 

most importantly basketball. 

Hopefully, Evan will be off 

his crutches soon enough to 

be the star of the team. If he is 

not, we can guarantee that he 

will be at every game 

cheering on the other 



A Wave of Steves 

It must have been a popular year 

for the name Steven and it just so 

happens that we were able to 

catch up with two of the Steves 

in the class. 

Steve Hamilton and Steve Casey 

are just a couple of the Steves in 

the sophomore class. These boys 

don't get lost in the waves of 

Steves. With their great 

personalities, they are always 

the center of attention. 

Officers with 

These four girls are full of 

awesome attitude. 

Rachel White, vice-president, 

Meredith Gaynor, president, 

Erin Ouimet, secretary, and 

Abby Wessman, treasurer, 

spend endless hours 

organizing events such as the 

sophomore semi and candy 

sales. They show endless 

pride for the Class of 2004 

The Candy Man 

English class may be boring 

for Ryan Strickland. 
Luckily, he has hard candies 
to tide him over until the end 
of the period. Hopefully, all 
his hard work will pay off on 
test day and he will ace 
the test. 

Ayaan Agane 

Beth Bailey 

Yusef Agane 

Sarkis Apar Katelyn Arvidson Daniel Ayres 

Tiffany Bagby 

Jacqueline Banks Kevin Banks Christopher Barb Alyson Barker Nicholas Bartelloni 

Kelley Bassett Michelle Beaver Rose Becker 

Linda Bentley Valerie Bernier Lora Bertoldi 

Frank Bethoney Emily Bhatti Matthew Birmingham Kelly Boulter 

James Boyce Mark Brouwer 


Taylor Brown Jonathan Bullock Jonathan Burgess Rachel Burgess 


Two of a kind, 

]ared Cacciapaglia and Dave Rando 

these pairs never 

share good times at lunch. 

experience a 

While Katie Fredrickson and 

boring moment 

Samantha Shapiro cheer 

when they are 

on the football team. 


Michael Butler Jared Cacciapaglia Samantha Cacciapaglia Breanne Callahan Joseph Calzaretta Joseph Cameron 

Jarick Cammarato Nicholas Campo James Carey David Carloni Caroline Carr Stephen Casey 



A > : 

Jenna Cassoli 

Laura Catlow Colby Caulmare Kaleena Chartrand John Chaves 

Erin Cleary 

Elizabeth Clontz William Cobb Kathleen Cochrane Fiona Cohen Jessica Colcord Kathryn Connelly 

Justin Conrad Joseph Conroy Amy Coombs 

Michael Cox 

Kate Cronin 

Megan Cronin 

Jessica Crowell Kevin Crowley Joseph Cuddihy Caitlin Cuozzo Brian Czarnowski Amy Daniel 

Alexander d'Anjou Amanda Darling 

Daniel Darling Ashley Daubenmire Justin DeForest Anthony DeLaiarro 


Joseph DelGrosso Christopher DeLorie Travis Dickson Ralph DiDomenico Judith Doane Stacey Doiron 

Jamie Domenica Jessica Donegan Reid Eichelberger Ashley Eisele Jasmin Endisch Anjelique Espinosa 

No one could miss 

Blue is 

Ashley Daubenmire 


during spirit week. 

to be found 

She was decked out in blue and 

in the sophomore 

showing off her class spirit. 


Sarah- Ann Ferrara Michael Field Daniel Fisher Carolyn Fitzpatrick Jennifer Flynn Nicholas Fontana 

Nichole Frederickson Katie Fredrickson Ashley Frietas Andrew Fulton 

Sam Furst Gregory Galano 

Kristen Gard Meredith Gaynor Hilary Geyer Christina Giacalone Megan Giampa Elyse Gianfrancesco 

Kyle Gordon Michelle Graves Victoria Grecho Heather Greenwood Andrew Griffin Andrew Guertin 

Jaime Guild 

Sarah Haber Ryan Hadfield 

Emily Hall 

Jennifer Hall 

Kimberly Hall 

Julie Halpin Stephen Hamilton David Harmon Ryan Hansen Evan Harwood 

Joshua Hasenfus Bryan Healey Meredith Healey Ross Helliwell Benjamin Henderson 

Robert Higgins 

Kevin Hill 

Shawn Hogarth 

Michael Holt William Hootstein Michael Hume 

Timothv Huth 

Jaclyn Kenerson Aimee Kern 

Joseph Kettell Christopher Kimball William King Taylor Knowles 

Arielle Knyff Christopher Kowalski Derek Koziol 

Jessica Kraby 

Carlee Kurkjian Brittney Lambert 

Dana Lasher 

Jennifer Lechak 

Joel Lee 

Kaitlin Lesbirel 

Steven Levy 

Kristin Lewis 


Kyle Shea stops to pose for the 

Oh no, it looks as 


camera before his big game Friday 

though these 

night, while Sarah Haber 

sophomores will 

hurries to unload her backpack 

not make it to 

and get to homeroom lickety split. 

class on time. 


Katelyn Lorimer Jared Lowndes 

Michael Lyon Timothy MacDonald Stephanie Mackun Rory Maguire 

Jennifer Maloney Chad Manigan 

If ■■■■■■HHi 

Richard Mattson David McCann Shawn McDermott Nicholas McEvoy 

Brendan McGovern Luke McGrath Thomas McGuire 

Liam McHale Marc McMorrow Kelly Medico 

Gretchen Meixner Kevin Mihalec 

Bridget Miller 

Lauren Miller 

i iil 

Bryan Moore Katelyn Moore 

Kyle Moore 


Peter Moore Jenna Morganelli Joseph Moses 

Crystal Mullen Tiffany Murphy 

Think you are 

Meredith and Brian Healey are not 

seeing double? 

only siblings, but friends for eternity. 

You are not. 

They are always therefor each other 

It's just the twins 

providing support, love, 

and companionship. 


Paul Nadeau 

Brad Nelson 

Crystal Nelson 

Julie Nolan 

Justin O'Brien Melissa O'Donnell 

James O'Malley Carolyn Osborn 

Erin Ouimet 

Michael Pacitto 

Krista Palermo 

Jessi Parmenter 


Meghan Stark , Kristen Quartarone, 

There is never a 

and Holly Schrader share stories in 

dull moment in 

art and Kyle Moore distracts the 


ladies in his Spanish class 


with his good looks. 

„ .»____ _ „„ » w ^m 


m*r ^>i 








■ ''1 

Derek Partridge Nicholas Pasquantonio Michael Pedro 

Anna Perrelli 

John Phillips 

Thomas Pittslev 

Katherine Powers 


Sasha Provost Kristen Quartarone David Rando 

Timothy Read Elizabeth Renner 


Heather Richner 

Christopher Rieger Wendy Ritchie Carmen Rivera Tracy Robbins Kaitlin Robertson Kerri Rogers 

4m ■■§ 

Richard Ronca 

Christopher Roode 

Dustin Rosata 

Erin Rose 

Teala Satterfield Holly Schrader 

Laura Schubert Rachel Schwartz Samantha Shapiro Andrew Shaw 

Kyle Shea 

Mary Shea 

Jillian Shiebler Matthew Short Eric Siegmann Samantha Sieloff 


Andrew Simard Sydney Singer 

Gregory Sluss 

Adam Spagna 

Marc Speroni 

Cynthia Spiess Daniel Spigarolo Meghan Stark 

Andrew Steverman Sara Streeter 

Ryan Strickland Amanda Strittmatter Danielle Struhar 

Leah Sugrue 

Scott Sundquist 

Jeremy Surro Patrick Sweeney Rachel Tessier Joshua Thurston Matthew Toledo 

Effort, attitude 

Sophomores Aimee Kern and 

and toughness 

Kate Cronin dress up 

make for a great 

for the end-of-the-year banquet. 

soccer TEAM. 

And what a year! 

Lynn Tornabene 

Lindsey Tufts 

Katelyn Tuminelli Laura Tuveson Kathryn Vanderwyk Andrew Varey 

Marike Visser Christopher Voght Thomas Walczak 

Nicole Walsh 

Derreck Warchal 

Stephen Waters 

Lisa Watson 

Andrew Weeks Abigail Wessman Christine White 

Sarah Ward 

Mariah White 

Jaime Willette Jason Willis 

■■■■■■ ^^^■^HSn^MM 


, ..'. 

Michelle Wilson 

Laura Wind 

Kara Winslow 

Kelly Winslow 

* j 

Joseph Zahner Karaline Zeigler 

Septotfwes Hot *Uta*e* 

Nicole Alger 
Aaron Auld 

Jonathan Butler 
Sean Connor 

Brett Eisenhauer 
James Grant 

Matthew Grant 
Adam Harrison 

William Kalalas Robert Riccard 

Jonathan Maciel Nathaniel Woodruff 


New Arrivals 

Keri Abramowitz, Karlie Buck, 

and Tricia Gately take a break 

from science class. They know 

high school will only get harder, 

but all their hard work and 

determination will pay off in the 

years to come. 

All by Himself 

Mark Prentice sneaks in a 
smile while taking a major 

test in Spanish class. 

Receiving good grades is a 

requirement to be a part of 

the football team. He also 

studies hard because it is his 

goal in life to succeed. 

2005 Leaders 

President, Andrew Holmes is 

in charge of running the 

meetings and keeping the 

rest of his grade involved. 

Diandra DeBlasio, vice 

president, speaks out to her 

class and publicizes the 

freshmen school events. 

Kristin Keinz, treasurer, 

keeps track of the money and 

an accurate spending record. 

Secretary, Shannon Howard 

takes notes on the meetings 

and different events. 

Four Heads! 

Andrew Holmes, 

Jessica Witschel, 

Ashley Prescott, and 

Ryan Gavrilles work togf 

to solve a difficult probh 

They are able to accomp 

much more in a group ra 

than working individua 

Spirited Duo 

Casey Gray and Kaitlyn Winter 

chill on a heater dressed in 
green and gold. These girls are 

the kind KP needs more of. 

They will help their grade win 

the battle of most spirited class 

in the future. 


Jason Brown 


Keri Abramowicz Alex Akerblom Daniel Albert 

Katie Allard Brandin Andrews Kristin Astley 

Nicole Atkinson Brittany Bagby Stephanie Baker Michael Banks Tyler Barbieri 

Jessica Barrett 

Shannon Bates James Bedford 

Ashley Belek 

Lauren Bell Alexander Bluhm Jessica Bolyard 

Jamie Boulter Michael Bourque Kelly Brennan Shannon Brennan 

Grant Briere Suzannah Brothman 

Kayla Brown 

Karlie Buck Rebecca Bullock Thomas Byrne Robert Cacciapaglia 

Freshmen boys 

Rob Uvanovic, Greg Davis, 

know how to 

John Dinand, and Stuart Leon 

have fun. It only 

show off their muscles, 

gets better in the 

while Andrew Johnson, JeffRieger, 

years to come. 

and Scott Roye share laughs on the bus. 

Diane Caffrey 

Holly Cain 

Mikaela Callahan Wesley Cameron Jennifer Cannon Julie Capachin 

Kerry Cardinali 


Colin Casper 

RyanCassidy Rachel Castleberry John Cavalieri Robert Chambers 

Katrina Chaves 

Frank Chi 

Peter Chillemi 

Sarah Clark 

Alison Cobb Amanda Collins 

Emily Conrad Anna Constantineau Michelle Cordo Caroline Cotter 

Lauren Coyle 

Jon Cronin 

Nevin Cronin 

Patrick Cronin 

John Crowley 

Timothy Cullen Jenna Cullity 

Peter Curran 

Brett Davison Diandra DeBlasio Mae Deevy Ashley DeMattia John Dinand Andres Dolset 

Pamela Dugdale Samantha Dutile Todd Duval Ashlee Elland Craig Evans Wendy Evans 

Elizabeth Fermano James Ferrara Ramoni Ferreira Michael Ferris Erin Ficarra Elizabeth Fiorelli 

David Fiori George Fitopoulos Michael Fitzgerald Briana Flocco Maura Foley Annaliese Gabriel 

Jonathan Gaffney Stephen Gallagher Meaghan Galvin Tricia Gately Heather Gaudioso Ryan Gavrilles 

Devon Geller Aaron Getty Timothy Gilman Bryan Glickstein Andria Goddard 

Amy Goodwin Allyson Goossens Andrew Graham Casey Gray Ayla Greenland Alessandra Gura 

Gregory Gustafson Jon Gutlon Wilson Gutlon Sean Haley Matthew Harper Brittney Harrop 

Britney O'Hara sprints down the 

Even though you 

field to get to the ball. She gave her 

may start off 

all evry time she stepped onto the 

rocky, teams that 

field. Without her who knows how 

work together 

far the team would have gone. 

will go far. 

John Harrop 

Rachael Hart Nicholas Hasenfus Thomas Hawkins Hayley Hayes Jacqueline Healey 

Andrew Higgins Kaitlin Holleran Andrew Holmes 

Michael Hooban Christopher Hopkins Allison Home 

— mm 

This bunch of freshmen play a 

The freshman 

vital role in cheering the girls' 

class is already 

soccer team on to the states, 

taking on the role 

while a second group supports the 

of athletic 

football team in its quest for victory. 


KINS JH .1 ) 

Shannon Howard Kelley Hurley Steven Isner Stephanie Jackson {Catherine Janosko Stacey Jillson 

Andrew Johnson Kristin Keinz Richard Kennedy Caitlin Kenney Bettina Keyes Nick Kilburne 

Erin Kim 

Sherida Kipp Michelle Knowles Benjamin Labadie Kelly Lablue Kristen LaCava 

Charles LaDue Nicolette Lake Christopher Lalos Kaitlin Lamothe Alexandra Lane Kevin Lechak 

Stuart Leon Alexander Leonard Matthew Letson Chelsea Linehan Christopher Litchfield Barbara Livar 

X c $ b f* C K* 



Liana Lodola Emily Loughlin Kyle Lovejoy Nathan Lovejoy Daniel Lovley Christopher Lupfer 

John Maguire Alison Mann Jennifer Malcolm Brittany Manchester Jevon Marceau William Marshall 

Abigail Martino Joanna Mayhew Kyle McAlice Kayla McCaffrey Rachel McClain Kelly McCormack 

Glen McElwee Andrew McFarland Trevor McGill Griffin McGrath David McGuire Thomas McKeown 

Brian McKinnon Caitlin McLaughlin Ashley McMahon Louis Medico Casey Merrill Emily Mirliss 


As the freshmen 

Scott Roye and Nevin Cronin 

enter high school 

work diligently 

they face problems 

in science class 

with more 

to solve math problems. 

difficult solutions. 

James Mitchell Raymond Moore 

Sean Moore 

Daniel Morris 

Ellen Morris 

Tyler Morrison 

/ 1 

MattMullaney Kristin Murphy Nicholas Murray Joanna Nardone Daniel Neviackas Amie Nickerson 


The freshmen 

Hayley Hayes, Shannon Bates, 

have some super- 

and Hannah Raymond perfect 

star athletes who 

their skills at basketball camp, 

will help K. P. in 

while Grant Briere gets hit in the 

the years to come. 

eye with a basketball in gym class. 

Brittney O'Hara 

Kaleen O'Malley Brian O'Riordan Brian O'Toole Lauren Paetznick Tyler Palioca 

Eric Palmero 


John Parker 

Jessica Pasionek Julie Pasquantonio Allison Perry Leah Petrusewicz 

f t e s b tft e n 

Andrea Pinciaro Erin Pisarski 

Michael Placido 

Ryan Porter 

Mark Prentice Ashley Prescott 

Habibur Rahman Ashley Rando 

Steven Rando Hannah Raymond Brittany Reardon Allison Reinhardt 

Jeffrey Rieger Jennifer Robbins Mathew Robertson Julia Rodgers 

Charles Roldan Scott Roye 


Kevin Ryan 

Jehan Said 

Nicolette Santino Michael Sarapas 

Erik Saras 

Michelle Saulnier 

Alexandra Savoy Sarah Seely 

Alex Shabanoff Charles Sherwin 

Rebecca Shipps Robert Shirley 


Jerry Silletti 

Leo Small 

Kevin Smiley Andrew Solomon Kasey Spencer Eileen Spinney 


ik > 

Elizabeth Spinney Michelle St. Pierre Brandon Stanley Mark Sullivan Jason Sundberg Caroline Taylor 

Joanna Tocci 

Megan Toney 

Erin Topping Devon Tosches 

Jaclyn Treen Amanda Tuesley 

Raymond Turano Craig Turner 

Bryant Tyo Christine Unitt Nicholas Urko Robert Uvanovic 

n A\i, M 

Jackie Vaillancourt Thomas Vine Andrea Waitkevich Sarah Waldman Jesse Wenzel Mallory White 

Daniel Wieners Gregory Willard Bryanne Winbourne Kaitlyn Winter 

Jessica Witschel Callie Woodhams 

Meghan Wyman Richard Yuastella William Zaccardi Gregory Zervos 

Linda Bentley 

Justin DeForest 

Jerry Dethavong 

Christopher Gately 

Kevin Hill 

Matthew Loveitt 

Luis Mota 

Bobbie Pasquantonio 

David Powers 

Sara Procyk 

Jamie Raymond 

Brian Ronca 
Thomas Runvon 


No, it is just Peter Chillemi and 

Does King Philip 

Lauren Davenport wearing white 

have ghosts 

to support their class on class 

hauntine the 

color day. The freshmen united 


while wearing their color. 

BLUE IS A CLUE (right) 

Everyone is able to recognize the sophomore class. They were all 

decked out in blue on Class Color Day united in spirit, as well as 



Siobhan Howard poses next to a cardboard cutout of Britney Spears. 
She hopes that one day she will be able to meet Britney in person, but 
for now the cardboard model will have to do! 

Kim Thomas, Ashley Prescott, and 
Michele Martel are excited to begin 
the new year, but will not forget 
their unbelievable summer. Ashley, 
a freshman, is about to begin the 
crazy years of high school. 


Sophomores Ashley Daubenmire, Sara Streeter, and Brittney Lambert 

shop together at the school store. They have been friends since well before 
high school and will continue to be close no matter where life takes them. 


# 4 #* 

Back row (leftto right): JanineMofc 1 rtn 
Shannon Steele, Lindsay Wyr 

hula for the passersby. 


The underclassmen want to make the most of their four years at 
King Philip because they know that this time will fly by. 


Julie Nolan and Anna Perrelli smile happily for the camera. 
Together these girls are able to survive sophomore year with their 
heads held high. They experience high school to its fullest 
potential, outside and inside of school. 

BEST (left) 
Matt Lawless and 
Jenna Kraby decorate 
homeroom doors 
during school spirit 
week. Unfortunately, 
their homeroom did not 
win the contest, but 
they still enjoyed the 
thrill of the competi- 

King Philip students are: p 
* different * creative ♦ talkall 
lovable ♦ ingenious * adven 

* unique * interesting * mu 
intelligent * supportive * an 

* inspired * comedic * curii 

fashionable * cool * success! 

* loving ♦ young * silly * d 
dramatic * artistic ♦ hard-t 

* enthusiastic * scholarly *c 
witty ♦ popular * easy-goin 

* excited * talented * stroi 
memorable ♦ punctual * cc 



otic * ambitious * together 
* motivated ♦ determined * 
)us ♦ quiet * hopeful * goofy 
il * spirited ♦ competitive * 
us * busy * proud ♦ stressed 
; * nonchalant ♦ amusing * 
: suave ♦ social * mysterious 
rse * athletic ♦ passionate * 
king ♦ outgoing * friendly 
ig * laid-back * thoughtful * 
>hy * honest * calm * happy 
fc faithful ♦ kind * lucky * 
erative * happy * involved). 

tftVtetfe t*%s %*v*tae<vce s*©^s«~ifre<MfV ^*»H 


Ryan Shalighnessy 
\ Mrs. Mannering 


Vive »*& Veaftt 


Superintendent's Office.... 106 

Principal's Office 107 

Student Services 108 

Language Arts 110 

Mathematigs 112 

Science 114 

Social Studies. .'. 116 

World Languages 118 

Busine-ss 120 

Physical Education/Health.. 121- 

Technology 122 

Fine Arts..' 123 

Special Education 124 

Media Center 128 

Other Staff t29 

Lively- Teachers 130 


Mr. Pagnini 

Mr. Dolan 


$apetftate«tAe«tt , s 

Dr. Richard Robbat 

Curriculum Coordinator 


Mrs. MacRae 

Mrs. Moresi 

Mrs. Shepardson 

Mrs. Giaio 

Financial Secretary 

Executive Assistant 

Payroll Coordinator 



to the Superintendent 



Mr. Michael Levine (left) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

It takes more muscles to frown 

than it does to smile. 
Therefore, I smile all the time. 

Mr. William Rice (below) 

Vice Principal and Athletic Director 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Be polite and courteous at all times 

because it pays off. 

Miss Lessard 


Mrs. Antonellis 

Mrs. Berry 

Mrs. Medici 






Sttt&ettt Services 

The four guidance counselors of King Philip meet with 
each student on an individual basis during the four 
years that the student is at King Philip. Trevanna 
Grenfell, a senior, has had a lot of interaction with the 
guidance department. In her freshman year, she met 
with Mr. Keleher, her guidance counselor, to fix 
problems with her schedule. During her sophomore 
year, she met with her counselor to discuss a program 
to study abroad. Trevanna began to meet with her 
counselor more often during her junior year as they 

began to discuss her future. Now, Trevanna is a senior 
and she comes to guidance to discuss her plans for 
college and to receive help with her college applications. 
The guidance counselors of K.P. give every student 
individual attention and assist them in any way possible. 

Mrs. Crehan (above) 

Guidance Secretary 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Make the best of everyday. 

Ms. Rumsey (above right) 

Adjustment Counselor 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Never take life for granted. 

Mr. Bergquist (right) 

School Psychologist 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Laughter is good for you. 


St*&e*t Services 

Mrs. Heagney (above) 

Guidance Counselor 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Be true to yourself. 

Mr. Keleher (left) 

Guidance Counselor 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Be positive, live each day to the 

fullest, and appreciate and cherish 

family and friends. 

Mrs. Sullivan (left) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

The older you get, 

the faster time goes. 

Mr. Doherty (above) 

Guidance Counselor 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Live in the now as much as possible. 

Mr. Young (above) 

Guidance Counselor 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Anything worth while is worth working for. 


Ms. Donnelly (below right) 

English 9 and 10 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't be afraid to fail. The only real 

failure is not trying at all. 

Mr. Ahern (below) 

English 11 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't put off until tomorrow 

what you can do today. 

Miss Ryan (below) 

English 12 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

The old complain of the young 

when they are no longer able 

to set a bad example. 

Dr. Mungeon (below) 

English 10 and 12 

A lesson I have learned in life is... 

Celebrate everything, and enjoy everyday, no matter what happens 



As the freshmen begin their journey through 
high school, they encounter many new chal- 
lenges in English. The lessons of freshman 
year provide them with a solid base of knowl- 
edge that they can carry with them throughout 
high school and beyond. Grammar and vo- 
cabulary, for example, are carefully built 
throughout the four years. Although summer 
reading is not popular, these novels get the 

fcftqUsfr Vattqttoqe 

year off to a great start. Summer reading also 
helps students learn to organize their time. The 
varied works of literature throughout the year 
provide opportunities for students to sample 
the different genres, to be exposed to various 
literary techniques, and to learn about life in 
general. No matter which level or course, the 
Language Arts Department prepares our 
students well. 

forts Pe?3MTttf>e*t 

V»ttq\»»qe P*tt% 

Mrs. Huckle (far below) 
English 9 and 10 
^ lesson that I have learned in life is... 
)llow your conscience and your heart. 

Mr. Besaw (below) 

English 9 

i lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Things are always changing. 

Mrs. Barnes (far below) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

There are rewards for hard work. 

Mrs. Melendy (below) 

English 9, Creative Writing and Journalism 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Set aside time to do things I love! 

Ms. Slagle (far below) 

English 9 and 12 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Exhaust the little moment. Soon it dies. 

And be it gash or gold it will not come again 

in this disguise. 

Mr. Skenyon (below) 

English 10, 11, and 12 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Fight the good fight. 


Mr. Kramer (below) 

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Anything worth doing is 
worth doing to the best of your ability. 

Ms. Frey (below) 

Algebra I, Modified Algebra and Geometry I part 2 

Essentials of Math 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

You can never live without friends and family. 

Miss Smestad (above) 

Geometry, Algebra I, 

Algebra /Geometry 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

When you believe in yourself, 

you can achieve any goal 

that you set. 


Mrs. Neubauer (right) 
Geometry, Algebra II, AP Calculus 
A lesson that I have learned in life is 
Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Mr. Mitchell (below) 

Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry 

A lesson that I have learned in life... 

Play nicely in the sandbox. 

Mrs. Barrett (far below) 

Pre-Calculus, Calculus 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

That you never know. 

Mr. Kummer (far below) 

Algebra, Geometry 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Keep trying and always 

look for the good. 

Mrs. DeLuca (below) 

Algebra / Trigonometry, 

Modified Algebra n, Programing in C++ 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Mathematics isn't only sines, square roots, 
and fractions. It's also lots of fun. Pi Day, for 
example, is on March 14, in honor of Pi or 3.14. 
To celebrate this holiday, math students make 
posters and decorations showing their Pi Day 
spirit. The Mathematics Department holds a 
competition for the best Pi Day posters. Stu- 
dents spend a lot of time researching this 

special number to help make their posters 
original so that they will stand out from all the 
other projects. The best posters are displayed 
in the lobby for the entire school to enjoy. The 
department also sponsors math contests so 
that students who are talented in math can 
show off those skills. A pizza party for all the 
participants is a highlight of the year. 




Mr. Lazzara (below) 

Environmental Science 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

There is a little good in the worst of us 

and a little bad in the best of us and 

it behooves the best of us 

to say the least of the worst of us. 

1 1 ^M*> 

« 1 

^y/ ^^B 



■ "^^^^^^ 


Mrs. Masciarelli (above) 

Physical Science and Earth Science 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Always live in the moment and 

don't sweat the small stuff. 



Mr. Pultz (above) 

Physical Science and Chemistry 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Some things are inevitable and you can't change 

them, so relax, a new day is ahead. 

Mrs. Lambert (far above) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Set your priorities, then give it your all! 

Mr. Schmidt (above) 

Biology and Anatomy 
A lesson that I have learned in life is... . 
Treat others how you'd want to be treatec 

Mrs. Knight (far above) 

Physical Science 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

When one door closes, another will open 


*.02 x 10 

6.02xlO A 23 is very important in Mrs. Lambert's chemistry 
class. 6.02xlO A 23 is called a mole. Mole Day is celebrated 
on October 23 of every year. The National Mole Founda- 
tion provides students with the information to apply 
the use of moles to everyday life. This year's Mole Day 
theme is the Molar Odyssey. Students make different 
projects such as cakes, posters, mole stars, and the 
mole toss (right). This mole toss was made by juniors 
Heather Cassidy, Shannon Steele, and Kristina Cochrane. 


Mrs. Villiard (above) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

The only constant is change. 

Mr. Beard (above left) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Envision yourself accomplishing 

your goals and you will succeed. 

Mr. Pagnini (above) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Honesty is the best policy. 

Mr. Ligor (above) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Retire early, young, and often. 

Social Stories 


The Social Studies department offers a wide variety of 
courses that students may take. They range from World 
Civilizations to Psychology and Modern World History 
to Economics. History is the most popular class taken by 
the students. An important event every year for all of the 
history students is History Day, which takes place during 
the fall. Students spend months researching topics and 
they choose how to present them in a creative fashion. 
Students can make exhibits, create documentaries, or act 
out plays or performances. The history teachers then 

choose the best projects to go on to a regional competi- 
tion. The projects that continue to this level are im- 
proved by the students so that they are presentable at the 
next level. The next step is the state competition, and 
then the national. Other activities that are popular with 
students are court appearances, field trips to Newport 
and the Museum of Fine Arts, working at NERC (the 
social studies conference in Boston), carrying babies 
around to classes, and group showings of films like 
Schindler's List. 


Mr. Finase (above) 

World History 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

There is no such thing as a free lunch. 

Mr. Breen (far above) 

US History, World Civ 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Always be kind to others. 

Sottol StaA'tes 

Mr. Fayle (above) 

World Civ, Modem World History 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

There is no place like home. 

Mrs. Erickson (far above) 

World Civ, Modern World 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Learn from the past, live in the 

present, and plan for the future. 

Ms. Bremer (above) 

A.P. US History, US History, 1945 to the Present, Anthropology 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Try to see something from the other person's perspective 

before getting all bent out of shape. 

Mr. Simarrian (below) 

Youth and Law, U.S. History, 

Political Studies 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as 

you would like others to do unto you. 

Mrs. Viles-Antonellis (below) 

Psychology, Sociology 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Remember that this too will pass. 

Mr. Guernon (above) 

Modern World History, Ethics 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

rs should never take seriously anything I say 

or do, unless, of course, I am serious. 

Mr. Ferreira (far above) 
US History, Modern World History, 

Technical Theatre Internship 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Friends are the most important part 

of anyone's life. 

Mrs. Harrington (above) 

US History, World Civ, Citizenship 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Something that my industrial arts teacher once 

told my class, "Fool me once, shame on you. 

Fool me twice, shame on me." 

Miss CoutU (above) 

Modern World History, Economics, Yearbook 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Live each day as best as you can. 

Try not to worry about what you don't know for sure. 

**«A>\tV \2|*^ 


Mrs. Chilson (below) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Carpe diem: Make the most of your opportunities. 

Ms. Capasso (below) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Think before you speak. 

Mrs. Mannering (below) 

Spanish 1 and 2 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Life is what's happening while 

you're making other plans. 

Every year King Philip's World Language classes enter the 
Foreign Language Poster contest. Every spring a new theme 
is chosen. All world language teachers assign the poster 
contest for a week-long project. Students work hard to think 
of creative ideas because they all want their posters to win. 
All the posters are hung in the front entrance of the school. 
For a few days judges walk through and closely examine 
each of the different posters and decide which one is the 
best. This person's poster is then sent to the national level, 
to compete with other students' posters. 




V»*qa»qe /*m 

Mr. Lanciaux (below) 

French and Spanish 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Life is not a dress rehearsal, 

and respect others as you wish to be respected. 

Ms. Figueiredo (below) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention. 

Mrs. McCourt (far left) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Live life to the fullest. 




The Business Department offers a wide variety of 
courses that provide students with a practical, work- 
ing knowledge of the organization of business enter- 
prises and the principles and procedures that are 
essential to the success of business enterprise. Stu- 
dents learn to use a variety of software packages that 
are necessary in today's world in order to succeed in 
high school, college, and in the students' future ca- 
reers. The business teachers also prepare students for 
college. They help the students prepare for the transi- 


tion from high school to college. This department also 
helps students in their future endeavors by teaching 
them fundamental computer skills that they can use 
for the rest of their lives. A very popular course at King 
Philip is Introduction to Word Processing/Keyboard- 
ing. This course is designed to enable students to learn 
traditional keying, formatting, and document produc- 
tion skills at the same time as developing proficiency 
using Microsoft Word. The Business Department pre- 
pares students for the future. 

Mrs. Campos (below) 

Keyboarding, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Never give up. 

Mr. Guillemette (below) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Live for today. Life is so fragile. Enjoy it and be safe. 

Mr. Bautz (below) 

Keyboarding, Applied Math 

A lesson that I have learned in life is., 

You get back more than you give. 

Mr. Lavallee (above) 

Accounting, Business Management, 

Personal Finance 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

You have to hold yourself 

accountable for your actions. 

Mrs. Raymond (above) 
Jump Start to College, Intro to Word 

Processing, Word Processing 
A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Joy is not in things; it is in us. 


Mrs. Stankiewicz (right) 

Office Tech, Mastering the Web, 

Communications Tech/Computer 


A lesson that I have learned in life is... 
ttoStaeSS fc£tf*&t%©t* Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Mrs. Smith (below) 

Physical Education 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Do unto others. 

Mr. Carneiro (far below) 

Physical Education 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Have peace, love, and harmony. 

Mr. Boucher (below) 

Physical Education, Health Science 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

If you want something, 

work hard and never give up 

on your goals and dreams. 

Mrs. Gallagher (far below) 

Health Education 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Live for today, the moment. 

Mrs. Pf ef f er (below) 

Physical Education 

A lesson that I have learned in life is., 

Everyone needs somebody. 

The Physical Education department offers programs 
that allow King Philip students to have a break from 
their hard school work each day. Freshmen and sopho- 
mores playing sports that they love, including basket- 
ball, flag football, soccer, and tennis. They receive a 
good work out to help them with their physical fitness. 
Teachers are assisted by gym leaders from the junior 
and senior classes. The gym leaders answer questions 
that the underclassmen may have and are good role 
models for the younger students in the gym classes. The 


Physical Education Department also offers a Health 
Education class to sophomores. In this class, students 
learn the benefits of a healthy diet and life-style. They 
also do many classroom exercises to learn about each 
other and themselves. King Philip students are able to 
take the skills that they learn in their gym and health 
classes and apply them to their everyday lives. They 
will maintain these skills and continue to use them as 
they grow older so that they will have very happy and 
healthy futures. 


fhys'ttM tAtuatie* 


Mr. Runeman (far right) 

District Technology Coordinator 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

You can't have it all 

but you should still try for it. 

Mrs. Greenleaf (below) 

Foundation Art, Art Design and 

Public Relations, TV Production 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

All vou need is love. 

Mr. Riley (right) 

Design Technology 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

I have learned too little 

to ever afford my dreams. 

Mr. Oles (below right) 

Foundation Art, Ceramics, Autocad 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Slowliness is holiness. 


The Technology Department offers a wide variety of 
courses that teach students computer skills along with 
real world skills. A very popular class is this year's new 
Television Production class. Here, students create Wake 
Up Warriors, King Philip's very own weekly television 
show. The television production students creatively 
and visually report the morning announcements along 
with entertaining skits to brighten the days of King 
Philip students. Another popular class is the Autocad 
course. From this class, students learn many different 


aspects of the program that prepare them for a future 
in engineering or architecture. A new class this year 
is advertising. Students in this class decorate bulletin 
boards and create brochures for the many different 
classes, programs, and activities of King Philip . Other 
students are taking King Philip's new mission state- 
ment and preparing posters to help students under- 
stand what it's all about. The students in this class are 
being prepared for a future in advertising and de- 


tetfrftetoqy Pe?»ftt"e*t 

The Fine Arts Department of King Philip offers many 
programs that allow King Philip Students to show off their 
musical and artistic abilities. In chorus, for example, stu- 
dents perfect their vocal skills as they harmonize. In the 
many different art classes of King Philip, students are able 
to work to improve their artistic abilities. All of the stu- 
dents' hard work is displayed at the end of the year in one 
of our school's many shows. During Spirit Day, art stu- 
dents show their Spirit Projects. The students choose a 
subject and portray the spirit of it through their art. These 

projects have many different themes that include The 
Spirit of Summer, The Spirit of Toasted Marshmallows, or 
even The Spirit of David Bowie. The many seniors that 
take art courses at King Philip are able to show off a 
compilation of all the work that they have created dur- 
ing their four years at King Philip. Both students and 
faculty look forward to these shows at the end of the 
year. They enjoy the way the beautiful paintings, draw- 
ings, sculptures, and ceramic pieces brighten the halls of 
the high school. 





■ **! 





Mr. Tileston (far above) 

Symphony Band, Chorus, Music 

Theory I and II, Jazz Improv. 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

A superior work ethic brings success 

and a satisfaction to your life. 

Mrs. Tower (above) 

AP Art, Advanced Art II, Fashion/Textile Design, Foundation Art 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

If you want to be happy in your work, 

find something you love to do and then get paid for it. 

Mrs. Cress (above) 

Ceramics, Sculpture 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Whatever you put out there in the 

universe comes back to you 

and then some. 

Mrs. Carneiro (left) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Always have a back up plan 

and love what you do. 

\ toe i*m 



The Special Education Department is incredibly helpful 
to students who require extra help with their school work 
and homework. The teachers offer strategies for studying 
and test taking while they reinforce the regular curricu- 
lum. While in resource support, teachers assist students 
in a variety of ways. In addition to giving extra help, they 
aid the students in planning their futures by helping 
them get ready for college. Having four to fifteen stu- 
dents per class allows each student to have the individual 
attention he or she needs. 

Mr. Massotti (above) 

History, Math 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Everything that happens in life, 

whether good or bad, is an 
opportunity to learn something. 

Mrs. Belcastro (above right) 


A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Don't take everything so seriously. 



Mrs. Anderson (above) 

English, Science 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Appreciate your children 

because they are a gift from God. 

Success \ 

Special tAsuatte* 

Mrs. Winslow (above) 

Special Education Director 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Keep things simple and try to make good choices. 

Mrs. Bertram (left) 

English, Resource Support 

A lesson that I have learned in life is. 

Never say never. 

Mrs. Copponi (below) 
Resource Math, Science, English, 

Resource Support 

A lesson that I learned in life is... 

Nice guys finish last! 

(But they always finish best!) 

Mrs. Tower (above) 

Biology, Career and Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Mrs. Tighe (above) 

Resource, World Civ, Resource Reading 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't sweat the small stuff. 



Mrs. Pavao (below) 
Team Chairperson 

Mr. Tatupu (below) 

Teaching Aide 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Don't leave anything that you can do 

today for tomorrow. 

Miss Meuser (below right) 
Speech and Language Therapy 

Mrs. Mullaney (below) 

Teaching Assistant 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

Don't wish the time away: 

enjoy today and the future 

will take care of itself. 

The Special Education Department works hard to meet all 
the needs of students. Many of the students need extra 
help with their school work, but not always in the same 
subjects. Each teacher is knowledgable in all subjects. The 
staff works hard to teach students what steps to take so 
that the students will then be able to finish their homework 
at home. The Special Education teachers and aides make 
sure to get to know each individual student so they can 
help each one achieve his or her potential at King Philip 
High School. 


Special tAtnatieo 









Mrs. Landry (below) 

Teaching Assistant 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Choose your words carefully. 

a£3» (— • ^C_P 

Mrs. MacDonald (below) 

Teaching assistant 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Be nice to everyone and always give them the benefit of the doubt. 

You never know what they are going through in life. 

Ms. Lawn (left) 

Teaching Assistant 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

What does not kill you only makes 

you stronger. -Nietzsche 

Mrs. Buchanio (far left) 

Teaching Assistant 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Fill out surveys the first time the 

yearbook staff asks. 

Spanish- § 

f realty 


Mrs. Scannell (below) 

The Director of Library and Media Services for the District 

A lesson that I have learned in life is... 

Have patience with students. 

Mrs. Solomon (right) 

Media Center 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

A smile goes a long way. 

Mrs. Carr (below) 

Media Center 

A lesson that I have learned in life is.. 

What seems like a mountain today 

may well be a pebble tomorrow. 

You only get out 

what you're willing to put in. 

The library has made some changes this year. It has a new 
library director, Mrs. Scannell, who together with her 
staff, Mrs. Solomon and Mrs. Carr, has made the media 
center more user friendly. Additional areas for study 
have been added along with twelve computers with 
internet access. The MAC lab is used for math spread- 
sheets, English papers, and yearbook preparation. New 
books have been added to the collection for class projects 
as well as additional databases for research. Most days 
the media center is filled with students eagerly reading 
and searching, working to fulfill their educational goals. 



t*e*t» te*tet 



Officer Brady keeps King Philip safe 
everyday. He became a familiar face 
in the halls late last year. 

Mr. Willis, Mr. Hunchard, and 
Mr. DeSilva keep the school tidy. 
They work while most of the 
students are at home so that the 
school is spotless when King Philip 
students arrive the next day. 


nocUoS (B oss™ 

MR. HASSELL ( far left) 
Mr. Hassell is the custodial manager 
of King Philip. He rr - kes sure that 
the school is in top condition. 


Mr. Fenton and Mr. Gardner make 

sure that King Philip is clean and 


DELICIOUS DISH (far left) 
The King Philip cafeteria staff 
provides students with tasty, 
nutritious meals every day. Their 
diverse menus provide even the 
most picky eaters with a lunch that 
they can enjoy. 

John Zervas, King Philip's crossing 
guard, directs the traffic in front of 
the school. His work allows drivers 
to enter and leave the school safely. 

The bus drivers of King Philip 
transport students to and from 
school. This exceptional service 
provides students who cannot drive 

Other $t*tt 



Mr. Tileston and Adam Ewer party all the way home from one of their many competitions. The Ki 
many reasons to celebrate in the past few years. Taking home numerous top awards, Mr. Tilest 
comes to bus-ride-home parties. 

Miss Frey supported her homeroom on class colors 
day and every other day during Spirit Week. The 
junior class certainly appreciated her enthusiasm and 
dedication. With face paint on, she definitely looks full 
of pep and ready to cheer away during the pep rally 
later that afternoon. 


***»n add 
•Cld to water. 


OB ... 


Mrs. Lambert cuddles up to her pet mole. She looks 

forward_to celebrating Mole Day with her students. 

Vtveiy teachers 

Mr. Guernon shows off his stylish new do. With his hair 
spiked and spunked up, he sets a trend for everyone in the 
social studies department. 

CRAZY KRAMER! (above) 
Mr. Kramer takes this opportun 
Meg Capone drove Mr. Krarr 

I lip Music Association has had 
I ie leader of the pack when it 


CUTTING A RUG (below) 

Ryan Shaughnessy, Mr. Webb, and Jake Nyborn cut a rug on the dance floor at last year s prom, lhese 
men know how to have a good time while they show off their stylish steps. In silver uniform, Ryan, 
Mr. Webb, and Jake make quite the team out on the prom dance floor. The prom was the social event of 
the year and these boys certainly had the time of their lives. 

o pose with his two favorite Algebra II students. Nicole Armitage and 
:razy in class with their silly gossip and random bursts of energy. 

Mrs. Solomon enjoys the party celebrating her successful completion of 
chemotheraphy. We are all proud and relieved to see her feeling 
better. ffrCtfUV 


~ fr#9#yccw\ 


Brian Dugdale anc$ Lael Roye^. 


ttvftt* Oat WO* 

Student Life 

Class Competition 134 

Semi. ..136 

Freshman Frolic 138 

Prom 140 

Summer 142 

September Events 144 

September 11 146 

Spirit Week 148 

Homecoming.., 150 

October Events 152 

November Events 154 

Thanksgiving Game.. 156 

December Events 158 

Holiday Party ...' ,160 

January Events 162 

Ski Trip .....164 

Father/Daughter Dance.... 166 

February Everits 168 

Parking* Lot... 170 




. i 


7 /lv 


t Vtte 

DOUBLE TIME (below) 

Meg Fredrickson and Kim Murdock 

come to Class Comp prepared to 
represent their grade. By the look of 
their smiles it seems like they're 
ready for a good time! 

Tracy Robbins and Libby Renner 

watch as the grades compete at the 
orange pass. Cheering on your peers 
is one of the fimnest things about 
Class Comp. 

HANDS DOWN (right) 
Katy Robbins and Ben Lown work 
together at different levels to explore 
their wheelbarrow skills. Amazingly 
enough, the two came through and 
succeeded at this difficult event. 

Class t9tf*?ettttoft *% W 

ttoss Competition 

VUtef? t© the Sorters 

RED HOTS (left) 

Colleen McGuire, Judy Cronin, and 
Kristy Lamothe use their athletic 
abilities to represent the junior class. 
These friends work well together. 

WHITE OUT (left) 
The freshman class packs the stands 
representing their class for the first 
time in Class Competition. Although 
they most often lose, they always go 
down fighting. 

These seniors pull with all their 
might to win this exciting event. This 
event helped them to win the entire 

B3LUES (above) 

e )phomores cheer on their friends at Class Competition. They enjoyed 

Hng blue and look forward to standing on the upper class side of the gym 


Orange Pass 

This event is a great way to stand 

next to the one you like 

and get up close and personal! 


Working together and cheering on your 

class makes this event the 

most exhilarating of the night. 

Piggyback Races 

There's nothing better than watching 

a girl struggling to carry a guy, 

and nothing's better for the girl than 

proving she can do it. 

Obstacle Course 

Fast, small, and agile people are needed 

for this individual event. 

Picking the best of the best and 

seeing them compete adds excitement. 


The ultimate of champions relish this 

event. Whoever comes out on top can 

walk through the halls with pride. 


StttAettt Vtte 


Right before they sit down to dinner 

these good friends, Jill Jackson, 

Kristin Crisafi, Katie Sevy, 

Emily Jaronski, Kristina Cochrane, 

and Christina Duczakowski ditch 

their dates to discuss the night's 


Dana Shaw gets into costume to 
display his school spirit at the semi. 
This king knows how to have a good 



These boys get ready before the semi 
at the McElroy's house to sweep 
their dates off their feet. These suave 
boys really know how to get a girl's 
heart pumjsing. 


PUMP UP THE JAM (right) 
Chris Matte loosens his tie and 
grooves to tunes on the dance floor. 
With his dynamic moves we 
shouldn't be surprised if we see him 
on MTV someday. 



Kristine Powers, Leah Stewart, 
Siobhan Howard, and 
Steph Knowles didn't mind that the 
dance floor was crowded. They 
shook their booty all night long. 


You and a bunch of friends slave at 
work and finally raise enough 
money to get a fancy limo. 


Your loved one comes to your house 
with her or his nice car and sweeps 
you off your feet straight to the 


You can pay off your siblings to 
hitch a ride in their car. 


No license? Parents are pretty nice 
about driving all over the place. 


No cars available, so you take the 
good ol' bike, your date can sit on 
the handlebars. 

1 ^ 





Jill Malcolm, Lindsay Corey, and 
Shana McElroy with their beautiful 
curls got all dolled up for a night they 
will never forget. 

All dressed in black, Daylene Padua 
and Kristin Lewis get down on the 
dance floor and busted out moves that 
everyone will remember. 


After being crowned king and queen, 

Dana Shaw and Aga Hoagland 

shared a special moment dancing to 
Right Here Waiting for You. 


Sttȣe*t vtte 

f *esbtf*3nfr ft eUt mi ** u 


Jenna Cassoli and Meredith Gaynor 

waste no time showing everyone 
how to get down as they spent the 
whole night dancing. 

Brittney Lambert, 
Kristin Quartarone, Alisha Plante, 
and Askley Daubenmire arrive at 
the dance in their beautiful attire. 

BUDDY-BUDDY (above) 

Two friends, Kathy Cochrane and 

Libby Renner, stop for a quick hug, 

on this memorable night as they say 


\ fesbtf^t* f teUt 

M TALK (below) 

M before they sat down for dinner Ayaan Agane, Sarah Ferrara, 

mi Ward, Kaleena Chartrand, and Brittany Burke (in front) abandon 

U dates for five minutes of girl time. 

Continue the Night 

The dance is over and everyone is too 

hyper to go home.You invite all your 

friends to go hack to your house to 

continue a night of dancing and fun. 

Slumber Party 

After a fun filled night of dancing you 

want nothing more than to go home. 

Right? Wrong! Why not spend the night 

at a friend's house where you can talk 

about all the awesome things that 


Midnight Snack 

You didn't think the food there would 

actually fill you up, did you? So you grab 

a bunch of friends and have someone drive 

you to the nearest restaurant where you 

can stuff your face. 

What to Do! What to Do! 

You get into your upper classman 

date's car and drive around all night 

because you can't figure out what to do. 

/ .J M i M .J / . .1 £—> Z-J * » • 

You're exhausted. Your feet hurt from 

dancing all night. All you want to do is 

jump into your nice, comfortable, warm 

bed and go to sleep. 


to Do 

After the 


Jared Cacciapaglia, Tom McGuire, 
and John Phillips show up hand- 
some as ever. We heard they swept 
all the girls off their feet. 

Arriving at the the dance late 
Derek Partridge and 
Heather Richner keep cool while 
trying to make their way to friends 
who are partying the night away. 


Scott Sundquist and Laura Catlow 

shared a special moment dancing to 
All My Life. 

StttAettt Vtte 


That's Not my Date.... 

The first song begins to play and you 
realize your date is a horrible and an 
embarrasing dancer. 

Evil Chicken Parm 

You sit down to a tasty dinner at 
Lucianos and as you take a bite, a huge 
glob of spaghetti sauce misses your mouth 
and lands in your lap. 

Not a Perfect Fit 

In the middle of the dance floor as you're 
grooving to the music, that dress you paid 
tons of money for rips and begins to fall apart. 

Forgetting Something? 

Getting ready for the prom sometimes 
tends to be a bit stressful and so you 
forget to pick up the corsage or boutineer 
for your date. 

Enough with the Jokes 

You arrive at the prom and discover the 
absolute toorst DJ has been chosen. By the 
end of the night your hair has fallen 
down, your feet hurt, and you can't take 
any more of his corny jokes and bad music. 

THE ROYAL TEN (above) 
Jen Friedman and her date, 
Steph Flynn and her date, 
Laura Kraby and Lofa Tatupu, 
Maggie Church and Vito Giacalone, 
Judy Cronin and Kevin Healey take 
the spotlight. 

Adam Gawthrope and 
Lindsay Dumont clear the dance 
floor as they show their swing 
dancing moves for this special 



(far above right) 

Kerri Carlson and Andy Neviackas 
sit down to fill their stomachs which 
gives them energy for a night of fun! 

Maryanne Devine and 
Marissa Suchy get their groove on 
listening to Ricky Martin. 

fttotfi 2WI 

\ %te* the \\&e Qk t*? Vtte 

PARTY TIME (left) 
Kathryn Astley, Meg Fredrickson, 
Kim Murdock, Meg Capone, 
Rich Chute, and Meg Conley are 

leaving the prom and heading off to 
a full night of partying. 

You'd think Kathryn Astley and 
Bitsy Burger would be upset that 
they showed up in the same dress, 
but these girls didn't let it get in the 
way of a fun and fabulous night. 

Three good friends, Patti Quick, 
Heidi Murphy, and Kristen Stewart, 
take a moment from strutting their 
stuff on the dance floor to capture a 

Sto&e*t Vtte 

SAY AHH... (below) 
Emily Holt, Ashleigh DeSimone, 
and Sarah Fisher wouldn't leave Six 
Flags without getting a taste of their 
favorite Dipping Dots ice cream. 
After a day full of roller coasters and 
water rides it was just the refresh- 
ment they needed. 

Gwen Deevy and her sister 
Mae Deevy took an incredible 
vacation to Ireland this summer. 
Though here in the US it was very 
hot, you can tell by their sweatshirts 
it's much cooler on the other side of 
the ocean. 

BIG BEAR HUG (above) 
Heidi Murphy's hug shows how 
happy she is that Katie MacDonald 
has decided to come visit her on the 
Cape. As always, they had an 
awesome time together. 

Seems that Mark Stoddard and 
Joe Pender have made some friends 
while vacationing in Hawaii. This 
guy in the middle looks like he's 
joining in on the fun Mark and Joe 
are having. 


fcwwetf 2WV 

'TO SHOOT (above) 

g a part of the talent show was one of the best parts about cheerleading 
3. After all the crazy hair-dos, Shana McElroy, Jill Malcolm, and 
Smith get blown away standing in front of a fan. 

Looks like Jake Cacciapaglia has 
found a lovely lady in the sand. Jake 
thinks her seaweed-like hair and 
seashell bathing suit are her best 
qualities. It's love at first sight! 

Taking an early summer in Hawaii 
Eric Cunnane cools down with his 
frozen Hawaiian fruit drink. Perhaps 
the February snow was too much to 

Meg Conley, Meg Fredrickson, 
Bridget Rasicot, and Kim Murdock 

get away from the guys for a minute 
to get a picture of just the girls. If 
these ladies couldn't find fun, they 
made their own. 

You want fries with that? 

Isn't it fun cooking, cleaning, and waiting 

on customers hand and foot? Umm sure it 

is. ..yea right! Food service is one of the 

worst jobs to have during the 

summer... even the tips are bad! 

Don't touch that! 

Taking time to run after kids, making 

sure they aren't a mess isn't fun. We'd 

all much rather be with friends than 

babysitting and taking attitude from kids! 

Steamed or pressed? 

Love the idea of cleaning someone else's 

dirty clothes? If you're like most, probably 

not. Dry cleaning is definitely the pits! 

Where should I file this? 

Remember all those summers you'd go to 

work with mom or dad in the office? "File 

this, put this away, type this up..." the 

boring tasks of office work are endless! 

How can I help you? 

Customer service, crazy hours, and 

annoying customers. These are the 

reasons why we hate retail. KP students 

know this feeling because of the dreaded 

Outlet Mall where so many of us work. 




Sto*e*t VUe 

Ready to start the new year as a 
freshman, Habibur Rahman looks 
up his new homeroom in the school 
bus lobby before school. 

MY DEAR STUDENTS... (right) 
Mr. Levine held an assembly on the 
first day of school to welcome back 
students as well as welcoming the 
new freshmen. 

SAY CHEESE (below) 
Carolyn Sweeney, Heather Richner, 
and Emily Bhatti help out on picture 
day. They sit patiently waiting for 
the next class of students to arrive. 



About the 

First Day 


Missing You 

You walk into school and see your friends out 
by their homerooms. You can't wait to go talk 
to them about the summer. 

Who is in My Class? 

You have your schedule. You fear that you 
don't know anyone in your class. But when 
you walk into the class it's full of your friends. 

Sparse Classwork 

There is nothing better than walking into class 
on the first few days of school and just 
listening to the teacher. 


Getting all the classes you -wanted for the year 
makes the year an awesome one. 

One Less Day 

As you end each day, it brings you one more 
day closer to the time you graduate. And that 
can be an awesome feeling. 




Juniors Laura Gaudioso and Shana McElroy stop to check out a college 

may attend together in 2003. 

A Month to Remember 

After the traditional senior picture, 
the class of 2002 is the last to arrive 
in the gym for the pep rally. But, of 
course, they were applauded upon 
their arrival. 


te*te<vH»ef fcve^ts 

YOU ROCK KP (above) 
After the September 11th attacks, the 
soccer team held a car wash and 
donated all the proceeds to the 
victims of the horrible tragedy. 

GO KP (left) 

It's the homecoming game and the 

KP cheerleaders step onto the field to 

put on another amazing half-time 


StaAettt Vtte 

W $to*e*ts ttoite 

SCRUB- A-DUB-DUB (right) 
The Red Cross Fund was grateful to 
receive $2,000 from the KP soccer 
teams. These kids soaped up and 
worked together to wash tons of cars 
one afternoon! 

Students beamed with pride and 
decorated our school with symbols 
of America. Posters like these filled 
the halls with patriotic spirit. 

At the Journalism Fair that sup- 
ported the September 11th Fund, 
Jaime Guild and Jess Colcord 
braided hair as a way of raising 

money. L 


Andrea King and Kate Blair work as 
a part of NHS to raise money for the 
orphans of the victims in New York 
and Washington DC. They collected 
money at lunch, at football games, 
and throughout our community. 

*f $ta*e*ts tfoite 

5LE THE FUN (below) 

Costello and Ryan Shaughnessy sell Stars & Stripes Forever posters for 

iship class. These posters filled the cafeteria with patriotism. 

Donate Blood 

TTh's might make you a little queasy, 

but giving blood is a great way 

to actually save a life! 

Give Money 

In any disaster, money is 

always needed to help the victims. 

Every penny counts 1 . 

Participate in a Fundraiser 

When you work together 

you can get a lot done. 

Doing something fun for 

the benefit of others is always great. 

Express Patriotism 

Break out the good ol' red, white, and blue 

to show how proud you are 

of your country! 

Honor Your Heroes 

Those who fight for you 

and go above and beyond 

should always be honored and respected. 




LIFE SAVERS (below) 

Even though it's painful, Adam Ewer still gave blood to the Red Cross to help 
save lives at the blood drive. This year's blood drive set a record of participa- 
tion at KP! 

Chris Kimball sells bumper stickers 
to students for Student Council at 
Homecoming. These patriotic flags 
were a big hit with parents and 

King Philip mourns the loss of its 
heroes in New York City and 
Washington DC by lowering its flag 
to half-staff. 

Stt»Ae*t lite 


Baseball Hat 

With baseball hats you can show off 
your favorite sports team or just look 
casual, which is exactly why they are a 
top choice for KP students! 


Welcome to Mexico! Sombreros are so 
silly and fun to wear that they grab the 
attention of everyone in the room. Don't 
you just love being in the spotlight?! 


With all the colors to choose from and 
the variety of ways to wear them, 
bandannas are definitely a popular way 
to show spirit during Spirit Week! 

Cowboy Hat 

We've gone country! Normally in New 
England you don't see too many people 
in cowboy hats. ..but for this special 
occasion everyone goes western! 


Looks like Hot Topic has been invaded! 
Many students wear colorful and crazy 
wigs expressing their true selves! Any 
random visitor on this day would think 
we've gone nuts! 

ZZZZ... (below) 

Pajama Day is definitely a favorite day of Spirit Week for many at KP. 
Bill Cobb especially loves Pajama Day. Perhaps he's getting a little too r j 
into it. 

These Hawaiian ladies want to make 
sure the seniors win Spirit Week! 
They gave out leis and flowers to 
any senior who wasn't in colorful 
luau attire. 

SMURFS (right) 

Why do Jill Shiebler, Emily Bhatti, 
and Emily Hall look so happy yet 
seem so blue? It's because they are 
sophomores! Blue is the sophomore 
color for Class Colors Day and these 
three are happy to look like smurfs! 


BAD HAIR DAY? (right) 

Nicole Magnuson and 

Blair Rainsford get crazy for Crazy 

Hair/ Hat Day. This is a new day 

created by student council and these 

girls proved how much fun it could 

really be! 

Spirit Viee* 

S?fr it VeeV 

GO GREEN! GO GOLD! (left) 
Before going to class, these senior 
gals show off their KP pride. Green 
and Gold Day always pumps 
students up with energy for the pep 
rally in the afternoon. 



Mrs. Cameiro stands proudly next 

to her homeroom' s winning door. 

It's hard not to win when your 

teacher is an imaginative artist. 

LET'S GET P-S-Y-C-H-E-D! ! (left) 
The pep rally excites everyone at KP 
and gets them ready for the big 
homecoming game. Danielle Struhar, 
Kate Lorimer, and Amy Daniel are 
especially excited to cheer loudly for 
their sophomore class. 

Every year seniors are chosen to 
become warriors. This year 
Becky Colcord, Katelyn MacKenzie, 
Katy Robbins, and Amy Carr were 
the chosen ones and lovecj|wearing 
their Warrior feathers. 

Sta&ewt Vtte 

These sophomores support the 
Warriors from the stands. 
Despite the cold, they cheer and 
shout to urge the team on. 

Lauren Leclerc and Lindsay Khouri 
have dancing fever at the Homecom 
ing Dance. They twist and shout to 
all the tunes 

Members of the court, Andy Koziol, 
Kristin McCann, Brian Dugdale, 
Lael Roye, Maggie Church, and 
Eric Cunnane appear in all their 
majesty at the pep rally. 






Gregg Santabarbara came to the pep 

rally as a knight in shining armor to 

defend his home area from intruders. 

nan; i n 

Before the big game Kelly LaBlue, 
Diandra DeBlasio, and Liz Fermano 

got all pumped up and rowdy in the 
school hallways. 

This star-studded band puts on a 
spectacular show at half-time. 
Performing The Nutcracker, the band 
put their best foot forward in 
preparation for later competition. 

r RELAX (above) 

lole Frederickson, Fiona Cohen, Megan Kirby, and Laura Gaudioso 

a break from cheering on the boys by relaxing and heading to the snack 
or hot chocolate and M&M's. 

Hot Chocolate 

A steaming cup of hot cocoa is sure to be a 
quick fix for any wind blown person. 


Get upclose and personal with your best 
friends in order to retain your body heat. 

Bundle Up 

7s that a person or a bundle of clothing? It 
doesn't matter so long as you're warm. 
Who needs style? Throw on everything 

you've got! 

Jump in the Huddle 

For the desperate and daring only. When 

all odds are against you, get on the field 

and jump in the huddle to keep your 

nose warm, fust be prepared to go long. 


A loud, boisterous voice and jumping up 

and down will keep any toes from 

becoming numb. It also adds to the 

excitement of the game. 

Ways to 

Warm at 

Stt»£e«tt vtte 

DRIP, DRIP, DROP (right) 
After giving blood, Katie Baker, 
Brett Lavalla, Sean Kelley, and 
Mike Poles sit down to replenish 
themselves with some tasty snacks. 
Donating blood was their contribu- 
tion in the name of the September 
11th tragedy. 

A number of days out of the season, 
the KP marching band performs 
special shows for students, friends, 
and family. The marching band 
deserves much credit for this year's 
outstanding show, The Nutcracker. 

TRICK OR TREAT! (right) 
This year NHS members 
Kristy Lamothe, Kate Blair, and 
Judy Cronin help promote 
Hallowe'en safety at the elementary 
schools. Their number one tip is to 
be safe and have fun! 

Ways to 





Dressing up and going door to door 
getting candy is the highlight of 
Hallowe'en. No matter how old you get, 
it never stops being fun! 


Don't get scared!! Many people spent 
their Hallowe'en night nervously 
wandering through a haunted house. 
The infamous Spooky World was very 
popular this year! 

Party Party! 

Winning the costume contest has got to 
be one of the greatest Hallozoe'en honors! 
So make sure you RSVP that party 
invitation so you get a chance to win! 

Pass Out Candy 

Don't feel like going out this year? 
Instead of getting the candy, you can give 
it away! Wait at your door for all the 
trick-or-treaters to come by and try not to 
scare them too much! 



If you aren't going anywhere on 
Hallowe'en, call up some friends, get 
together, and rent a horror movie! Chow 
down on the candy, sit close, and watch 
out for the monster under the couch! 

October fcve*ti 

Meg Fredrickson and Adam Gawthrope sit down together to prepare fc iJ 
SAT's. They know how important the SAT's are. This big test may deten « 
their future! 

President Brian Dugdale stands proud 
in front of many DECA students and 
their parents reciting a few wise 
words. At the annual DECA initiation 
and installation ceremony good food 
and good times were had by all. 

WHERE DID HE GO? (below) 
It's obvious Steph Mackun and 
Teala Satterfield are having a blast 
at this year's cheerleading jamboree. 
Best of all Cotton Eyed Joe was 
played at the end of the jamboree. 
That's when all the cheerleaders got 
together and danced their hearts out. 

Ottrtet fcvettts 

DIMMESDALE? (above) 
Ms. Fay definitely has the 
Hallowe'en spirit! She spent the day 
dressed as Hester Prynne from The 
Scarlet Letter*. 

AND THE WINNER IS... (left) 
Trevanna Grenfell, 
Marguerite Keyes, Jim Foulis, 
Keith Foster, Sarah Fisher, and 
Jen Osborn sit at the Senior Supper 
sharing one of the nearly fifty pizzas 
ordered. They are anxiously waiting 
to see who will win the A 
next superlative! £j\ ■<$** 

Heveffttoet fcvetfts 


Joe Perrella, Jehan Said, 

Megan Fogg, and Jenna Morganelli 

work hard at peer mediation training 
to help other students at our school 
handle their problems. 

With an excited look on her face 
Kristin Cook is getting her head 
measured for her graduation cap and 
is already thinking about graduation. 

Katie Johnson, Jenna Kraby, and 
Steph Knowles worked extremely 
hard on their History Day project 
titled Disney's Animated Revolution. 
Their proj^jt is going on to the 

iBridgewater contest. 

Kristy Lamothe and Judy Cronin 
supported the football team at the 
Thanksgiving Day game against 
Franklin. How can you not be happy 
on such a beautiful November day? 

ttevemtoet fcvettts 

;E TO PARTY (below) 

n Astley, Bridget Rasicot, Ashleigh DeSimone, Meg Capone, and 
rentice have a great time staying warm at the huge bonfire on the 
s front lawn. 

Apple Pie 

Your mom has been cooking up a storm in 

the kitchen but you're limiting for her to 

finish cooking the apple pie 

so you can steal a piece. 


You cannot wait to sit down for dinner 

to start chowing down 

on that big juicy turkey. 


Straight from the cob, 

or not on the cob at all. 

This yellow treat is fun for all. 


Potatoes may seem boring, but you can 

eat them in many different ways. 

You can have baked or mashed potatoes. 


Gravy is very important at the dinner 

table. You can put gravy on anything, but 

especially mashed potatoes. Delicious! 







Jill Malcolm stands high with the 
help of Nichole Frederickson, and 
Shana McElroy. This was the last 
time that the 2001 cheerleaders got to 
cheer in front of their peers. 


Marissa Suchy, 

Nicole Magnuson, Harleigh Billian, 

Gregg Santabarbara, 

Colleen McGuire, and 

Dave DeBlasio enjoy their last 

Thanksgiving Day game. 

Kristin McCann, Katy Robbins, 
Nichole McElroy, Lizzie Andreozzi 
and Kelly Morrison get ready to 
play in the powder puff game. In the 
end the juniors stood on top. 

Sta*e*t Vtte 

Things to 

do after 

the game 

Gobble! Gobble! 

Get home fast to your family and food! 
Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and... 
TURKEY! Eat as much as you can and 
get ready for a great nap! 

Here comes Santa Claus 

Before you know it Santa will be coming 
down your chimney! Start your 
decorating! Get up the lights and tree! 
It's never too early. 

Home for the holidays 

All the alumni are home for Thanksgiv- 
ing and are at the game. Catch up ivith 
all your old friends and see what they've 
been up to for the past few months. 

Pumpkin pie? 

Gather 'round the table one more time 
for a delicious slice of pie! Your biggest 
decision of the day: pumpkin, apple, 
pecan, or cherry? 

Tube time! 

Curl up on the couch with family, 
friends, or your best teddy to catch the 
football game, a cheesy Christmas special 
or the new episode of "Friends"! 



GO! FIGHT! WIN! (above) 
All season the cheerleaders have 
encouraged the football team with 
posters and decorations. For the 
Thanksgiving game, the girls have 
not only decorated the locker room, 
as shown here, but also the seniors' 

Juniors Steph Knowles and 
Kelly Morrison show up to cheer 
their team on! As much as these girls 
like football, you can bet what 
they're really thinking about right 
now is turkey! 


HALF-TIME (right) 

Along with all the families, friends, 

cheerleaders, and football players at 

the game is the band. They got a 

chance to show off their unbelievable 

talent to old friends and to our rival, 



As guests at the Franklin field, KP is able to have its Thanksgiving Dayc^ 
Gregg Santabarbara shows Judy Cronin, who was chosen as a member | 
court, the way to her royal tent. 

thattltiqtvtaq Pay G»n*e 

IwfilisqtvUtq Pa? Gatfte 

Captain Joe Pender watches his team 
from the sidelines. All of the seniors 
put in their best efforts for their last 
game in high school. 

EARLY BIRDS (below) 
Thousands of people got up early to 
make it to the game. Emily Jaronski 
and Christina Duczakowski were no 
exception. They got there a little 
early to reserve themselves seats on 
the bleachers. 

The King Philip cheerleaders finish 
off the season in complete support of 
their boys. They cheer every cheer in 
the book hoping to provide enough 
encouragement for the team to win! 

Emily Holt and Caitlyn Slovacek 
anxiously await the arrival of last 
year's seniors. These girls can't wait 
to see all their friends who left for 
college in the past few 

Sta*e*t VUe 

YES, VIRGINIA... (below) 

Chris Watkins is smooth with ladies 

like Breanne Callahan and 

Sara Streeter in their performance. 

This holiday play was a big hit with 


NHS members Kate Blair and 
Meg Capone spread a little Christ- 
mas cheer to the residents of Maples 
Nursing Home. A smile is the best 
gift anyone can receive. 

JINGLE BELLS... (above) 
The concert band plays sing-along 
tunes and these Christmas carols fill 
the air with holiday spirit. The Pops 
Concert was successful as usual. 

EN GARDE! (right) 
Katherine Baker and 
Katie McDonald duel each other 
with wrapping paper. All the seniors 
came together to have fun and wrap 
presents for people in the commu- 

PececMoe* fcvettts 

Petetfttoet tve^ts 


Kate Reidel and Kristen Cook are 

happy to see the St. Mary's children 
unwrap their gifts. Teachers and 
students alike were delighted with 
the seniors' efforts. 

The King Philip cafe was turned into 
a relaxing coffee house atmosphere 
when jazz band members performed 
their greatest hits. 

SWEET TOOTH (below) 
Colleen Foley and Kelly Morrison 
dash at Lindsay Wyman to grab the 
best candy before it's too late. The 
junior class sale is raising money for 
their first prom! 

Homemade Gifts 

Any gift that comes 

straight from the heart 

is appreciated 

by everyone. 

Newest Technology 

Being ahead of your time 

and buying the newest gadget 

will make anyone happy. 

Hugs and Kisses 

Strapped for cash? Everyone loves 
affection around the holidays. 

Fashionably Fresh 

Sporting the latest threads 
is on the top of most everyone's list. 


For the uncreative, 

give them money 

to buy what they love. 


T AND SHOUT (above) 

lartello and Katelyn Arvidson dance and entertain children at Holiday 
sitting. The student council watched kids for four nights in December to 
parents a chance to shop. 

St**et*t VUe 

DECK THE GALS (right) 

Emily Bhatti and Liz Martello are 

two very helpful underclassmen who 
contributed greatly to this year's 
Senior Holiday Party. As they 
decorate the cafeteria, they also 
decorate themselves! 

Max Furst, Jamie Ravinski, 
Evan Brock, and Tyler Ring sit 

down with their kid and a Ninja 
Turtle. Looks like the boys are 
having more fun than the kids. 

HO HO HO! (right) 

Kristy Lamothe and her child kneel 

next to Santa, also known as 

Adam Ewer. Meeting Santa was one of 

the most popular events at the party. 






You know you did a good job picking out gifts when 
your child unwraps his presents and his eyes begin 
to bulge and words like WOW and COOL come out 
his mouth. Doesn't it make you feel good? 

Irs ok! Don't Cry... 

It's gotta hurt when your kid takes one look at you 
and bursts into tears. But don't worry, it probably 
wasn't personal. 


Wlien you ask your child wliat site wants to do next 
and she answers with, "I wanna go home 1 .," it's kind 
of disappointing. 

Look at what they got!! 

It s all going well; your kid is completely enthralled 
with his nrw toys until... lie decides to take one look 
at wliat his friends got. You get dropped in 5 seconds 
and find yourself running across tliegym cliasing 
your kid. Fun, right? 

I Promise I don't bite 

Although most oftlie kids were extremely thrilled 
and hyper all day, there was the occasional child that 
ivas afraid to even speak. It was probably yours if 
you found yourself doing all the talking. Oh, and 
zoos tlwt you who was playing with the cars more 
tlian the kids? 


AND HE SCORES! (above) 
Decorating the gym for the Holiday Party was a little more difficult than it I 
supposed to be. Getting the streamers up high where they belonged was a I 
but thanks to Mike Poles, we succeeded in the decorating department. 

Sett'tof tteU*»? ?»ft? 

Nichole McElroy and 
Jake Cacciapaglia surprise their 
child with a bike. Though the limit 
was 40 to 50 dollars a kid, they 
found a great deal and were able to 
stay under the limit. 

Sertetf tott*»V fart? 

Adam "Santa Claus" Ewer is happy 
to lend Kathryn Astley and 
Julie Lyon a knee for a moment of 
rest. Chasing after their kids all day 
is quite the work out! 

JOKE'S ON YOU! (left) 

Brian Cameron and Mike Moses 

think they are posing for a nice picture 
with their child. Little do they know, 
their mischievous little one is sneaking 
up on them with bunny ears. 

Sta^eot Vtfe 

>»***»*? fcvettts 

John DeLorie and Vito Giacalone 
entertain K.P. during lunch block on 
an early release day. The music they 
play helps the students to relax. 

DOUBLE DATE (below) 
Jill Jackson was lucky enough to 
bring both her father and grandfa- 
ther to the Father Daughter Dance. 

MUY DIFICIL (above) 
Molly Bloomer concentrates very 
hard on her Spanish midterm exam. 
She focuses on writing an essay, one 
of the more difficult parts of the test. 


Jehan Said is busy hanging up stars 
before school on star day. Members 
of student council make a star for 
each student in the school to wish 
them luck on midterms. 

>»*om? tve*ti 


nlsa Sotir, Joanne Caffrey, Colleen Foley, Kayla Thomas, Erica Shapiro, 

1 Kannon Steele (standing in the back) and Jenna Kraby and 

Jiy Wyman (in front) enjoy First Night festivities in Boston. 

Become Healthier 

After the holiday season, 

everyone is eager to exercise and 

begin eating healthy foods. 

It is a lot easier to eat better after 

all the parties and treats have passed. 

Study More 

After the New Year many people look 

forward to a new beginning in school. 

Most people vow to study harder, 

dedicate more time to school, and 

get better grades. 

Try Something New 

Make a pledge to yourself that 
every day you will do something 
that you have never done before. 

Try a new food, or even talk to 
someone new and make a friend. 

Help Others 

After the changes 2001 has brought, 

you are probably more eager 

to reach out and help someone, 

and what better time to start? 

Shed Bad Habits 

Tell yourself that you will 

quit one of your bad habits. 

It could be anything from 

procrastination to biting your nails. 




Brian Cameron proudly holds a 
newspaper article about the Patriots' 
well-earned victory in the playoffs. 
He is thrilled that the Patriots are on 
their way to the Superbowl. 

Dave DeBlasio and 
Gregg Santabarbara, along with 
students from other schools, had a 
great time at HULC. They loved 
meeting new people, and had lots of 
laughs playing the games. 

These seniors listen carefully to the 
graduates of 2001. Several students 
returned to speak to the seniors 
about their college experiences. The 
advice that they gave was encourag- 
ing and the seniors had fun seeing 
their old friends once again. 

Sta*e*t Vtte 

to do 
in the 

Ski Trip 

Pack the car with all your equipment 
and get yourself to a ski resort. Get on 
the lift and enjoy an exciting ride down. 

Ready, aim, fire! 

Snowball fights are a great way to have a 
little playful fun! 

Grab a sled 

Not so good on the slopes? Well find a 
hill and a few friends. It may be tiresome 
to hike up the hill but the ride down is a 

Hide out 

Igloos are so much fun to make on a 
snow day. You and your friends can 
have a place to hide out and literally 



Wlien you wake up in the morning and 
look out your window all you can see is 
snow. Get outside and throw yourself in 
the snow to make a snow angel. 


Emily Greaves, Kelly Winslow, and Samantha Shapiro are not ready t< 

leave the mountain, unlike Mr Oles, who is anxious to get into the hot r 

r ^ -Afci -* 

jySHfe ^^ 

. A ^ iLa^^. 

'i. . 



I Ih l mi ^r 

w ^^^^ 

1 lfl 



GATE (above) 
Adam Spagna, Josh Plante, 
Andrew Steverman, Joe Cuddihy 
Chris Rieger, and Jim Hilson are 
anxious to put their skies on and race 
down the slopes. 

These guys and gals are all bundled 
up for a fun day of skiing. They can't 
wait to get their passes and get on 
the chair lift. 

LET'S HANG OUT (right) 

Ayla Greenland and Jehan Said had 

a blast skiing all day. They are 
excited about getting back to the 
hotel room to relax and enjoy the hot 

SKt \x\? 

SM ttf « 

Ayla Greenland, Lauren Davenport, 
Jehan Said, Carolyn Osborn, and 
Lindsey Tufts get off the bus eager 
to get onto the slopes. 

This is Mr Oles's first time ever 
going skiing. At the beginning of the 
day, the only way he got down was 
by falling. At the end of the day, he 
claims he didn't have to snowplow 


Alisha Lomasney and Emily Greaves 

enjoy the scenery at the top of 
Sunday River. They are just about to 
start their journey down the trail. 


MOUNTAIN (above) 

Mr. and Mrs. Tower enjoy a 

beautiful view at the top of Sunday 


Stt»*e*t Vtte 

DOUBLE DATE (below) 

Meg Fredrickson and 

Katie Fredrickson have to share 

their dad when they dance. Luckily 

these two sisters are such good 

friends that they have a great time. 

Heather Greenwood, Emily Bhatti, 
and Jess Colcord get the crowd 
grooving to the beat with fancy foot 
work on the ballroom floor. 


These freshmen have a memorable 

time at their first Father/Daughter 

Dance. These girls aren't at all too 

shy to jump on the dance floor and 

get down with all the upperclass- 




f »ttet/P»oatitef P»1H; 

tatbet/Paaqfrtef P»«*te 

Kate Blair and her dad dance 
together during the slow songs. Kate 
knows no matter how old she gets 
she'll always be daddy's little girl. 

CURLY-Q'S (left) 
Kelly Winslow, Rose Becker, and 
Aimee Kern show off their curls for 
the evening. These three tried to look 
their best, especially for their fathers. 

ALL TIED UP (below) 
Katie Johnson, Liz Martello, 
Steph Knowles, and Biz Cove put 

on their dads' ties and "tie up" the 
dance floor as they dance up a storm. 
These girls are all having a great 

Bad Table Manners 

You're talking with your friends and all 

of a sudden your dad burps so loudly that 

everyone turns and stares at you! 

Gee, thanks Dad! 

Wears a Goofy Outfit 

No matter how much your complain, your 
dad insists on wearing his red suspenders 

and checkered tie! 

Tells Embarrassing 

Didn't think anyone knew about when 

you wet the bed? Well thanks to good ol' 

dad, everyone does now! 

Horrible Dancing Skills 

Once the music gets going your dad can't 
resist. Unfortunately he jumps in the 
middle to show off his not-so-groovin' 


« one goes Caribbean with leis as soon as the DJ plays this beach party 
pi Nicole Magnuson, Kristy Lamothe, Lisa Galano, Kate Blair, and 
b|en McGuire get ready to jump into the windy conga line! 

Cover Your Ears 

Dad, don't touch the microphone!! 

It is sweet if your dad dedicates a song 

to you, but does he really need 

to sing along? 

Ways Your 

Dad Can 



StaAettt Vtte 


Tom Gemelli was one of the 
students who directed the play this 
year. Turn of the Screw was a 
beautifully directed performance. 
Maybe Tom is the next Spielberg? 

ALL DOLLED UP (below) 
At the Maples Nursing Home, 
volunteers from K.P.'s Honor Society 
put on a party for the residents. 
Harleigh Billian and Kim Murdock 
serve "pigs in a blanket" to the 

Mike Moses works intently on 
putting together bears for the 
economics' Junior Achievement 
Company. Da' Bears produced teddies 
that were delivered to homerooms on 
Valentine's Day to all the sweethearts 

Ways to 


Parade in Boston 

Can you imagine being in the same place as 1 
million other people just to see a small group of 
football players? Well, if you missed school on 
February 5th along with 350 other KP students, you 
probably don't luive to imagine it! 

Home of the Patriots 

We are lucky enough to liiv so close to Foxboro 
Stadium. Wlien the team got home after the 
Superboivl, many went to Foxboro to greet them. 

All Decked Out? 

In red, white, and blue tlmt is! Fans went straight to 
the Pro Shop to get all the newest Pats' gear. 

Get ready for Next Season 

Because this lias beat a phenomenal season for the 
Patriots, you can only imagine what next year is 
going to be like. Some of the most dedicated Pats fans 
already luive season tickets for 2002-3 and with the 
new stadium here, how can you not be psyched? 

The Touchdown Dance 

Tom Brady's slwke of the hips and Ty Law's fancy 
foot work — you know you're a true Patriots fan 
when you can imitate the touchdown dances. By tlte 
way, whoever said white men can't dance was 
absolutely correct. (Just kidding Tom!) 

GO PATS!! (above) 

Over one million people showed up in Boston to celebrate the Super Bow 
victory with the Patriots, including hundreds of King Philip students. Th' 
hallways were a little less congested on February 5 around here. 

tevmnatv tvctvts 

VOGUE (left) 

A smiling Elin Wilcox struts her stuff 
down the runway; she pivots and pops 
a knee to show off her garter. The first 
annual KP Prom Fashion Show was 
put together with the help of many 
seniors as models, hairdressers, and 

Kristin Crisafi and Jill Jackson are 
all wrapped up in the chain of life. 
As a part of SADD week, SADD sold 
links of their chain to each class to 
see who could have the longest 



j^w ^^ X«^| 


* # - 

f ettfaarv tve*t$ 

Valentine's Day isn't just about that 
special someone; it's about remind- 
ing your friends how much they 
mean to you. Colleen McGuire and 
Becky Mure show off the bears sent 
by their best friends. 

Becky Colcord and Jess Rodio head 
up north during vacation to find 
some snow to play in! Isn't New 
England supposed to be a winter 
wonderland? Not this year. 

StaAettt VUe 

CITY GIRLS (right) 

Kim Murdock and Emily Holt 

spend the day in Boston for a 
friend's birthday. Going to see the 
play Rent at the Wang Center was 
the highlight of the day. 



Before they go out for a long night of 

fun Kate Blair and Judy Cronin go 

to Kate's house to decide what they 

are going to do. 


WILD GALS (above) 

Patty Quick and Kristen Stewart 

have crazy and insane times dancing 
the night away in Patty's room. 

Over a long weekend 
Marguerite Keyes and 
Maggie Church had a bunch of girls 
over at Maggie's house. They spent 
all morning making breakfast for 
each other. 

V«eetie*Ai / ?*tV>\*q Ut 

KES TWO (below) 

two beautiful girls, Meg Capone and Bridget Rasicot, make a 

lent by sitting on top of their car so they can see what's going on in the 

ig lot. 


Mike Prentice drives around in style in 
his amazing cherry red Porsche. 


Many people have Jeeps but 
Adam Gawthrope's stands out 
from the rest with its huge tires. 

Dodge Ram 

No one dares to cut off 

Mark Nolan in his truck. 

He has a 2500 model and a V8 engine. 


Ted Copparini's white car sticks out in 

the parking lot with its huge spoiler. 

Everyone always wants a Mustang as 

their first car, but Ted actually got one. 


Everybody has got to love 

Jake Nyborn's black Talon. 

He put a lot of work into his car including 

a nice system and many lighting effects. 

Cars in 




OBSESSION?? (below) 

When you think obsessed, your mind immediately goes to Mike Prentice and 

cars. Mike has been around engines practically his whole life. 


Jaime Ravinski, Evan Brock, 

Chris Catani, and Bryan Donahue 

chill in the parking lot after a long 
stressful day at school. 

HAWAIIAN BOYS (far left) 
Gregg Santabarbara and 
Rob Tuveson look like they are 
going to the beach on a sunny day 
after school. 

fatfttaa tot 

Sto£e*t vUc 

t Wf * StfrtfteV 

Deireck W^rohal 

CW&S »*** *4V*V%tt*l 

Ofte VUe to Vive 

Clubs and Activities 

Band 174 

Winter Percussion 176 

Winter Guard 177 

Marching Band 178 

Color Guard 179 

Concert Band 180 

Jazz Band/Chorus 181 

Chieftain 182 

D.E.C.A 184 

Diversity Club.... 186 

Peer Mediation 187 

Drama 188 

G.A.P.S 189 

Gym Leaders 190 

Figure Skating 191 

Boys' '& Girls' State 192 

Key Club 193 

Leo Club -.194 

Sachem..^ :^.196 

Metacomet 197 

Peer Leadership 198 

S.A.D.D ,200 

Student Council 202 

H. S, ^ 204 

Joe Perrella, Chris Watkins, ^ 
et al. :f »« 

*i , 

l-feather Richner 

ttotos »«*£ fVcttvities 

% i 

mm X 


J0<? m/p RE6X %Am m 



Back row (1 to r): Jessica Donegan, Jeffrey Jacobson, Abigail Dalton, Lindsay King, Elizabeth Streeter, William Stilli 
Erik Saras, David Hannon, Craig Ewer, Matthew Jillson. Fifth row: Evan Butler, Derreck Warchal, Vito Giaca 
Joshua Geller, Nicole Hoyceanyls, Sarah Clark, Benjamin Purkis, Michael Butler. Fourth row: Leo St 
Ryan Beans, Andrew McFarland, Sarah Miller, Stephanie Jackson, Katherine Baker, Kara Davey, Erin Pisarski. Third 
Lauren Paetznick, Kelsey Stanton, Kelly Brennan, Samantha Sieloff, Pardees Safizadeh, Amanda Tuesley, Jillian DiNu? 
Timothy Morris, Cathleen Doane, Eric Schrader, George Hinman, Edward Devlin, Sarah Cronin, Adam I 
Crystal Nelson, Jamie Powers, Sebastian Zervos, Joshua Wolloff. Front row: Charles Roldan, Sharon Ward, John Del 
Michael Moore, Robert Proctor, James Foulis, Michael O'Connell, Elin Wilcox, Anna Perrelli, Jessica T 
Michelle Simard. Fifth Row: Renee Robinson, Shalyn Simmer. Fourth row: Laura Daley, Julie Nolan, Christine A) 
Lauren Mulcahy, Ellen Morris. Second row: Rachel Cardillo, Stacey Doiron, Emily Loughlin, Gail O' 
Victoria Gilbert, Michelle St. Pierre, Nicole Atkinson, Wendy Evans, Erin Kim, Katie O'Neil. Actors: Matthew Mu 


The Pride and th 

ftattfrtaq £»**£ 



tythew Sieloff, Charles-Ross Sherwin, 
•qon Geller, Jill Dubendris, Jennifer St. Amand, 
'aren Maciel, Alessandra Gura, Christopher Barb, 
[Me Morrison, Jason Bentley, Scott Spaulding, 
ttr Twiraga. Second row: Maureen Kelly, 
xinelius Larrivee, Peter Tileston, Rudy Gowern, 
)i(Gutlon, Andrew Simard, William Small, 
.(j'ecca Brennan. Color guard: Back row: 
nd row: Stacey Jillson, Christina Giacalone, 
Mlory White. Front row: Bettina Keyes, 
•rdre Galluzzo. 




With the new millennium has come a new 
era of outstanding achievement for King Philip's 
nationally renowned music program. This year, 
as in past years, the program's many ensembles 
have brought home countless awards, trophies, and 
medals, proving once again that King Philip's music students are 
among the most dedicated, hardworking, and talented in the country. Under 
the astute direction of Peter Tileston, the music program embodies the very 
ideal of excellence; and yet, neither Mr. Tileston nor his students allow 
themselves to stop and rest on their laurels. They are ever-prepared to press 
ahead to higher degrees of distinction, as articulated by the program's motto: 
"Never settle for your present level of achievement." 

To list all the achievements of each of this year's ensembles would 
be tedious. So, instead, here are a few highlights: 

In April 2001, the Indoor Percussion Ensemble traveled to 
Milwaukee to compete in the Winter Guard International Championship 
competition, where it had claimed the national championship in 2000. King 
Philip actually sent two different ensembles to compete in Milwaukee this 
year, an undertaking never before attempted in the long history of WGI. The 
marching ensemble performed the show They Are All Our Children Too, 
featuring music from the Broadway hit Miss Saigon; the concert group 
performed the famous Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninoff. Both groups 
received silver medals for their performances in Milwaukee. 

The Winter Color Guard also competed at the national level in 
Milwaukee this year. Its floor show, which featured music from Prokofiev's 
Ivan the Terrible, had earned second place at the New England Scholastic 
Band Association championships earlier in April. This award is placed 
among dozens of others that have highlighted the group's decade-long 

Also in April, the perennially successful Symphony Band per- 
formed at the legendary Symphony Hall in Boston. This honor is reserved 
for only those bands that have received gold medal ratings at the festivals 
held by the Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors' Associa- 
tion. The band has had the honor of playing at the Hall three times in as 
many years. 

The Jazz Ensemble once again proved its preeminence as one of 
the finest jazz bands in New England. In addition to earning numerous gold 
medals at competitions in Norwood, Framingham, Waterford, CI, and at the 
University of New Hampshire, the band also gave an outstanding perfor- 
mance for the school in June when they performed along with notable jazz 
artists Susan Picillo and David Pope (a KP alumnus). 

Meanwhile, King Philip's marching band — "the Pride and the 
Passion" — has maintained its status as the greatest marching band in the 
Northeast. With their 2001 field show, NUTCRACKER: From the Ballet to the 
Night Club, the marching band blended the classical beauty of Tchaikovsky's 
ballet music with the lively swing of Duke Ellington's jazz arrangements. 
Tine show was immensely popular with both audiences and adjudicators, 
earning the band its second consecutive championship at the Bands of 
America regional competition in Hempstead, New York. In November, the 
band traveled to Indianapolis for the Bands of America Grand National 
Championship competition, which no other Massachusetts band has ever 
attended. Despite its relatively small size, the band stunned audiences with 
its performances in the preliminary round as well as the semifinal round, 
once again living up to its moniker, "the little band that could." 

What distinguishes the King Philip Music Program from other 
programs in the Northeast, perhaps in the entire country, is that it demon- 
strates excellence through all of its ensembles. Whereas another school may 
have an outstanding marching band, or another a fantastic symphony band, 
or another an outrageous color guard, King Philip has excelled in all of these 
arenas, consistently ranking among the top in any competitive organization. 
Its incredible success is truly a shining testament to the brilliance and 
fastidiousness of its instructors and to the passionate dedication and 
unsinkable spirit of its students. 

-Adam Ewer 

CWtos »*£ Activities 

Rob Proctor is an experienced 
drummer for the King Philip Winter 
Percussion. He steps and beats to the 
rhythm providing a strong base for 
the sound that the band produces. 

Adam Ewer's acting talents helped 
to make the production successful. 
He enjoyed playing the role of a 
soldier who narrated the group's 


Anna Perrelli focuses hard during 
one of the school performances. Her 
excellent musical ability makes her a 
standout in the percussion ensemble. 

Back row (1 to r): Susan Barb, 
Anna Perrelli; Melissa Hootstein, 
Jillian DiNunzio, Keith Foster, 
Elin Wilcox, Marguerite Keyes, 
Jess Terrio, Becca Brennan, 
Dave Hannon. Front row: 
Chris Cerrato, Sharon Ward, 
Magen Swanson, Bill Cobb. 

The King Philip Winter 
Percussion Ensemble was 
incredible. Last year they 
started the year off captur- 
ing a platinum medal at the NESBA 
Conference at Salem High School. One of 
their biggest accomplishments that year 
was winning a silver medal at the na- 
tional competition. They performed in 
Milwaukee at the World Guard Interna- 
tional Conference. The percussion en- 
semble performance was called All of My 
Children, an excerpt from the musical 
Miss Saigon. Mr. Tileston led the winter 
percussion in all of its performances. This 
program took a great amount of time and 
effort but was certainly worth it in the 


The Successful Warriors 



Wtatet fettttssie* 


A New Level of Excellence 

|<IG SPIRIT (right) 
ne Albert, Julie Nolan, 
Daley, and Stacey Doiron 

In their program with enthusiasm. 
Itrh e to bring honors to our school 
lieir award winning skills. 

||lCK TOGETHER (below) 
Robinson and Shaylin Simmer 

/ays together whether it be at 
e or during a show. They have 
i through colorguard for many 
illowing their friendship to grow 

N THE CARDS (above) 

'n Swanson, Becca Brennan, and Lauren Mulcahy lounge around in 
hotel room during one of their band trips. Every once in a while they 
a break from rehearsals and performances, and enjoy spending their 
ime playing card games. 


The King Philip Winter Guard is a 
talented group of girls even though it is 
a young team consisting of only seven 
seniors. Last year they competed at 
Salem High School and took home first 
place. They also competed in Eastern 
Massachusetts and won the bronze 
medal. Along with the winter percus- 
sion, winter guard competed at the 
national level. Dedication and much 
preparation enabled them to place 
fourth in the country. The World Guard 
International Conference was held in 
Milwaukee this year and lasted four 
days. Nicole Morrison was the instruc- 
tor of winter guard last 
winter and will continue 
to direct the girls in the 


Wtater Gtt»f A 


DO, RE, ME... (below) 

Becca Brennan plays her heart out during a performance of the Nutcracker. 
Her concentration level is proof that all band members are willing to achieve 
the very best. 



The King Philip Marching 
Band is an award-winning 
group. They started the 
year off by capturing first 
place in Bellingham. They continued 
their winning streak here at King Philip 
and other local schools. Their spirits 
were high as they entered the state 
conference held in Framingham. After 
winning three rounds at that conference, 
they won the gold medal. Throughout 
their winning season, the band was held 
together by their instructor, 
Mr. Tileston. Along with him, were the 
talented and strong drum majors, 
Sarah Cronin and Adam Ewer. The band 
members also held a profitable 
fundraiser during the winter season 
where they sold holiday wreaths. 



Ly !■ 


lift 1 



Hp *mii 


i - 



Matt Murphy and Deirdre Galluzzo 

perform the award-winning 
marching band show. The band 
members are getting ready to 
surprise the crowd with an 
unsuspected twist. 

The band is providing entertainment 
for one of the many football games. 
Their music adds extra spirit and 
warrior pride to encourage the 
players to grab a victory. 

Forward They March 



t*»f«.btaq &»«** 



Raising Flags to Excellence 

iD LEADER (above) 

' • Robinson twirls her flag during a marching band performance. Renee 
en a role model for color guard since she is an upperclassman and sets 
mple for the younger members to follow. 


Back row (1 to r): Vicky Gilbert, Nicole Atkinson, 

Stacey Doiron, Michelle St. Pierre, Gail O'Neil, 

Shalyn Simmer, Erin Kim, Stacey Jillson. Third 

row: Michelle Simard, Julie Nolan, 

Renee Robinson, Ellen Morris, Rachel Cardillo, 

Wendy Evans. Second row: Emily Loughlin, 

Christina Giacalone, Bettina Keyes, Katie O'Neil, 

Mallory White. Front row: Christine Albert, 

Lauren Mulcahy, Laura Daley 


The King Philip Color Guard is a suc- 
cessful group. Throughout the fall 
season they practiced diligently by 
performing halftime shows at home 
football games. They worked many long 
hours during the fall season to prepare 
for the state conference and national 
competition. This year they performed 
with the Nutcracker theme. Each dressed 
in two costumes, pajamas and brightly 
colored leotards. They placed first at 
every local competition and they won 
the gold medal at the state conference in 
Framingham. At nationals they placed 
sixth in their division, proving that these 

girls are ready for any level of 

competition. The King 
Philip Color Guard was 
led by Nicole Morrison. 


ttatos >«*£ Activities 


Emily Loughlin and Kelly Brennan are both members of the King Philip 
Concert Band. They play unique instruments that contribute to the high 
quality of sound that the band produces. They are both concentrating hard on 
the piece that they are performing. 


Mr. Tileston 

Concert Band 

The King 



Band, is one of the 
school's best programs. 
The students who are 
active in the program, 
dedicate much of their 
time to perfecting their 
musical talents. Mr. Tileston, is the 
instructor, and leads the band in all of its 
performances. Students enjoy hearing 
the band play, and love to attend its 
performances. Concert band participants 
must be willing to practice on their own 
and love every minute that they spend 
playing. King Philip is fortunate enough 
to have such a wonderful program in its 
school system. 


Vito Giacalone, Jill Dubendris and 
Kyle Sebring are three talented 
saxophone players. They dedicate much 
of their time working on the quality of 
their sound, and learning the compli- 
cated notes in the pieces. 

ALL EYES ON ME (right) 
The band is focusing on Mr. Tileston 
at the Pops Concert. The night was 
filled with music and food, and a 
large crowd turned out to view the 
spectacular event. The band played 
various holiday songs to entertain 
both children and adults. 

Music of the Heart 



Concert £»** 

wu &»*& 


All That Jazz 

\[G TOGETHER (right) 

rig Philip chorus has many 

d students, who devote their time 

ing both in and out of school. 

leston is the chorus instructor, and 

used his musical experience to 

em in the right direction. 

NG AWAY (below) 
:obson is completely focused on 
g this particular piece correctly. He 
mendous talent playing the piano, 
es the jazz band. 


l IT UP (above) 

jazz band is busy practicing at one of their rehearsals. The band has both 
onal and group rehearsals, so that each section of the band can perfect their 
3 before they practice as a whole. This is one of the reasons why the band is 
iccessful; they never refuse to settle for second best, and always go the extra 
. The jazz band has a tremendous sound, that entertains people for hours, 
band is cherished by all King Philip students, and is sure to be a success for 
y years. 

Mr. Tileston 

Jazz /Chorus 

Instructor The jazz band and 
chorus complete 
KP's music pro- 
gram. Every year 
the jazz band pro- 
duces a c.d. of their 
work, which is very 
popular in the three towns. The chorus 
participates in many events throughout 
the year, entertaining audiences of all 
ages. Both music programs are filled 
with talented students who are devoted 
to their love of music. Their perfor- 
mances are fun to listen to 
and add to K.P's spirited 


±1%% &»<*& »*£ ttwroi 



Ms. Coutu is the 
yearbook advisor. 


Modern publishing is 
more than just a class, 
the year is filled with 
numerous activities. 
One of the highlights is 
observing Rick Brooks 
as he draws the cover. 
Working to meet deadlines consumes most 
of the staff's time. The last deadline is in 
February. The class celebrates with a pizza 
party, when the February deadline has 
been met. Then it is right back to work on 
the supplement. The seniors receive their 
books in May at the Senior Cookout, and 
the underclassmen shortly after. Complet- 
ing the yearbook is unlike any other feel- 
ing. The work is difficult, but the reward is 

ALL BIZNESS (below) 

Katie Johnson is busy calling businesses for the ads section, as Biz Cove 
records the information. The money made from selling ads helps to keep 
price of the book reasonable. 

TWO OF A KIND (below) 

Nicole Armitage and Meagan Capone work together as the 
Editors-in-Chief of the 2002 staff. They contribute all of their time/ 
and efforts to provide our school with the best yearbook ever. 
These girls are confident in their endeavors since they have had 
three years of experience. Without their dedication, this 
yeaarbook would never have been so successful. 

Andrea King uses her past experi- 
ence as the computer technician on 
the staff, to quickly type the senior 
profiles. Deadlines come up fast, and 
good typing skills make the job a 
little easier. 

I'M LATE! I'M LATE! (below) 
Colleen Foley is busy trying to meet 
her deadlines. With determination 
like her's she will have no problem. 


Producing the yearbook 
of a lifetime 


| le members of the Chieftain Staff intently observe artist 
| ick Brooks as he draws the cover design for the yearbook. It is 
i i incredible experience to see an idea become reality and is one of 

e highlights of the year. 

Danielle Charbonneau works on the 
senior section. Because the color 
pages are so tricky, usually only a 
veteran like Danielle would want to 
try it. 

Kate Blair always seems so happy 
when she is in yearbook. Although 
the class can be stressful at times, a 
positive attitude always prevails. 

(Back row, left to right) 
Carolyn Sweeney, Colleen Foley, 
Liz Andreozzi, Lindsay Wyman, 
Siobhan Howard, Alisha Lomasney, 
Emily Bhatti, Meagan Capone, 
Kim Murdock,Lauern Leclerc, 
Heidi Murphy, Heather Richner, 
Christina Bellmore, Miss Coutu 
(Middle row) Biz Cove, 
Nicole Armitage, Katie Johnson, 
Andrea King, Megan Conley, 
Nicole Magnuson, Steph Knowles 
(Seated) Kate Blair, Blair Rainsford 
(Missing) Danielle Charbonneau 




ttobs »*£ Activities 


ALL EARS (below) 
Kristy McKinney listens intently to 
the lecture during class. The time 
spent in the classroom is almost as 
valuable as working outside, in the 
real world. 

ONE AT A TIME (below) 
Miranda Converse is a new member 
of DECA. She assists students one by 
one at the school store in order to 
shorten the long line. 

FUN IN THE SUN (below) 

Lindsay Corrigan, Becky Colcord, Nichole McElroy, Dave DeBlasio, 
Brian Dugdale and Jake Cacciapaglia pose in front of Universal Studios 
These active DECA members were able to enjoy themselves even with th 
stress of competing at nationals. 

Back row (1 to r): Dan Gero, 
Geoffrey Rice, Evan McGill, 
Jess Rodio, Brian Dugdale, 
Becky Colcord, Lindsay Corrigan, 
Amy Kenney, Bridget Rasicot. 
Middle row: Sean O'Connor, 
Kristy McKinney, Nichole McElroy, 
Jake Cacciapaglia, Amy Carr, 
Cathleen Doane, Eleni Ceven, 
Corey True. Front row: 
Kerry McKinney, Dave DeBlasio. 


J 1 

jT t 

k f * «<v f 

K ^-v 


; ^^^k . ' ^^^k ^ 

Kw r\p 

k /V*5$L i^k-^wx/* 

!n v ^Lhjk 

■ /] 

f / K 


^V ^H ^^^^^^^^ .^flka ^^^ H ^1 ^^^^1 

■ """Spi^S JP 




I HE TWO OF US (below) 

stuart and Jeff Wood are scanning their DECA textbooks. These two 
i have learned to work together in order to lighten their work. 

/ Mr. Guillemette 

retail marketing 


D.E.C.A. is a program 
that enables students to 
learn how to be success- 
ful in the business 
world. Students are 
given the opportunity 
to work outside of the 
classroom. In addition, they manage the 
school store and learn to keep track of their 
inventory. They also assist students at the 
school bank. Every member of D.E.C.A. 
must complete a project. The students 
compete in preliminaries in order to pro- 
ceed to the regionals, and some even make 
it to the national competition. DECA offers 
great experiences and is a very popular 
program at King Philip. 

MOVING ON UP (above) 
Eleni Ceven is setting up one of 
DECA's computer programs. As vice- 
president she has developed leader- 
ship skills through experience, 
enabling her to lead both inside and 
outside of the classroom. 

Dave DeBlasio is overcome with 
excitement at the awards ceremony. 
Both he and Brian Dugdale worked 
very hard on their projects and were 
happy to be recognized at the 
national level. 


for the 

Business World 

ttot»* »*A Activities 

LISTEN UP (below) 

Amie Speroni leads a group discussion during a Diversity Club meeting. 

They are discussing issues regarding tolerance as well as differences. 




Ms. Bremer, 

Diversity Club Advisor 

Ms. Bremer is 
the advisor for 
Diversity Club 
this year. 
Mr. Fayle also 
helps out with 
this club. They 
both dedicate much of their time to 
planning activities for this group. Each 
meeting the members split into differ- 
ent workshops dealing with diversity 
and tolerance issues. One of the high- 
lights of the year is a dance that they 
attend along with many other schools. 
Also, they attend an annual state confer- 
ence in Boston called Teen Harmony. 


PEACE SIGN (above) 

William Cobb and Matt Murphy 

pledge to fight hate crimes. Their 
signatures prove that they believe in 
peace on Earth. 

WE ARE FAMILY (right) 
(Back row) Alex Diandos, 
T.J. Duvel, Cheyne Johnson, 
Mark Speroni, Laura Wind, 
Bill King, Mike Murphy, 
Filiz Korkmaz, Chris Voght, 
Cyndy Spiess, Chris Barb, 
Gretchen Meixner, Brittany Burke. 
(Front row) Jenna Dubose, 
Steve Anthony, Amie Speroni, 
Steve White, Ayaan Agane 

Having Open Minds 


When People Talk, We Listen 


tuth, Eleni Ceven, 

Watkins and Ms. Harrington 

,s a major issue regarding a 
>etween two students. Their job 
Dive any problems that deal 
he student body. 

HINE DAY (below) 
Zoe Lodola puts away her 
ng cap to smile for the camera 
stening skills and decisions 
Brovide others with smiles. 



TARY BLUE (above) 

-igh Holmes is pondering the solution to a major problem. He curls up 

i library cubby during a peer mediation session to escape group work. 

Peer mediation is a club that consists of 
students who acquire great listening 
skills. These skills are necessary to be a 
part of this club because they enable 
the members to solve problems. Each 
year new members from every grade 
are selected by their classmates. They 
then train with the veteran members 
in November. They spend three school 

days training 
in the media 
center learn- 
ing how to 
resolve issues 

Mrs. Viles-Antonellis, 
Peer Mediation Advisor 



feet l*e£totto* 



Carolyn Fitzpatrick waits for her stage call while she pets her fuzzy co-star. 
This team helped to make the holiday show, Yes Virginia, There is a Santa 
Clans a huge success. 


STARS (above) 

Susanne Aulisio and Jeff Jacobson 

hang around behind the scenes 
preparing for their stage debuts. 
Dressed in their costumes,they are 
ready to go on. 

HAND IN HAND (right) 

Craig LaValley and Jason Willis 

work hand in hand to bring the 
residents of the surrounding 
communities loads of holiday cheer. 


Miss Slagle 
Assistant Director 


club at King Philip is 
one of the best 
around. The drama 
productions are di- 
rected by Mr. Ferreira 
and Miss Slagle. 
Under their leadership the drama pro- 
ductions are wonderful. From their 
former productions to their most recent 
production of Yes Virginia, There Is A 
Santa Clans, they have been able to make 
the audience enjoy every performance. 
This performance is considered one of 
their most successful productions yet. 
The club is now preparing for their next 


performance, the Turn of the Screw. 

Lights, Camera, Action! 



?*»<*» ttoto 


([NG UP (right) 
v members of the G.A.P.S. take a 
ienr away from their duties and act 
e goofy. They are always finding 
ways to have a great time. 

Behind the Scenes 

■ID AT WORK (below) 

inn Agane tells Diedre Galluzzo 


e she should stand before she goes 
age. Ayaan's hard work and 
ration has made her a behind-the- 
s star. 


Jig the production of Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Clause, Tom Gemelli 
Harley Holmes work the controls for the lights and microphones. They 
te the perfect atmosphere for all the productions. 

The Grady Auditorium 
Production Staff are the 
people behind the 
scenes. The G.A.P.S. is 
directed by 

Mr. Ferreira. Their main 
purpose is to provide 
' correct lighting and 
sound effects for the 
plays performed by the drama club. They 
are always hard at work building, painting, 
and maintaining the sets of each and every 
production. They also provide all of the 
assemblies, town meetings, inductions, and 
speakers with the correct lighting and 
sounds. Their skills make 
performances a little more 





Megan Conley shares a friendly hug with peer Aimee Kern after defeating 
the defenders. Together they use strength and strategy to beat the opposing 
team in an exciting volleyball game, even though it was all in good fun. 

Christina Powers 

Gym Leader 


The gym teachers 
appreciate having 
student athletes 
help to assist them 
with their physical 
education classes. 
The junior and 
senior gym leaders 
influence the 

younger students. They encourage the students to have 
positive attitudes and to participate actively in the daily 
activities. After reading many essays about why the 
candidates would make good leaders, the gym teachers, 
Mr. Cameiro, Mr. Boucher, Mrs. Pfeffer, and 
Mrs. Smith, decide who meets the criteria of an effective 
gym leader. The decision is difficult, but in the end, the 
results are worth the hardships of making the decision. 
Juniors have the opportunity to return as gym leaders 
senior year. Seniors pass down their positions to the 
upcoming juniors. Being a gym leader is more than just 
fun and games; the position requires strong leadership 
qualities, skills that will be used throughout one's life. 

Kristen Taylor leads the routine 
stretches for her gym class. She helps 
Mrs. Smith to keep her gym class 
under control. 

Caitlyn Hawkins helps Mr. Carneiro 

by writing down the times for the 
runners. Caitlin's great attitude and 
fun spirit make her an excellent gym 

Leading into Shape 


G?<" VeaAets 

Ice! Ice! Baby! 

IklNCESS (right) 
ni iv Marshak, vice president of 
lure skating club, shows off her 
U during an intense practice. 
ruin's devotion to figure skating 
wcted through her stunts. 

Wh FOR THE STARS (below) 
lh»n Goossens flashes a big 
■■during practice. Even though 
llnew to the team, she enjoys 
llg and continues to improve. 



>on Goossens, Susie Brothman, and Lindsay Marshak pose during a 

break from a busy practice. All of them are excited to skate in the future 


There are ten active members in the figure 
skating club. Each member adds her own 
unique style to the routines she performs. 
The girls practice every Monday at a local 
skating rink. Jess Rodio, president, and 
Lindsay Marshak, vice president, teach 
the new members skills and moves they 

have learned 
during the past 
years. The team 
participates in 
several compe- 
titions each 
year. We wish 
them much 


Jess Rodio 




ttqttfe Stt»ti*q ttoto 



Harleigh Billian, Heidi Krajewski, and Maggie Church were the three 
juniors elected to Girls' State. They had a fantastic time learning more about 
how the United States' government works, and will always treasure the 
memories they have. 

During Girls' Nation, 
Harleigh Billian spent a day at the 
Capitol, meeting with various 
political figures. Senator McCain 
was one of the people that Harleigh 
was fortunate enough to meet. 

BOYS TO MEN (right) 
Gregg Santabarbara, Mike Prentice, 
Shawn Sluss, Eric Monty, 
Andrew Neviackas, Andy Koziol, 
and Eric Cunnane learned a lot 
about running a government at Boys' 
State. Hopefully some of them may 
decide to pursue a political career 
later in life. 


Boys' and Girls' State is a 
very special honor that a 
few juniors are privileged 
enough to experience. After 
the students are chosen, they join with 
high school students from across Massa- 
chusetts to focus on state issues. They set 
up a government and learn how to 
manage state affairs. This is vital for 
students who might be looking for a 
career in politics. The participants learn 
valuable political skills that they can 
carry with them for the rest of their lives. 
Harleigh Billian even continued further 
to represent Massachusetts at Girls' 
Nation. This was a once-in-a-lifetime 
experience, and a special honor. All of the 
students were grateful for having this 
opportunity to learn more about the gov- 
v ernment. 


Working for the Future 

G\t\\ State 

ttotw &q\\ 

Striving for Academic Excellence 

I RIGHT PATH (right) 
;l a Duczakowski, Abby Dal ton, 
Jlolino, Lindsay King, 
lapiro, and Ben Purkis are the 

lembersofthe Key Club who 
Brked very hard to earn straight 
m continue to shine as the year 

c i enables the members of the 
C p to enter any school-related 



® OF THE CLASS (above) 

:l )w: Andrea Demone, Nafeesa Rahman. Front row: 

tl m Astley, Heidi Krajewski. Missing: Sarah Cronin, Adam Ewer, 

n Foulis, Dominique Werboff. These students are the members of the 

is )f 2002 who earned all A's for six consecutive terms. This is not an easy 

I requires a very dedicated student to achieve such an accomplishment. 

The King Philip Key Club recognizes 
academic excellence. It is open to anyone 
who achieves straight A's for six con- 
secutive terms. This is a very difficult 
achievement, and the students are re- 
warded for their hard work. The mem- 
bers of the Key Club, are able to enter 
every school-sponsored event for free. 
This is a unique privilege. It gives the 
students the incentive to try harder, 
because they know that the school is 
proud of their accomplishments. They 
also know that every effort they make 
now will take them one step closer to 
their dreams, whether it be an 
Ivy League college, a 
profession, or a lifetime of 



*ey Oat 



VfcO Ctot» 

Christina Duczakowski, Colleen Foley, 
Stephanie Knowles, Katie Johnson, 
Lizzie Andreozzi, Joanne Caf f rey and 
Erica Shapiro. 

The 2001-2002 LEO Club Executive 
Board this year is accomplishing so 
much. As the president, 
Lizzie Andreozzi, is in charge of 
running each meeting. Lizzie along 
with Katie Johnson, the vice- 
president, speak to other schools about 
the LEO Club and make sure that the 
organization is well publicized. 
Erica Shapiro is the secretary and 
prepares the minutes to be read at 
every meeting. The treasurer, 
Stephanie Knowles, must collect the 
dues and keep a record of the club's 
account. Colleen Foley, the Norfolk 
representative, Christina Duczakowski, 
the Plainville representative, and 
Joanne Caf frey, the Wrentham 
representative, are in charge of the 
attendance for each of their towns. 

Libby Renner and Tracy Robbins are 

relaxing during the Halloween Dance. 

These girls are tired after a night of 
^^L playing games with 
V m Wrentham's children. 

Colleen Foley takes notes and records 
dates at a LEO club meeting. As a 
member of the Executive Board, she 
must help run meetings and plan 
upcoming events. 

HOCUS POCUS (above) 

Heather Cassidy, Shannon Steele, and Carolyn Sweeney are ready tc 
show their spooky spirit at the Wrentham Elementary School. These gi 1 
had a lot of fun supervising the children at the Halloween Dance, and | 
made some new festive friends as well. 

vto CU»fc 

Leadership, Excellence, 

Christina Duczakowski is the 
Plainville representative for the 
2001-2002 school year. Her job is to 
keep the attendance for her town 
and to inform the members of 
upcoming events. 

Erica Shapiro and Erin Ouimet 

supervise the children who are 
waiting for their turn to use the dunk 
tank. It was a fun way to keep cool 
and raise money for the club. 

ARRIVALS (above) 
|el McClain, Kaitlyn Winter, and Ayla Greenland intently listen 
jr. White at one of the meetings. It is at these meetings that all of 
blans are made, and it is imperative that everyone attend. With the 

isiasm of this year's freshmen, the club is sure to be a success for 

i to come. 



i i\ 




I Cassoli and Kelly Winslow were busy all day painting faces at 

Ilk Day. It was very satisfying to see the smiles on the faces of the 
en as they walked away with their funny faces. 

LEO Club is a community service club at 
King Philip. It is the youth branch of the 
Lions Club, and through its program, 
students learn how they can benefit their 
community. Members are in charge of 
helping local organizations that need assis- 
tance. Some of the most important events 
that the LEOs run are the Senior Senior 
Prom, face-painting at Norfolk Day, and the 
Senior Citizen Holiday Party. LEO Club is 
an excellent way to become an active par- 
ticipant in the commu- 
nity. When the members 
« witness the smiles on the 

faces of the people they 
have helped, they feel 
m special. 

Mr. White 

LEO Club advisor 

tW\n »*t£ Activities 


New and active members, Suzannah Brothman and Jen Robbins contribute 
with their helping hands. They are planning to make posters to advertise an 
upcoming Sachem event. 


Mrs. Melendy, Sachem Advisor 

Trevanna Grenfell, a senior member 
of Sachem works on a schedule. She 
has helped organize fundraisers for 
this club since her freshman year. 

(Back row) Mrs. Melendy, 
Amy Coombs, Gretchen Meixner, 
Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Jaime Willette, 
Adam Harcovitz, Trevanna Grenfell, 
Chris Cerrato, Suzannah Brothman, 
Jen Robbins, and Keith Foster 
(Front row) Laura Wind, 
Jeff Jacobson, Lauren Flocco, 
Kim Hall, Crystal Nelson, 
Maggie Keyes 

The Power of the Mind 



Vtte* ftty tftoq»*itf! 



Mrs. Melendy, Matt Fox, 

in, Michelle Matz, 

irston, Geoff Rankin, 

[la, Ian Stone, 

me Devine, Kate Connelly, 

idel, Amie Speroni, 

a Meixner, Ayaan Agane, 

arcovitz, Katie Powers. 

ow: Jen Lechak, Jaime Guild, 

:ord, Abby Wessman. 
Gregg Santabarbara, 


I OF WISDOM (below) 
ore Jaime Guild proofreads 
e for the Metacomet. She is a 
finding mistakes. 

Extra! Extra! Read All About It 


LPING HANDS (below) 

s. Melendy lends her gramatical strengths to help Gregg Santabarbara 
feet his article. She is always willing to help her students because she 
nts the Metacomet to be the best it can be. 

The talented Mrs. Melendy wears two 
hats. She is the advisor to the Metacomet 
as well as to Sachem. Her knowledge of 
the English language and her experience 
in the classroom add personal dimensions 
to both her positions. 




Mrs. Melendy, Metacomet advisor 





Mrs. Gallagher, 

Peer Leadership Advisor 

Peer leadership is an 
organization dedicated to 
helping all students make 
the right choices, and to 
have fun with the choices 
they make. The members 
became involved with the ^____j£j^^ 
local elementary schools by becoming pen 
pals with the sixth graders. Also, the members 
go to the elementary schools to speak with the 
kids about the pressures and challenges they 
will face in junior high and high school. One 
of the biggest events the club has is the Fun 
Night for the sixth grade students. Fun Night 
is filled with games and activities for the 
students to participate in. The members do a 
great job in setting an example for all the kids 
to look up to. 


Jenn Hall, Samantha Shapiro, Erin Ouimet, and Meredith Gaynor are 

willing and able to help guide students to make the right choices. It's gi 
like these who can make the difference. 

1 f^ ^~~ ^^V 

H^ri 1 * v 

*** * 

■ * ■ 

i ^k 




H ^L 


i y 


The executive board consisting of Harleigh Billian, Kate Blair, 

Becky Mure, Lisa Galano, Meg Conley, Mike Moses, and 

Tom Flanagan coordinate all of the activities that Peer Leadership 

involved in. 

Lindsay Corrigan and Lael Roye are 

cheering on their teammates at the 
6th grade Fun Night. They encour- 
age all the kids to try their hardest 
because they will be winners in the 

Mike Moses is playing a friendly 
game of volleyball at Fun Night. 
Mike looks forward to this night 
every year because he loves 
spending time with the young 

Leaders of the Pack 

fee* Vea&etibt? 

fNCH DUTY (below) 

mantha Shapiro and Kate Blair are spending their lunch period 
ing to raise money for the American Cancer Society. All of their 
orts paid off when they raised more money than they had expected 

CHOW TIME (below) 
Harleigh Billian and the other Peer 
Leadership members are serving 
pizza to kids at Fun Night. The food 
was great and everyone had a 
wonderful time. 

LISTEN UP! (below) 
Lisa Galano is giving a speech about the 
tutoring program she organizes at the 
elementary schools. Although stressful at 
times, she always manages to complete 
all her tasks. 

Mrs. MacDonald 

S.A.D.D. Advisor 

This year S.A.D.D. is 
involved with numer- 
ous activities. One of 
the main events is the 
annual S.A.D.D. confer- 
ence. K.P. S.A.D.D. is in 
charge of organizing this important semi- 
nar. Members of S.A.D.D. spend much of 
their time with fundraisers. They start the 
year by sponsoring a junior high dance. 
During the winter they hold a S.A.D.D. 
conference at Dean College. They finish the 
year with the Walk of Tears which is a three 
mile walkathon in memory of 
Maura Howard and Amy Callaghan. Both 
were victims of drunk drivers. 


Siobhan Howard, Lauren Ober, Ashleigh DeSimone amd Christine V 

hold leadership postions on the S.A.D.D. executive board for the 2001-2 
school year. They are determined to prevent the student body from 
destructive decisions. 


Jackie Olson and Lindsay Wyman are in charge of the S.A.D.D. 
bulletin board. It is their duty to keep it updated in order to 
advertise upcoming events. These two girls do a wonderful job 
keeping the board creative as well as informative. 

Cate Smith receives money from a 
student who gave a generous ten 
dollars to the cut-out fundraiser. The 
junior class came in first in the 
contest. Every donation helped. 

Anna Iannetti is a senior member of 
S.A.D.D. During a meeting she 
sketched the Halloween figures to be 
used as a fundraiser for the club. 




Right Choices 


LISTEN UP! (below) 
Ashleigh DeSimone and 
Christine White listen intently to 
Mrs. MacDonald. They are discuss- 
ing issues regarding the S.A.D.D. 

WHAT'S GOING ON? (below) 
Lisa Galano writes down the dates 
of the major events of S.A.D.D. She is 
always very organized and prepared 
when it comes to S.A.D.D. activities. 


Sttt&ettts ^$»ft*st 
Pestftut tvc Petistom 

ttoto »*& Activities 


Katelyn MacKenzie reads a poem to 
the council at Team Building Day. As 
vice president of Student Council, it's 
necessary to be a vocal and an 
outgoing member. 

Joel Lee is working diligently to create 
his own unique pattern for the Student 
Council quilt. He is thinking out of the 
box by making a three dimensional 
piece of art. 


Lizzie AndreozzL Megan Fogg, Tim Blinten, Lauren Briere and 

Liz Martello lay on the floor in the Wrentham American Legion, while 

Siobhan Howard sits behind on top. These juniors enjoy being on Studei 

Council very much. They love participating in as many school activities 

and events as possible. 

Bottom row (1 to r): Michelle Matz, 
Gregg Santabarbara, 
Kerry McKinney and Pete Getty. 
Top row: Rob Tuveson, Amy Carr, 
Katelyn MacKenzie and Judy Cronin. 

The senior members of Student Council 
this year are accomplishing so much. 
The president, Gregg Santabarbara, is in 
charge of running each meeting. 
Katelyn MacKenzie is the vice- 
president. She speaks out to the club and 
takes attendance at each meeting. 
Judy Cronin is the secretary and 
prepares a newsletter monthly for the 
club. Amy Carr, the treasurer, must 
collect the money and keep an accurate 
record of the club's account. 
Kerry McKinney is this year's delegate. 
Pete Getty is always bringing new ideas 
to the council. He helped design the 
Student Council T-shirt. Michelle Matz 
and Rob Tuveson are newly elected 
members of this club. They contribute so 
much that one would never guess they 
are new to the council. 



$ttf£e*t C©o<u»\ 

pLE OF SOPHOMORES (below, clockwise starting at the bottom) 
inl Healey, Emily Bhatti, Kate Cronin, Kyle Moore, Joel Lee, and 
Ml Kimball hold hands together in a circle. It represents their strong 
or as members of Student Council. 



Mrs. Barnes 

S. C. advisor 


Student Council is a club 
that involves the student 
body as well as the 
community. This club 
starts the year off by 
organizing a freshman 
orientation. In Novem- 
ber, they put Thanksgiving baskets to- 
gether. During the holiday season, children 
in need come to this high school for a Senior 
Holiday Party. One of the highlights of the 
year is Singled Out, which is held around 
Valentine's Day. Throughout the year 
Student Council members organize dances, 
fundraisers, and school events to benefit 
the students and community. This club is an 
excellent way to become an active partici- 
pant in and out of school. 


Dana Shaw is busy organizing the 
Thanksgiving Day baskets. As an 
active junior, Dana is always willing to 
help the club, the student body and 
the community. 

Andrew Johnson is walking through 
an obstacle course during a Student 
Council field trip. He is wearing a 
blindfold because the objective of the 
course is to follow directions while 
listening carefully. 

Students Leading the Way 

Clam »*£ fttt'tvittel 


Nicole Hoyceanyls and 
Lindsay Wyman were waitresses for 
the Pops Concert. They had fun 
serving their tables and listening to the 
holiday songs. 

■ Wj 




1 . 



hi ^k 


Nicole Magnuson, Heidi Krajewski, 
Lael Roye, and Meg Capone are the 

members of the National Honor 
Society executive board. These 
seniors dedicate much of their time 
and effort to making N.H.S. a 
positive experience for all who 
belong. Heidi Krajewski is presi- 
dent, Lael Roye is the vice-president, 
Nicole Magnuson is the secretary 
and Meg Capone is the treasurer. 
This executive board works together 
as a whole to ensure that the club 
runs smoothly, and that all members 
continue to actively participate. They 
must plan out meetings, keep track 
of attendance, sign people up for 
events and find activities that the 
club can participate in. The executive 
board works very hard all year long 
and the club would not be able to 
function without them. These four 
seniors are completely dedicated to 
the National Honor Society and they 
are role models for the other 

Mike Prentice is an active member of 
N.H.S. He spoke to the new inductees 
about what being a member entails, 
and lit a candle to symbolize the 
qualities necessary to join. 


Vito Giacalone and Maggie Church stop mid laugh to pose for a picture 
at parent-teacher conferences night. The National Honor Society members 
are required to work at this event as guides and appointment secretaries, 
tasks that help to make the evening's events go smoothly. 


ttaw Society 


HattoidM **#Qt Society 

TER GALS (below) 

jigh Billian and Siobhan Howard are modeling their sparkling gold 
tbands and cuffs at the Pops Concert. These two N.H.S. members had a 
: fun waitressing for the event, and added to the holiday spirit. 


X FOR ONE (below) 
m Flanagan, Dominique Werboff, Eric Cunnane, 
\drew Neviackas, Lael Roye, and Mike Prentice are all baby-sitting 
■ one child during open house. N.H.S. is always willing to assist the 
community whenever possible. 

Mr. Skenyon 

N.H.S. Advisor 


National Honor Society is 
a very special part of 
King Philip. The mem- 
bers of N.H.S. are ex- 
pected to live up to the 
qualities of scholarship, 
leadership, character and 
service. To be inducted 
into N.H.S. the student must be a junior or a 
senior and have a 3.3 grade point average. 
An application must be completed, and a 
faculty committee decides if the candidate 
should be inducted. The members of N.H.S. 
participate in many community service 
activities. They also help the library collect 
the recycled papers and tutor students. 
Being a member of N.H.S. is hard work, but 
also extremely rewarding. 

WALK OF PRIDE (above) 

Nicole Hoyceanyls is receiving her 

N.H.S. certificate from Mr. Skenyon. 

Induction night is a special occasion 

for all of the new members, and they 

were all proud to be recognized at the 


Molly Bloomer and Melanie Bernier 

are two junior members of N.H.S. 
who are collecting the recycled 
papers. Each member takes a turn to 
empty all of the bins. This is one way 
N.H.S. helps the community. 

Scholarship, Service, 
Leadership, Character 

tlttto »*d Activities 

twee *et»o*v *e«*et*t»ecs* - Hetti 




Vtvta* eft tbe £&qe 


Spring Captains 208 

Baseball 210 

Lacrosse 212 

Softball 214 

Boys' Tennis 216 

Girls' Tennis 218 

Boys' Track 220 

Girls' Track 222 

Fall Captains 224 

Cheerleading 226 

Cross Country 228 

Field Hockey 230 

Football 232 

Golf. 234 

Boys' Soccer 236 

Girls' Soccer 238 

Winter Captains 240 

Boys' Basketball 242 

Girls ' Basketball 244 

Winter Cheerleading...!... 246 

Gymnastics 248 

Hockey .250 

Boys' Track 252 

Girls' Track. 254 

Wrestling 256 





Kalena Coulsey and 
Maggie Church are the first 
lacrosse captains in King Philip 
history. They not only led their 
team, but they set examples for 
future lacrosse captains. 

BOYS' LACROSSE (far right) 
Dana Lasher, Shane Jackson 
and Reid Eichelberger are 

highly thought of by the boys' 
lacrosse team. They worked 
hard to make lacrosse a varsity 
sport and to show their strong 

The girls' spring track captains 
Katelyn Small, 
Nicole Magnuson and 
Katelyn MacKenzie attended 
the annual captains' meeting at 
Lake Pearl. The description of 
what a captain should be fits 
them perfectly. 

BASEBALL (right) 

Captains Nate Cole and 

Ben Lown have looked forward 

to being captains for a long time. 

Since sophomore year they have 

been working hard on the 

varsity team. 

GIRLS' TENNIS (right) 

Heidi Murphy and Patty Quick 

may be the odd couple, but their 
friendship provides cooperation 
and togetherness for the team. 

SOFTBALL (far right) 
Katelyn Coleman and 
Kristy Lamothe demonstrate 
great athletic skills and 
leadership. They will leave a 
lasting impression in King 
Philip softball. 


S?f %*q t»?t»i*l 


The spring captains of 2002 were elected by 
their teams at the end of the 2001 season. 
Being a captain is an honor that athletes 
strive for starting their freshman year. A 
captain has the qualities of sportsmanship, 
leadership, positive attitude and concern for 
his or her team. The spring captains pos- 
sess all these qualities and more. They are 
friendly and outgoing, making them excel- 
lent role models.These qualities make it 
easy for their teammates to look to them in 
times of need. The spring captains not only 
set examples for their teams, but for all 
students and athletes in the school. The 
2002 spring captains truly deserve these 
honors. They enjoy excellent reputations in 
their classes, in the school and in the 
Hockomock League. The quality of leader- 
ship is enhanced by these K. P. captains. 

Being a captain is exciting 
and is a great honor. 

-Patty Quick 

BOYS' TENNIS (far left) 
Between practices and matches 
tennis captains (top to bottom) 
Steve Rieger, Andy Koziol, and 
Gregg Santabarbra always find 
time to have fun. Their positive 
attitudes and senses of humor 
provide a great atmosphere for 
the team. 

Tri captains Rich Chute, 
Eric Monty, and 
Andy Neviackas showed the 
track team and the school that 
hard work earns great victories. 
Their leadership and strengths 
help to motivate the track team. 


Sports 109 

* -.; 


Coach Moran goes out to the mound 
to meet with his pitcher Ben Lown 
and catcher Joe Pender. 

HOLD 'EM (right) 
Ben Lown works to strike out the 
batter, while Nate Cole holds the 
runner at first. 

A Year for the Books 


The King Philip 
Warriors' baseball team 
had an unforgettable 
season in 2001. The 
team had the kind of 
dedication which pro- 
vides a great atmo- 
sphere for the team. 
With good leaders, like 
captains Ben Lown and 
Nate Cole, and amazing 
talents, like Joe Pender, 

Skip Ericson, and 
A.J. Turner, the War- 
riors were able to beat 
tough teams like 
Canton and North 
Attleboro. The seniors 
of 2001 left a great 
impression on the 
Warriors that will carry 
the team of 2002 to 
many victories. 


» ♦ ♦ • • • • • 
• • ♦ • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 


EYE ON THE BALL ( far above) 
Skip Ericson watches the ball into 
his glove to try to get the runner out. 
This kind of skill and persistence are 
what a winning team needs to 

BATTER UP (above) 
Chris Darling steps up to the 
to drive in runs, that will lead 
team to victory. His experienc 
senior helped lead the team tc 






KP Them 













N. Attleboro 6 























N. Attleboro 8 












Top row (left to right) Michael Walsh, AJ Turner, Sean Kelley, Ben Gaetani, Nate Cole, Joseph Pender, 

Coach Moran, 

Bottom row (left to right) Eric Cunnane, Skip Ericson, Matthew Pieroway, Chris Darling, Brian Gulino, 

Scott Amidon 


Back row (left to right): Coach Crisafi, Judy Cronin, Colleen McGuire, Lauren Briere, 
Heather Cassidy, Siobhan Howard, Laura Kraby, Andrea Lyons, Coach Turco. 
Front row: Kristin Crisafi, Kristin McCann, Kate Coleman, Christina Powers, 
Kristy Lamothe, Julie Lyon. 

Wins: Losses: 
13 3 






Oliver Ames 







N. Attleboro 













Oliver Ames 








N. Attleboro 











Heather Cassidy successfully slides 
by an opponent's tag at third base. 
Her speed and athleticism enable her 
to steal frequently. 

Judy Cronin easily adds another run 
for the girls' softball team. Her 
natural ability allows her to play at 
the varsity level. 


Behind the plate Laura Kraby is 
always focused and determined to 
make another out. She has given her 
all to this team throughout her four 
years at KP. 


E-GAME PLAN (below) 

n huddles together before the game to figure out the best strategy for 
victory. Coming together before the game gives the team the energy 
/ need to win. 

The softball team had 
an extraordinary year. 
Their dedication and 
determination were 
large factors in their 
many victories. They 
were led by senior 
captains Andrea Lyons 
and Laura Kraby. The 
consistency of junior 
Kate Coleman's accu- 
rate pitches greatly 
helped. Kristy Lamothe 
and Judy Cronin were 

always alert and aware 
while waiting to make a 
great play in the out- 
field. Heather Cassidy's 
ability to quickly field a 
ball and throw it to the 
first basewoman, 
Colleen McGuire, 
showed this season. The 
team was made up of 
mostly underclassmen 
and will therefore do 
very well in the upcom- 
ing seasons. 


The Girls Make a Showing 

Colleen McGuire fields another ball 
in hopes that she will get an out for 
KP! The team is lucky to have 
Colleen back again for another year. 

Siobhan Howard's fast thinking and 
quick feet are a major asset to King 
Philip's softball team. Siobhan has 
grown immensely throughout her 
first year on varsity. 





Back row (1 to r): Coach Olson, Molly Bloomer, Judy Doane, Laura Schubert, Kelly Winslow, Mikaela Noble, 

Jackie Olson, Maggie Church, Janine Molino, Shayna Harper, Kalena Coulsey, Lauren Mulcahy. 

Middle row: Erica Shapiro, Katelyn Arvidson, Sarah Haber, Emily Hall, Meredith Healey, Samantha Shapiro, 

Abby Dalton, Eleni Ceven. 

Front row: Marissa Tuohy, Lydia Helliwell. 


OH NO (above) 
During the first game of the 
season Mrs. Olson can't 
understand what's going wron 
Later, she devised a new play l 
that became very successful. 

)R ONE (above) 

layers came together with spirit and attitude to form KP's first boys' 

l team. They set a good example for more players to tryout next year. 

Freshman, Nick Bartaloni, steals the 
ball from his Franklin opponent. 
With his agility and skill he proves 
that the frosh are just a good as the 

Brian Hill moves up the field with 
the ball in his net. He looks around 
for an open player to pass the ball to. 

A New Beginning 


As the fall of 2000 arrived 
Mr. Rice received numer- 
ous requests from student 
athletes to form a lacrosse 
team. He did not let these 
students down. He, with 
the help of many parents, 
established boys' and 
girls' lacrosse teams. 
Although they were just 
club teams, a new sport 
was born at KP. 
As the season began, the 
girls worked hard to learn 
the new game. None of 

the players had been 
members of a lacrosse 
organization before. The 
girls quickly perfected 
their skills and the season 
started off well. 
On the other hand, having 
already played lacrosse the 
boys had an advantage. 
They worked hard to im- 
prove their skills and grew 
as a team. They had a very 
successful season and hope 
that their skills will im- 
prove even more next ^ 


DANCE WITH ME (right) 

During a practice, 

Gregg Santabarbara entertains all the 

guys with his incredible dancing skills. 

COME ON! (right) 

Chris Gibson eagerly awaits the ball 

as he winds up for his return. Chris 

did very well this season, and 

contributed tremendously to the 


GET MY PROFILE (below right) 
We caught Jeff Litvin during his 
break. He wasn't too eager for a 


Back row (left to right): Jeff Litvin, Brian Moore, Mike Kraby, Derek Darling, Sean Maguire, 

Coach Puddester. Front row: Andy Koziol, Ben Ghosh, Steve Rieger, Gregg Santabarbara, Chris Gibson. 

fc©ys* teWts 

KP Them 










Oliver Ames 







N. Attleboro 











Oliver Ames 











N. Attleboro 





)VER THERE! (above) 
i-swing Steve Rieger seems to 
tnting at something. A cute girl 

GO BABY GO! (above) 
After a clean return, Andy Koziol 
studies his aim with persistence. 
During his years at KP, he's been a key 
player on the tennis team. 

During a nice follow-through 
Chris Gibson goes on one leg to get 
the full momentum and effect. 

BE PRECISE! (below) 
Ben Ghosh sucks in his lips for a 
precise and winning return. Ben's 
attitude helped everyone out for the 
better this year. 

Winning Isn't Everything 

Boys* tewtts 

The 2001 boys' tennis team 
had a good season with a 
record of 6-10. The team was 
led by the senior captains 
Derek Darling and 
Mike Kraby. This year's 2002 
team will be led by senior 
captains Gregg Santabarbara, 
Steve Rieger, and 
Andy Koziol. In addition to 
great leadership, the team 
also has the hard work and 

dedication of Chris Gibson, 
and Jeff Litvin to take the 
team to a winning season. 
One last element of this team 
is humor. This humor helped 
to keep everyone from getting 
stressed out. We're sure that 
as captains Gregg, Andy, and 
Steve will have a lot of fun 
with their teammates on, as 
well as off, the courts. 


Sports 1M 


SERVE IT UP (below) 
Shannon Steele prepares to begin 
the point with her serve. Hours of 
perfecting her strokes paid off 
throughout the season. 

LOW TO HIGH (right) 
Patty Quick returns a hard forehand 
to her opponent. Her experience has 
given her the confidence and ability 
to beat tough players. 

An Award-Winning Coach 

GftH* tetMtfs 

The King Philip girls' 
tennis team has great 
leadership and excellent 
coaching to thank for 
their successful 2001 
season. Captains 
Emily Ghosh and 
Jen Moore were able to 
push their way to the top 
of the league with an 
impressive record of 13 
wins and 3 losses. 

Bob Goldberg, the 

tennis coach for over 
thirty years, provided 
support and strategies 
that helped the team beat 
long time rivals Franklin 
and Sharon. His coach- 
ing not only earned 
respect from his team 
but also earned him the 
Sun Chronicle Coach of 
the Year award. 


2001 seniors Erin Strauss, Jen Moore, Courtney Howard and 
Christine Holmes carry Emily Ghosh off the court after a long match. Th 
seniors have remained close and supported each other throughout their 
tennis careers. 

6WU teWts 

Heidi Murphy watches the ball go 
into her strings as she warms up 
before a match. Warming up is a key 
element to a successful outcome in a 


»m« *■•■■■•-' as 

. »■•■"**••»■•« / ■ ••■ • 

i *•>•)*•••«*•■•■■■■. ■ «>«* 
*■■■»'••■■ -«■■■■«•■■ • ■•* 



















N. Attleboro 

















N. Attleboro 


















PEP TALK (left) 

Coach Goldberg discusses strategies 
with his players before the match. 
His dedication has earned him a 
great reputaion as a coach in the 
Hockomock League and the 
admiration of his past and present 

Not everyone can play in every 
match, but everyone can cheer and 
lend support from the sidelines. 

TENNIS TEAM (above) 

Back row (left to right): Erin Strauss, Courtney Howard, Christine Holmes, Jen Moore, Emily Ghosh, 
Coach Goldberg. Middle row: Sarah Fisher, Patty Quick, Shannon Steele, Kayla Thomas, 
Carolyn Sweeney, Heidi Murphy. Front row: Lauren Leclerc, Nicole Puddester, Jenna Kraby, 
Kara Winslow, Katie Connelly, Jenna Willard 



Continuing the Tradition 

Bo f%* tQftoq \td*¥ 

RUN...RUN...JUMP (below left) 
Sophomore Jeff Wood is in midflight 
of his long jump. As a sophomore 
Jeff really stepped up and took on a 
big role. 

Shawn Sluss and Stephen Ham 
stand on the line mentally prepa [ 
for their race. Some say that this 
where races are won. 

The 2001 boys' spring 
track team did very well 
last season. They went 
undefeated, with only 
one tie. The team was led 
by seniors like 
Joe McCormack, who 
excelled at the high 
jump, triple jump, the 
100 and the 300, 
Brian Allaire, at the shot 

put, and Derek Rose, 
Brendan Halpin, and 
Mike McCullough. All 

of these boys continued 
the winning streak by 
coming in first in the 
Hockomock League for 
the second year in a row. 
It's up to this year's team 
to continue that tradi- 


Teammates Eric Monty and Greg Whitehouse stay close behind their 

opponent from Mansfield. Together they will tire him out for the win. 

Boys Spftaq tC»«.V 

Vins: 7 Losses 
Ties: 1 



KP Them 

87 49 













Oliver Ames 










Back Row (left to right): Coach Kramer, Tim MacDonald, Jeff Gustafson, Andrew Steverman, Daniel Ayres, 

Chris Rieger, Andy Fulton, Greg Whitehouse, Colby Caulmare, Joshua Plante, Coach Sorrento, Coach Labagh. 

Middle row: Chris Bright, Rich Chute, Jason McGrath, Tim Burt, Adrian Ashman, Stephen Hamilton, 

Seth Weaver, Ryan Johnson, Justin Bourke, Joe Conroy, Joel Lee, Sean Kern, Andrew Redfearn. Second Row: 

Nick Fontana, Eric Monty, Shawn Sluss, Andrew Neviackas, Brendon Halpin, Ryan Kelley, Brian Allaire, 

Jed Perry, Ken Tellum, Brian Furbush, Jeff Wood, Mark Stoddard, Keith Mattar. Front row: Scott Maloney, 

Frank Cook, James Brady, Derek Rose, Joe McCormack, Ryan Pinsoneault, Mike McCullough, Steve Rieger, 

Chris Mahoney, Matt Sanchez. 

f* 4 m9 






SPRINT IT OUT (above) 
Ryan Johnson, Scott Maloney, 
Justin Bourke, and Seth Weaver, 

all pick it up at the end of their race 
to get the win. 

IN THE LEAD (left) 

Sean Kern is alone at the head of his 

race. Not only did he lead in his 

distance races, but he threw shot as 


Jason McGrath prepares to throw 
the shot. Extreme concentration and 
visualization are necessary in order 
to throw well. 



Back Row (left to right): Coach Bremer, Coach Fink-McAlice, Kate Blair, Kerry McKinney, Namrata Tnvedi, 
Alyson Barker, Sara Streeter, Nicole Magnuson, Brandi Hamlin, Rose Becker, Katelyn Small, Erin Johnson, 
Blair Rainsford, Kelly Boulter, Karaline Zeigler, Kate Sullivan. Row 3: Brittney Lambert, Emily Poon, 
Alisha Plante, Ashley Daubenmire, Chrissy Cummings, Kendra Willette, Elizabeth Streeter, Jesse Morse, 
April Barker, Kathryn Astley, Kristy McKinney. Row 2: Jaime Guild, Jennifer Hall, Abby Wessman, 
Jennifer Maloney, Laura Czyzewski, Jen Lechak, Miranda Converse, Lisa Donovan, Amanda Gray, 
Marissa Suchy, Megan Conley, Bridget Rasicot. Front Row: Caitlin Cuozzo, Mariah White, Stephanie Morris, 
Rosanne Boyle, Melissa Gray, Liz Burger, Katelyn MacKenzie, Jess Rodio, Lizzie Andreozzi. 













B. Feehan 









O. Ames 60.5 75.5 
Stoughton 85 51 
N. Attleboro 45 

[LEAD (below) 

y the race is Chrissy Cummings. Close behind her are Erin Johnson, 

itlin Cuozzo. Together the three girls will sweep the race. 

A Team to Remember 

GWH Spftaq tOcfc 

The 2001 girls' spring 
track team had a decent 
season with a record of 6 
wins and 3 losses. The 
amazing talent of seniors 
like Stephanie Morris, 
Melissa Gray and 
Erin Johnson made all 
the difference this year. 
These seniors led the 
team to many victories 

and their efforts will not 
be put to waste in the 
upcoming season. 
Seniors like 
Nicole Magnuson, 
Blair Rainsford, 
Katelyn MacKenzie, and 
Katelyn Small are all 
ready to lead the team to 
many wins. 

A NATURAL (left) 

Freshman Kelly Boulter leads her 

race in the 100. Her amazing talent 

won her a varsity spot her freshman 


Katelyn MacKenzie ran the 2 mile 
and 1 mile all season and won all the 
time, as you can see by her ^ 

lead in this race. ^ (P 




Nicole Magnuson and 
Meg Conley are great leaders on 
the field hockey team. They know 
just how to get their team ready for 
a game. 

FOOTBALL (far right) 
Brian Cameron, Joe Pender, 
Mark Stoddard and Mike Moses 

work hard throughout the season 
to show great leadership and skill. 

GOLF (right) 

Nate Cole and Jake Nyborn are 

excellent role models for the golf 
team. The team can always count 
on them. 

BOYS' X-COUNTRY (upper right) 
Coach Hearron, Greg Whitehouse, 
Pete Getty, Justin Bourque, and 
Coach Boucher provide leadership 
that elevates them above many 
teams in the Hockomock League. 

Kristin McCann, 
Chrissy Cummings and 
Sarah Fisher make the effort to 
have an enjoyable and successful 
season . 

GIRLS' SOCCER (right) 

Judy Cronin and Kristy Lamothe 

must have amazing leadership 
qualities. They, and Coach Massotti, 
led the girls to a division II state 


\9\\ t»pt»U*s 


Thanks to the fall captains of 2001, K. P. 
sports teams had an awesome fall season. 
Kristy Lamothe and Judy Cronin led the 
girls' soccer team to a state championship. 
The girls' cross country team, led by 
Kristin McCann, Chrissy Cummings, and 
Sarah Fisher finished second in the 
Hockomock League, while the boys, led by 
Greg Whitehouse, Pete Getty and 
Justin Bourke finished third. The field 
hockey team, led by Meg Conley and 
Nicole Magnuson, entered the first round 
of the state tournament. Being a fall captain 
is a great honor. Many of the captains are 
also chosen to lead a winter and a spring 
sport. Because of their success, King Philip 
sports have earned much respect and recog- 
nition in the school, league and community 


Nichole McElroy, 

Megan Kirby and 

Kerry McKinney provide great 

spirit for their squad, as well as 

the school. 

BOYS' SOCCER (far left) 
Andy Neviackas and 
Andy Koziol are highly thought 
of by their team. Their attitudes 
and skills are counted on during 
every game. 

Being a fall captain 

is a responsibility 

I am proud to take. 

-Nicole Magunson 




All of the senior girls from the fall 
cheerleading team display their team 
spirit. By the end of the season these 
girls are like sisters to each other. 

GROUP HUG (right) 
Kim Murdock, Jen Mackun, 
Cate Smith, Laura Gaudioso, 
and Jill Malcolm smile for a 
jamboree picture during a quick 
break between numbers . Hard work 
deserves a break. 

Half-time at the Homecoming game 
is where the cheerleaders shine. 
They get the opportuntity to show 
the school what they do, and how 
hard they've worked. 


Back row (left to right): Meagan Capone, Leanne Carey, Kristy McKinney, Kim Murdock. 

Third row: Nicole Puddester, Stephanie Howard, Jill Malcolm, Shana McElroy, Cate Smith, Nicole Fredenckson. 

Second row: Teala Satterfield, Stephanie Mackun, Jen Mackun, Christina Powers. 

Front row: Megan Kirby, Kerry McKinney, Nichole McElroy. 

\ *\\ tbeerte»Ai*q 

SISTERLY LOVE (above) Krist; 
Kerry McKinney smile for the , 
camera at their last game as Kl | 
cheerleaders. They have helpec | 
other through a lot in high sch( 
and hopefully will through col 

6..j 3 (above) 

urdock, Nicole Puddester, Shana McElroy, and Fiona Cohen count 
ir dance, so that they all move together. You can tell by their facial 
sions that these girls are having a great time and love what they do. 

GO KP!! (left) 

Senior captain Megan Kirby shows 
her KP spirit by leading the team in a 
cheer. Megan, as you can see, has 
great technique as a cheerleader, to 
go along with her leadership skills. 

STICK IT (below) 
The Warrior cheerleaders perform 
their half-time show at the home- 
coming game. They get 
Jill Malcolm up in a perfect 

Rock the Stands 

f Ml thee* lea&taq 

The 2001 fall cheerlead- 
ers may not have the 
record to prove it, but 
they had a great season. 
They worked hard and 
dedicated many hours to 
be able to stretch the 
limits of what the cheer- 
leaders have done in the 
past. They perfected 

stunts that they had 
never done before, and 
they got the chance to 
perform them in front of 
their fellow students. 
The girls have a lot 
planned for their winter 
season. They hope to 
accomplish even more 
than they did this fall. 


Brett Prevost continues to work hard 
to pull ahead in the race. He is not 
used to coming in second. 

Keith Foster sprints the last few 
yards of the race. Keith will leave a 
lasting impression on the cross 
country team after he graduates. 

Bring It 

Boys' X-C 

The boys' cross-country 
team had a successful 
season once again. With 
veterans and new talent, 
the boys were able to 
soar above many teams 
in the Hockomock 
League. The team owes 
the great season to hard 
work and to great coach- 
ing. The cross country 

team's coaches are active 
leaders in sports and the 
community. The team is 
also led by captains 
Pete Getty, 

Greg Whitehouse, and 
Justin Bourke who set 
examples for their team- 
mates. The seniors left 
the 2002 team in good 


Bryan Glickstein keeps his eyes glued on the finish line. Bryan trains h 

stay in excellent physical and mental condition. 

I ' 

fc©V* tfoss teatttf? 








r ranklin 









)liver Ames 30 





*. Attleborc 

i 21 





: oxboro 



1 Wins 



III 6 ' 1 

IN THE LEAD (left) 
Eric Monty runs fast to stay ahead 
in the race. Eric sets a good example 
for his team by having a positive 
attitude and working hard through- 
out the season. 

Coach Boucher watches intently and 
with anticipation as the boys race by 
him. He is not only a dedicated 
coach, but a dedicated and active 
teacher at King Philip. 

KP boys are waiting for the right 
moment to pass their opponents and 
win the race. O.A. is their hardest 
race of the season. 


Top row: Coach Hearon, Robert Cacciapaglia, Sean Kern, Greg Whitehouse, Tim Huth, Colby Caulmare, 
Chris Suchy, Coach Boucher. Second row: Ken Tellum, Brian McKinnon, Seth Weaver, Keith Foster, Matt Chin, 
Joel Lee, Bryan Glickstein. Third row: Tom Vine, Tommy Byrne, Keith Mattar, Nick Campo, Josh Plante, 
Dan Ayres, Billy Cobb. Bottom row: Nick Fontana, Tom Flanagan, Brett Prevost, Pete Getty, Eric Monty, 
Justin Bourke. 


Sports 229 


Top row: Coach Hearon, Valerie Bernier, Jaime Guild, Jen Gaudioso, Kristin McCann, Chrissy Cummmgs, 
Sarah Fisher, Lindsey Tufts, Carolyn Osborn, Laura Wind, Lauren Briere, Coach Boucher, (second row) 
Jen Siakotos, Molly Bloomer, Blair Rainsford, Katelyn MacKenzie, Jess Rodio, Becky Colcord, Jess Allen, 
Miranda Converse. Third row: Jill Petruchik, Shannon Bates, Kristin Keinz, Christina Duczakowski, 
Carolyn Sweeney, Lisa Donovan, Holly Cain, Jenn Hall. Bottom row: Kate Sullvian, Mikaela Callahan, 
Brittney Lambert, Abby Wessman, Kendra Willette, Jen Maloney, Sara Streeter. 

KP Them , 

Franklin 19 38 

Stoughton 25 38 

Sharon 18 42 

Oliver Ames 30 25 

Mansfield 16 42 

N.Attleboro 21 36 



15 50 

19 42 


SAY BRRRRl (above) 
Jaime Guild, Jess Rodio, 
Katelyn MacKenzie and 
Becky Colcord are among the many 
girls on the cross country team who 
became friends this season. The 
small size of the team and the 
relaxed atmosphere allows friend- 
ships to bloom. 



LindseyTufts awaits the coaches' 

instructions. Lindsey, along with all 

the other members of the team, greatly 

appreciated the coaches' expertise and 


TWO OF A KIND (right) 
Kristin Keinz and Abby Wessman 
lead a pack of green and gold runners 
to another KP victory in only their first 
year of cross country. 

G»t \s Cross tetwttv 


-olyn Sweeney, Brittney Lambert, Blair Rainsford, Kate Sullivan and 

all flashing peace signs? Nope! They're letting the world know what 
leir team took in this year's camp triathlon. 

The Girls' Cross Country 
team had one of their 
best seasons to date in 
2001. Finishing the year 
with a 7-1 record and 
qualifying for the All- 
State Meet, the team 
certainly proved that this 
was not an off year. They 
were led by outstanding 
performances by 
Katelyn MacKenzie, 

Holly Cain, and 
Abby Wessman, and 

with continued excel- 
lence from returners 
Sarah Fisher and 
Kendra Willette. The 
girls impressed teams 
from all over the state 
with their ability to 
Adapt, Improvise, and 
Overcome, making 
themselves and 
Coach Boucher proud! 

GftU* *-t 

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome 

Chrissy Cummings digs down to 
finish another race strongly. Cross 
country runners know how 
important it is to stay focused until 
the very end of a race. 

LOOK! IT'S ELVIS! (above) 

Senior Sarah Fisher guides freshman 

Holly Cain at the start of a race - !£&««*. 

very important to get out fast ^ 

so that you don't fall too 

far back! - «•«•* 


A Good Season 

f let* totfey 

The 2001 Field Hockey 
team had a winning 
season with a record of 7- 
6-5. The girls shone 
defensively as well as 
offensively, with a start- 
ing line-up of mostly 
seniors. With many 
talented senior players 
like Katy Robbins, 
Marissa Suchy and 
Amanda Strojny, the 
team dominated most of 

their games, and made it 
to the state tournament. 
Next year the team will 
be led by seniors 
Kristina Cochrane, 
Emily Greaves, 
Biz Cove, and 
Jenna Kraby. These 
juniors have already 
proved their success on 
the field and will have a 
great season next year. 

HIT THE BALL (above) 
Kristina Cochrane practices her 
d rive s before the game. She was the 

only non-senior starter on 

the field. 

Freshman Emily Conrad starred as 
the varsity goalie her first year play- 


Captains Megan Conley and Nicole Magnuson, along with 

Asst. Coach MacDonald, have their meeting with the other team before I 

game. This game started their season with a victory. 





urn so 



Wins: 7 



KP Them 







































Back row (left to right): Becky Mure, Amanda Strojny, Maggie Church, Emily Conrad, Liz Martello, 
Colleen McGuire, Katy Robbins, Coach Tower. 

Second Row: Biz Cove, Kristina Cochrane, Kelly Winslow, Jenna Kraby, Emily Greaves, Laura Schubert. 
Front Row: Kristen Stewart, Marissa Suchy, Amy Carr, Ellie Straw, Nicole Magnuson, Megan Conley. 

Katy Robbins defends the goal and 
takes the ball up the field. Katy's 
talent led the defense and brought 
the team to many victories. 


Back row (1 to r): Coach Nordburg, Coach Tatupu, Coach Finase, Coach Simarrian, Trainer Frank. 5th row: 
Jarred Cacciapaglia, Brad Nelson, Steve Casey, Tom McGuire, John Phillips, Nick McEvoy, Dave McCann, 
Luke McGrath, Kyle Shea. 4th row : Dustin Rosata, Justin Conrad, Brett Eisenhauer, Rich Mattson, 
Paul Nadeau, Tim Reid. 3rd row: Minhaj Rahman, Brian LaBlue, Brett Tolivaisa, Charles McClure, 
Travis Martin, Pete Morris, Shawn McDermott, John Berger, Andrew Steverman, Matt Short. 2nd row: 
Matt Clark, Skip Ericson, Matt Lawless, Tom Hayes, Dan Williams, Mike Stuart, Jeff Wood, Dennis Garofalo, 
Evan McGrath. Front row: Kevin Flaherty, Evan McGill, Mike Prentice, Mike Poles, Eric Cunnane, 
Joe Pender, Mark Stoddard, Brian Cameron, Ben Lown, Mike Moses. 

















Oliver Ames 21 




Cath. Mem. 






N. Attleboro 








The Warriors' senior captains, 

Joe Pender, Mike Moses, 

Mark Stoddard, and 

Brian Cameron meet with the other 

team before the game. These boys 

led the team through the season. 

UP UP AND AWAY (right) 
Senior captain Joe Pender proves he 
is a flexible player by punting the 
ball as well as playing on the field. 
Joe led the team in both aspects. 


FAIR CATCH (right) 
Senior captain Mark Stoddard 
catches the ball and prepares to run 
it back to try to score a touchdown. 
Mark's experiences through his four 
years have made him a skilled player. 

T UP (below) 

arriors' defensive line gets down to block the Stoughton offense. The 
ad a strong defense and did their best to hold off the Knights from 
z as much as possible. 

The 2001 Warriors' 
football team was up 
against a lot of strong 
competition in the 
Hockomock league this 
year. They began their 
season well with a win 
against Canton, but the 
season got harder from 
then on. The team was 
led by this year's seniors, 

and captains and will be 
led next year by juniors 
Jeff Wood and 
Matt Clark. The War- 
riors are hopeful for a 
better season next year 
so that they can prove 
their talents, strength, 
and heart to the other 
teams in the league. 


Wait Until Next Year 

TIME OUT (left) 

Senior Ben Lown calls a time out to 

meet with Coach Tatupu. Ben was 

an important part of the team, 

playing quarterback as well as wide 


IT'S UP... IT'S GOOD (above) 
Junior Skip Ericson kicks the ball for a 
field goal. Having a dependable kicker 
is important to the team effort. ^ 


Sports W 


NICE PUTT! (right) 
Andrew Johnson sinks this tough 
putt. All of his hard work and 
determination has paid off. 

KP Them 













N. Attleborol78 























N. Attleborol66 











GOLF TEAM: (left to right) Coach Schmidt, Nate Cole, Joe Cameron, Mike Cox, Andrew Johnson, Rory Maguire, 
and Jake Nyborn. 


E ON GUYS (above) 

ameron is trying to tell his teammates about his last shot, but nobody 

; to be paying attention. Maybe next year they will listen to him. 

Before he putts, Nate Cole is on the 
green practicing his shot. He had a 
great season, and his skill will be 
missed next year. 

FORE! (below) 

As the ball goes down the fairway, 
Rory Maguire keeps his on eyes on 
the ball. Next year his skill will help 
bring the team to victory. 

A Game of Concentration 

This season was a build- 
ing year for the golf 
team. Senior captains, 
Jake Nyborn and 
Nate Cole led the team 
through a season filled 
with hard work. The two 
proved themselves to be 
very strong links to the 

team's success. Next year 
the team will not have 
these key players, but 
fortunately will have 
enough returning under- 
classmen to give the 
team a shot at a winning 
record. And that could 
start a winning tradition 
for these guys. 




Derek Leavitt needs some water, but 
he can't lift the container himself. 
The team doesn't seem to mind 
lending a hand to a fellow player. 

WHO'S OPEN? (right) 
In order to make a good play, 
Dave Arvidson keeps a close eye on 
the field and all of the players. Dave 
is always on his toes and hustling 
after the ball. 

Beys* Soccer 

The boy's soccer team 
had some fierce competi- 
tion in the Hock this past 
season. Fortunately, they 
were able to hold their 
ground in all of their 
games. The team was led 
by senior captains 
Andy Koziol and 
Andrew Neviackas. All 
of the boys had a great 

season. The team will 
lose many players next 
year because it is made 
up of mostly seniors. 
Luckily, the team has a 
lot of great talent with 
the starring underclass- 
men on the varsity team. 
Next year the team 
should be just as success- 
ful, if not more. 

WHAT A SAVE! (above) 

During this game, Tim Blinten, makes one of many great saves to get th 

win. He had a great season and he saved the day many times. 

Boys Soccer 


Ryan Shaughnessy takes a break 

waiting patiently to see if his efforts 

will result in the forwards' scoring a 

goal. The defense was a strong 


Chris Gibson sprints past North's 
defense. Chris's speed and agility 
helped the team win many of their 
games during the season. 

The Leon brothers, Stuart and 
Dave, do a give and go to get past the 
North defenders to get into scoring 
position. This team has one more 
year together to prove their 
incredible skills. 


N. Attleboro 





KP Them 

2 2 




N. Attleboro 









Oliver Ames 



Oliver Ames 1 








Wins: 5 Losses: 8 
Ties: 4 


Back row (left to right) Coach Holt, Andrew Neviackas, Tim Davis, Chris Gibson, Ryan Shaughnessy, Rich Chute, 

Andy Koziol, Tom Walczak. Middle row: John Teiner, Dave Arvidson, Geoff Rice, Nate Schneider, 

Tim Concannon, Derek Leavitt, Andy Redfearn, Tim Blinten, Ian Stone. Front row: Josh Leventhal, Stuart Leon, 

Bryan Healey, Dave Leon, Brian Furbush, Brian Oles, Ben Chruney. 




Oh, What a Year! 

G»fU Sector 

What an incredible season 
for the King Philip girls' 
soccer team! After a rough 
start with injuries and 
illnesses, the Warriors 
ended the first half of the 
season with a 3-4-1 record. 
The girls progressively 
improved with much hard 
work, dedication, and 
determination completing 
the second half of the 
season without a loss. 
They entered the tourna- 

ment with high hopes of 
reaching a goal which 
until this point had been 
unattainable. Everyone 
contributed to the success 
ranging from the seniors' 
leadership to the impres- 
sive skills of the freshmen. 
The girls' intensity and 
teamwork carried them 
through numerous chal- 
lenges and allowed them 
to take home a State 

PASS IT (right) 

Kate Blair focuses on passing the ball while warming up before a game. Her 
positive attitude has contributed to the team's great season and the overall 
enthusiasm of the team. 


.'• HI 


Katie Frederickson, Erica Shapiro 

and Kate Cronin balance 

Siobhan Howard, Katelyn Avidson 

and Hayley Hayes. The girls' soccer 

team always finds time to have fun. 

NICE SAVE (above) 
Laura Tuveson makes anothe I 
diving save during a game. A: 
sophomore Laura has contriW 
greatly to the team and has hq 
attain many victories. 

G\t\\* Wtotetf \xv«.Y> 

Kathryn Astley watches the ball 
leave her foot during practice. 
Kathryn has played varsity soccer 
since her freshman year and has 
improved every year. 

HEAD UP (left) 

Siobhan Howard prepares to head 
the ball in an attempt to score a goal. 
Siobhan's athletic skills and hard 
work are greatly appreciated by her 
team as well as the fans. 

TIME FOR FUN (below) 
Kate Blair, Judy Cronin and 
Kristy Lamothe pose after their 
annual cake fight during double 
sessions. Their friendship has 
provided great chemistry for the 

KP Them 
Attleboro 1 2 




; oxboro 






Dliver Ames 









M. Attleboro 








Oliver Ames 









fins: 10 Losses: 4 
Ties: 2 


Top row (left to right) Laura Tuveson, Caitlin Cuozzo, Amiee Kern, Brittney O'Hara, Kelly Boulter, 
Kate Cronin, Kaitlin Lamothe, Coach Massotti. Middle row: Kristen Taylor, Katelyn Avridson, 
Erica Shapiro, Siobhan Howard, Katie Frederickson, Hayley Hayes, Melissa Hootstein. Bottom 
Katelyn Small, Kathryn Astley, Kristy Lamothe, Judy Cronin, Kate Blair. 




Judy Cronin and 
Heidi Krajewski are experi- 
enced leaders. They have been 
making an impact on the 
baketball team since their 
freshman year. 

BOYS' TRACK (far right) 
Eric Monty, Mark Stoddard, 
Jake Cacciapaglia and Pete Getty 

are excellent role models for their 

Captains Shane Jackson and 
Brian Dugdale are proud leaders 
of the boys' basketball team. They 
do all they can to keep good team 

Amy Carr and Lael Roye have 
great personalities which 
contribute to the great bond the 
gymnastic team shares. 

The voices of Jill Malcolm and 
Nicole Puddester are heard 
throughout the gym. Their squad 
follows their lead at every game. 

HOCKEY (far right) 
Jake Nyborn holds a lot of 
responsiblity being the only 
hockey captain. He does an 
outstanding job leading the team 
on and off the ice. 

C\t\V Itfitftef tf»«* 

* i 



The King Philip winter captains of 2001- 
2002 entered the season with high hopes 
and positive attitudes. The boys 7 track 
captains, Eric Monty, Mark Stoddard, 
Pete Getty and Jake Cacciapaglia returned 
to defend their Hockomock League cham- 
pionship. The winter captains are well 
respected by their teams and coaches. Their 
integrity, dedication and school sprit are 
admired by their teammates. They count on 
the captains to help them in times of need 
and to carry them through a great season. 
Coaches have high expectations of their 
captains. They are expected to lead their 
teams with hard work and enthusiasm. 
There is no question that the winter cap- 
tains live up to these expectations. The 
winter sports teams could not have chosen 
better leaders for their teams. 

/ was honored to be chosen 

to lead a team I've been a 

part of for four years. 

- Blair Rainsford 

The wrestling team relies heavily 
on Shawn Sluss, Rich Chute, 
Pete Katapodis, Travis Martin, 
and Brian Hill to prepare them 
before every match. 

GIRLS' TRACK (far left) 

Nicole Magnuson, 

Kristin McCann, 

Katelyn MacKenzie, 

Blair Rainsford, and Julie Lyon 

provide plenty of support and 

encouragement for the track team. 


Back row: Coach Reddington, Brendan McGovern, Josh Leventhal, Nate Schneider, Mike Stuart, Jeff Wood. 
Middle row: Derek Leavitt, Andy Lovley, Steve Rieger, Chris Gibson. 
Front row: Shane Jackson and Brian Dugdale. 

KP Them 

N. Attleboro 












Oliver Ames 












N. Attleboro 












Oliver Ames 49 











HIGH FIVE (above) 
Jeff Wood high fives his teammates 
as his name is called. The boys 
provide support for one another 
throughout the season. 

JUMPSHOT (right) 
Senior Forward Chris Gibson has 
played King Philip basketball for 
four years. He takes a jumpshot 
hoping to improve his team's 
position on the scoreboard. 

SPEED DEMON (right) 
Junior Josh Leventhal dribbles the 
ball down the court. Because of his 
speed he plays the position of guard. 

e©yv **\v>et**\\ 

)R BOYS (below) 

: Jackson, Andy Lovley, Steve Rieger, Derek Leavitt, Chris Gibson, 
rian Dugdale are this year's senior basketball players. They have 
t their way up to the varsity team and continue to play hard. 

This year was a rebuild- 
ing year after the loss of 
last year's senior talent. 
With the strong leader- 
ship of captains 
Shane Jackson and 
Brian Dugdale the team 
has been able to rise to 
the occasion. New addi- 
tions to the varsity, 
Jeff Wood, 
Josh Leventhal, and 
Brendan McGovern 

helped to solidify the 
team. The boys have 
always made their fans 
and Coach Reddington 
proud with their 
deication and drive to 
win. The team always 
draws an enthusiastic 
crowd to their home 
games and are always 
grateful to their support- 


Put It in That Net to Win 

Senior Derek Leavitt's intense facial 
expression gives us the impression 
that he intends to score. Derek has 
the experience to bring this team to 
the top. 

SWOOSH (above) 

Captain Brian Dugdale goes in for the 
shot. He has played for the varsity 
team since his freshman year. ^ 


S?etts *** 


Jackie Olson dribbles the ball down 
the court with intensity on a fast 
break. As an experienced junior, she 
is confident with her abilities. 

FRESH START (right) 
Freshman, Hannah Raymond, is 
ready to throw the ball into play. As 
a new member of the team, she 
hopes to have another great three 

Amanda Strojny, Kristy Lamothe, 
Heidi Krajewski, Judy Cronin, and 
Kathryn Astley add strength and 
maturity to the girls' team. They 
want to make their last season, their 
best season. 




N. Attleboro 












Oliver Ames 66 











N. Attleboro 












Oliver Ames 50 












Back row (1 to r): Assistant Coach Pam Mulcahy, Megan Barry, Amanda Strojny, Kristy Lamothe, Heidi Kraj ewski, 

Judy Cronin, Kathryn Astley, Jackie Olson, Coach Tom Schmidt. 

Front row: Hannah Raymond, Jen Lechak, Siobhan Howard, Erica Shapiro, Kelly Boulter. 

C\x\V B»*Ketfc»U 


stant Coach Pam Mulcahy, Heidi Krajewski, Judy Cronin, and Coach 
Schmidt help lead the girls' basketball team to victories. Their talents 
led the team to play well enough to lead the League. 

Kristy Lamothe brings the ball up 
the court as the starting point guard 
of the team. Her excellent abilities 
make her a cornerstone of the team. 

Siobhan Howard, shooting guard, 
zooms by her opponent on an open 
court. Her speed on the court is 
essential to the team's success. 

Hock Champs!!!!! 

GitU* tosfcettott 

The girls' team had an 
amazing season as they 
dominated the other teams in 
the Hockomock League. 
Senior captains, Judy Cronin 
and Heidi Krajewski in- 
spired their team to achieve 
first place in the League. 
However, on this team of 
outstanding players, there are 
no stars. Every player was 
essential to the success of the 

team. During the season, 
everyone in the school was 
aware of the girls' team's 
exploits and rooted for them 
all the way. This kind of 
support helps any team to be 
better, but for this team it 
made them unstoppable. 
With a strong block of 
underclassmen, the team will 
be a strong influence in the 
league for many years to 


SAY IT LOUD (right) 
Nichole Frederickson cheers loudly 
to support the boys' basketball 
team. Her cheery spunk gets the 
crowd on their feet, which moti- 
vates the basketball team to win. 


(Top row, 1. to r.) Coach Frederickson, Katie Davies, Cherry Jackson, Cate Smith, Megan Demers, 

Christina El-Far, Coach McCann. (Middle row) Laura Gaudioso, Nichole Frederickson, Fiona Cohen, Beth Bailey, 

Joanna Mayhew. (Bottom row) Michelle Saulnier, Ashley Rando, Nicole Puddester, Jill Malcolm, Caitlin Kenney. 

Vttatet tbee*Uȣtaq 


Smith, Nicole Puddester, and Jill Malcolm are captains of this year's 

sr cheerleading squad. They possess the enthusiasm necessary to be top 


Don't look down! Jill Malcolm 
poses high in the air with help from 
her bases Nichole Frederickson and 
Cate Smith. Everyone wonders how 
Jill manages to keep her balance. 

Laura Gaudioso cheers vibrantly 
for the basketball team. Her spunk 
and sass shine through the loud 
cheers yelled by the cheerleading 

Winter Cheerleading 


Go Big Green, reverberates 
loudly throughout the 
gymnasium as the winter 
cheerleading squad cheers 
loudly for the boys' basket- 
ball team. Their spirit and 
enthusiasm motivates the 
crowd to begin cheering with 
them, creating an environ- 
ment filled with fun and 
excitement. Their peppy 
attitudes and huge smiles 
are apparent not just when 
they are cheering, but also 
during the day. 

The King Philip cheerleaders 
inspire the school to have con- 
fidence and spirit in the ath- 
letic programs. Without the 
cheerleaders, basketball games 
would not be the same. The 
light, vibrant energy would not 
be present without them . They 
promote each basketball game 
by dressing in their uniforms 
the day of each game. The 
cheerleaders bring an impor- 
tant liveliness to the high 



Hock Champs! 




A perfect floor routine is performed 

by Lael Roye. This flawless 

performance will get her an 

awesome score. 

HOLD ON TIGHT (below) 
Amy Carr shows her amazing a| I 
on the balance beam with a bad 
walkover. This gives her routine 
higher starting value, so she get 
higher score. 

The 2001-2002 gymnas- 
tics team had one of their 
best seasons ever. They 
had a winning, almost 
undefeated, record of 13- 
1 . They ended the season 
being co-Hock champs. 
The girls spent the sea- 
son continuously beating 
records that they had 
set, just meets before. 

This was an amazing 
accomplishment for the 
girls this season. The 
records were set with the 
help of high scoring 
gymnasts like 
Rachel White, Lael Roye, 
and Jen Mackun. The 
future looks bright for 
this team as they prepare 
for next year. 

HOLD IT (above) 

Senior Jen Mackun holds her pose on the balance beam. This element 

requires much focus and poise, adding to the difficulty of her routine. 


Back row (left to right): Gwen Deevy, Amy Carr, Jen Mackun, Katy Robbins. Third row: Coach Felix, 
Abbie Martino, Ellie Straw, Shannon Moore, Lael Roye, Coach Buffy. Second row: Caroline Carr, 
Amanda Darling, Steph Mackun, Julie Mulcahy, Rachel White. Front row: Stacy Zickl, Lauren Bell. 




















: oxboro 

















i 121 

: oxboro 







All the seniors on the team get 
together for a picture. This is the last 
season they will compete together as 
a team, and they will remember it 


Ellie Straw waits at the end of the 

runway for the judge's signal to go. 

She tries to focus on the vault at the 

same time, so she will do the best she 


UP, AND OVER (left) 
Gwen Deevy is in the middle of her 
bar routine on a perfect giant. You 
can tell from the picture just how 
good Gwen is. 


Back row (left to right): Coach Pioti, Coach Carte, Nick Bartelloni, Dan Gero, Jake Nyborn, Andrew Higgins, 
Caitlin Cuozzo, Coach MacDonald, Coach Pioti. Middle row: Jon Cronin, Nevin Cronin, Mike Cox, 
Joe Cameron, Mark Sullivan, Colin Casper, Andrew Holmes. Front row: Dana Lasher, Nick McEvoy, 
Jeff Dolan, Andrew Johnson, Brandin Andrews, Tim MacDonald, Sean Haley, Chris Roode. 

Wins: 6 Losses: IT 
Ties: 1 









Oliver Ames 













Oliver Ames 









After September's events all of King 
Philip's athletic teams are very 
serious before the game when they 
honor our country during the 
National Anthem. Since the eye 
opening events of this fall, the 
student body has become more 
serious in respecting our country. 
The hockey team sets a great 
example for the entire student body 
and the crowd notices the team's 
pride and respect for America. 

D-E-F-E-N-S-E (right) 
Jeff Dolan anxiously awaits the big 
game. Jeff's tedious preparations and 
tough warm ups will help him to 
defend his team on the ice. 


I LIKE PINK (right) 
Caitlin Cuozzo proves to King 
Philip that gender is no barrier to 
athletic ability. Her teammate 
Mark Sullivan respects her skills 
and talents. 




o ffS^-^" 


' GOALIE! (below) 

Dan Gero defends his team's net. Over the years Dan has acquired 
ms skills in guarding his goal. This is Dan's fourth year on the team, 
le years, he has become an essential part of the team. 

Brrr... it's cold in here! 
There must be some 
Warriors in the atmo- 
sphere! Despite the 
freezing cold rink, our 
diehard King Philip fans 
never failed to provide 
support at each and 
every hockey game. 
Hockey still stands as 
one of the biggest specta- 
tor sports at KP. 

This year the team lost 
many of last year's 
seniors. Nevertheless, 
King Philip's team, filled 
with underclassmen, has 
aimed high and done 
great! The seniors this 
year, Dan Gero and 
captain Jake Nyborn, 
lead the team with high 
aspirations. They will be 
missed next year! 


Breaking the Ice 

YOU GO, GIRL! (left) 
Caitlin Cuozzo breaks away. 
Speeding down the ice she heads for 
the net in hopes of scoring and 
putting K.P. in the lead. 

AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN! (above) 
Jake Nyborn is one of the two 
seniors, and the only captain. He is~ 

looked up to by all of his ^ 

teammates and is a definite »A 

role model. - _ <•«<• 

Shorts 1*3 



Mark Stoddard powers his way to 
another victory in the 600. Mark 
consistently performed well this 
year, and as captain, set an excellent 
example for the underclassmen. 

CROUCHING TIGER.... (right) 
Grant Briere prepares to throw the 
shot put. The KP shotputters are cer- 
tainly deserving of praise; they al- 
ways get the job done and score many 

The boys get ready to run the 600, 
making sure that they are properly 
stretched at all times. The 600 is a 
difficult event because it combines 
sprinting with long distance. 

m L 1 


" " 



t-=" i 


1 J 






N. Attleboro 


















Oliver Ames 50 



Ryan Kelley leads a race of the 55 meter hurdles. Ryan has such long arms and legs that he is 
unstoppable in the hurdles and high jump. He may not look graceful, but he certainly is one of our 
fastest hurdlers 

Boys Wtitec to«.K 

►ejmroy takes some practice runs through the 55 meter hurdles. The 
pits are an easy feat for Joe, a former gymnast. The hurdles require a 
Mieal of coordination in addition to speed. Joe's gracefulness and long 
Wcombine to make him an exemplary hurdler who is able to fly past 
Hother members of the league! 

CATCH! (left) 

Let's hope that no one is expecting 
to catch Jason McGrath's strong 
throw! Jason has been a member of 
the KP shot put team for a long time 
now and has contributed greatly. 

Chris Rieger, Mike Banks, and 
Josh Plante turn the corner into 
their final lap of the mile. All three 
of these underclassmen have proven 
to be outstanding runners this year. 

Commitment to Excellence 

fc©V** tml* 

The Boys' Indoor Track 
team continued their 
tradition of excellence 
this year with another 
strong season. The boys 
soundly defeated rivals 
North Attleboro and 
Oliver Ames, proving 
their dominance in the 
league. They suffered a 
minor setback with the 
defeat by Franklin, but 
they were able to re- 
bound and prove that 

they are a force to be 
reckoned with. Al- 
though there were many 
other strong teams in 
the Hockomock League 
this year, this team was 
able to establish itself as 
a premier organization. 
With the new addition 
of Coach Hearon, the 
team has only increased 
in strength and will be 
unstoppable in years to 



Nicole Magnuson warms up by 
taking a few shot put throws. Her 
hard work and perseverance has led 
the team to many victories over the 
past four years. 

READY, SET... (right) 
Janine Molino gets ready for her 
big race by pinning on her number. 
This number will allow the officials 
to identify her as she goes flying by 
the finish line. 

Off on a Good Foot 

C\<W \ttx.V> 

The girls' indoor track team 
began the season with an 
excellent start by beating a 
tough team, North Attleboro. 
Seniors returned confidently 
anticipating a memorable 
season. The team's hard work 
and persistance gives them 
strength and a big advantage 
over the other teams in the 
Hockomock League. Every- 

one has contributed to the 
reputation the team carries 
throughout the school, 
league, and community. This 
reputation has brought even 
more respect to the school, 
and lifted King Philip sports 
to an even higher level. The 
2002 winter season reassured 
us that this reputation is still 
deserved and will last for 
many years to come. 


Liz Fermano, Kayla McCaffrey, Alisha Plante, Ashley Daubenmire ai 

Rose Becker support their team by watching and cheering from the sid 

G\tW V*\+tet tc»c* 

Megan Conley uses all her might to 
hurl the shot-put farther than her 
opponent. Meg's skills are greatly 
admired and her dedication sets a 
good example for her team. 

Katelyn Small leads the way in the 
300 meter race. Because of Katelyn's 
experience, it comes as no suprise 
that she is ahead and that she will 
lead her team to victory. 

UP AND OVER (below) 

Heather Cassidy throws herself over 

the high jump in order to gain a 

point for her team. As a junior, 

Heather is confident and looks 

forward to improving for next year's 

















Oliver Ames 52 








N. Attleboro 







Seniors Blair Rainsford, Nicole Magnuson, Megan Conley, Katelyn Small, Julie Lyon, Sarah Fisher, and 
Katelyn MacKenzie all played an essential role on the team this year. Since there were seniors who competed in 
every event, they were able to provide positive role models for all the members of this amazing team. In their 
four years at KP, the seniors have learned much about teamwork and dedication. 



The Winning Spirit 


GET THE PIN (below) 

The fans watch as Travis Martin holds down his opponent from Sharon. 

almost has him pinned; all he needs to do is get his legs around. 

The 2001-2002 King 
Philip wrestling team 
had an amazing season. 
The wrestling team is 
one of the few teams in 
this school to pick their 
captains not by grade but 
by their dedication to the 
sport, and their drive to 
win. This year's team 
was led by captains 
Rich Chute, Shawn Sluss, 
Pete Katapodis, 

Brian Hill and 
Travis Martin. Not only 
are the captains dedi- 
cated, but the coaches 
are committed, support- 
ive and very well re- 
spected by the team. In 
comparison to other 
teams in the Hock 
League, KP's team is 
small, but that doesn't 
affect the team's ability 
to win. 

GO FOR THE LEGS (above) 
You can watch as Shawn Hogarth 
plans his next move. If he can get 
.his opponent's legs, he will 



A FOR EFFORT (right) 

You can see the strain in 

Shawn Sluss's face as he attempts to 

take down his opponent. It takes this 

kind of concentration to be a winner. 

Back row (left to right): Coach Rench, Mgr. Kandice Rench, Rich Chute, Pete Katapodis, Shawn Sluss, 
Coach Lasky 

Second row: Kyle Shea, Travis Martin, Shawn Hogarth, Dan Spigarolo, Willie Gutlon, Ray Moore. 
Front row:Brian Hill, Alex d'Anjou, Eric Siegmann, Jon Killem. 









Shepherd Hill 



: oxboro 






south Easton 


Tri County 









North Attleboro 31 








North Quincy 









B.C. High 



B.R. High 









Boston Latin 






New Bedford 



TEAM HUDDLE (above) 
After their warm ups and just before 
the meet begins the team gets 
together for a inspirational huddle. 
This shows us the unity of the team. 

VICTORY (left) 

Brian Hill gets his arm raised in 
victory. This is something Brian has 
gotten very used to and will see a lot 
more of in the future. 

Rich Chute takes his time and waits 
to strike. He uses the time to think 
of how he is going to take his 
opponent down, and then pin him. 


*© teltci* ^ gfrit a* iNfrte* 

— ~. — ~ ! rr 






Uvtt* 4 ftv tbe l*«tf>eiM; 


Ads, Baby Ads.. - 262 

late and Heidi 

i * 


***, e*t>? r^v 

r ■ 



Andrea Demone 


I ! 

An — 

I'll always be your big brother. 

Good luck! 



Kristin Michele 

Kristin Michele, 

Congratulations! We bet you thought this da 

would never come. You have overcome so 

many obstacles that others will never know 

about, and for the grace of God, will never 

have to endure. Despite it all, you have growi 

into a beautiful, kind, and talented young 

woman who we are proud 

to call our daughter. 

Always remember how 

much you are loved, and 

we will always be there 

for you! 

We hope you never fear those mountains in 
the distance, never follow in the path of least 
resistance.... Remember to give faith a fighting 
chance, and when you have the choice to sit it 
out or dance; 

DANCE! (Leanne Womack) 
Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 

Trevanna Frost 

Dear Cornish/Celtic daughter and sister 

May the road rise to 

meet you; 

May the wind be always 

at your back; 
The sun lie warm upon 

your face; 
The rain fall soft upon 

your fields; 
And may God hold you 
always in the hollow of 

His hand. 

Giving thanks always for 

the privilege of knowing 

and loving you, 

We are 

Your Family 

Andrew Neviacka 

Dear Andrew, 
We are so proud 
of you. Good luc 
in college. 
Mom & Dad 

Megan Conley 


We are very proud of you, 

we love you, and 

we hope for great things in 

your future. 

Mom & Dad 


!*£*, B*t>y iv^s 

Nicole Marie Armitage 

Time goes by so quickly, I don't know if parents ever have 
enough time to say everything they want to before they turn 
around and their children are grown up. 

We don't think you will ever know how proud we are of you. 

You have the wings and we can't wait to watch you soar. 

We love you very much, 
Mom & Dad 

P.S. You will always be 

the foundation 

of our goon platoon. 

We love you Nikki! 
We will miss you next year. 

Morgan, Jessie and Stephanie 

I J ^* i » »i " f * fJti'fMi * v 

**s, e*i»? **s 


Amy Elizabeth Kenney 

May soft be the grass you walk on, 

May fair be the skies above you, 

May true be the joys that surround you, 

May dear be the hearts that love you. 

Traditional Irish Blessing 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, 
Mark, Caitlin, Brian 

and BooBoo 


Kate Blair 


Always remember.. 
Nothing truly holds 
you back, for your 
own will is always 
within your control! 
We know you'll do 

well at whatever 

you pursue! 

With All Our Love, 

Mom & Dad 

Steven Rieger 


Remember all the fun times we've had 
growing up together. Good luck. 

Mike and Jeff 


M\, B»t>v *** 

L^toZ^Z^ £eMio>uf 

ComfKuttedti of 

Professional Photography 

1062 Taunton Avenue Rt. 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

(508) 336-4777 

Yowv Yefltbook 


l**s, S*t»y f**s 



Elaina Straw 


Thank you for being 

a wonderful daughter. 

We are very proud 

of the person 

you have become. 

Keep enjoying your journey. 


Mom, Dad, 



Megan Lee Kirby 

J ft ' _» W A*. ^^ 

■# -" I 

. 1 1 


To our incredibly beautiful, oldest daughter /sister. You have 
brought so much happiness to our lives. You are unique and 
one of a kind! Always stay your same feisty, kooky, crazy self. 

Remember Like a Bird and Pekkle! The very best of luck in the 
future. You'll do great whatever you choose. We're so very 
proud of you. 

We Love You More Than Ever, 


Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Briana, Lexie, & Kinky 


Peter M. Schultz Real Estate 

667 South Street 

Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 

Business (508) 384-8121 /(508) 226-6772 

Fax (508) 384-6036 

In or Out of State 1-800-433-9616 


Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated t£ 


***, e»&? iv^s 

Jake Nyborn 

love how we've always been there for each other. 


Jessica Rodio 

To a very special daughter. 

best wishes 
as you follow 
your dreams. 
Love Always, 
Dad, Mom & 

Kerri Carlson 

Matt Sieloff 

Rock On 

)ear Kerri, 

You have made us so proud! 

May you continue to listen to your heart 

and soar like an eagle. 

All our love, 

Mom and Dad 

You always finish first with us. 


Mom, Dad, and Samantha 

P>&\, fca\>v **s 


The King Philip Regional 

School Committee 

wishes each member 

of the 

Class of 2002 
Health, Happiness, and 

Standing (left to right): Beth Gilbert, William McAlduff, George Cronin, Brian Sirianni 
Seated: Linda Maloney, Karin Cobb, Claire Sullivan, Jeanette Mattar 

King Philip Regional School District 


**S, fc3kfr? I**S 

Maggie Church 

To My Sister and Best Friend, 

Dear Maggie, 

Good luck next year. I know that you will 

do great. I am so proud of you. 



Dear Maggie, 

Congratulations on all that you have 
accomplished in your four years at King 
Philip. We are both so proud of you and 
we love you very much. 

Mom and Dad 

Katelyn Small 



f : ' 


r \ 

We always knew you had style! 

Congratulations and best wishes 

for a wonderful future. 


Mom & Dad 

Alison, Brian, Will 

David Arvidson 

Dear David, 

You kept us on our toes from the time you could 

crawl. Where has the time gone? Now you're a 

young man 

ready to take 

on many of 

Jt**» B»fr? fv*i 


Caitlyn Alexis Slovacek 

Let it be a Dance 

Caitlyn — 
May the love 
of your family 
always surround you. 
Mom, Dad, Nicole, Greg, 
Kris, Amy & Joel 



FAX 384-9330 



P.O. Box 93 • 85 Pond Street • Rte. 115 

Norfolk, MA 02056 


i**s, fc»t>y h*% 

ennifer E. Thomas 


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 

We are so proud of you. 

We wish you happiness and success 

as you follow your dreams. 

Best of Luck & Lots of Love 

Mom, Dad & Kayla 

Ryan Matthew 


Congratulations! We are so proud to have watched 
you grow into the fine young man that you have 
become. Your dreams are the future and none too far 
to reach. 

Good Luck and Keep Smiling! 


Mom & Dad 

Nicole Magnuson 


ave always been proud to say 
kt you are my little sister. You are 
beautiful and intelligent young 
Hy. You have the will and 
termination to do whatever you 
t your mind to. I wish you the 
st of luck in college and I hope 
hatever you choose to do you are 
uly happy. 


Shayna Harper 


Joseph Wm. 


Congratulations! ! 

You have always made us so proud!! 

We Love You So Much. 


Mom & Dad 


You are our special Sunshine. We 
are so proud of the beautiful 
young woman you have become. 
We know that your determina- 
tion, courage, and sensitive heart 
will enable you to accomplish 
your dreams. As you leave to 
start a new journey, remember 
that we hold you close in our 

Mom & Dad 


I'll miss our talks about the 

funny things that happen during 

our days at school. Good luck in 




P*\, &al»v l**s 

Richard Adam Chute 

Eagle Scout 

Wrestling Champ 

We are very proud of you. 

May all your dreams come true. 

We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad and Michael 




r+vk~ i 

E2i*' ^" i iSM 

1*. -^* 

W ^mT*JUSm\ mU 

1 7^ '^*l 


1 * 




^J^^*""W- V J 



I am so proud of 

you and all your 


Keep up the 

good work, 


you will have 

all the success and 


you deserve. 

I Love You, 

Katy Elizabeth 
Robbins I 

Congratulations, Katy 

Your smile has always brightened our days. 

You have brought so much love and laughter 

into our lives. 

Follow your dreams! 


Mom, Dad 

Kristina & John 


iv^s, fc»fry *to 




'^1- th 

e y «/» 

H^H^ 1 V 

V v ■ *> 

l r . 










of the fa^ x 


***, 8»fr? l**s 


Michael Anthony 

Keep smiling, Michael! 

We are so proud of you. 

Much love and happiness always. 


Mom, Dad, 

Matthew & Caroline 

1 -508-384-3055 

The Big Apple 


Evan Brock 


We're very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad & Kristen 

Adam C. Ewer 

Sarah Fisher 


I loved you then and I love you 
now. I'm very proud of you and I 
will always be there ready to give 
you a kiss and a hug when you 
need it! 

Love from your sister, 


We're all so proud of you. 


Dad, Mom, 

Craig and Brett 


f^£i» &»t>y fv*s 

Lael Roye 

Congratulations to a "Perfect 10"! 
Love you always, 

Mom & Dad 

Shane Jackson 

Ve are very proud of you and are going to miss being 
>art of your sports and activities. We wish you 
uccess and happiness in college and throughout life 
1 nd consider ourselves lucky to have you as our son. 

All our love, 
Mom and Dad 

Kimberly Murdock 

We are very proud of the special person 

you have become. 

You will always be our "Princess." 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

jv*s, B2H»y f^As 




Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 



Class of 2002 

216 *£*, fc*v>y f**s 


Susanne Dean Aulisio 

'It is the heart, afraid of breaking, 
that never learns to dance." 


"It is the dream, 

afraid of waking, 

that never takes 

the chance." 


We have watched you dance each day, embracing all of life's challenges with the wonder- 
j ful passion that makes you such a special person. You have made us very proud and we 
love you so much. 

Mom, Dad & Deana 

Ross Piette 

Beat the drum loudly, 

You have succeeded! 

We're very proud of you. 


Mom & Dad 

Courtney Leigh 


We love you so much. 

Life can be hard, 
but take it as it comes 

and find the good. 

Make the time to laugh, 

to sing, and to dance. 


We are so proud of you! 

Love You Always, 

Mom, Dad, 
Mark and Corey 

I***, 8»t»v l**s 


Vito Giacalone 

I will be lost without you; who will help me with 

my homework, take me to and from school, do my 

laundry, run my errands, make me laugh when 

I'm feeling sad, protect me from the unknown? 

Wherever you land your feet will be 

a much better place because of you. 

I cherish our relationship, and look forward 

to attending your many performances. 

I love you! Christina 

Jbtmlm (ttabmct (&#x\ 

112 Pond Street 

Jet. Rte. lA&Rte. 115 

Norfolk, MA 02056 


» III 

Becky Mure 


Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you. 

We know you will be 

successful in whatever 

you do. 

We love you! 

Julie & Laurie 

Kristina Powers 


We know you will be a great success 

in building your future. 

Love and happiness, 

Mom and Dad 


Congratulations. We are very 

proud of the beautiful young 

woman you have grown up to be. 

As you follow your dreams look 

towards the sky, 

as that is your limit. 

We wish you 

love and happiness always! 

We Love You, 

Mom , Dad and Robert 


***, £»to? **s 

Patti-Grace Quick 


You are a burst 

of energy and love 

to those you touch. 

Never assume 

life will stop 

inviting you to dance. 

-We love you very much- 

P>&\, fc»t»y f**s 

Jonathan Lodge 

Jonathan - 

Congratulations on your graduation! 
You've always made being your 
grandmother something special! 

Jonathan , 

Remember the 51 you 
bowled at Ficco's 
Bowladrome and the 
razzing you took. You 
quickly overcame that 
and your bowling im- 
proved . If any more ob- 
stacles should happen 
your way, you will 
overcome them too. 
Best of luck in the fu- 
ture. You're a great kid . 

Jonathan - 

Congratulations little bro! 
Good luck in the future. 
Remember your family will 
always be there for you. 

Jonathan - 

To learn in school, is to learn 
how to think. 

To grow in the world, is to 

learn how to think for yourself. 


Uncle Walter 

Jonathan - 

Hooray for you! May your hea 

and mind take you to places yo 

never thought possible (withi 

reason). Celebrate all you ha\ 


Mom & Jack 

Katherine Marie Baker 

Another "first," Katie. 


May your future journeys 

be as joyful and successful 

as your past ones. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, and Don 


**s, 8»by ft** 


As you head out on your own 

Study Hard 

Keep your friends close 

and remember that I love you and am soooooo proud of you. 


Nicole Marie 


We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. 

We will always be available to love, comfort and 

encourage you in whatever you pursue. 

Follow your dreams! 


Grandma, Grandpa & Gram 

Congratulations, Graduates! 

Donald E. Fisher, 


Sein H. Siao, D.M.D. 

14 Common Street 

Wrentham, MA 02093 


Meagan Capone 

Dear Meagan, 

Congratulations ! 

We are very proud of you and love you very much! 

You are very special to us and 

have brought nothing but joy to our lives! 


Grandpa and Grandma 


all your family in Virginia 

ft£i. Baby f**v 


Shannon M. Carney 

My Little Sister, All Grown Up! 

Good Luck next year. 

Love, Chris 

Shannon — 

It seems like 

only yesterday 

you started on your way; 

You've grown from 

being "chicken wing" 

To a fine 

young woman today! 

We're all so 

proud of you! 

Love and Best Wishes 

Mom, Dad & Christopher 

My Special Friend, 

Maggie Church 


What a joy to watch you 
and Gregg grow from two 
delightful children to two 
delightful young adults. 

Much Congratulations! 

Donna and Phil 

Judy Cronin 


You never cease 
to amaze me, and 
the best years are 
yet to come. Good 
luck in everything 
ahead and never 
forget that there 
is a sister and best 
friend always 
here for you. 

Love- Patty 


You are not on 
my sister, but r 
best friend. Ne 
year without y 
will be so 
different. I am ' 
going to miss 
you so much. 1 
know you will 
succeed in 
whatever you 
I love you. - Kate 

Joseph Wm. Pender 


I have always been so proud 

to have you as a grandson. 

I love you! 











ELAINE RING • Norfolk, MA 


**s, Satoy l**s 

Lauren M. Ober 


It's hard to believe you're here at this time in your life. It's exciting, yet challenging, as you continue 
to grow into adulthood. I'm so very proud of what you've done, who you are, and where you're 
going. Remember, your true beauty is endless and it comes forth from within you. Congratulations! 

I love you. 
Mom and Shannon 

jv**» s»i»y it** 


Amanda K. Strojny 

Love that smile! 
You have been a blessing and a joy to us. 

Our best 
wishes in all 



We love you, 

Nana and 


David Arvidson 

Dear Dave, 

We are very proud of you. You're a great brother. 

Good luck next year in college. 

We'll miss you very much! 


Katelyn and Kara 

Amanda Jane Vogar 


Standard and Custom 
Test Fixtures 

Prototype Development 

Precision Machining 

5 Kenneth Miner Drive 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Tel: 508-384-8303 

Fax: 508-384-5999 


visit our website at: 


We are so proud of the beautiful person you an 
inside and out! The world awaits you and we knov 
you will succeed in the goals you set for yoursell 
Your caring and sensitive nature will be an asset ii 
all you do. We all love you very much! 
Mom, Dad, Jess and Hannah 


f^As* fcatey ft£i 

Harleigh Anne Billian 


Look how far you've come — 

Continue to reach for the stars and follow your dreams. For only the best is yet to come. 

We will always be proud of you wherever your path may lead. 

We love you, 

Teg" & Dad 

Adam James 

lB"'fStSir- J 

^ ~y^ ^ *. 

lM Jf 3 ^"^k! 


~^J^Z^-~ -gafr^.Jil I 

May you approach 

life with this much 

excitement and this 

much thought. 

We are proud 

of you and 

love you. 

Mom, Dad and 


James Getty 


Thanks for the rides. 

Love, Aaron 

Congratulations, Pete! 

Love, us all. 

**$, fcM>y fv*s 


Kristy Jean 

"I've got a little sis-ter!" 

Everything that I ever could have wished for in a friend, 
I have been fortunate enough to find within the walls of 
our home. You can't choose your sisters, but if you 
could, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so proud to call 
you my little sister. I love you, and wish you nothing but 
the best because you deserve nothing less. 


Jeff Litvin 



With great pride 

and happiness 

we look back on 

all your yesterdays, 

and wish you 

"Good Luck" for 

all the tomorrows 

heading your way. 

Congratulations anc 

All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, & Erika 







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Life, Health & Disability Tradesman Programs 

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"We provide integrity, safety it security lor all your insurance needs' 

206 Dedham St., Junction Rts. I A & 115 Norfolk. MA 02 

rV*S, Satey fV*S 

Adam Mahoney 

You're on top of the world. 

Reach for the stars! 

We are so proud!! 

Love Always, 

Ashley & Tullio 


As you grow up and face the 
world, remember that you can 
do anything, be anything. Good 
luck in all the future has to offer. 
Sue Bee & John 

We're very proud of you, Adam. 
Best wishes next year and in ail 
that you do. 

All our love, 
Gram & Auntie Jan & Alexis 

It's been a long road, and not 
always an easy one. But you made 
it, and we're proud of you. 
Congratulations! We wish you 
wonderful things for the future 
and always. 

Mom & Jay 

Kristina Powers 


I am so proud of you! 

I know Papa would be too! 

You were the inspiration 

that kept Papa with us for 

so many years. 

I love you, 


Kandice Maude 



Congratulations on your accomplishments. 

Now on to bigger and better things. 

We are proud and love you very much. 

Dad, Mom, 

Kris and Katrina 

You will always be #1 . 

Love, Arn 

Kristin McCann 



To the best, (only), 

sister we have! 

Good luck in college! 

You're the Best! 


Dave, Matt, and Stephen 

Kyle Sebring 

Dear Kyle, 

There's nothing 
like a good book, 
or a good friend. 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, & Erin 

|t*s, Baby ft£s 

Timothy John Davis 

May you always be happy. 

May all your dreams come true. 

And always remember we love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Andrea W. King 


"Andy Pandy" 

We love you, 

Dad, Mom, and Justine 


1 WljjM 

m "fy/tf" 


Kristin Michele 



Tomorrow's possibility is fi- 
nally today. The future is now 
yours to explore, and the past 
is now a part of all that you 
are. No matter what happens 
in the rest of your life, we will 
always be proud of you, and 
love you! 



Uncle John and Uncle Jamie 

^^ ~<^J*-^^£'^3" 


1 !fei£r*~ 



■HP j v 


/• i 

Kristin, your day is "here." I 
am so proud of you, in so 
many ways. You have 
handled your life with such 
determination. I will always 
remember our special times 
together, especially skiing! I 
know that Papa would have 
been so proud of you if he 
were still here. Remember, I 
will always be there for you 
whenever you need me. 
I love you! 


Even as a young 
child you were 
swinging from the 
trees. Just remembe 
it's a jungle out ther| 
Hang in there and 
choose your jungle 
wisely. We have no 
doubt you will 

Mom, Dad, and Jarc 

P.S. Remember, we'll always be there 
to throw you a rope 

ft**, £»by f**s 

/lichael Fred Moses 

To Our Michael Fred, 
Congratulations on your graduation! 

We are so very proud 
of the endless accom- 
plishments you have 

We know that you will 
continue to be just as 
successful in life! 
May God watch over 
you and bless you 
as you continue to 
fulfill your goals!!! 
We Love You 
Mom, Dad, & Your Family 

Jonathan Lodge 






m V^ 





>N v 



New world for you! 

As you set out to find your future, 
may you have the wisdom, guidance and perseverance 
to walk down the path that leads to love, joy, peace, 
patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 
gentleness and self-control. 

We're all so proud of you, Jonathan! 

With love, 
Dad, Terri, Allison, Lauren, Kellie, and Melissa 



Congratulations Class of 2002 

127 South St., Wrentham, Massachusetts • 508-384-8400 

54 Central St., Foxboro, Massachusetts • 508-543-5300 

2 North Washington St., North Attleborough, Massachusetts • 508-699-9500 

950 East St., Walpole, Massachusetts • 508-668-3800 


f^As, £»t>9 ft£* 

Rob Tuveson 

Your First Red Car 


You're a great kid and 

we are very proud of you. 


Mom & Dad 

Meagan Capone 

Punky Punkin 

You have made us 

so very proud! 

We love you so very 

much and always, 

Mom, Dad, 

Matthew, Angela, 
and Danny 

102 SOUTH ST. • WRENTHAM, MA 02093 • (508) 384-6101 • FAX (508) 384-8547 

*£s, Baby P^s 

Danielle Charbonneau 









I'm just a phone call away 

and what a call would do 

is really make my day 

because I am gonna miss you 

and as I write this little poem 

with tears in my eyes 

It will be the hardest day of my life 

when we say our goodbyes 

you have been by my side 

for eighteen years 

so excuse your mother 

if she's got some tears. 







fV£s, £»b? fv*i 


Heidi Lyn Murphy 

Dear Heidi, 

Of all the joys you have given us, the person you are today is the 
most precious. How you have enriched our lives! As you move 
into this next chapter of your life, know that you are always loved. 
Continue to "embrace" life the way only you know how. The 
possibilities are endless because of who you are and because His 
hope resides in your soul. God Bless you, Sweet Pea. We couldn't 
be more proud! 

Mom and Daddy 

Congratulations, Heidi! 

You have become one of the greatest people I know. 

I'm so lucky to have you as a sister! 

I'm so proud of you. 

Looking toward to more fun times together. 

I love you! 


Benjamin Lown 


Through all our pushing and shoving we always got through 
our arguments. You accomplished many things I could 
never have done. If you ever need anything I'll always be 
there for you. I'm proud to say you're my brother. 



Brian Dugdale 

Congratulations Boy! 

We are very proud of you!! 


Dad, Mom, Kelly, Laura, and Pamela 


I***, fc»ny *>6\ 

Class of 2002 

W.T. Holmes 

Transportation Company 

22 Myrtle Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 528-4550 

Safely transporting 

our school children 

since 1932. 

;Hey Lael- 

Lael Roye 

We get your room now! 

Good Luck at college! 


Scott and Brett 

P.S. You really are a great sister 
We'll miss you next year. 

Kathryn Astley 


Continue to reach 

For the moon and 

You'll always be among the stars. 

We're proud of you. 


Mom &Dad 


"Don't worry about it!" 
Good luck next year. 

Kristin, Kara & Dan 

^s» fc*v>y ft** 


Jamie Lynn Noiles 

We always had great times and al- 
ways will. I love you and congratula- 

Your big sister Erin 

It seems like only yesterday when 
you were five years old and now you 
are graduating High School. I am so 
proud of you, Jamie. I am looking 
toward to what the future holds for 


Spread your wings and fly my angel. 

Let the world know you are on your way. 

You are my shining star. 

I am so very proud of you Jamie. 


Love, Mom 

Love, Brad 

It seems like only yest 

day I was throwing y 

in the closet and now y 

are graduating Hi 

School. I am proud 

you and love you. 


Love your favorite siste 


It has been really f 
having to live with yc 
all the fights, and go ' 
times. Good luck in c J 
lege. I know you will 
good! Thanks for all t 



It has been a joy wati 
ing you grow from 
young girl to a beauti 
young lady. Blah Bl 
Blah Blah Blah Bl 

Good Luck. 



Corey Lee True 

Congratulations Princess! 

We are so proud 

of you. 
We wish you luck 

in whatever 

the future holds 

for you! 

Love you- 

Mom, Dad, 

& Darrell 




TEL: (508) 695-0261 

Matthew William 


I w 1 

WY V Nf A 

1 - ^ S * x *sa^ 1 

We are very 
proud of you, 


we wish you 

the best of luck 

in everything 

you do. 


Mom & Dad 


ft£s. £»ty fv*i 

Brandon E. Noble 


Dear Brandon, 

Remember, your future starts 


Reach for the stars; they are 

within your grasp! 

We love you and are so very 
proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Nana, Cory & 
Tyler, Hudson, Casey, Spencer 
and, of course, Banchee! 

Chris Gibson 


Congratulations to you 

and the 

Class of 2002. 

We are very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, & Matt 

Jenilee Pike 


From crayons to perfume, 

and through all of 

your challenges, 

you have worn a smile. 

You are our hero. 

The world awaits you... 

follow your dreams. 

With endless support 

and undying love, 

Mom and Grampa 


I would like you to know that even 

though we fight, and argue with each 

other, that I don't know where I would be 

without you in my life as an older sister. 

You have played a major role in my life, 

and you have always been there for me 

when I needed someone to talk to about 

my problems. I knew I could always turn 

to you! I love when we go for a drive in 

your car with the music playing and we 

laugh and smile together... I will miss 

that! I wish you the best of luck at college, 

I will miss you very much and it will be 

hard for me to live without you. 

I love you very much, Jeni. 

Forever yours, 


Harleigh Billian 

We are so proud of our "Big Sister." We love you always - You are the bestest! 

Jenna, Shayla and Reilly 
P.S. We can't wait to visit you next year at our college sleepovers. 

Jt*s, B»by ft*s 



Steve Scott, John Tiener, Sean Kelley 

Seems like only yesterday we were 

going to baseball and soccer games. 

Congratulations and Good Luck! 

Stay Friends Forever! 


The Mama's and the Papa's!! 

Kristin Michele 

Here's Kristin! 



Mima, Grampy, 

Gail and Stan 

Nafeesa Rahman 


You are more than what we 
hoped for. We are very proud of 
your achievements. Your brothers 
and sister are very lucky to have 
you as an elder sister. Good luck 
in college. 

Mom & Dad 

Kerri Carlson 


No matter where our 

lives take us, 

we'll always be there 

for each other! 

Congratulations, Kid! 

Love ya, 


Nicole Marie 



We know how hard 
you have worked to 
achieve your goals, 
and we are so very 
proud of you and all 
your accomplish- 
ments. The years have 
gone by so quickly. 
You have grown into a 
mature, responsible, 
independent, caring, 
and loving beautiful 

young woman. Follow your dreams — we know you 
will be successful in whatever you do. Good luck at 
college and know we will always be here for you. 

Love always, 
Dad and Mom 


**s, 8»\»y I*** 



Andrea King, 

Nicole Armitage, 

Katie Baker 

Kathy Ryan Dance Studio 

Meagan Capone 


We are so happy that you came 
into our lives. You are a very 
special part of our family and 
we love you very much. 

Congratulations and Good Luck! 

Mimi, Bumpa, Maureen, Marty, 

Kate, Molly, Joe, Paula, Kelley, 

Leigh-ann, Lauren, Sue and Dave 

Eric Monty 


As you cruise through life, may 
you have lots of success and 
enjoy the ride. Congratulations 
on your graduation. Best of luck 
next year and always. We're very 
proud of you. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, and Jen 

Marissa Suchy 

Iddy - 

We have an everlasting 


You've listened to my woes 

and shared my triumphs. 

Thank you for everything! 

Even though we will be 

apart in college,you will 

forever be my best friend. 

- Biddy 

Alison Marie Winget 

My Sweetie 

\Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart. 

Timothy John Davis 

You made it. 

Zak, Ben and Greg 

From the little girl you once were, 

To the young woman you are now. 

I wish you happiness where ever life leads you. 

You are always in my heart. 



ft*s» &»ty ft*s 



Megan Fredrickson 

Megan Joy Fredrickson 

To our daughter, 
Be brave. 

Even if you're not, 
pretend to be. 
No one can tell 
the difference. 

Daughter, how can I help you see? 
May I give you my shoulders to stand on? 
Now you can see farther than me. 
Now you see for both of us. 
Won't you tell me what you see? 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Katie and Joe 

Andrew Kristoffer 


Congratulations, Andrew! 


We love you bunches 
and bunches, 


with all of our hearts, 

f * £ 

this much! 
Mom and Dad 

Big Bro! 

lufl r"" *""^i 


"" "^\ \ JH 


^^^L ^^^ s^^^l 



Brian Cameron 

Waist Street Ttazdwaze & Supply 
of Wozfoek, One. 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 

Kristin McCann 

Dear Kristin, 

You are a wonderful niece 

and a beautiful person. 

I am so lucky you are in my life. 

I wish the very best for you 

in your future. 

I love you! 

Auntie Kathleen 


We're so proud of you! 
We love you, and wish the best for you always- 

Mom, Dad, Jem & Mike 

P.S. Did I tell you today? 

i**s, fc»*y P*\ 

Katelyn Coleman 

We are so proud of all you've accomplished 
and overcome! 
Thank you for being you and keep on smiling! 

Love you, 
Mom & Dad 


We can't believe you're actually 

done. Thanks for always making 

us laugh. Good luck in college 

and everything after that! 


Amanda & Sean 

Kristopher Lee 

We wish you all the good things that life holds. 

Love and God Bless 

Mom, Dad, Eric 

Nan and Gramp 


You've made it and 
I am so proud of you. 
Love always, 

Amy J. Carr 


You have made us very proud. 

You have set an extraordinary example 

for your sisters to follow. 

Congratulations on all your 

many accomplishments. 

I'm sure you will have many more. 

Love you always, 

Mom and Dad 
Caroline and Kelly 

Kristin and Becky 

"Me and My Shadow" 

Kristin - 

It has been a long hard road, 

but we made it together. 

Thank you for being such a great friend. 

Good luck in the future! 

I'll always love you! 

- Becky - 

**$, fc*t»v *** 




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- A Full Service Oil Company - 


Heating & Plumbing 

• Complete Heating Installations 

• 24 Hour Burner Services 

• Automatic Fuel Delivery 

George Cronin 

5 George St. 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Meggie Kirby 


I know the future will be as bright for you as it has been 
for me to be your father. But, don't forget you will always 
be "Little Meggie Moo Moo" in my heart. 

Good Luck- 

I love you. 



You are my sunshine! 



Lauren Tangstrom 



Love, Mom, Dad, 

Erica and Rob 


f**s, 8»l»v !*** 

Julie Lyon 


You're our living doll! 

Singing, dancing, and 

always smiling!! 

Share your gift. 

All our love, 

Mom and Dad 

You're ready, Julie Ann. 




Thanks for all of the rides! 

Evan Alexander 

Dear Evan, 

Stay true to that unique 

person that is you. 

We know that if you 

put your mind to it, 

you can accomplish 


Always keep your 

great sense of humor! 


Lots of love, 

Mom, Dad & Trevor 

r^ ^^^ 

Lael Roye 


So proud and so lucky to have you for my grandaughter. 

Congratulations on all your achievements. 

Love always, 


l**s, 8»t»? i*as 



David Michael DeBlasio 

I love just 
hanging out 
with you. 
You're the 
best big 


Thanks for the 

rides to 


Good luck in 




Forget this. I'm off to college 


Your hard work, dedication and accomplishments have made us very 

proud of you. 

We know that your future dreams will be fulfilled. 

We love you 

Mom & Dad 

Ryan Matthew 

You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 

in any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. And you know what you know. 

And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go... 

Good luck with what the future may hold for you. 

I know it will be a bright one. 



Andrea King 


I'm going to miss you, man 

Best friends forever - 

don't forget. 

Love ya, 


Lisa A. Galano 

It's a continuing surprise, 

the things you do. 

We could never 

keep up with 

the mountains of respect 

you deserve. 

Love forever, 

Mom & Dad, 

Greg & Eric 


**s, e»t>y f**s 

Andrea Demone 

Dearest Andrea, 

Never lose your beautiful smile or your zeal for learning. 
We're very proud of all you've accomplished! 

Mom and Dad 


^*^S * ^H 

' "1 K^ #L 

grawn„ond (rtthifl 


Tree Compan 


P.O. BOX 416 
NORFOLK, MA 02056 


Ania Hoagland 

Our Girl of Many Nicknames 


Always aim for those stars and 

keep that positive outlook. 

We love you dearly. 

Mom and Dad 

ft**, £»*? ft** 




Colleen McGuire 


I wish you lots of luck and 
Happiness next year. I'm 
Going to really miss you. 



Dear Colleen, 

You have filled our lives with 
Pride, joy, and happiness. 
Always believe in yourself, 
And all your dreams will 
Come true. We love you 
Very much. 

Mom and Dad 

Judy and Sarah 

You are two of our special grandaughters, 
both beautiful and unique with your own 
special talents. You are both hard working 
in your endeavors. You can't miss being 
successful. Grampa and I are blessed to 
have you both. 

Our very best wishes for you both - 

Love you lots, 

Gramma and Grampa Cronin 

Kelly Dinand 


You have brought 

us so much joy! 

We love you, 

Mom & Dad 


Shane Jackson 





Master Electrician #A13171 

Gary Duquette 

Hey, little bro... 

Didn't I tell you that 

your face could freeze 

like that? Well, that's 

what big brothers are 


Best of luck in college. 




ft*l» Bafry I^Ai 

Bridget Eileen Rasicot 

*so much we have dreamed 

we were so much younger 

hard to explain but we are stronger* DMB 

We are so proud of you Boo! 
Reach for the moon, because even 
If you miss you will still be among 
the stars! Congratulations 



-there are only three men a girl can count on, Ben, Jerry and her Daddy 
-the sister look can say a thousand words 

-And lastly-thanks for looking out for me, lil sis. Be good! 

Love always, Andrea 

'Sometimes we run, 
Sometimes we hide. 


Thanks for making every 
memory an unforgettable 
adventure gurlies! 

V Your Big Sister 

ft*s, £»b? P>&% 


- H - H ■ - ' 


Maryanne Christine 



Congratulations ! 

We are very proud 

of you and the person 

that you are. 

Shoot for the moon. 

If you don't reach it, 

you'll still be heading 

for a star. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Christina, Elizabeth & Lucas 

Justin Dunn 



We're very proud of you. 

May your future be filled with true happiness and success. 

Mom and Dad 

Judy Cronin 

Lael Roye 


to my dear Judy. 

I am so proud and 

happy for you and 

your good work. 

Keep it up. I love you! 



Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. 

Offering Decorative Landscaping Materials and Products 

80 Washington Street (Rte 1) 
P.O. Box 2266 
Ptainville, MA 02762 

Phone: 508695-8272 
Fax: 508-695-4700 

Eric Osborne 



Independent, energetic, and unique like your name | 

You are loved by all the family, 

especially Grandma and Papa. 


Grandma and Papa 


P^s, fca&y It** 

• '•• 




' SBM 

Kristy Jean Lamothe 


As you continue to grow and 

evolve remember to always 

reach for the stars and settle 

for nothing less than you 

deserve. Just remember, 

"I know you can/' 


Dad & Mom 

Kristin McCann 


Today is your day to go forward 

and prosper. Never forget your 

family will always be there for 

you. We are all proud of you, and 

know that wherever life leads 

you, you will find Happiness! 


Uncle David, Auntie Sharon, 

Michaela and Courtney 

Benjamin Lown 

I Love You, 


Christopher David 


Rebecca Marie 



We are proud of 

all your acomplishments. 

Mom, Dad, and Stephanie 


Follow your dreams. 

Life is just what you make it! 

We are very proud of you. 

All our love forever, 

Mom, Dad, and Liz 

f^s, £»b? ftds 



Steve Urquhart 


I always knew you could do it! 
Thanks for being such a great son! 
I love you. 



Galvin Real Estate 

William T. Galvin, Jr. 


78 South Street, P.O. Box 616 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Lindsay Corrigan 


We know it hasn't 
been easy, but you 
made it! We're so 
proud of the young 
woman that you've 
become. God truly 
blessed us the day 
He brought you 
into our lives. 
A whole new 
chapter of your life 
is about to begin. 
Stay focused, have 
fun, and hang on 
because "Life" can 
be a very bumpy 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad 


Benjamin Adam Lown 

To Our "Lucky Number" 13 

Life's many challenges await you 


it's not always going to be easy 


please just remember to stay true to yourself. 

Keep smiling! 

Mom & Dad 


f**s, &»\>v l*as 

Nichole Danille McElroy 

To Our Special Angel 
Love, Grammie and your beloved Papa 


Good luck next year in college. 

I will miss having my big sister around. 




We are very proud of you! 

May all your dreams be fulfilled and continue to set your goals. 

We love you very much and remember we will always be there for you. 

Mom & Dad 

Becky Mure 


You will always be our "littlest 
angel." We are so proud of the 
mature young woman that you 
have become. We look forward 
to sharing your future successes 
and milestones with you. 
Mom & Dad 


Enjoy the Ride Even Though 
a Little Rain May Fall 

We're so proud of 

the way you've 

grown as a student 

and a person. 

Rob Tuveson 


You're a great brother and 
I've always looked up to 
you. I'll miss you when 
you leave. Thanks for the 
rides and showing me the 
rounds in school. 


Matthew Tyler 



We wish you the very best 

in the coming years. 

Happy trails to you! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Ry and Max 

l*as, fc*t>v *** 


Gregg Santabarbara 


You've always been a constant in my life; a constant pain and a con- 
stant friend! I am very proud of all you have achieved. You bring 
much love and many laughs to my life! I love you; good luck!!! 
Love, Jul (a.k.a. "iffy") XOXO 


What a big boy you've become! 


We love you, 

Mama Peg, Mama Mertz and Auntie Cathy 


You have always been an angel child with just 
enough "divel" in you to make life interesting! 

It is a joy and a blessing to be your parents. 

We wish you a bright, happy and successful future. 

Much love, Mfm and Dad 

Matthew Jillson 


' ijl^jfMfc 

Congratulations ! 

You did it! 

Good Luck! 



Judy Cronin 


I am so proud of all you have accom- 
plished the last four years. I know how 
hard you have worked in school and 
on the field and you succeeded. You've 
grown into a wonderful person and I 
know you will continue to excel in the 
next phase of your life. You still have 
the most beautiful hair. I love you. 

Tim Davis 
Nicole Magnuson 




Whispering Pines Animal Hospital 

Congratulations ! 

We love you both. 

Beanie and Ray 

Kate Pillsbury DVM 

5 Sharon Avenue, Norfolk, MA 

(508) 384-5904 


!***, 8»*>y l**s 

Corey Lee True 

Corey — 

Good luck 

as you drive on 

into the future! 

Love ya, 


Daniel Smiley 


You are now ready to travel 

a path that is uniquely yours. 

Enjoy the adventure. 

Congratulations ! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Kevin 

Mike Moore 

Keith Wayne Foster 


You've brought us 

so much joy! 

We're very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

Erin and Amy 

Dear Keith, 

May your future hold 

peace and happiness and 

may all your dreams 

come true. 

We love you always 

and forever, 

Mum & Dad 

Mark Christopher 


Eric R. Cunnane 


Pursue you dreams, explore your abilities, and 

remember to smile along the way! 

We're so proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 

We are proud of the young man you have become. 

Believe in your strengths, your determination, and 

in the wonderful person you are. 

Follow your dreams and the world is yours! 

Mom, Dad, and Jason 

fv*s, £»to? fv*s 


Lauren Anne Hovey 


We are so proud of you. We couldn't 

have asked for a better daughter. You 

have brought us so much happiness 

and laughter over the years. Reach for 

the stars and follow your dreams.... 

We know you will succeed. 


Mom, Dad, Mike and Christine 

Kristina Powers 

I am so proud of you, 

and what you HAVE achieved... 

Good luck next year. 

Love Always, 


Josh Geller 

Dear Josh, 

We're very proud of you. 

Keep smiling. 

Dream BIG. 


Mom, Dad & Devon 

Laura A. Daley 

"Missy Pooh" 

Best of Luck 



Mom & Dad 

John Allan Nyborn 



You are an amazing young man.... 
Your total love for family, friends, 

and athletics 

is to be admired. 

God Bless You Always, 

Much Love, 

Mom & Dad 


**S, &»*? I*** 

John Teiner 

We Are So Proud of You 

We have always been proud of all you have done. 
You have a great mind, a strong heart 
and a miraculous 


Keep doing your best 

and we know 

you will go far. 

Thanks for everything. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, 

Kevin and Billy 

Derek Leavitt 

May you never grow weary 

of the wonder of life! 

We're very proud 

of the young man 

you have become, Derek. 


Mom & Dad 

Ania Hoagland 

Our Entertainer 

Congratulations, Ania! 

May you always be blessed 

with your sense of humor! 

There is no one more I enjoy 

laughing with !!! 

Love you, 


Thomas John 
Flanagan Jr. 

Pride and Joy 


You have marched to the beat of your own 

tune with respect for others, love for your 

family and a clear understanding of what is 

important in life. We are so very proud of you. 

Good Luck and God Bless! 


Mom, Kelly and Kara 

Mark Nolan 

Congratulations, Marky! 

Good luck 



Janet & Julie 

***, fc*t»V iv^s 


Andrew William Redfearn 


Wherever you go, bring 
your special warmth and 
light with you. 

We Love You, 
Mom & Dad 


Experience Life, and never 
be afraid of it. We are very 
proud of you. 

Dad & Mom 


Don't forget; when Mom and Dad stop 
telling you what to do, you still have to 
answer to us. 

Mike, Amy, Phil and Kris 

Judy Cronin 

From the 
moment you 
arrived you 
have kept us 
on our toes. 
Your determi- 
nation and 
intensity will 
take you far. 
We are very 
proud of all 

you have accomplished, both on and off the field. 

Keep it up. Never forget how much you are 

loved and always remember that home is never 

far away. 

Mom and Dad 

Sarah Christine 


You have worked hard, done well and had fun! 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 

We love you, 

Mom & Dad 


!**$, fc»t»V |V*$ 

Nicole Jean Webber 


You are the sunshine in our lives 

And the sparkle in our eyes 

And no matter what you decide to do 

We will always be proud of you. 

All Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Sarah 

Eleni-Nicole Ceven 

As Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief 
Executive Officer, I would like all board mem- 
bers and staff to repeat after me 

Go for it. 


Mom, Dad, Kristina, and Alex 

Michelle Matz 

To Michelle 

You're all grown up now. 

We're very proud of you! 

Good Luck 

Mom & Dad 

Dominique Sophie 


It's a big world out there 

and it's waiting for you. 

Go make your mark! 

With love and pride, 

Mom, Dad, and Ariane 


We love you, Pete, wishing you 

all the best the future can hold! 


Mom, Dad, Nick, and Alex 

Mary Lodge 

As you begin your new journey, 
remember the following rules for living: 

be kind, 

be true, 

be hopeful, 

be strong, 

be brave, 

be honest, 

be thoughtful, 

but most importantly be happy! 

With love, 
The Hopkinton Lodges 

i*a$, e»t»y i*a* 


Jennifer Osborn 


Before you were born you were a "wonder." 

But then you became Jen, 

And now with big decisions ahead 

The wonder is gone; 

To us — you're the best! 

Congratulations ! 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Carolyn and Rachel 

Jay F. Olivieri 

You Did It! 


Your great personality and sense of humor have 
always helped you succeed, even in tough times. 
May you continue to conquer all your challenges! 

Mom, Dad, and Heather 

Marissa Suchy 


Kristin Cook 

You're still climbing 

to great heights. 


Mom, Dad, 

James and Christopher 

Vito Giacalone 

You will always be my 
big brother and I will always love 
you. I am very proud of you and 

know that you will be very 

successful in life. Work very hard 

in school as you'll never know 

when I'll be in the audience 

admiring you. 

Love Ya! 



We are very proud of you. You made it!! 



Mom & Dad 


l**s, S»V»v **** 

Kristy & Kerry McKinney 

It took generations and continents to 
come together to create two loving, caring 
and beautiful daughters. 
As you move forward, please remember 
the past as it holds the key to the future. 
So reach for your star and make a wish as 
dreams do come true! 
Kristy and Kerry, you have always light- 
ened up our lives with your smiles and 
lively spirits. 

But most of all, today our love is with you 
on your journey into discovering the 
world that awaits you. You are the breath 
of fresh air we need. 
We are so proud of you! 
Mom & Dad 



r" "*<»,. 





Congratulates the Class of 2002 

King Philip Regional High School 

Peter Johnson 

**s, e»\»? i**s 


- - ■ . . 

' • • • ■ •. " .■■•-■ 



Kristie Stewart 

Laugh and the World Laughs with You 

From your birth till now, you've filled the 

world with joy and laughter. 

Thanks for all the memories. 


Dad, Mom, Heather, Leah 

Marguerite Keyes 

Petite etincelle engendre 
grand feu. 

If you only have a dime 

spend a nickel on some bread 

and a nickel for a flower. 

Life is a picture. Paint it well. 

Marissa Suchy 

Congratulations, as you ride 

off into your future. 

We're so very proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

James and Christopher 

Kyle James Pouliot 

Where Did the Time Go? 

Russell Curtis Wells 

"Life Scientist" 


You made it! 


and best wishes for 

a bright and happy future. 

We love you and 

are very proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Chad 

Russell — 

Trust in your gift; 

change the world! 


Mom & Dad 

Linda Lea & Clifford 

Emily Jane Holt 


Congratulations ! 

We are so proud 

of all you have accomplished 

and know college 

will be great! 


Mom, Dad & Jessica 

P.S. Go Red Sox! 

Cathleen Marie 



You've become the wonderful young 

woman that we always knew you 

would become. We are very proud 

of you and we love you very much. 


Mom & Dad 

Cherie, Robbie & Suzanne 


I***, B»t>y l**s 


Darcy Gilmore 

"Darcy Dingle" 

We're so proud! 

Take your newfound strengths 

and soar! 


Mom, Dad, Kate, Mark, 

Megan, Grandma, 

Bob & Brooke & all the children at Jolly Farm 

f^Al, 8»t>? ft£s 


Sean Richner 


You're the best brother a sister could ever have. 

We're still best friends... 

Love You, 


Sean Richner 

You have what it takes and we believe in you. 

Reach for the Stars 

Mom and Dad 




to v oto 


**$, B*\»v **\ 

Katherine Dean M c Donald 


You are a miracle that never 

ceases to be miraculous, 
full of beauty 

and forever beautiful... 
loving and caring 

and truly amazing. 
We are so proud of you, Katie 

and we dearly 
love you. 

Dad, Mom, and Alex 

Jenna Lynn Shulsk 


Congratulations ! 

I'm very proud of you 

today and always. 

I Love You, 


Kelly Lynn Williams 


I'm so very proud of you! 
The world awaits 

your radiance. 




Mike Prentice 

Amy Kenney 


We're so very proud of everything 

you have accomplished and 

the man you have become. 

May all your dreams come true. 



Dad and Mom 


Thank you for always 

being there when I 

needed you most. 

You're an awesome sister. 

Thanks for all the rides. 



1***, Bate? iv*s 


Elin Marie Wilcox 

We'll always have each other, 


and the Simpsons! 

We'll miss you, 

Marra and Sam 

Like the stars in the sky, 

you will forever shine. 

Our Love Forever! 

Mom and Dad 

Bridget Rasicot 

We all wish you 
great success and 
much happiness. 

Lots of Love, 
The Suchy Family 

Yaroslaw, Karen 
James, Marissa & Christopher 


You are a gift to everyone 

who knows you. 

You have made us so proud. 


Mom, Alex & Hillary 

Vito Giacalone 

Shoot for the Stars, Aim far Beyond 

for everything is truly within reach if your 

Heart and Soul are the main ingredients. 

We are blessed as parents and extremely 

proud of the person you've become. 

You have a great deal to offer - 

embrace every Opportunity! 

We Love You with all our Heart and Soul, 

Mom & Dad 


**\, Baby ft** 








ivas, &»t»? i**s 






61, 155, 183, 

Abbot, Courtney 54 

Abramowicz, Keri 86, 87 

Ads 261 

Agane, Ayaan 73,186,189 

Agane, Yusef 73 

Akerblom, Alex 87 

Albert, Christine 12, 174, 179 

Albert, Daniel 87 

Alger, Nicole 85 

Allaire, Brian 220, 221 

Allard, Katie 87 

Allen, Jessica 61 , 230, 252 

Amaral, Landon 61 

Amidon, Brett 61 

Amidon, Scott 21 1 

Anderson, Mary Beth 

Anderson, Mrs. 124 

Andreozzi, Elizabeth 

Andrews, Brandin 87, 252 
Andrews, Matthew 12 
Angeloni, Emily 12 
Anthony, Steve 41, 186 
Antonellis, Mrs. 107 
Apar, Sarkis 73 
Armitage, Nicole 12, 51, 57, 130,182, 

Art Department 123 
Arvidson, David 12,52,57,238,239, 

269, 284 
Arvidson, Katelyn 73, 159, 214,241 
Ashman, Adrian 61 , 221 
Astley, Kathryn 1 2, 42, 48, 52, 1 41 , 

155, 159, 161, 193, 241, 246, 293 
Astley, Kristin 42, 87 
Atkinson, Nicole 87, 174, 179 
Auld, Aaron 85 

Aulisio, Susanne 12, 57, 188, 277 
Arvidson, David 12 
Avidson, Katelyn 240 
Avitabile, Amy 12,47,53,55,56 
Ayres, Daniel 73, 221, 229 


Bagby, Brittany 87 

Bagby, Tiffany 73 

Bailey, Beth 73 

Baker, Katherine 13, 50, 53, 152, 

158, 174,280,297 
Baker, Stephanie 87 
Banks, Jacqueline 73 




Banks, Kevin 73 

Banks, Michael 87 

Barb, Christopher 73,174,186 

Barbieri, Tyler 87 

Barker, Alyson 73, 222 

Barnes, Mrs. 111,203 

Barrett, Amanda 61 

Barrett, Dan 61 

Barrett, Jessica 87 

Barrett, Mrs. 1 1 3 

Barry, Megan 61 , 201 , 246 

Bartelloni, Nicholas 73, 215, 252 

Barton, Siobhan 61 

Baseball 210 

Basketball, Boys' 244 

Basketball, Girls' 246 

Bassett, Kelley 73 

Bates, Shannon 87, 96, 230 

Bautz, Mr. 120 

Beans, Ryan 61 , 1 74 

Beard, Mr. 115 

Beaver, David 61 

Beaver, Michelle 73 

Becker, Rose 73, 167, 222, 256 

Bedford, James 87 

Belcastro, Mrs. 124 

Belek, Ashley 87 

Belek, Julie 61 

Bell, Lauren 87,167 

Bellmore, Christina 13, 183 

Bent, Morgan 13 

Bentley, Jason 174 

Bentley, Linda 73 

Berger, John 234 

Bergquist, Mr. 108 

Bernier, Melanie 61, 205 

Bernier, Valerie 73, 230 

Berry, Mrs. 107 

Bertoldi, Lora 73 

Bertram, Mrs. 125 

Besaw, Mr. 111 

Bethoney, Frank 73 

Bethoney, Matthew 71 

Bhatti, Emily 73, 144, 148, 160, 166, 

183, 203 
Big Apple, The 274 
Big Brother, Big Sister 43 
Billian, Harleigh 13, 51, 55, 155, 159, 

192, 198, 199, 205,285,295 
Birmingham, Matthew 73 
Blair, Kate 1 3, 54, 1 46, 1 52, 1 59, 1 67, 

170, 198, 199, 222, 240, 241, 260, 

Blinten, Timothy 61 , 202, 238, 239 
Bloomer, Molly 61, 162, 205, 214, 230 
Bluhm, Alexander 87, 203 
Bolyard, Jessica 87 
Bona, Alyssa 61 

Boucher, Mr. Peter 105, 121, 190, 

224, 229, 230, 252 
Boucher, Mr. 114 
Boulter, Jamie 87 
Boulter, Kelly 73, 138, 222, 223, 241, , 

Bourke, Justin 61 , 221 , 224, 225, 228i 

Bourque, Michael 87 
Bousquet, Brock 13 
Boyce, James 73 
Boyle, Roseanne 222 
Boys' State 192 
Brady, James 221 
Brady, Officer 129 
Breen, Mr. 116 
Bremer, Ms. 116, 186,222 
Bremilst, Richard 61 
Brennan, Rebecca 13, 43, 174, 178 
Brennan, Kelly 87,174, 180 
Brennan, Shannon 87 
Briere, Grant 87, 96 
Briere, Lauren 60, 61, 202, 212, 230 
Bright, Christopher 61 , 221 
Brock, Evan 13, 160, 171,274 
Brooks, Rick 182,183 
Brothman, Susie 87, 91, 196 
Brouwer, Mark 73 
Brown, Jason 87 
Brown, Kayla 87 
Brown, Lee 14, 56 
Brown, Taylor 73 
Bryant, George 14 
Buchanio, Mrs. 127 
Buck, Karlie 86, 87 
Buffy, Coach 351 
Bullock, Jonathan 73 
Bullock, Rebecca 87 
Burger, Liz 141,222 
Burgess, Jonathan 73 
Burgess, Rachel 73 
Burgess, Stephanie 14 
Burke, Brittany 73, 139, 186 
Burke, Matthew 73 
Burt, Timothy 61,221 
Business Department 120 
Butler, Evan 174 
Butler, Jonathan 85 
Butler, Michael 74, 174 
Byrne, Allison 61,185 
Byrne, Thomas 87, 229 

Cacciapaglia, Jake 14, 48, 57, 143, 

161, 184,242, 243,289 
Cacciapaglia, Jared 74, 139,163,2c 
Cacciapaglia, Robert 87, 229 
Cacciapaglia, Samantha 74 

affrey, Diane 88 

affrey, Joanne 61, 163, 194 

ain, Holly 88, 230, 231 

allahan, Breanne 74, 158 

allahan, Mikaela 88, 230 

alzaretta, Joseph 74 

ameron, Brian 14, 57, 161, 163, 224, 

234, 298 
ameron, Joseph 74, 252, 236, 237 
ameron, Wesley 88 
ammarato, Jarick 74 
ampo, Nicholas 74, 229 
ampos, Mrs. 120 
annon, Jennifer 88 
apachin, Julie 88 
apasso, Mrs. 118 
apone, Meg 14,48,130,141,155, 

171, 182, 183, 204, 226, 281, 297, 

290, 300 
aptains, Fall 225 
aptains, Spring 208 
aptains, Winter 243 
ardillo, Rachel 61,174,179 
ardinali, Kerry 88 
arey, James 74 

14, 140,267,296 
121, 190 
10, 123, 149 
arney, Shannon 15, 282 
arr, Amy 1 5, 50, 51 , 52, 1 49, 1 84, 

202,233, 242,250,251,299 
brr, Caroline 74, 251 
&rr, Mrs. 128 
arte, John 252 
asey, Stephen 72, 74, 234 
^sper, Colin 88, 252 
assidy, Heather 61 , 1 1 5, 1 94, 21 2, 

assidy, Ryan 88 
assoli, Jenna 75, 
astleberry, Rachel 
atani, Christopher 
atlow, Laura 75, 139 
jaulmare, Colby 75, 221 
lavalieri, John 88 
entury 21 266 

jerrato, Christopher 1 5, 46, 51 , 56, 307 
|even, Eleni-Nicole 15, 184, 185, 187, 

hambers, Robert 88 
harbonneau, Danielle 15, 183, 291 
hartrand, Kaleena 75, 139 
haves, John 75 
haves, Katrina 89 
haves, Raymond 15 
hearleading, Fall 226 

arey, Leanne 
Jarloni, Chris 
jarloni, David 
arlson, Kerri 
arneiro, Mr. 
larneiro, Mrs. 

138, 162, 195 


61, 171 


Chestnut Hill Studios, LTD 265 

Chi, Frank 89 

Chillemi, Peter 89, 99 

Chilson, Mrs. 118 

Chin, Matthew 61,229 

Chruney, Benjamin 62, 239 

Church, Maggie 1 5, 46, 48, 51 , 52, 55, 

57, 140, 150 170, 192, 204, 208, 

Chute, Rich 15,141, 209, 221 , 239, 

243, 258, 259, 272 
Ciaccio, Michael 62 
Clancy, Kathleen 62 
Clark, Matthew 62, 234 
Clark, Sarah 89, 174 
Class Competition 134 
Cleary, Erin 75 
Clontz, Elizabeth 75 
Cobb, Alison 89 
Cobb, William 75, 148, 186, 229 
Cochrane, Kathleen 75, 138 
Cochrane, Kristina 62, 115,232,233 
Cohen, Fiona 75, 151 , 226, 227, 248 
Colcord, Rebeccah 15, 56, 149, 169, 

Colcord, Jessica 72, 75, 146, 166 
Cole, Nate 1 6, 55, 57, 208, 210, 21 1 , 

224, 236, 237 
Coleman, Katelyn 16, 47, 208, 212, 

Collins, Amanda 89 
Concannon, Timothy 62, 239 
Condlin, John 62 
Conley, Megan 16, 51, 55, 141, 143, 

183, 190, 198, 222, 224, 225, 232, 

233, 257, 262 
Connelly, Kathryn 75, 219 
Connor, Sean 85 
Conrad, Emily 89, 232, 233 
Conrad, Justin 75, 234 
Conroy, Joseph 75, 221 
Constantineau, Anna 89 
Converse, Miranda 71, 184, 185, 222, 

Cook, Frank 221 
Cook, Kristin 16,154,316 
Coombs, Amy 75, 196 
Coombs, Jeremy 16,62 
Cooper, Ian 62 
Copparini, Ted 16, 171 
Copponi, Mrs. 125 
Cordo, Michelle 89 
Corrigan, Lindsay 16, 50, 52, 184, 198, 

Costello, Barry 62, 147 
Cotter, Caroline 59, 89 
Coulsey, Kalena 16, 51 , 208, 21- 
Coulsey, Shawn 62 
Coutu, Miss 117,182,183 

., I OH, 

Cove, Biz 62, 167, 182, 183, 207, 

232, 233, 261 
Cox, Michael 75, 236, 252 
Coyle, Lauren 89 
Crehan, Mrs. 108 
Cress, Mrs. 10,123 
Crisafi, Coach 212 
Crisafi, Kristin 63, 1 69, 201 , 212 
Cronin, Jon 42, 89, 252 
Cronin, Judy 17,47,52,55,135,140, 

154, 156, 170, 202, 212, 213, 224, 

225, 241 , 242, 246, 247, 282, 304, 

Cronin, Kate 75,84,138,203, 240, 

Cronin, Megan 75 
Cronin, Nevin 89, 252 
Cronin, Patrick 42, 89 
Cronin, Patty 55 
Cronin, Sarah 17,42,47,55,174, 

178, 193,304 
Cross Country, Boys' 228 
Cross Country, Girls' 230 
Crowell, Jessica 75 
Crowley, John 89 
Crowley, Kevin 75 
Cruz, Belzail 17 
Cuddihy, Joseph 75 
Cullen, Timothy 89 
Cullity, Jenna 89 
Cummings, Christina 63, 224, 225, 

230,231,252, 253 
Cunnane, Eric 17, 47, ?5, 143, 150, 

192, 205,211,311 
Cuozzo, Caitlin 75, 222, 223, 

241, 252, 253 
Curran, Peter 89 
Curtin, Daniel 89 
Czarnowski, Brian 75 
Czyzewski, Laura 63, 222 

D ^^ 

Dacko, Stephen 63 

Daley, Laura 17, 174, 179,312 

Dalton, Abby 63, 174, 193, 214 

Damiata, David 89 

Daniel, Amy 75,149 

Daniel, Thomas 17, 57 

d'Anjou, Alexander 75, 259 

Darling, Amanda 75, 251 

Darling, Chris 210,211 

Darling, Daniel 75 

Darling, Derek 216,217 

Daubenmire, Ashley 75, 76,102,222 

Davenport, Lauren 89, 99 
Davey, Kara 89, 174 
Davies, Kathryn 89, 248 
Davis, Gregory 42, 88, 89 




■ : ■"■"'■--.■'. 






Davis, Timothy 1 7, 42, 47, 52, 239, 

Davison, Brett 89 
DeBlasio, Dave 10, 17, 43, 48, 53, 

54, 155, 163, 184, 185,302 
DeBlasio, Diandra 43, 51 , 86, 89 
D.E.C.A. 184 
December Events 158 
Decelle, James 18 
Deevy, Guinevere 18, 43, 142, 251, 

Deevy, Mae 43, 89 
DeForest, Justin 75 
DeForest, Sean 63 
DeLaiarro, Anthony 75^i 
Delano, Bob 18 
DelGrosso, Joseph 76 
DeLorie, Christopher 76 
DeLorie, John 18, 162, 174 
DeLuca, Mrs. 113 
DeMattia, Ashley 89 
Demers, Megan 63, 248 
Demone, Andrea 18,52, 

193, 262,303 
Denton, Joshua 63 
DeSilva, Mr. 129 
DeSimone, Ashleigh 18, 142, 155, 

200, 201 
Devine, Maryanne 18,50,140, 

Devlin, Edward 174 

Dewitt Animal Clinic 294 

Diandos, Alex 186 

Dickson, Travis 76 

DiDomenico, Ralph 76 

Dillon, Carolyn 41 

Dinand, John 42, 88, 89 

Dinand, Kelly 18,42,304 

Dinkins, Harold 63 

DiNunzio, Jillian 174 

Diversity Club 186 

Doane, Cathleen 19, 56, 174, 184, 

Doane, Judith 76, 214 

Doherty, Mr. 109 

Doiron, Stacey 76, 174, 179 

Dolan, Jeffrey 63, 252 

Dolan, Mr. 105,113 

Dolset, Andres 89 

Domenica, Jamie 76 

Donahue, Bryan 63, 171 

Donegan, Jessica 76, 174 

Donnelly, Ms. 110 

Donovan, Lisa 63, 222, 230, 252 

Downing, Kevin 63 

Drama Club 188 

Dubendris, Jill 63, 174, 180 

Dubose, Jenna 19,186 


Duczakowski, Christina 60, 63, 157, 

193, 230 
Dugdale, Brian 19, 43, 48, 132, 

150, 184, 185, 242, 244, 245, 292 
Dugdale, Laura 60, 63, 185 
Dugdale, Pamela 43, 90 
Dumont, Lindsay 140 
Dunn, Justin 19,306 
Duquette Electric 304 
Dutile, Samantha 90 
Duval, Todd 90 
Duvel, T.J. 186 

EF Tax Consultants 286 

Eagle Brook Saloon 276 

Eichelberger, Reid 76, 150, 208 

Eisele, Ashley 76 

Eisenhauser, Brett 85, 234 

El-Far, Christina 1 9, 54, 1 85, 242, 248 

Elland, Ashlee 90 

Endisch, Jasmin 76 

Erickson, Mrs. 116 

Ericson, Stephen 63, 210, 21 1 , 234, 

Espinosa, Anjelique 76 
Evans, Craig 90 
Evans, Wendy 90, 174, 179 
Events, December 158 
Ewer, Adam 11,19,46,130,141, 

147,160, 161, 174, 178, 193,274 
Ewer, Craig 1 74 

Father/Daughter Dance 166 
Fay, Mrs 111, 153 
Fayle, Mr. 116, 186 
February Events 168 
Felix, Coach 251 
Fenton, Mr. 129 
Ferencik, Matthew 63 
Fermano, Liz 90, 151, 256 
Ferrara Insurance Agency 286 
Ferrara, James 90 
Ferrara, Sarah-Ann 
Ferreira, Mr. 117, 
Ferreira, Ramoni 90 
Ferris, Michael 90 
Ficarra, Erin 90 
Field, Michael 77 
Fienberg, Kara 19 
Fienberg, Keith 19 
Figueiredo, Ms. 119 
Figure Skating 191 
Finase, Mr. 116,234 
Fink-McAlice, Coach 222 
Fiorelli, Elizabeth 90 
Fiori, David 90 

1 77 

» £ 

Fiori, Kristin 63 

Fisher, Daniel 77 

Fisher, Donald E., D.D.S. 281 

Fisher, Sarah 20, 50, 142, 153,219, 

224, 225, 230,231,274,314 
Fitopoulos, George 90 
Fitzgerald, Christopher 20 
Fitzgerald, Michael 90 
Fitzpatrick, Carolyn 77,188,196 
Flaherty, Kevin 20, 234 
Flanagan, Thomas 20, 47, 198, 205, 

229, 313 
Fleck, Nicole 63 
Flocco, Briana 90 
Flocco, Lauren 63 
Flynn, Jennifer 77 
Flynn, Steph 140 
Fobert, Jason 63 
Fogg, Megan 63, 154, 185, 202 
Foley, Colleen 63, 159, 163, 182, 

183, 194 
Foley, Maura 90 
Foley, Michael 63 
Fontan, Michelle 20 
Fontana, Nicholas 77, 221 , 229 
Football 234 
Forbes, Adam 63 
Ford, Brendan 63 
Foster, Keith 20, 54, 153, 228, 229, 

Foulis, James 20, 56, 153, 174, 193 
Fox, Matthew 63 
Foxborough Savings Bank 289 
Frederickson, Coach 248 
Frederickson, Nichole 77,151,155, 

248, 249 
Fredrickson, Katie 74, 77, 166, 240, 

Fredrickson, Megan 20, 134, 141, 143, 

152, 166,298 
Freshmen 86 
Freshmen Frolic 1 
Frey, Ms. 112,130,168 
Friedman, Esther 63 
Friedman, Jen 140 
Frietas, Ashley 77 
Fulton, Andrew 77,221 
Furbush, Brian 63,221,239 
Furst, Max 21,160 
Furst, Sam 77 

G.A.P.S. 189 
G. Cronin & Sons, Inc. 300 
Gabriel, Annaliese 90 
Gadsby Hannah LLP 317 
Gaetani, Ben 64, 67, 21 1 
Gaffney, Jonathon 90 




- / * 

' .X*. .'" '-V ""'5 



Gaffney, Timothy 64 

Gagne, Scott 64 

Galano, Gregory 77 

Galano, Lisa 21,56,167,198,199, 

201 , 302 
Gallagher, Mrs. 121, 198, 199 
Gallagher, Steve 90 
Galluzzo, Deirdre 64, 174, 178, 189 
Galvin, Meaghan 90 
Galvin Real Estate 308 
Gard, Kristen 77 
Gardner, Mr. 129 
Garofalo, Dennis 64, 234 
Gately, Tricia 86, 90 
Gaudioso, Heather 43, 90 
Gaudioso, Jen 41 , 43, 230, 252 
Gaudioso, Laura 64, 144, 151, 226, 

248, 249 
Gavrilles, Alyson 64 
Gavrilles, Ryan 86, 90 
Gawthrope, Adam 21,140,152,171, 

uaynor, Mereaitn /z, //, 13b 
Geller, Devon 90, 174 
Geller, Joshua 21,174,312 
Gemelli.Tom 21,168,189 
Gero, Dan 21, 184,252, 253 
Getty, Aaron 90,203 
Getty, Peter 21,51, 57, 202, 224, 

225, 228, 229, 242, 243, 285 
Geyer, Hilary 77 
Ghosh, Ben 216,217 
Ghosh, Emily 218,219 
Giacalone, Christina 77, 174, 179 
Giacalone, Vito 21 , 47, 1 40, 1 62, 

174, 180, 204,278,316,322 
Giaio, Mrs. 106 
Giampa, Megan 77 
Gianfrancesco, Elyse 77 
Gibson, Christopher 22, 216,217,239, 

244, 295 
Giguere, Angela 22 
Gilbert, Christina 64 
Gilbert, Victoria 174,179 
Gilman.Tim 90 
Gilmore, Darcy 22,319 
Giordano, Elizabeth 64 
Giovannelli, Alicia 64,185 
Girls' State 192 
uieason, Micnaei zz 
Glickstein, Bryan 90, 228, 229 
Goddard, Andria 90 
Golf 236 

Goldberg, Coach 218,219 
Goodman, Lauren 22 
Goodman, Scott 22, 48 
Goodwin, Amy 91 
Goossens, Allyson 91,191 
Gordon, Kyle 77 


owern, Rudy 174 
Graham, Andrew 91 
Grant, James 85 
Grant, Matthew 85 
Graves, Christopher 
Graves, Michelle 77 
Gray, Amanda 64, 222 
Gray, Casey 86, 91, 173, 203 
Gray, Melissa 222 
Greaves, Alicia 64 
Greaves, Emily 62, 64, 232, 233 
Grecho, Victoria 77 
Greenland, Ayla 59, 91, 195 
Greenleaf, Mrs. 122 
Greenwood, Heather 77, 166 
Grenfell, Trevanna 22, 108, 153, 196, 

Griffin, Andrew 77 
Guernon, Mr. 117, 130 
Guertin, Andrew 77 
Guild, Jaime 77,146,222,230,252 
Guillemette, Mr. 120, 185 
uuiino, brian 211 
Gura, Alessandra 91,174 
Gustafson, Gregory 91 
Gustafson, Jeffrey 64, 221 
Gutlon, Jon 91,174 
Gutlon, Willie 259 
Gym Leaders 1 90 
Gymnastics 250 

H i 

Haber, Sarah 77,79,214 
Hadfield, Ryan 77 
Haley, Sean 91 , 252 
Hall, Emily 77,148,214 
Hall, Jennifer 77, 222, 230, 231 
Hall, Kevin 64 
Hall, Kimberly 78 
Hall, Nicole 22 
Hall, Sondria 64 
Halpin, Brendan 221 
Halpin, Julie 78 
Hamilton, Steve 72, 221 
Hamlin, Brandi 64, 222 
Hamlin Cabinet Corp. 278 
Hannon, David 78, 174 
Hansen, Ryan 78 

1—1 rinrrvr 



Harcovitz, Adam 64 
Harper, Matthew 42, 91 
Harper, Shayna 23, 42, 214, 271 
Harrington, Ms. 67, 1 1 7, 1 87 
Harrison, Adam 85 
Harrop, Brittney 9 
Harrop, John 92 
Hart, Rachael 92 
Harwood, Evan 72, 78 




Hasenfus, Joshua 78 

Hasenfus, Nick 92 

Hassell, Michael 64 

Hassell, Mr. 129 

Hatch, Lorna 23 

Hawkins, Caitlyn 64, 190 

Hawkins, Thomas 92 

Hayes, Hayley 92, 96, 240, 241 

Hayes, Thomas 64, 234 

Heagney, Mrs. 108 

Healey, Brian 78, 81, 203, 239 

Healey, Jacqueline 92 

Healey, Kevin 140 

Healey, Meredith 78, 81, 214 

Hearon, Coach 224, 229, 230 

Helliwell, Lydia 214 

Helliwell, Ross 78 

Henderson, Ben 78 

Higgins, Andrew 92, 252 

Higgins, uavia z\5 

Higgins, Robert 78 

Hill, Brian 64, 215, 243, 258, 259 

Hill, Kevin 78 

Hinman, George 174 

Hoagland, Agnieszka 64, 303, 313 

Hoagland, Anna 23 

Hogarth, Kristin 41,52 

Hogarth, Shawn 78, 258, 259 

Holleran, Kaitlin 92 

Holmes, Andrew 86, 92, 252 

Holmes, Christine 218, 219 

Holmes, Harley 64,187,189 

Holt, Coach 239 

Holt, Emily 23, 50, 142, 157, 170, 318 

Holt, Jonathan 64 

Holt, Michael 78 ^ 

Homecoming 150 

Hooban, Michael 92 

Hooban, Scott 41 , 64 

Hootstein, Melissa 64, 241 

Hootstein, William 78 

MopKins, unris vz 

Horan, Jennifer 23 

Home, Allison 92 

Hovey, Lauren 23, 312 

Howard, Courtney 218,219 

Howard, Shannon 86, 93, 201 

Howard, Siobhan 64, 102, 183,200, 

202,205, 212,213,240, 241,246, 


Howard, Stephanie 
Hoyceanyls, Nicole 
Huber, Edward 65 
Huckle, Mrs. 111 
Hume, Michael 78 
Hunchard, Mr. 129 
Hurley, Kelley 93 
Huth, Timothy 78, 187,229 

64, 226 

65, 174, 204, 205 




.■■ >■'■. ■■--.■■ • 


lannetti, Annamaria 23, 55, 200 
Isner, Steven 93 
Issa, Wafaa 78 

Jackson, Cherry 78 
Jackson, Jillian 65,162,169 
Jackson, Shane 24, 57, 208, 242, 

244, 245, 275, 304 
Jackson, Stephanie 93, 174 
Jacobson, Jeffrey 65, 174, 181, 188 
Janosko, Katherine 93 
Jaronski, Emily 62, 65, 157,201 
Jillson, Matthew 24, 43, 174, 294, 

Jillson, Stacey 43, 93, 174, 179 
Johnson, Andrew 88, 93, 203, 236, 

237, 252 
Johnson, Cheyne 65, 186 
Johnson, Erin 222, 223 
Johnson, Kathryn 60, 65, 102, 154, 

167, 194, 182, 183,260 
Johnson, Peter 317 
Johnson, Ryan 65, 68, 221 
Jomides, Kayla 78 
Joyal, Ryan 78 
Jurgens, Alex 78 
Jurgens, Brad 24 


K.R Students Unite 146 

Kade, Chris 24, 51 

Kalalas, William 85 

Katapodis, Peter 24, 243, 258, 259, 

Kathy Ryan Dance Studio 297 
Keeler, Lauren 65 
Keinz, Kristin 86, 93, 230, 252 
Keleher, Mr. 108,109 
Kelt, David 78 
Kelley, Ryan 65, 221 
Kelley, Sean 24, 152, 21 1 , 296 
Kelly, Maureen 174 
Kenerson, Jaclyn 78 
Kennedy, Richard 93 
Kenney, Amy 24, 43, 56, 184, 248, 

264, 321 
Kenney, Caitlin 43, 93, 173, 200, 203 
Kern, Aimee 78, 84, 167, 190, 241 
Kern, Sean 65,67,221,229 
Kettel, Joseph 78 
Key Club 193 

Keyes, Bettina 42,93,174,179 
Keyes, Marguerite 24, 42, 46, 153, 

Khouri, Lindsay 60, 65, 150 



Kilburne, Nick 93 

Killem, Jon 259 

Kim, Erin 93, 174, 179 

Kimball, Chris 78,147,203 

King, Andrea 25, 50, 51, 146, 182, 183, 

289, 297, 302 
King, Lindsay 66, 174, 193 
King Philip Regional School District 

School Committee 268 
King Philip Teachers' Association 323 
King, William 78 
Kipp, Sherida 93 
Kirby, Megan 25, 57, 225, 226, 227, 

266, 300 
Knell, Matthew 25 
Knight, Mrs. 114 
Knowles, Michelle 93, 201 
Knowles, Stephanie 60, 66, 154, 156, 

167, 183, 194 
Knowles, Taylor 78 
Knyff, Aart 41 
Knyff, Arielle 79 
Korkmaz, Filiz 66, 186 
Kowalski, Chris 79 
Koziol, Andy 25, 47, 51 , 52, 54, 1 50, 

192, 208, 216, 217, 225, 238, 239 
Koziol, Derek 79 
Kraby, Jenna 66, 102, 103, 154, 

163, 219,232, 233 
Kraby, Jessica 79,138 
Kraby, Mike 216 
Kraby, Laura 140,212,213 
Krajewski, Heidi 25, 54, 192, 193, 

204, 242, 246, 247 
Kramer, Mr. 112, 130,221 
Kummer, Mr. 113 
Kurkjian, Carlee 79 

Labadie, Ben 93 

Labagh, Coach 221 

LaBlue, Bryan 66, 234 

LaBlue, Kelly 93,151 

LaBrie, Ross 66 

LaCava, Kristen 93 

Lacrosse 214 

LaDue, Charles 93 

Lafond, Corienne 25 

Lake, Jeannel 66 

Lake, Nicolette 93 

Lalos, Christopher 93 

Lalos, Nicholas 66 

Lambert, Brittney 102,222,230,231 

Lambert, Mrs. 114, 130 

Lamothe, Kaitlin 42, 93, 201 , 241 

Lamothe, Kristy 25, 42, 51 , 1 35, 1 52, 
154, 160, 167,208,212,213, 
224, 225, 241, 246, 247, 286, 307 

Lanciaux, Mr. 119 

Landry, Mrs. 127 

Lane, Alexandra 93 

Langille, Jonathan 71 

Larrivee, Cornelius 174 

Larson, Rebecca 25, 46, 307 

LaRue, Jeffrey 66 

Lasher, Dana 79, 208, 252 

Lasky, Coach 259 

Lavalla, Brett 66, 152 

Laval lee, Mr. 120 

LaValley, Craig 66, 188 

Lawless, Matt 103,234 

Lawless, Matthew 66 

Lawn, Mrs. 127 

Lazzara, Mr. 114 

Leavitt, Derek 26, 57, 238, 239, 

244, 245, 313 
Lechak, Jennifer 79, 222, 246 
Lechak, Kevin 93 
Lecke, Andrea 66 
Leclerc, Lauren 66, 150, 183, 219 
Lee, Joel 79, 202, 203, 221 , 229 
Leo Club 194 
Leon, David 66, 239 
Leon, Stuart 88, 93, 239 
Leonard, Alex 93 
Lesbirel, Kaitlin 79 
Lessard, Mrs. 107 
Letson, Matt 93 

Leventhal, Josh 66, 239, 244, 245 
Levine, Mr. 107, 144 
Levy, Steven 79 
Lewis, Kristin 79 
Ligor, Mr. 115 
Lineham, Chelsea 93 
Litchfield, Chris 93 
Little People 282 
Litvin, Jeffrey 26,52,216,286 
Livar, Barbara 93 
Lively Teachers 131 
Lodge, Jonathan 26, 55, 280, 289 
Lodge, Mary 26,315 
Lodola, Liana 94 
Lodola, Zoe 60, 66, 187 
Lomasney, Alisha 66,183 
Long, Courtney 55 
Lorimer, Kate 80, 149 
Loughlin, Emily 94,174,179,180 
Lovejoy, Kyle 94 
Lovejoy, Nathan 94 
Lovley, Andrew 26, 43, 47, 55, 133, 

Lovley, Daniel 43, 94 
Lown, Benjamin 26, 48, 134, 208, 210, 

Lowndes, Jared 80 
Lupfer, Chris 94 

■"'■■■ H ■■ 



38 **.v ■ ■ ■ Of ' 
■' '-■ IBS ' '-'.•> V - : 



Lyon, Julie 26,46,51,141,159, 

Lyon, Michael 80 
Lyons, Andrea 212, 213 


MacDonald, Mrs. 127, 200, 232, 252 
MacDonald, Tim 80, 221 , 252 
Maciel, Darren 174 
Maciel, Jonathan 85 
MacKenzie, Katelyn 26, 149, 202 

Mackun, Jennifer 27, 226, 250, 251 
Mackun, Stephanie 80, 153, 226, 251 
MacNeil, Sean 71 
MacRae, Mrs. 106 
Magnuson, Nicole 27, 51, 166 167 

207, 208, 222, 223, 224, 225, 
232, 233, 243,296,310 
Maguire, John 94 
Maguire, Rory 80, 236 
Maguire, Sean 66,216 
Mahoney, Adam 27, 287 
Mahoney, Chris 221 
Mahn, Alison 94 

Main Street Hardware and Supply of 
Norfolk, Inc. 298 
j Malcolm, Jen 94 
Malcolm, Jill 66, 142, 155, 226, 227 

242, 248, 249 
Maloney, Jen 80, 222, 230, 252 
Maloney, Scott 221 
Maloof, Robert 66 
Manigan, Chad 80 
Manchester, Brittany 94 
Mannering, Mrs. 104,118 
Marceau, Jevon 94 
Marshak, Lindsay 66, 191 
Marshall, William 94 
Martel, Michele 66, 102 
Martello, Liz 66,159, 160, 167 202 

Martin, Daniel 27 

Martin, Travis 66, 234, 243, 258, 259 
Martino, Abby 94 
Martino, Allison 66 
Martucci, Nicholas 66 
Masciarelli, Mrs. 114 
Massotti, Mr. 124,224, 241 
Mathematics 1 1 3 
Mattar, Keith 66, 221 , 229 
Matte, Christopher 66 
Matte, Shaunelle 27, 46 
Mattson, Jenna 27 
Mattson, Rich 80, 234 
Matz, Michelle 27, 202, 315 
Mayhew, Joanna 94, 248 

McAlduff, Mr. 106 

McAlice, Kyle 94 

McCaffrey, Kayla 59, 94, 259 

McCain, Senator 192 

McCann, Coach 248 

McCann, Dave 80, 234 

McCann, Kristin 10, 27, 48, 51 , 55, 
150,155,212,224, 225, 230,243, 
262, 287, 289, 296, 298, 307 

McClain, Rachel 94, 195 

McCluer, Charles 71,234 

McCormack, Joe 220, 221 

McCormack, Kelly 94 

McCourt, Mrs. 67,119 

McCoy, Andrew 28, 298 

McCullough, Mike 220, 221 

McDermott, Shawn 80, 234 

McDonald, Katie 1 1 , 28, 1 42, 1 58, 321 

McDonald, Kristopher 28, 57, 299 

McDonald, Tim 252 

McDonough, Melissa 67 

McElroy, Nichole 28, 52, 155, 161,184 

225, 226, 309 

McElwee, Glen 94 

McElroy, Shana 67, 143, 144, 155, 


McEvoy, Nick 80, 234, 252 

McFarland, Andrew 94, 174 

McGill, Evan 28, 42, 184, 234, 301 

McGill, Trevor 42, 94 

McGovern, Brendan 80, 244, 245 

McGrath, Griffin 94 

McGrath, Jason 67, 221 , 234 

McGrath, Luke 80, 234 

McGuire, Colleen 28, 42, 52, 54, 135, 

155, 166,167,169,212,213,233,' 

McGuire, David 42, 94 

McGuire, Tom 80, 139, 234 

McHale, Liam 80 

McHugh, Matt 28, 46, 309 

McKeown, Thomas 94 

McKinney, Kerry 28, 48, 184, 202, 222 


McKinney, Kristy 29, 55, 184, 222 


McKinnon, Brian 229 

McMahon, John 71 

McMorrow, Gregory 10,29 

McMorrow, Marc 80 

McNamara, Chris 29 

McNamara, Kim 67 

McNamara, Leanne 41 

McPherson, Lisa 50 

Mead, Dustin 67 

Media Center 1 28 

Medici, Mrs. 107 

Medico, Kelly 80 

Meixner, Gretchen 80, 186, 196 


Melendy, Mrs. 111, 196 
Metacomet 197 
Meuser, Miss 126 
Mihalec, Kevin 80 
Miller, Bridget 80 
Miller, Lauren 80 
Miller, Sarah 174 
Minks, Christopher 29 
Mirliss, Gregory 67 
Mitchell, Mr. 113 

Molino, Janine 58, 67, 102, 193,214 

Moloney, Emma 29 
Monty, Eric 29, 192, 209, 220, 221, 

229, 242, 243, 297 
Moore, Bryan 80, 216 
Moore, Jen 218, 219 
Moore, Katelyn 80 
Moore, Kathleen 67 
Moore, Kyle 80, 82, 203 
Moore, Michael 29, 1 74, 31 1 
Moore, Peter 80 
Moore, Ray 259 
Moore, Shannon 29, 251 
Moran, Coach 210, 211 
Moresi, Mrs. 106 
Morganelli, Jenna 80,154 
Morris, Ellen 174, 179 
Morris, Steph 222, 223 
Morris, Timothy 67, 174 
Morrison, Kelly 58, 67, 102, 155, 

156, 159 
Morrison, Nicole 174, 179 
Morriss, Peter 58, 67, 234 
Moses, Joe 80 

Moses, Mike 30, 46, 48, 1 61 , 1 68 

224, 234, 289 
Mulcahy, Julie 67, 251 
Mulcahy, Lauren 30, 174, 214, 179 
Mulcahy, Pam 246, 247 
Mullaney, Mrs. 126 
Mullen, Crystal 80 
Murawski, Jacqueline 30, 56 
Murawski, Robert 30 
Murdock, Kim 30, 134, 141, 143, 170, 

Mure, Becky 30, 169, 198, 233, 278 

Murphy, Denis 30 
Murphy, Heidi 10,30,54,56,141, 

142, 183,208,219,260,292 
Murphy, Jessica 68 
Murphy, Matthew 68, 174, 178, 186 
Murphy, Michael 68, 186 
Murphy, Tiffany 80 
Murray, Catherine 68 
Muse, Christine 31,50 




■■•:-'■- •■'■ 

IHnil SttffWiy »mS 




Nadeau, Paul 81, 234 

National Honor Society 204 

Nelson, Brad 81,234 

Nelson, Crystal 81, 174, 196 

Neubauer, Mrs. 112 

Neviackas, Andrew 31, 42, 48, 140, 

152, 192, 205, 209, 221, 225, 238, 

239, 262, 293 
Neviackas, Daniel 42 
Noble, Brandon 31,295 
Noble, Mikaela 60, 68, 102, 214, 163 
Noiles, Jamie 31,294 
Nolan, Julie 81, 103, 174, 179 
Nolan Landscaping and Tree Company 

Nolan, Mark 31,171,311,313 
Norfolk Fence Co., Inc. 270 
November Events 154 
Nyborn, Jake 31,131, 171, 224, 

236, 237, 242, 252, 253, 267, 312 

Ober, Lauren 32, 200, 283 

O'Brien, Justin 81 

O'Connell, Michael 68, 174 

O'Connor, Sean 31, 184 

October Events 1 52 

O'Donnell, Melissa 81 

O'Hara, Brittney 91,96,241 

Oles, Brian 68, 239 

Oles, Mr. 122 

Olivieri, John 32,52,316 

Olson, Coach 214 

Olson, Jaclyn 68, 200, 201, 214, 246 

O'Malley, James 81 

O'Malley, Kaleen 96 

O'Malley, Meaghan 68 

O'Neil, Gail 174, 179 

O'Neil, Kathleen 71.174.179 

O'Neil, Sean 31,47 

O'Riordan, Brian 96 

Osborn, Carolyn 81 , 230 

Osborn, Jennifer 32, 153, 316 

Osborne Nursery and Landscaping 

Other Faculty 129 
OToole, Brian 96 
Ouimet, Erin 72,81,195 

Pacitto, Michael 81 
Padua, Daylene 32 
Paetznick, Lauren 96, 174 
Pagnini, Mr. 105,115 
Palermo, Krista 81 
Palioca, Tyler 96 



Palmero, Eric 96 

Parker, John 96 

Parking Lot 171 

Parmentar, Jessi 81 

Partridge, Derek 82, 139 

Partridge, Nathan 68 

Pasionek, Jessica 96 

Pasionek, Matthew 68 

Pasquantonio, Julie 96 

Pasquantonio, Nicholas 

Patel, Vivek 68 

Patton, Andrea 69 

Pavao, Mrs. 126 

Pedro, Kerri 69 

Pedro, Michael 82 

Peer Mediation 187 

Pender, Joseph 32, 55, 142, 157, 210, 

Perella, Joseph 32, 154, 173 
Perrelli, Anna 82, 103, 174 
Perry, Allison 96 
Perry, Jed 221 
Petruchik, Jill 69, 230 
Petrusewicz, Leah 96 
Pfeffer, Mrs. 121, 190 
Phillips, John 82,139,234 
Physical Education 121 
Pieroway, Matt 21 1 
Piette, Ross 32, 277 
Pike, Jenilee 32, 295 
Pinciaro, Andrea 97 
Pinseneault, Ryan 221 
Pioti, Bill 252 
Pioti, Bob 252 
Pioti, Coach 252 
Pisarski, Erin 97, 174 
Pittsley, Lisa 69 
Pittsley, Thomas 82 
Placido, Michael 97 
Plante, Alisha 82, 222, 256 
Plante, Joshua 82, 221 , 229 
Poirier, Chelas 82 
Poirier, Justin 69 
Poles, Michael 33, 152, 160, 234 
Poon, Emily 82, 222 
Porter, Ryan 97 
Pouliot, Chad 69 
Pouliot, Kyle 33,318 
Power, Chad 82 
Powers, Kristina 33, 278, 312 
Powers, Jamie 174 
Powers, Christina 60,69,212,226 
Powers, Katherine 82 
Prentice, Mark 42, 86, 97 
Prentice, Mike 33, 42, 155, 171, 192, 

204, 205, 234, 321 
Prescott, Ashley 59, 86, 97. 102 
Prevost, Brett 69, 228, 229 
Proctor, Robert 69, 174 


Prom 2001 140 

Provost, Sasha 83 

Puddester, Coach 216 

Puddester, Nicole 69, 219, 226, 227, 

242, 248, 249 
Pultz, Mr. 114 
Purkis, Benjamin 65, 69, 174, 193 

Quartarone, Kristen 82, 83 
Quick, Patti 33, 141, 170, 208, 218, 

Rahman, Habibur 42, 97, 144 
Rahman, Minhaj 60, 69, 234 
Rahman, Nafeesa 33, 42, 193, 296 
Rainsford, Blair 33, 47, 148, 183, 222, 

Rando, Ashley 97, 248 
Rando, David 74, 83 
Rando, Steven 97 
Rankin, Geoffrey 69 
Rasicot, Bridget 33, 143, 155, 159, 

171, 184,222,305,322 
Ravinski, Jamie 34, 160, 171 
Raymond, Hannah 96, 97, 246 
Raymond, Mrs. 120 
Raymond, Samuel 69 
Read, Timothy 83 
Reardon, Brittany 97 
Reddington, Mr. 125,244,245 
Redfearn, Andrew 34, 221 , 239, 314 
Reid,Tim 234 
Reidel, Katharine 34, 54 
Reinhardt, Allison 97 
Remember When? 49 
Rench, Coach 259 
Rench, Kandice 34, 259, 287 
Renner, Elizabeth 83 
Renner, Jim 59 
Riccard, Robert 85 
Rice, Geoffrey 34, 46, 184, 239 
Rice, Mr. 107,21 
Richner, Heather 83, 183 
Richner, Sean 34, 320 
Rieger, Christopher 83, 221 
Rieger, Jeffrey 43, 88, 97 
Rieger, Steven 34, 43, 52, 208, 216, 

Riley, Mr. 122 
Ring, Tyler 34, 160 
Ritchie, Wendy 83 
Rivera, Carmen 83 
Robbat, Richard 106 
Robbins, Jennifer 97,196 
Robbins, Katy 35, 57, 134, 149, 155, 

232, 233, 251,272 



Is Wm 



••^•' " •■' 




Robbins, Tracy 83,134,194 
Robertson, Kaitlin 83 
Robertson, Mathew 97 
Robinson, Renee 69, 174, 179 
Rodgers, Julia 97 
Rodio, Jess 35, 54, 169, 

224, 230 
Rogers, Kerri 83 

ogers, Tina 69 

oldan, Charles 97, 
Ronca, Richard 83 
Roode, Christopher 83, 252 
Rosata, Dustin 83, 234 
Rosata, Vincent 35 
Rose, Derek 220, 221 
Rose, Erin 83 
Rose, Jacqueline 35, 322 

ose, Keith 35 

oye, Lael 35, 43, 48, 51 , 55, 57, 
132, 150, 198, 204, 205, 242. 
Roye, Scott 43, 88, 97 
Rumsey, Mrs. 108 
Runeman, Mr. 122 
Ryan, Kevin 97 
Ryan, Miss 110 

s m 

.S.A.D.D. 200 
Safizadeh, Pardees 174 
•Said, Jehan 97, 154, 162 
■Samrout, Houssam 35, 46 
Sanchez, Matt 221 «— 
Santabarbara, Gregg 1 1 , 35, 56, 57, 

151, 155, 156, 163, 171, 192,202, 

Santino, Nicolette 97 
Sarapas, Michael 97 
Saras, Erik 97, 174 
Satterfield, Teala 83, 153, 226 
Saulnier, Michelle 97, 248 
Savoy, Alexandra 97 
Scanned, Mrs. 128 
Schmall, Eric 54 
Schmidt, Mr. 1 1 4, 236, 246, 247 
Schneider, Nathan 69, 239, 244 
Schrader, Eric 174 
Schrader, Holly 82, 83 
Schubert, Laura 83, 233 
Schultz, Peter M. 266 
Schwartz, Rachel 83 
Science Department 1 1 5 
Scott, Steven 36, 296 
Sebring, Kyle 36,180,287 
Seely, Sarah 97 
Semco Machine Corporation 284 
Senior Holiday Party 161 
Seniors 1 1 
September Events 144 

Sevy, Katherine 62, 69, 201 

Shabanoff, Alex 97 

Shapiro, Erica 62, 69, 163, 193, 194, 

195, 201,214,240, 241,246 
Shapiro, Samantha 74, 83, 199,214 
Sharron, Keith 36 
Shaughnessy, Ryan 36, 46, 57, 104, 

131, 147,206,239,271,302 
Shaw, Andrew 83 
Shaw, Dana 69, 203 
Shea, Kyle 79, 83, 234, 259 
Shea, Mary 83 
Shepardson, Mrs. 106 
Sherwin, Charles 97, 174 
Shiebler, Jillian 83,148 
Shipps, Rebecca 97 
Shirley, Robert 97 
Short, Matthew 83, 234 
Shruhan, Michael 36, 274 
Shulsk, Jenna 36, 321 
Siakotos, Jennifer 69, 230 
Siegmann, Eric 83, 259 
Sieloff, Matthew 36, 174, 267 
Sieloff, Samantha 83, 174 
Silletti, Jerry 98 
Silvi, Joanna 36, 51 
Simard, Andrew 83, 174 
Simard, Michelle 174, 179 
Simarrian, Mr. 117,234 
Simmer, Shalyn 69, 174, 179 
Singer, Sydney 83 
Sirianni, Brian 106 
Sitkauskas, Vincent 69 
Skenyon, Mr. 111,205 
Slagel, Miss 111,188 
Slovacek, Caitlyn 37, 157, 270 
Sluss, Gregory 84 
Sluss, Shawn 192, 220, 221, 243, 

258, 259 
Small, Katelyn 37, 52, 53, 55, 208, 

Small, Leo 98, 174 
Small, William 174 
Smestad, Miss 112 
Smiley, Daniel 37, 31 1 
Smiley, Kevin 98 
Smith, Caitlin 69, 143, 200, 226, 248, 

Smith, Kelli 69 
Smith, Mrs. 121, 190 
Soccer, Boys' 238 
Soccer, Girls' 240 
Social Studies 116 
Softball 212 
Solomon, Andrew 98 
Solomon, Mrs. 128, 131 
Sorrento, Coach 221 
Sotir, Vanessa 69, 163 
Southworth, Miss 111 



>ouza, Danielle 37, 46 
Spagna, Adam 84 
Spaulding, Scott 174 
Special Education 124 
Spencer, Kasey 98 
Speroni, Amie 37, 186 
Speroni, Marc 84, 186 
Spiess, Cyndy 84,186 
Spigarolo, Daniel 84, 259 
Spinney, Amanda 69 
Spinney, Eileen 98 
Spinney, Elizabeth 98 
Spirit Week 148 
Spring Track, Boys' 220 
Spring Track, Girls' 222 
Sprout, Michael 37 
Squire, Matthew 69 
St. Amand, Jennifer 69, 174 
St. Pierre, Michelle 98,174,179 
Stankiewicz, Mrs. 120 
Stanley, Brandon 98 
Stanton, Kelsey 174 
Stark, Meghan 82, 84 
Stasis, Courtney 37, 277 
Steele, Shannon 70, 102, 115, 163, 

Stella, Tracy 57 

Steverman, Andrew 84, 221 , 234 
Stewart, Kristen 38, 48, 52, 141, 170, 

Stewart, Leah 70 
Stewart, Shawn 70 
Stillman, William 174 
Stoddard, Mark 38, 47, 52, 53, 57, 

142, 150, 221, 224, 234, 242, 243 
Stone, Ian 70, 239 
Straw, Ellie 38, 50, 51 , 54, 233, 251 , 

Streeter, Elizabeth 70, 174 
Streeter, Sara 84, 102, 158, 222, 

230, 252 
Strekouras, Miss 112 
Strickland, Ryan 72, 84 
Strittmatter, Amanda 84 
Strojny, Amanda 38, 46, 48, 232, 233, 

246, 284 
Struhar, Danielle 84, 149 
Stuart, Michael 70, 185, 234, 244 
Student Life 1 33 
Student Council 202 
Suchy, Christopher 70, 229 
Suchy, Marissa 38, 47, 50, 52, 57, 

140, 155,222,232, 233,297,316, 

Sugrue, Leah 84 
Sullivan, Kathryn 70, 222, 230, 231 
Sullivan, Mark 98, 252 
Sullivan, Mrs. 109 
Sullivan, Paul 70 




B SBKB .V . 

Sullivan, Ryan 70 

Summer 2001 142 

Sundberg, Jason 98 

Sundquist, Scott 84,139 

Superintendant's Office 106 

Superlatives 45 

Surro, Jeremy 84 

Sweeney, Carolyn 70, 144, 194, 219, 

230, 231 
Sweeney, Patrick 84 

Taddeo, Melissa 38, 54 

Tangstrom, Lauren 38, 53, 56, 300 

Tangstrom, Robert 70 

Tatupu, Lofa 140 

Tatupu, Mr. 126,234,235 

Taylor, Caroline 98 

Taylor, Kristen 70, 190, 241 

Technology Department 122 

Teiner, John 38,239,296,313 

Teiner, Kevin 70 

Tellum, Kenneth 70, 221 , 229 

Tennis, Boys' 217 

Tennis, Girls' 217 

Terrio, Jessica 39,174 

Tessier, Rachel 84 

Tetreault, Gregory 70 

Thanksgiving Day Game 157 

Thomas, Jennifer 39, 271 

Thomas, Kayla 70, 163,219 

Thomas, Kimberly 70,102,134,185 

Thomas, Nicole 70 

Thurston, Joshua 84 

Tighe, Mrs. 125 

Tileston.Mr. 123,130,174,178,180 

Tocci, Joanna 98, 201 

Toledo, Matthew 84 

Tolivaisa, Bret 70, 234 

Toney, Megan 98 

Topping, Erin 98 

Tornabene, Lynn 85 

Tosches, Adin 70 

Tosches, Devon 98 

Tower, Coach 233 

Tower, Mrs. 123, 125 

Toyota, 320 

Treen, Jaclyn 98 

Treen, Jill 70 

Trivedi, Namarta 222 

True, Corey 39, 50, 56, 184, 294, 31 1 

Tuesley, Amanda 98, 174 

Tufts, Brian 70 

Tufts, Lindsey 85, 230 

Tuminelli, Katelyn 85 

Tuohy, Marissa 214 

Turano, Raymond 98 

Turco, Coach 212 

Turner, Arthur 39, 43 

Turner, Craig 43, 98 
Tuveson, Laura 85, 240, 241 
Tuveson, Robert 39, 46, 53, 171 , 290, 

Twiraga, Peter 174 
Tyo, Bryant 98 


Underclassmen 59 
Unitt, Christine 98 
Urko, Nicholas 98 
Urquhart, Steven 39, 309 
Uvanovic, Robert 88, 98 

Vaillancourt, Jackie 98 

Vanderwyk, Kathryn 85 

Varey, Andrew 85 

Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. 117, 187 

Villiard, Mrs. 115 

Vine, Thomas 98, 229 

Visser, Marike 85 

Vogan, Amanda 39, 47, 52, 55, 284 

Voght, Christopher 85, 186 


W.T. Holmes Transportation Company 

Waitkevich, Andrea 98 
Walczak, Thomas 85, 138, 239 
Wald, James 39 
Waldman, Sarah 98 
Walsh, James 70 
Walsh, Mike 21 1 
Walsh, Nicole 85 
Warchal, Derreck 85, 172, 174 
Ward, Sarah 85,139 
Ward, Sharon 174 
Waters, Stephen 85 
Watkins, Christopher 70, 158, 173, 187 
Watson, Lisa 85 
Watson, Susan 70 
Weaver, Seth 70, 221 , 229 
Webb, Mr. 112, 131 
Webber, Jason 70 
Webber, Nicole 40,315 
Weekends 170 
Weeks, Andrew 85 
Wells, Russell 40,51,318 
Wenzel, Jesse 98 
Werboff, Dominique 40, 50, 193, 205, 

Wessman, Abigail 72, 85, 222, 230 
Whispering Pines Animal Hospital 310 
White, Christine 85, 200, 201 
White, Mallory 98, 174, 179 
White, Mariah 85, 222 
White, Mr. 195 
White, Rachel 72, 85, 250, 251 

White, Stephen 85,186 
Whitehouse, Gregory 70, 220, 221 , 

224, 225, 228, 229 
Wieners, Daniel 99 
Wieners, Marcella 70 
Wilcox, Elin 40, 50, 169, 174, 322 
Wilcox, Marra 85 
Wilfert, Victoria 40 
Willard, Gregory 99 
Willard, Jenna 85,219 
Willette, Jaime 85 
Willette, Kendra 71, 230,231 
Williams, Daniel 71,150,234 
Williams, Keith 71 
Williams, Kelly 40, 321 
Willis, Jason 85, 188 
Willis, Mr. 129 
Wilson, Michelle 85 
Winboume, Bryanne 99 
Wind, Laura 85, 186, 230, 252 
Winget, Alison 40,297 
Winslow, Kara 85 

Winslow, Kelly 85, 167, 195, 214, 23: 
Winslow, Mrs. 124 
Winter Cheerleading 248 
Winter, Kaitlyn 86, 99, 195 
Wirtes, Jenna 71 
Witschel, Jessica 86, 99 
Wolloff, Joshua 174 
Wood, Jeff 71,1 85, 220, 221 , 234, 

244, 245 
Woodhams, Callie 99 
Woodruff, Nathaniel 85 
Woods, Courtney 71, 102 
World Languages 118 
Wrentham Co-operative Bank 290 
Wyman, Lindsay 60, 71, 102, 159, 

163, 183,204 
Wyman, Meghan 99 

Yearbook 183 
Young, Mr. 109 
Yousif, Nada 40 
Yuastella, Richard 99 

Zaccardi, William 99 
Zahner, Joseph 85 
Zeigler, Karaline 85 
Zervas, John 129 
Zervos, Gregory 99 
Zervos, Sebastian 71, 174 
Zickl, Stacy 99, 251 
Ziegler, Karaline 72, 222 
Zuercher, Mrs. 119 






That is so cute 

Does anv°« e 


' --'■*:'-■■ - 
5 mm - v 

Who's going to the dance tonight? 
Would uou bring a camera? 

5 /0( *s like «w„ 

«* Ki dsr Hon *y, I Shrunk 

pan I do anything 
|o help? 

The Semi page is cursed." 
-Emily Bhatti 


Vive It *)?» Cms ©t 1001\ 

Many times in the last four years I've heard members of this class say, "Wait until you have to work with 
the Class of 2002. It's going to be awful!"— or— "I wish I were in the Class of 2001 (2003). They're so 
organized (co-operative, hard-working, friendly, and on, and on, and on)." Well, I've worked with the 
Class of 2002 for a whole year now, and I lived through the experience, and frankly, I don't know what the 
fuss was about. The Class of 2002 is made up of many different individuals, just like every class. And 
overall, I'd be the first to say that they are a great group of young people. So stop complaining and start 
enjoying yourselves. You only have a short while left as a member of this group before you go on to become 
identified with another number and another group of people. It's time to celebrate and "Live It Up!" 

And to my staff, the producers of Chieftain 2002, 1 say again, "Live It Up!" Those Semi pages that refused 
to be printed, that cd that didn't have the retakes on it, the money management software that kept erasing 
all the files you had typed in, the amazing photo that jumped out of a file drawer and across the room, the 
class sign that the wind caught and tore to shreds as the photographer was snapping the class picture — 
they can't hurt you anymore. Someday, they may even be funny to remember. And think of the pleasure 
that your hard work will provide for so many people for so long. Parents and grandparents who will be 
able to reminisce about the year their son /daughter, grandchild was graduated from King Philip. Those 
same graduates, now parents of their own, showing their children what life in our country was like in the 
momentous days of 2001 and 2002. And think how much fun it will be to lookback, wherever you are, and 
remember the innocent days of high school. Anyone who receives this yearbook will be grateful to you for 
your hard work. 

And to all the people who make the yearbook successful, I say again, "Live It Up! " Celebrate how important 
you were to the production of this book. Our principal, Mike Levine, and our assistants, Elaine Hanson and 
Bill Rice — you do so much without even realizing it. Our secretaries who generate list after list, check 
schedules, direct phone calls, and take charge of our frequent deliveries — you are priceless. Don Hassell 
who delivers our proof pages with a malicious smile — we really enjoy your visits. The faculty and staff of 
the school also deserve praise. The year of a NEASC visit is especially difficult. Who needs even more 
questionnaires to fill out? And who need students coming late from yearbook, some day after day? We 
appreciate your understanding, and we thrive on the praise you lavish on us. Chestnut Hill Studios, our 
official photographer — you took on our undergrad photos this year and talked us into going digital. It was 
a rough start, but I'm so grateful for your gentle nudges. We needed to do that. Arnie Lohman, our Jostens 
rep — don't you dare retire until I do. We don't see you as much as we'd like anymore, but we know you're 
always available for advice. You bring such enthusiasm for all the new "bells and whistles" Jostens has to 
offer each year, and get us excited, too. Rick Brooks, our very own professional artist from Pennsylvania — 
how can we thank you for including King Philip when you come north to draw for Harvard and B.C.? You 
visit is a highlight of the year. And to Sandy Moses, our "new" service rep. in Winston-Salem — a 
tremendous amount of gratitude. This was one tough year from a technical standpoint. If something could 
go wrong, it did. But you laughed with us on the phone and assured us that everything would work out, 
and as I write this, it has. And last, but not least, to anyone who lent us a photo, or your whole album — 
we couldn't do it without you. Parents of the Class of 2002 — you had beautiful babies; thank you for 
sharing your photos and loving words. Students — we wish we could use every picture ever given to us, 
but it's not possible. Thank you for offering them to us. 

And now on a serious note, the events of 9 / 1 1 must be recognized as having an effect even on a high school 

yearbook. We, like so many people, felt the need to proclaim our deep pride in this country. Students 

wanted to portray the American flag prominently on our cover and title page. They also felt it important 

to portray how King Philip responded to the crisis. They have memorialized everything from the car 

washes to the flag at half staff. But more importantly, they learned that life goes on. Fathers dance with 

daughters, teams win Hock and state championships, teachers teach, students learn and the Class of 2002 

leaves us to achieve their dreams. 

-Miss Coutu 
Vive It ti?\ 




-V J 











1 1 IP* 

■■iH 1 

A portion of the proceeds from all World Beat sales will go 
directly to the September 11 Jostens Disaste" 

* » 

V. 4 



§m t 





Matthew McDermott/Corbis Sygma 

We will rally the world tD 
this cause by our efforts, 
by our courage. We will 
not tire, we will not falter 
and we will not fail" 

Reutets NewMedia Inc./Corbis 

-PrEsident Eearge W. Bush 

Cordis Sygma 




Doug Mills/AP/Wide World Photos 

fcfe "*f n> », 

• r I. r i. . . , , ^ . 

George de Sota/Getty Images 

- ; » •-.-'■>. '.-■ 

California residents endure drastic 
electricity shortages in the fall. To 
support energy conservation measures 
Jay Leno stages an "unplugged" episode 
of NBC's "The Tonight Show." 

-> Democrats gain majority control of the 
Senate for the first time since 1994 when 
Vermont Senator James Jeffords leaves 
the Republican Party because of his 
opposition to President Bush's agenda. 

u. Argentina's economy collapses, 
sparking deadly anti-government 
protests and looting as the country 
reaches an unemployment rate of 18% 
and a budget deficit of $1 1 billion. 

a© 8 j. 

-l During a year marked by 
economic recession, Americans 
open their hands, and wallets, 
to much-anticipated IRS 
rebate checks. 

Daniel LunaMMMr 


-t$ y 

Spending Your IRS 

Tax Rebate Check 


Here's how... 

6~s ' ' "— * * 

«"• "T 


1 s Russian President Vladimir Putin . 
and President Bush agree to cut \. 

— nuclear missile arsenals by nearly 
two-thirds. Later, Bush unilaterally 
pulls out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic 
Missile Treaty to pursue a missile 
defense system. 

<- Americans face armed guards 
and tighter check-in procedures 
as airport security restrictions are 
heightened following the terrorist 
attacks on September 11. 

1" Japanese Crown Princes; 

Masako gives birth to a 
— in DemiibKi. tub oi 

aby girl 

fresh debate about male-only 
succession to Japan's throne. 

-> Americans face another form of 
terror when anthrax-laced letters 
are sent to members of Congress 
and the media. Five people are 
killed in the attacks, and clean-up 
of government buildings costs 
millions of dollars. 


am .:-'■:•. 

>'«* - 


/ ,7*" - 


Yedioth Aharonoth/AFP 

Violent Israeli-Palestinian 
confrontations escalate as Prime 
Minister Ariel Sharon and PLO Leader 
Yasser Arafat struggle to find an 
answer to their countries' ongoing 
hatred for one another. 

vU The U.S. welcomes overwhelming 
support and aid from dedicated allies 
in Operation Enduring Freedom, 
including Great Britain's Prime 
Minister Tony Blair. 

Reuters/Paul Vreeker/Getty Images 

1* Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan 
Milosevic faces the International 
Tribunal in The Hague for U.N. war 
crimes, including the murder and 
persecution of ethnic Albanians 
in Kosovo. 

4/ American Airlines Flight 587 crashes 
into a Queens neighborhood in New 
York City on November 12, killing 
all 255 people on board. Structural 
failure of the plane's tail assembly 
app/Hf ntly causes the tragedy. N 

Convicted Oklahoma City bomber 
Timothy McVeigh is executed by 
lethal injection for destroying the 
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 
in April 1995, killing 168 people . 

After Houston energy giant Enron 
collapses, thousands lose their life 
savings, accounting firm Arthur 
Andersen encounters accusations of 
unethical practices, and the General 
Accounting Office sues the Executive 
Branch for confidential transcripts in 
its investigation of the scandal. 

Chris Gaidnei/APWide Woild Photos 

G< ,i Pressc Imagos 

ic fcpresbive 


iew cabinet position, 
ty, to coordinate the fight 
mestic terrorism. Former Pennsylvania 
governor Tom Ridge becomes the first incumber 



sl' As Operation 
Enduring Freedom 
begins, the U.S. 
military airdrops 
food rations to 
the starving people 
of Afghanistan. 

*•'— --A 








\ V \ \ 

\ V \ 


\ \ ■ \ \ \ v 

\ ' \ " v A <- In November, stargazers are treated 

\ \ V \ Wl^ \ to a spectacular shooting star display 

\ \ as the Leonid meteor shower returns 

\\ \ X \ V x v \ \ after a 33-year absence. 

\ \ \ ■ as the Leonid meteor si 

v A \ \ \ X . x V \ V N .\ after a 33-year absence 

v ^ . \ x \ -> Combination PDAs and 

\ A \ V V ^ N v 

cellular phones take portable 
communication to the next 
level of convenience. 

Ilsuo Inouye/AP/Wide World Pholos 

. ^ American surgeons in New York perform the first remote 
control surgery. Signals sent through fiber-optic lines 
enable robotic surgical arms to operate on a gallbladder 
patient in France. 


j - 




1 = 




Researchers at 
the Mayo Clinic in 
Rochester, Minnesota, 
unveil a new technology 
that uses facial heat 
patterns to detect 
lying. Blood flows 
to the face when a 
person lies, causing 
dramatic changes in 
heat patterns. 


Or Yorpas Nikas. SPL/Photo 1 

T" Scientists at Massachusetts 
General Hospital discove/that 
beauty t ii gye i s a b rat 

in men that is similar to reactions 
to cocaine and money. 






1 s Winter weather buffs are left 
out in the heat as Americans 

— experluuce ibuuiiI warfn 
temperatures across the country 
in December and January. 



President Bush approves stem cell 
research, but only on cells already 
extracted. The research is highly 
controversial because extracting 
the cells kills human embryos. 

-> Scientists report that vast fields 
of carbon dioxide ice are eroding 
from the poles of Mars. Over time, $ 
this could possibly prompt the | 
return of water to the Red Planet. * 




Riutws/Charias Ptallau/Getty Images 

1* On November 7, the supersonic 
Concorde airplane flies for the first 
time since the July 2000 crash that 
killed 113 people. Flight F002 
travels from Paris to New York in 
just under four hours. 

•4- Dr. Judson Somerville donates 
his own DNA to researchers 
whop wduo e th e f i rst o l onod 
human embryo. 

AP/Wide World Photos 

1" A new class of giant squid is 
discovered. The new squid can grow 
to lengths of 25 feet, and has fins and 
10 spidery arms with elbows. 

Scientists in Argentina discover 
several 80-million-year-old 
unhatched dinosaur eggs with 
petrified dinosaur embryos inside 

•4> Apple releases the sleek new 
iPod, allowing users to store 
uf H o 1 ,000 dig i ta l suny f il es — -v 
for on-the-go enjoyment. \ 

The MR2 camera pill allows 
doctors to examine the inside 
of the human intestine without 
surgery. Patients swallow the 
"pill," which transmits digital 
images to a 6S.\ recorder. 

4> The Segway Human Transporter, a gyro-controlled 
scooter invented by Dean Kamen, is tested by police 
and postal workers in several states. 

Reulers/Jim Bourg/Getty Images 

nU The AbioCor, the world's first fully implantable 
artificial heart, is given to 59-year-old Robert Tools 
Sadly, Tools passes away in December from 
unrelated causes. 


'jf T" 





ABIOMED/Getty Images 


-• ; 


• '■■-■■...'-« 

The American economy enters a 
recession in March 2001, and the 
situation worsens significantly after 
September 11. Unemployment rises 
to its highest rate in six years. 

!-» Winnie the Pooh, fondly known 

by countless children and 
adults as "the tubby little 
cubby all stuffed with fluff," 
celebrates his 75th birthday. 

__ DEHTM. BROKER LC*\ ± Popular shoemaker Vans releases 

"""^^^■ | a shoe of a different color — white shoes 
Q 4 f\ that turn yellow, pink or blue in the sunlight. 




jes the 

MRS acknowledges 

growing Hispanic American 


«- Hollywood pledges sui 
. after the Sept 

cks dv making a variety 
of 'I Love NY" fashion statements. 

ig against sexu 

ertising. music 

"true love waits" mc 

-> In the new area 
Dance Revolutic 
watch a dance i 
and duplicate I 


.'._■,'„.■. •-■■ V:'.. 





Medical Association reports that 
childhood obesity has reached 

V-Rod its first new 
a half-century. 

epidemic proportions thanks m 
part to larger fast food servings 
and in-school soda machines. 

Teens across the co 

>i- Cover Girl turns lips into a work 

a roll with retro styk 

and the newest fad 
retractable wheels 

' roller skates 
shoes with 

ot art with LipArt The new fad 
comes complete with stencils, a 

freestyle lip brush and 26 shade 


^^^ .^ 



^^^ ^.^j 





as Mountain Dew i 
its newest beverage- 
flavored Code Red. 

1" Bobbleheads make a comeback, 
representing not only sports figures 
but also pop music superstars such 
as 'NSYNC. 

a *■* 

<- Topps releases an "Enduring Freedom" card set 
featuring portraits and bios of many leaders 
involved, including President Bush and Secretary 
of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 



^ At 10:45 a.m. September 11, Fox News Channel 
introduces the headline ticker. Other networks follow, 
creating a non-stop flood of headlines. Each "crawl" 
rotates nearly 80 headlines in a 7- to 15-minute loop. 


«* 4U 

4 *« 



r t3*S~ WK 

lows up anywhere and 
rywhere as patriots across the country display 
their support for U.S. troops battling in Operation 
Enduring Freedom. 








<- Shrek and Donkey, voiced 
by Mike Myers and Eddie 
Murphy, hit the theaters 
to teach a valuable lesson 
about true love in Shrek. 

-» MTV, the first television 
I network devoted exclusively 
, to popular music, celebrates 
'| its 20th anniversary. 



T* 1970s Swedish band Abba enjoys 
revival in the Broadway smash hit 
Mamma Miallhe musical features 
three intertwined love stories and 
over 20 of Abba's greatest hits. 

The WB scores a flyaway hit 
with "Smallville," the story of 
Superman's high school years. 
The show stars newcomer Tom 
Welling as the young Superman. 

J ■ • ' 

The Emmy Awards for Best Actress 
and Best Supporting Actress in a 
Comedy go to CBS's "Everybody 
Loves Raymond" stars Patricia 
Heaton and Doris Roberts. 

-> Actor Josh Hartnett solidifies 
his role as a leading man 
in Hollywood with a pair of 
blockbuster war movies: Pearl 
Harbor and Black Hawk Down. 








Photo ©Berliner Studio/BEI 

1 s Entertainers and major TV networks 
come together in historic fashion for 
the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" 
telethon, raising over $150 million 
for September 1 1 relief efforts. 

4/ Nintendo's Gamecube and 
Microsoft's X-Box enter the video 
game market to compete with 
Sony's smash-hit PlayStation 2. 

* Popular WB TV series "Bu 1 
Vampire Slayer" receives rave 
reviews for presenting an e 
episode as a mus> 

\U The highly anticipated movie Harry Potter 
and the Sorcerer's Stone sets records for 
opening weekend, and first, second and 
third place single-day box-office totals. 

AP/Wide World Photos 

T* The Lord of the Rings: The 
Fellowship of the Ring, the first 
movie of J. R.R.Tolkien's fantasy 
trilogy, receives 13 Oscar 
nominations including Best Picture 

4> Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks 
collaborate to produce the 
10-episode HBO World War II 
epic Band of Brothers, based 
on the best-selling book by 
Stephen Ambrose. 

-t Kiefer Sutherland stars in Fox's 
Golden Globe winner "24." The 
show is delivered in two dozen 
real-time episodes based on one 
action-packed day in the life of 
fictional CIA agent Jack Bauer. 






©2002 Photodisc, Inc. 

Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM 
and Paramount movie studios discuss the joint 
creation of Moviefly— the first Internet-based 
downloadable movie rental system. 


- r ■'"' 

<- Popul.t 

no ACP 

Image A. 

Hip the 

song "Livin' It Up " 



'• * 







Bahamas During her 
career. Aaliyah release 

^ Musicians join together for several concerts, including The Concert 
for New York City, to pay tribute to the victims and raise money for 
recovery efforts after the September 1 1 terrorist attacks. 

1 s The music from the hit movie Brother, Where Art Thou? 
becomes country music's top-seller for 2001 and receives 
a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. 





* Neil Young's song "Let's Roll" 
celebrates the spirit of the 
passengers who overtook 
hijackers on Flight 93 in 
Pennsylvania on September 1 1 . 

<- Colombian music sensation Shakira 
brings her high-energy Latin pop to 
the U.S. with her first English-language 
album, Laundry Service. 

'5«Si til 

1* To benefit AIDS research and 
September 1 1 relief efforts U2's 
Bono recruits musicians to record 
Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On." 
Participating artists include Nelly 
Furtado, Fred Durst, Gwen Stefani, 
Moby and many more. 

-> Modern rock group Incubus 
storms onto the music scene 
with the release of the widely 
acclaimed album Morning View. 



• » ■ -*• - 

■" - ■• 



Reuters/Ethan Miller/las Vegas Sun/Getty Images 

1" Irish rock group U2's Elevation 
Tour is the top-grossing tour of 
the year, earning U2 the title of 
Band of the Year from both Spin 
and Rolling Stone magazines. 

4> Fatboy Slim wins six MTV Video 
Music Awards for his video for the 
song "Weapon of Choice," featuring 
a dancing Christopher Walken. 

Shawn Baldwm/AP/Wide World Pholos 

1 s Alicia Keys wins two American 
Music Awards for Favorite New 
Artist in both the Pop/Rock and 
the Soul/R&B categories for her 
debut release Songs in A Minor. 

4> Country singer Tim McGraw wins 
five Billboard Music Awards, 
including Country Album of the 
Year for Greatest Hits. 


1" Legendary Beatles' guitarist George 
Harrison, the so-called "Quiet Beatle," 
dies after a three-year battle with cancer. 

4/ Rock bands like PO.D. use their faith to 
help bring the Christian rock/pop music 
message into the mainstream music scei 

Zach Cordner/Retna Lid. USA 


1 s Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes 
Borland leaves the band to 
pursue his ov* musical career. 

<- Australian female string quartet 
Bond reaches the top of the U.S. 
classical album charts— despite 
being blacklisted from the U.K. 
chart for sounding too similar 
to pop music. 

AFP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams/Corbis 

: * i 


M t'iiwm 


■ '■ .- 




<- The 14-point underdog New 
England Patriots shock NFL viewers 
by kicking a dramatic last-second 
field goal to upset the St. Louis 
Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI. 

-» Michael Jordan, 38, returns to the 
s NBA with the Washington Wizards. 
1 Jordan fills arenas nationwide and 
1 propels the previously doormat 
I Wizards to instant respectability 
1 with an over-500 record. 

{ 2001 


A, Swedish golf superstar Annika 
Sorenstam wins the 2001 money title, 
eight tournaments and Player of the 
Year, and sets over 30 LPGA records, 
including the all-time low score of 59. 





1 s The Arizona Diamondbacks stun the 
New York Yankees to win the World 
Series with a two-run rally in the 
bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7. 

<- San Francisco's Barry Bonds 
makes baseball history with 73 
home runs and an astounding 
slugging percentage of 
.863— both all-time records. 





^ After her team loses only five games 
all season, playoff MVP Lisa Leslie 
leads the Los Angeles Sparks ov 
the Charlotte Sting to win the 20 
WNBA Championship. 

f Snowboarders Danny Kas 
Ross Powers and J.J. Thomas 
the United States its first 
dais sweep in the Winter 
Olympics since 1956. 


In July, Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the 
Pepsi 400 in Daytona, Florida. 
Ironically, Earnhardt's victory 
comes on the same track where his 
father died just five months earlier. 

-» In November, NASCAR 
superstar Jeff Gordon 
wins his fourth Winston 
Cup Championship. 




s ■■'■> -' : ■ •■' SB ' : '. 

Be - ' " . H - ■> 


I ■ 




■■! -Wide World Photos 

'T* Former Georgia high school 
homecoming queen Ashley Martin 
becomes the first female to score 
in Division 1-AA college football 
by kicking three extra points for 
Jacksonville State. 

David Zalubowski/AP/Wide World Photu 

■t The Colorado Avalanche skate to 
victory in the 2001 NHL Finals 
against the New Jersey Devils, 
marking the first Stanley Cup win 
for 20-year veteran Ray Bourque. 

^ Future Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn, Mark McGwire and Cal Ripken Jr. 
all retire from major league baseball at the end of the 2001 season. 


-> America welcomes athletes from all over the 
world to Salt Lake City, Utah, to compete in 
the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

4" On their way to an undefeated season and 
undisputed NCAA Football national championship, 
the Miami Hurricanes roll over the Nebraska 
Cornhuskers 37-14 in the 2002 Rose Bowl. 






• - 










1 s The NFL season be 
tragic note when Minnesota 
Vikings tackle Korey Stringer 
collapses at practice 
and dies a day later from 
heatstroke miplications. 




^ In the first Saturday night women's U.S. 
Open final, tennis ace Venus Williams defeats 
her younger sister Serena 6-2, 6-4. 







<r An estimated 350 search-and-rescue 
dogs brave fire, dehydration, toxic 
fumes and rubble collapse as they 
comb the World Trade Center 
wreckage for survivors and victims. 

-> Terrorist mastermind Osama bin 
Laden tops the FBI's most wanted 
list for his role in the September 
11 terrorist attacks. 

<r Sarah Jane Olson, once known as 
Kathleen Soliah, is charged with 
domestic terrorism as a member 
of the Symbionese Liberation 
Army in the 1970s and sentenced 
to 20 years to life. 






4- Hired as campus spokesmen for First 
USA Bank, New Jersey high school 
seniors Chris Barrett and Luke 
McCabe become the first students 
to finance their college educations 
through corporate sponsorship. 

Ill I 

Wendy's founder and 
familiar television figure 
Dave Thomas succumbs 
' to liver cancer at age 69. 

«- John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old 
California native, becomes a prisoner 
of war after he is found in Afghanistan 
fighting for the Taliban forces. As a 
| U.S. citizen, Walker may face charges 
of treason. 

NBC's TV game show "The 
Weakest Link" gains popularity 
thanks to the assertive 
demeanor of British 
hostess Anne Robinson. 

-> The future king of England, Prince 
William of Wales, 19, enters 
the University of St. Andrews 
in southeastern Scotland. 


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